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My 90 Day Journey Recap (PART 1)

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I’d like to start off this blog post by VERY clearly stating that if you are triggered by numbers and transformation photos, PLEASE do not read this post.

I’d also like to VERY VERY clearly state the following:

NO, I do not have an eating disorder.

NO, I do not have a body image disorder.

NO, I do not hate myself.

NO, this journey was not for you.

It was for me.

Are we clear?

Kay good, moving on.


Wow! Guys, first off, I CANNOT BELIEVE 90 days flew by SO FAST!!!! WHAT!!!???? It’s insane how when you’re so focused, when you want something so bad, and when you’re genuinely enjoying the process, it does not feel like work. Not once did I ever feel deprived of happiness or of food. With every day that passed, I felt more and more like myself. I shed away the old Cassey who was afraid of other people’s opinion of her and grew into a more confident, happier, stronger, and sassier version of myself.


This Part 1 blog post is going to be all about the numbers and the external metamorphosis. We’re going to dive deep into what worked, what didn’t work, and any correlations I saw in regards to weight versus calories, weight versus carbs, weight versus protein, and weight versus fat. Part 2 will be the internal metamorphosis.

Before we go into the numbers, I’d like to step back to day 1 to see where my head was.

My Day 1 Feelings:

“Working out used to be something that I enjoyed quietly as a “regular person”. Blogging used to be a safe place where I could truly spill my honest thoughts. But now – everything that I do, eat, or say is critiqued. Of course 100% by my choice for being a public figure…but…the public judgement of it all has made me a more timid, scared person. I tip toe around sensitive personalities and treat everything like it’s so fragile, but NO MORE. I’m gonna grab life “by the balls” and JUST LIVE LIFE the way I want.

So today is day 1. Of 90.

I said it. And I am not taking it back.

This is a personal journey I want to embark on to get in the best shape of my life – mentally and physically. It begins today August 16th and will end November 14th.”

My Original Goals:

“My physical goals?

Hmm, I’ll make 2 goals:

Weight goal: 120 lbs

Body fat % goal: 20%

(So I can be in the “athlete level” for women, according to the American Council on Exercise)

I can already say right now that 120 lbs is going to take a lot for me to get there. But I’m putting it down on paper right now and I’m going to try everything I can (only healthy ways of course) to make it happen!

My wellness goals:

I will reward myself with 1 self-care thing a week. So that means a deep tissue massage every week!

My blogging goals:

My goal is to blog how I am feeling DAILY. I hope I’m not setting myself up for failure here (as I have not blogged consistently for a few years now), but I’m going to say it out loud: I WILL BLOG EVERY DAY FOR 90 DAYS!!! Even if it means a small paragraph, I need to blog because it will be my way of journaling.”

Now, let’s start analyzing!

The Workouts:

This is the 12 week game plan page from my Fit Journal. I FEEL SO SATISFIED LOOKING AT IT!!!!

On average, I was working out 6 days a week with 1 day of rest. It was a combination of Pilates, HIIT/PIIT28, Dance, and Weightlifting. I was very consistent until the last week and a half of my 90 Day Journey due to travel, rehearsals, and shoots.

The Food:

The first month of my 90 Day Journey I was doing “Lazy Keto“. So high fat, low carb, moderate protein. I wasn’t calculating my macros or calories, but I was very conscious of my carb levels being low and my fat levels being high in comparison to each other. I allowed myself to eat cheese (which I normally don’t eat) so it made going keto super fun and exciting!

(In the photo above, I made a keto pizza. The base is a mixture of egg + almond flour + mozzarella cheese that I mixed together and put on the pan like a pancake. Then I just added marinara, cheese, and chicken sausage on top!)

Around 1.5 months in, I saw a stagnation so I switched to a more strict form of keto excluding dairy and nuts.

(Above was one of my staple meals…cauli rice with shishito peppers and a lean protein, like scallops.)

But at the start of month 2, I was getting some terrible headaches, I was constantly thirsty, and super fatigued. I realized that these were the symptoms of the “keto flu“. Eventually, it passed, but came back again even worse. So I consulted a keto expert who told me that the reason why I was getting these symptoms wasn’t because I wasn’t having enough salt and I wasn’t taking enough supplements.

Per his advice, I began to eat much saltier foods and I started taking some MCT oil powders, probiotic powders, and exogenous ketones. It definitely helped cure my keto flu! However, after a couple weeks of doing all that, I came to the conclusion that if keto required me to take these extra things to feel balanced, then keto wasn’t for me. I’m a huge believer in letting food be my medicine, and medicine be my food.

So around mid month 2, I began to incorporate in more fruits while lowering my fat intake. My staples were berries and kombucha :) Oh and there was a whole phase of me eating pumpkin pie hummus! I felt sooooooo much more balanced!!! PLUS there were no more headaches, no more fatigue, and no more dry mouth.

But then, things started to stagnate again!

So I decided to get honest with myself. It was time to calorie count. I did not want to do this originally, but I suspected that I was overeating (I am an overachiever when it comes to eating :P), so I wanted to know by how much.

So by the end of month 2 and into month 3, I was tracking all of my food in MyFitnessPal. Originally, I was DREADING the fact that I’d have to do this, but actually, I ended up weirdly enjoying it.

Tracking my food so meticulously relieved a lot of stress from my life. Before tracking, I was always calculating in my head what I was consuming. But the moment I started logging, it immediately relieved my brain of that duty and gave me much needed mental space to breathe. Tracking also allowed me to “make room” for fun things like ice cream :) The one pictured above is my new obession, Oatly vegan ice cream.

Weight Change Graph:

Here is a graph of my weight change every day for the past 90 days. Some people may call daily weighing “obsessive”, but I call it consistent data point collection ;)

As you can see, my 90 day journey was not a straight line down. There were plenty of ups, downs, and plateaus. 3 prominent plateaus in fact.


And because I wrote down every single thing I ate in my Fit Journal, I can tell you why those plateaus happened.

1st Plateau: I was making great progress doing keto until about 8/21. During this time I was snacking on nuts and cheese quite a bit. I had not started calorie tracking yet, but I was consuming a lot of nuts and cheese simply because it was keto friendly. On 9/6 I decided to stop eating so much dairy. That helped me push past the first plateau.

2nd Plateau: It was the nuts. Instead of snacking on nuts and cheese, I was snacking on nuts, nuts, and more nuts. It was at this point that I decided it was time to get honest with myself about how many calories I was actually consuming – even though they were healthy calories. Clearly I was overeating. So on 9/26 I started logging my food in MyFitnessPal while cutting out the nuts. 9/26 was also the day I started taking my first Heels class and making dance a priority! Why? Cuz dance de-stresses me and makes me happy. This is how I pushed past the second plateau.

3rd Plateau: Food wise, there wasn’t anything I could really pinpoint to this plateau. But in reading through my Fit Journal, it seems that I did not sleep very much during this time period as we had a huge shoot I was prepping for on 10/11. The plateau was probably caused by a severe lack of sleep that increased the levels of cortisol (stress hormone) in my body which made me hold on to more fat during this period.

Weekly Progress Report:

Here’s the chart I filled out every week for 12 and a half weeks. I recorded my weight, body fat % and muscle mass % each week. I actually loved doing this – there was something so satisfying about “weighing in” – no matter if it was a higher or lower number! I felt accountable, and I liked that.

In yellow, you will find my FINAL weigh in numbers.

On my 90th day, Nov. 14th, 2019, I weighed in at 118.6 lbs, 20.8% body fat, and 34.9% muscle mass.

YOU GUYS. I surpassed my weight goal of 120 lbs and nearly made my athlete body fat goal of 20%!!! WHAT!!????!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!

My Before and After Photos:

Front shot. Everything looks a lot tighter and more toned, especially my stomach and my arms.

Side shot. When Sam took the day 90 shot for me, he asked if I was “sucking in” and I told him no. I can’t believe how much my abs have changed! That’s where I hold most of my fat. Also, there seems to be a bit of a booty lift! Like a teeny tiny one, but still, I see it, so it must be mentioned!

Back shot. Back muscles poppin! Big difference in my waist and hips!

OMG. I am shocked. Like, I actually can’t believe this!!!!

MY BODY IS ROCKIN!!!! HECK YAHHHH!!!! And I did it on my own terms!!!!

The only other 2 times in my life when I went on an intentional fat loss journey, I was guided by male personal trainers. I appreciated their guidance and the accountability they gave me to stay on track. However, I did not love the food I ate and I did not truly enjoy my workouts either. It was the same boring food and the same ole weight lifting stuff almost every day. Everything was strict and there was no room for flexibility. As much as I enjoyed the progress I was seeing, I wanted it to be over so bad because I couldn’t see myself sustaining that lifestyle forever.

This time, it was so different. I set my own rules. I allowed flexibility in my diet. And I did a variety of workouts to keep me excited. My 90 day journey was one fueled by nourishing decisions…and unlike the other journeys I’ve been on, I am sad this one is over! I 110% enjoyed the entire process and can definitely see my myself continuing this way of eating and working out in the long run.

The Total Change:

From Day 1 to Day 90, I have lost a total of 17.4 lbs! That is WILD!!! Body fat decreased by 3.6% and overall, I’ve lost 10.75 inches over my entire body! CRAZY!

Over the past several years, I’ve had so much trouble losing weight due to my metabolic damage from the bikini competition in 2012. At that time I was eating about 1,000 calories a day and training 4 hrs a day. Though I was seeing progress, my brain was cloudy, I was terribly moody, and I was never happy with the way I looked, even though I got down to about 113 lbs.

This time, I have loved my body every step of the way, from Day 1. I want to make it clear that I didn’t go on this journey because I hated my body. I went on this journey because I loved my body so much that I wanted to dedicate time towards improving myself – mentally and physically.

Noteworthy Correlations:

Since I collected so much data over the past 90 days, I wanted to spend some time putting together graphs of certain things I recorded in case I might discover something unusual about the way my body reacted to different calories and macro breakdowns. This is what I found.

The lighter colored lines are “trend lines”. Also, the red line graph begins at 9/26 because that’s when I started tracking calories and macros. There is no data before that.

Weight vs. Caloric Intake:

I noticed that in general, the less calories I consumed, the lower my weight became. This would seem pretty obvious, but it’s necessary to point out since there are a lot of theories out there about “starvation mode”.

According to Healthline, Starvation mode is…”your body’s natural response to long-term calorie restriction. It’s your body responding to reduced calorie intake by reducing calorie expenditure to maintain energy balance and prevent starvation.” Technically, it is called “adaptive thermogenesis. Anyway, I did not experience “starvation mode” as the lowest I ever went with calories was around 1,200 – but even so – it was never really that consistent. My calories fluctuated a lot based on what I felt like eating that day!

Weight vs. Protein % Intake:

The more protein I consumed (percentage wise, in comparison to fat and carbs), the lower my weight became.

Weight vs. Fat % Intake:

The less fat I consumed, the lower my weight became.

Weight vs. Carb % Intake:

The more carbs I consumed, the lower my weight became!

What’s interesting to me is that in my Genetic Fit blood test, my reports told me that the best diet for fat loss would be a low carb diet that was about 30% fat, 40% carbs, and 30% protein.

When I got these results back, it was during the time I was experiencing my issues with keto. So it was a no brainer for me to go away from high fat consumption, given my symptoms, the stagnating weight on the scale, AND this test.

It’s clear to me now that keto was NOT the diet for me. As you can see above, the less fat I ate, the more weight I lost. And the more carbs and protein I ate, the more weight I lost. This is the exact opposite of what keto is. I am so happy I tried it though! It for sure helped jumpstart my 90 day journey!

Keto has worked for a ton of people! So if you’re curious, do give it a shot! Maybe it will work better for your body than it did for mine.

Reflecting on my Day 1 goals:

I do not regret ever deciding to embark on my 90 day journey. From the beginning, I said it was going to me for me, and I kept true to that. Unexpected challenges arose during my journey, but I kept going back to my why. I wanted to get in the best shape of my life mentally and physically. I feel so proud for completing my 90 days, and completing it with total love and compassion for myself.

I did it. I can’t believe I did it.

A strong why helped me push through all of the negativity I endured from external factors throughout this journey. But, I’ll save all my feels for PART 2 of my 90 Day Journey Recap. I need some time to digest what has happened and how much it has affected me.

But before I leave you today, I want you guys to know how lucky I am to have a husband like Sam. I remember breaking down in that car ride to the airport telling him how lost and inauthentic I felt to myself. He asked me what I wanted to do about it and I said I wanted to set some personal goals for myself and freakin CRUSH them. I told him that it was probably going to upset a lot of people, but I needed to discover myself again through this 90 day journey. He told me to not be scared and to just go for it, and that no matter how angry people got, at least I would be happy. And isn’t all that matters my happiness, his happiness, and Sir’s happiness? ;)

A thank YOU to you…

Before I leave you today, I want to thank YOU, my blog readers, for being so lovely over the past 90 days. It’s been a a rough journey. The comments on YouTube have been so harsh, but coming to read your comments here gave me a sense of peace and calmness. I enjoyed writing back to you guys and getting to know you.

So, as a thank you, I want to extend a 40%  discount on the 12 Week Fit Journal just for my blog readers! As you know, I’ve been using my fit journal EVERY SINGLE DAY on my 90 day journey and it for sure has kept me accountable, and without a doubt, it is one of the reasons why I crushed my goals.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing in my 12 week Fit Journal daily and reflecting on my goals in my weekly recaps. So, if you’re now INSPIRED to start your own journey, you can grab your own Fit Journal for 40% off using the code 90DAYJOURNEY on popflexactive.com. The code will expire on Tuesday November 19th, 2019! Hurry!

Enjoy! Until then…have a great weekend…I’m gonna go get a massage today and a facial tomorrow to celebrate the end of my 90 Day Journey! And I already did some online shopping damage, so I’m feeling pretty good right now :)

My last day! But not my last post… | 90 of 9...

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I am currently on set at our POP 20 shoot with Janell and Alyssa, 2 POP instructors from Hawaii! We’re shooting some choreography for the new year and OMG I AM SOREEEEE. For those wondering what I am talking about – POP releases are choreography made specially for our POP Pilates certified instructors to use for live gym classes!

Have you ever thought of getting certified to teach? Group fitness is a job for people who love movement and who love inspiring people to be their best. If you’re scared of getting up in front of a room, then maybe now is the time to get over that fear once and for all. 2020 is going to be YOUR YEAR to shine. Pick something that terrifies you and excites you all at once! Maybe this is it! It was IT for me when I got certified about 12 years ago!!! CRAZY!!!

Anyway, I wanted to let you guys know that today’s blog post will not be my FULL FINAL recap. That will come towards the end of the week, I think. I need some time to FULLY reflect on this journey. I’m going to give you everything from my weight, to my measurements, to my body fat, to my muscle mass, to my feelings, to my mental health, to my before and after photos, to my graphics to anything else that is going through my mind.

Yesterday’s Recap:


23% carbs, 54% fat, 23% protein

580 calories

Tuna nicoise salad with capers, tomatoes, potatoes, an egg, and lettuce! Dressing was some type of lemony oily thing! It was delish. This is my fave salad from Tender Greens!


43% carbs, 42% fat, 15% protein

645 calories

This is the keto bowl from Tocaya Organica. It’s spanish cauli rice, sweet bell peppers, vegan pepperjack cheese, avocado, and brussels sprouts. A side of some plaintain chips and guac with pomegranate seeds. YUMMM!


54% carbs, 40% fat, 6% protein

471 calories

Some peanuts! I was in a snacky mood to I grabbed a few scoops of these peanuts.

Dried mangos! I LOOOVEEEEE this brand. You can find it at Costco. I believe it has extra added sugar or something on top of it, but ya know, once in a while, it’s a lovely treat!

I didn’t take pics, but I also had some sriracha pistachios (remember those?) and some coconut chips. I was in a super snacky mood – but also, rehearsals. I needed that extra energy!

Yesterday, I came in at 1,695 calories and 168g carbs (39%), 86g fat (45%), and 65g protein (16%).

OKAY that is all for now!!!! The next time I blog, I will be back at you with a full length blog post talking about EVERYTHINGGGGGGG. Until then…CONGRATS TO ME!!!! I MADE IT THROUGH 90 DAYS!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

1 day left. | 89 of 90

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Hey guys!

Wow. Only one more day. ONE!!!!

First off, it is my baby boo Sir George‘s 2nd bday today!!!!! Look how grown and dapper he is!

This was Sir when he first entered our lives and changed it forever:

We didn’t have time to fully celebrate with Sir (work was so crazy – I just got back home and it is 11pm) so we will celebrate hard this weekend! Anyway, need to go to sleep because tomorrow I have to wake up really early again for my POP 20 shoot! Just gotta make it past day 90!! Let’s do this! SO CLOSE!!!

Yesterday’s Recap:


39% carbs, 35% fat, 26% protein

731 calories

Chicken skewers, mushrooms in olive oil, broc, cauli rice, sriracha, mini sweet bell peppers, and eggplant humus.


24% carbs, 36% fat, 40% protein

544 calories

Takeout. Chicken shawarma and roasted egg plant “salad”. This was so filling and hearty! I loved it!


53% carbs, 45% fat, 2% protein

222 calories


Finished my Oatly!!!

Yesterday I came in at 1,497 calories and 134g carbs (35%), 61g fat (37%), and 104g protein (27%).

Okay my eyes are closing. I need to go to bed. See you tomorrow!!!

2 days left. | 88 of 90

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2 days left. This coming Wednesday will be my 90th day on this journey. I can’t believe this chapter of my life is coming to a close. It’s a weird feeling of being proud and sad at the same time…

My 90 day journey has been a metamorphosis. I use this word specifically because of the shedding that‘s been happening. I’m not talking about weight or fat. I’m talking about the shedding of the way I used to feel chained to being someone I wasn’t. I’m talking about the shedding of the way I used to let other people control my narrative. I’m talking about the shedding of the way I used make excuses for my stagnation. I’m talking about the shedding of old “followers” who didn’t believe in my metamorphosis.

As Wednesday approaches, and as I prepare to come out of this 90 day cocoon, I’m excited and terrified all at the same time. How will I use my new wings? How will it feel to leave behind the structure of this 90 day journey and head into my next stage of life?

More to chat about when I post my FINALE before and after later this week. What would you like to see? Photos? Measurements? Weight? Body fat? Muscle mass? Comment below.

Also, I know it’s been months since I have released a new workout video, and many of you have expressed how much you missed them, soooooo….

ENJOY! I love this one. It is so fluid, graceful, and elegant.

Yesterday’s Recap:


29% carbs, 51% fat, 20% protein

469 calories

2 eggs (1 is not pictured), kale with lemon juice, kobucha squash, jicama, sweet potato, bacon, sunflower seed sauce, and pesto. This was our final meal at the Powergirls Retreat!


31% carbs, 36% fat, 33% protein

554 calories

Eggs, turkey meatballs, broccoli, cauli rice, and mushrooms with LOTS of sriracha.

Cauli rice, broc, and a chicken skewer.


61% carbs, 37% fat, 2% protein

554 calories

Oatly ice cream wit blueberries.

A dried mango!


Yesterday I came in at 1,342 calories and 127g carbs (37%), 62g fat (41%), and 73g protein (21%). Wow, I can’t believe I won’t be logging my food like this after Wednesday! It’s gonna feel weird!!!

Almost there! | 87 of 90

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AHHHH!!! We are at day 87! Only 3 more days!!???


Okay, I am really tired right now. Just got back from the mountains and then choreographed a little workout routine that I am filming tomorrow with some friends! (I know, I know. I should be resting but I have no time right now.) This is a really challenging season for me. I’m busier than I have ever been, but it’s all good. Right now, I just need to make it to Wednesday. Wednesday marks the end of my 90 day journey and it marks the end of a week of CRAZINESS. I’ll get to sleep and relax a little. I really need it.


I’m trying to figure out how I should announce my day 1 vs day 90 results…

I’ll definitely show you the difference in my measurements as well as my weight and my body fat percentage. I’ll take an after picture so you can compare it to my before picture. And of course I’ll debrief my entire experience. There will be a lot to talk about BEYOND the numbers. It’s going to be an intense blog post that will get really REAL and really DEEP. I’m excited to reflect this coming week and see how I have evolved as a human. I’m thinking the finale blog post will go up Thursday or Friday this week because it may take a while to write. We shall see.

Yesterday’s Recap:

It was day 2 of the Powergirls Retreat! Here we are fueling up after a long day of photoshoots! How cute is this cabin style restaurant!? Everything is SO CABIN! I love it!


25% carbs, 51% fat, 24% protein

410 calories

Our chef Michelle of Well By Michelle made this AMAZING brekkie dish!!! Jicama with smashed avocado and Everything But The Bagel Seasoning, a hard boiled egg, radishes, smoked salmon, green beans, and sauerkraut.


28% carbs, 53% fat, 19% protein

516 calories

Turkey meatballs, portabella mushrooms in coconut aminos, kobocha squash, spinach, broccoli, pickled onions, avocado, sunflower seed butter sauce, and pesto sauce! This was a Power Bowl for the Powergirls. SO GOOD!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!


16% carbs, 32% fat, 47% protein

325 calories

We went out for dinner and I ordered an orange roughy with capers, carrots, and broccoli. It came with a side salad. Honestly really missed Michelle’s cooking!

Side salad with Italian dressing.


47% carbs, 50% fat, 3% protein

393 calories

Oatly vegan strawberry ice cream with strawberries. UGH. SO GOOD.

Snacked on some toasted coconut chips. LOVE this stuff. Costco.

Popcorn for late night snacking.

Yesterday I came in at 1,645 calories, 122g carbs (29%), 87g fat (48%), and 93g protein (22%). The food that Michelle made has been SO NOURISHING. My skin is glowing and my gut is happy. Yay. I can’t wait to show you more from the retreat in my YouTube video recap! That won’t be going out til a few more weeks though…since we’re wearing some pieces from unreleased POPFLEX! EEE!!!!!!! (Yes you heard that right!!!)

Week 12 Weigh-In | 86 of 90

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Hey guys!

I am currently in the mountains hanging out with a bunch of amazing women, having the best time talking about our struggles, our dreams, our bodies, our insecurities, our purpose…but also like, how much we love food, vegan cheese, and working out – duh :P It’s been so incredibly nourishing to be around other women who are so kind and so real. I truly needed it after this weirdly emotional week that left me feeling so low.

This weekend POPFLEX is hosting our first ever Powergirls Retreat. As I write this, we’ve just wrapped day 2 and WOW – so much has happened. I’ll tell you everything in a vlog that I’ll edit together for YouTube. I will also show you ALL the behind the scenes there. But here’s just a bit to get you started :)

Presenting the Powergirls Retreat Cabin!!!!

Isn’t it SO CABIN!???? The inside is ever more cabiny. I can’t wait to show you more!!!

Gift bags for each of the girls.

Slumber parties don’t have to stop after elementary school :) We made DIY lip scrubs and ate ice cream sundaes. PLUS – we fancy – so we also hired a private chef to cook healthy food for us ALL weekend long!!! Doesn’t that sound like a dream?!

There’s so much more I wanna show you, but a lot of what we did will be revealed in a much bigger way soon! So that’s all for now, k? ;)

Moving on!

Week 12 Weigh In.

There are 4 more days until my official 90th day which will be this Wednesday. For my 90th post I will do a FINAL weigh in as well as measurements and my before and after!

I’ve lost 1.8 lbs since last week, 0.4% body fat, and I’ve gained 0.2% muscle mass! Wow, I did not expect this drop! Especially because I’ve been traveling, eating different foods, and emotionally stressed. There’s still a lot to learn about my body.

So, 4 more days to go and I am officially 1 pound and 1.4 body fat percentages away from goal. I honestly can’t believe I’ve actually gotten this far! Just goes to show you how important clear goals are. If you know where you’re going and you know your “why”, then you won’t let anything mess with your focus.

Will I make it? Def not on the body fat %. On the weight? Maybe? I haven’t stepped on the scale since I’ve gotten to the mountains so no idea what my weight is! But overall, I’m feeling really good. So whatever happens on Wednesday, it doesn’t matter. Because my 90 day journey has already served it’s purpose. It got me back to feeling like myself, and for that, I am proud.

Yesterday’s Recap:


26% carbs, 71% fat, 3% protein

160 calories

Had a quick vegan coconut yogurt for brekkie! This new brand I found at Target called The Coconut Collective is actually REALLY GOOD! Wow, I am impressed with the Target food buyer!


54% carbs, 38% fat, 8% protein

235 calories

Small lunchy snacky situation as we were driving to the mountains and didn’t have any real lunch prepped. So 1 banana and a partial pack of jalapeño cashews held me over til din.


28% carbs, 39% fat, 33% protein

693 calories

Kale salad with butternut squash, apples, pomegranate seeds and apples, Japanese yam mashed potatoes, lemon & tarragon chicken, and chimichurri beef! DELISH.


59% carbs, 38% fat, 3% protein

541 calories

Quite a few pieces of dried mango. YUMMMM.

A bunch fo different vegan ice creams and sliced strawberries. Yes, some was Oatly and some where others, and hands down, OATLY tastes way creamier!!!!

And some coconut chips!

Yesterday I came in at 1,629 calories and 171g carbs (41%), 75g fat (42%), and 67g protein (16%).

Ok guys, it’s 12:28AM. I’m super tired. Need to sleep so that I can get up for our early morning yoga class!

Do face exercises actually work? | 85 of 90

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Hey guys!

A couple weeks ago, I asked you guys on Instagram if you wanted me to try out “face workouts” and an overwhelming number of you were like YASSSSSS. (I didn’t know you guys knew it was a thing!) So, I’ve been diligently testing some facial exercises out for the past 2 weeks. Want to know what happened?

Well, let me tell you exactly what I did!

I performed the same routine everyday at night before I went to bed. I used Olay Retinol24 night serum that was sent to me for this post to help me glide my hands across my face better. It is REALLY IMPORTANT to add serum or moisturizer on your face to create a slick, frictionless surface. You don’t ever want to pull your skin!

Also, on the topic of Retinol – I haven’t used any Retinol products since I had severe acne as a teen. It used to dry out my pimples but unfortunately, also my entire face – leaving it red, itchy and flaky. When Olay came out with their Retinol24 products, the combination of vitamin B3 plus retinoid complex promised hydration as well as brighter, smoother skin with less visible wrinkles. So I was curious to give it a shot!

Helpful Tip: Since you will be using a little more moisturizer or serum than you normally would without performing the facial exercises, try to get a quality serum that won’t break the bank. Olay is affordable so it makes skin health accessible.

Here’s my before pic (eew lol):


Here were the moves that promised to lift my cheekbones and tone by jawline! Oh and before I started, I pressed lightly into the divots of my collar bones 20 times. I’ll tell you why later.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Cassey Ho (@blogilates) on


  1. Temples to neck x 6
  2. Third eye lift x 20
  3. Cheek lift x 20 ea cheek
  4. Jawline shaper x 8
  5. Mini jaw circles x 20
  6. Face Lifters x 6
  7. Smilers x 6

The entire routine takes about 5-7 minutes depending on speed!


These moves were a combination of exercises that I found most enjoyable and effective after testing out a ton of face exercises on YouTube. There were a lot of questionable videos out there…but I was able to find a celebrity facial expert, a doctor, and an old Japanese massage “method” that seemed reliable. Here are the videos I drew inspiration from:

Dr. Mona’s Anti-Aging Face Lifting Massage:

Celebrity facialist Su-Man’s two-minute skin rejuvenating self-facial:

The Japanese Asahi Massage Method:

5 Minutes Japanese Facial Massage – Get Rid You of Wrinkles in 30 Days


Face workouts are supposed to be all about decongesting the lymph nodes near your face and neck. Apparently, clogged lymph nodes can lead to acne, dull skin, puffy skin, and dehydrated skin.

So, to perform lymphatic drainage on your face, you’ve got to first open up the lymph nodes by your collarbone – this is where everything will drain! So before I went into the exercises above, I pressed lightly into the divots of my collarbone about 20 times! The experts say to make sure you do this or else the lymph has nowhere to drain to.


A couple things before I give you my final verdict.

#1. Nutrition has a lot to do with it.

I made sure to stay super hydrated – like no less than 100 fl oz of water a day. I also limited my dairy intake and sugar intake. Since I’ve been on my 90 day journey, my meals have been generally low carb, so lots of veggies and lean protein. I stayed away from highly processed foods.

#2. The type of moisturizer you use matters.

I used the the Olay Retinol 24 Night Serum consistently for 14 days. It has a blend of Vitamin B3 + retinoid complex that’s supposed to hydrate my skin for 24 hours while reducing fine lines and wrinkles and giving my face a smoother complexion, a brighter look, and smaller pores.

Here’s my before and after.


My skin is very smooth and super soft!! It does also look brighter! COOL! I think the Olay Retinol 24 Night Serum definitely played a role!

Now, the facial exercises. Let’s just be clear that these weren’t really exercises. It felt more like a facial massage. However, I must say that it felt REALLY good and relaxing. The “face workout” was lovely to do at night before bed. It helped my body and mind slow down and prepare for sleep.

Another thing is that it made my face feel like it was alive! My muscles even felt a little sore, but in a good way like after a massage! I’ve never had sore face muscles before. It was an interesting and new sensation.

Now, let’s talk physique.

Is my jaw more toned? Are my cheeks higher? Honestly, I can’t really see a huge diff but then again, I’ve only been doing it for 14 days. If my face looks slimmer at all, I’m going to credit it mostly to my 90 day journey and the effects of the overall fat loss. But maybe…JUST MAYBE…14 days isn’t enough for significant face exercise results! Who knows.


I mean, if it brings you a level of relaxation, then yes, by all means do it! Additionally, having a routine of any kind brings consistency into your life, which might help you feel calmer. But if you’re looking to ACTUALLY slim down your face, no face exercise will ever outdo a bad diet and lack of physical whole body exercise. If you want to lose fat on your face, you’ve got to start thinking about fat loss as a whole. You cannot spot reduce your face, or any part of your body for that matter.

Can face exercises lift your cheekbones though? Actually, maybe.

I went to a facialist once who performed some pretty intense moves on my face and behind my ear (painful, but in a good way), and when I looked in the mirror afterwards, my cheekbones did look higher!!! Specifically, she took her knuckle and performed quick, deep, circular motions behind my earlobe area near my neck/head (whatever you call that area) and pressed in pretty hard. I almost wanted to cry. But she did it only for about 1 minute each side, so it was doable. I’m 100% not sure how that worked, but she said it had to do with loosening the tension I held in my jaw (due to stress) that was pulling down my cheekbones. CRAZY! Try it!

What do you think? Will you be trying face workouts?!! And if you already do them, do they work for you?

Now, back to regular programming! Here’s yesterday’s recap!



17% carbs, 52% fat, 30% protein

538 calories

Miso soup.

Sashimi salad with avocado.

Blistered shishito peppers.

Low carb sushi roll.


15% carbs, 44% fat, 41% protein

695 calories

Half a rotisserie chicken, green beans, and BBQ sauce at the airport.


94% carbs, 1% fat, 5% protein

205 calories

Red mango frozen yogurt!


A Mango electrolyte drink from Nooma. My friend Ro gave me one for after my flight (she was taking care of George) and I ended up drinking Sam’s too :) SO GOOD!!

All in all, I came in at 1,558 calories and 99g carbs (27%), 65g fat (41%), and 114g protein (31%). Okay the Popflex Powergirls are here and we are ready to drive to the woods! I gotta go!

And once again, big thanks to Olay for sending me the Retinol24 collection to try out! If you guys want to try, it out, click here!

Are you more or less curious about face workouts now?


Not feeling so good. | 84 of 90

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Ugh guys.

Not having a good day. Or week. I’m not feeling my best. It doesn’t have anything to do with my 90 day journey – so don’t worry.

It’s just that I’m so weak when it comes to dealing with other people’s opinions of me. I don’t know why I let it bother me. It shouldn’t. Especially not after 10 years of being a “public figure”. But it still does. The same way it always did like when I was in high school. I am so afraid of making other people unhappy. I allow people’s opinions of me to rock me to my core, make me cry, and in the end, I crumble to pieces.

Every week, I write in my Fit Journal to stop letting the comments negatively affect my well being. And every week, I fail. I’m sad, but I’m just going to fully be with this feeling for now…and learn any lessons I’m supposed to learn while my soul is heavy.

Anyway…I’m gonna change the tone because this blog post is getting too sad. Plus it’s 11:35PM, I’m tired, and I need to wake up early again tomorrow to rent an SUV and drive into the woods for the 1st ever Popflex Powergirls Retreat!

Here’s a pic of Sir George to cheer us all up.

OH and yes we just came out with a matching vegan suede mat to accompany your 2020 Fit Planner!!! This makes me very VERY happy. I love matching things.

We even made a matching cotton carrying strap! I call this design “Happy Girls“!

And this design is “Lush Garden“!

It also has a matching cotton yoga strap!

If you guys are in the market for a new yoga mat, this is the one. The texture is velvety soft, the color never fades, it’s thick and cushiony, and you don’t slip as you get sweatier! In fact, your hands get grippier as you get sweatier. How cool is that? You can check out all the designs here.

Yesterday’s Recap:

Fit Journal entry. Yesterday I filmed 7 workouts. Nuff said.


93% carbs, 3% fat, 4% protein

105 calories

Early morning banana to fuel my early morning shoot.


33% carbs, 30% fat, 37% protein

547 claories

5 workouts in. Lunch was jerk chicken, jerk beef, jerk tofu, kale salad, spring mix salad, and beans with a side of watermelon.


19% carbs, 35% fat, 46% protein

370 calories

Cauli rice, eggs, chicken skewers, broccoli, furikake, sriracha and a side salad.


54% carbs, 18% fat, 28% protein

582 calories

Turkey and broccoli with furikake.

Shrimp with cocktail sauce.

Post workout banana. 7 workouts done.


Oatly ice cream. Can’t get enough.

Overall, yesterday I came in at 1,604 calories and 170g carbs (42%), 45g fat (25%), and 136g protein (33%).

Okay, I’m falling asleep. Talk to you later! Tomorrow is day 1 of the Popflex Powergirls Retreat! So excited!!!!

I’m so tired. | 83 of 90

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Hey guys!

It is 10:36 PM and I’ve been up since 4:30 AM! I filmed 7 workouts in all and I AM TIREDDDDDD. (Sam and I did manage to squeeze in a massage though.) Tomorrow I need to get up at 5AM because I am flying to the Bay Area to visit our warehouse to prep for Black Friday! Then Friday it’s the Powergirls Retreat! And that day starts for me around 6AM. SOOOO this week is CURAZAAAYYYY. Just need to get through it.

Anyway, here’s some BTS of me at my FitOn App shoot this morning!

I’m excited for you guys to see these workouts! They are filmed sooooooo beautifully…it’s cinematic quality! I’ll let you know when they are out.

Here’s a peek at “Video Village” where the Director sits and watches all the cameras.

Sam and I brought Sir George on set and it made everyone so happy! It’s so cool how much joy pets can bring into an atmosphere. Sir loves people so much…he was thrilled to be there with the crew :) And he was so good, he didn’t even bark once!

Yesterday’s Recap:

Fit Journal entry. ‘Twas a rest day so that I could prep for my huge video shoot!


10% carbs, 65% fat, 25% protein

230 calories

Egg white, spinach, and bell pepper egg bites.


41% carbs, 13% fat, 46% protein

307 calories

Had no time to eat lunch at work, so ate it on the way home in my lap. No worries, Sam was driving! Had chicken, cauliflower rice, and zucchini with coconut aminos and hot sauce.


22% carbs, 40% fat, 38% protein

446 calories


Eggs, broccoli, 3 meatballs, and cauli rice with sriracha and furikake.

I also had a couple of these bacon wrapped scallops from Costco! Sam surprised me and got them for me!


57% carbs, 23% fat, 20% protein

259 calories

Kombucha. I also had blueberries. Forgot to take a pic.

Shrimp with cocktail sauce.

Butter lettuce and turkey.

Oatly ice cream. I just found this at Target and OMG I’M DEAD. It is SO GOOD. IT IS EVEN BETTER THAN REAL ICE CREAM I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING.

Yesterday I came in at 1,242 calories and 102g carbs (32%), 48g fat (34%), and 108g protein (34%).

Okay, my eyes are getting tired. I need to go to bed. Love you guys. I can’t believe there is only 1 week left of my 90 day journey!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!

Gotta go to bed early… | 82 of 90

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Hey guys!

It’s currently 6:20pm and in less than 12 hours I will be in downtown LA at shoot filming 7 fitness videos for the FitOn App (free to download and use)! I decided to take a rest day today in order to save my energy for tomorrow. Plus I will need to get to sleep early tonight. As you can see, this blog post is going up “early” for me (as in not 12am), so I’m already prepping for success!!!! I will DEF be sore for days after, but I love the challenge.

How’s your November going so far? Have you downloaded the November workout calendar yet?

By the way, for those of you using the calendar on my blog, and checking workouts off, is it working for you? Please give me your feedback as I am going to be making some technical changes soon and need to know what you like and don’t like about the calendar. I want to make it easier for you to follow along!

Since we are officially 57 days away from Jan 1st, 2020, you really need to start thinking about our goals for the new year. Make sure you grab your 2020 Fit Planner before it runs out. This year’s planner is seriously THE BEST one we’ve ever made and would make such a great gift for the holidays too!

I love it so much and I CANNOT wait to use it in full! I’m filling out the front pages already. I plan on making some of my dreams come true next year – cuz life’s too short not to!!! Oh and yes, one of them is to go on our Honeymoon :)

Yesterday’s Recap:

Fit Planner entry! Sam and I went weight lifting in the morning! I’m really happy for Daylight savings because it’s easier to wake up now…and…it’s no longer dark in the morning! Thank goodness!!!


39% carbs, 65% fat, 25% protein

230 calories

Spinach, bell pepper, and cheese egg white cups.


38% carbs, 16% fat, 25% protein

325 calories

Chicken skewers, zucchini, cauliflower rice with hot sauce and coconut aminos.


18% carbs, 53% fat, 29% protein

522 calories

Pork ribs with BBQ sauce, broccoli, and cauliflower risotto.

Bacon wrapped scallops.


43% carbs, 35% fat, 22% protein

203 calories


Mini KIND bar! Caramel almond and sea salt mini. Yum.

Shrimp and cocktail sauce.

Ice cream. Finished my mini tub!

I came in at 1,281 calories and 86g carbs (26%), 63g fat (42%), and 105g protein (32%). Yay protein goal was achieved!

Okay, finished by blog before 6:40pm and now I’m gonna do a few more work things, pack my clothes for tomorrow, and prep for bed!!!! See you later guys!!!

In life, you must be flexible or else you’ll...

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Hey guys!

I spent the last couple days with my family and you know what – even though we yelled at each other, hurt each other’s feelings, and went “silent treatment” on one another all within 24 hours of seeing each other, I do love my fam. We’re messed up and broken, but we will always have each other’s backs. There’s not much more to say without crying, so I’ll stop here.

Anyway, when I was at my parent’s house, I was def off of my usual routine. I didn’t really workout, I didn’t cook my own food, I was stressed from all of the arguing and I had no scale to track my numbers for my graph. But you know what, life is life. You can’t be on top of everything, and you cannot be rigid with routines. You just can’t. You just do the best you can and keep going. You’ve got to allow yourself to be flexible or else you will break.

So for 2 days, I ate totally new foods and had to constantly explain to my mom before every meal why I wasn’t going to have her deep fried egg rolls or her flaky pork stuffed pastries! They’re amazing but I always bloat and break out after. There were definitely temptations too! My mom, dad, and sis had pistachio ice cream every day and you know what? I offered to scoop it for them! Hahaha. It was all good though because my goals have trained me to be laser focused on this journey. Whenever I wanted something sweet, I had a banana or nuts and berries, and it totally satisfied my sweet tooth!

Oh and weird thing…

When I got back today, I stepped on the scale and was SO surprised to find that it went down. Like huh? Stress, yelling, snacking, not working out? Who knows. The body is weird. Maybe it needed rest, new foods, and family time. Either way, it’s interesting to track these things because when I look back, maybe I will be able to see more patterns.


When we were visiting my parents, my sister planned an outdoors trip for everyone, which was really cool. It got us moving and not arguing :) We visited the Valley of Fire and did some hikes together while snapping fun pics!

Here’s sis and I posing on a rock. How PRETTY IS THIS PLACE!!???

I’m also wearing a shirt from my sister’s new climbing apparel brand “monopkt.”! I am so proud of her for starting her own clothing line! It’s so comfy!

The shirt I am wearing says “wanna take this outside?” I love the positive spin on a question that has always meant trouble.

Yesterday’s Recap:

OMG GUYS I finally am reunited with my Fit Journal!!!!! SO HAPPY!!!!


I am the world’s worst traveler.

I have been known to go to the wrong airport on the wrong day and even miss my flights while being at the airport on time. Well, I’m sad to say yesterday was just another one of those days. Without Sam or Jackelyn by my side…things somehow always end up going wrong. My flight departed without me and I was sitting 50 ft away from the gate.

Guys, I am the ACTUAL worst.

I’m always distracted – doing a few things at once, and I forget to focus on the one MOST IMPORTANT thing I need to accomplish…which is…TO GET ON THE PLANE.

I was put on standby and was so lucky that I made it on the next flight out. I am seriously so incompetent, it’s almost funny, but actually, not really.


27% carbs, 37% fat, 36% protein

367 calories

Coconut chicken curry with cauliflower rice. I also had butter lettuce, carrots in Vietnamese fish sauce, and some pork tenderloin bits.


34% carbs, 43% fat, 23% protein

565 calories

Cauli rice, pork ribs, zucchini. I also had some ghost chili bbq sauce.


66% carbs, 28% fat, 6% protein

434 calories


Coconut water!


Dried cranberries and pistachios!

And then again because I couldn’t stop :P

Low Cow sea salt caramel ice cream!

Yesterday I came in at 1,367 calories and 156g carbs (42%), 60g fat (37%), 77g protein (21%).

How are you doing these days?

Women try guessing each other’s weight… | ...

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Hey guys,

I just uploaded a video unlike any I have ever made before. It’s an uncomfortable social experiment that’s already drawing a lot of attention.


I decided to gather a bunch of women together to figure out how accurate BMI, weight, and body fat percentage actually were to a person’s health. I mean, I think we all know to not “judge a book by its cover” but can you judge a person’s health based on an industry-approved medical standard?

I started planning this video a while ago, and I was very aware of how sensitive this topic was going to be. We needed to find women who were comfortable discussing their weight on camera and we needed to produce this video in the most compassionate way. I didn’t want anyone to run off set crying or upset. I wanted to have an open discussion with real feelings about some real taboo topics.

I’m currently reading the comments on YouTube and it seems that the feelings on this video are split 50/50. Some people are moved to tears because they’re incredibly touched…and then others are very upset, saying it was a terrible, pointless video meant to make women feel bad about themselves.

So, what was the point? To show that labels and numbers have as much power as we want to give them. They can make us feel bad. They can make us feel good. Or they can just be data points. But your health, which includes both your mental health, your physical health as well as your happiness is something that cannot be accurately assessed by any number. A number does it’s best to help medical professionals categorize your health as a starting point, but it’s not the entire story. Health really does look different on everyone.

My content is meant to make you think. Yeah, it’s uncomfortable, but when did we ever become smarter, better humans by being comfortable all the time? We grow the most when we’re challenged – and I’m talking emotionally challenged too. If this video made you feel a certain way, take a moment to reflect and ask yourself why you feel that way. Can you dig deep and dissect this feeling further? Some of you may find that you need improvement in the area of not letting numbers control your happiness. And others of you may just find that you don’t want a relationship with numbers at all, and that my content didn’t help you achieve that. Both are okay to feel.

Just so you know, each woman was mentally prepped for the shoot and knew that we’d be discussing weight and other sensitive body image topics. Our producer interviewed each woman who was casted one by one in person, and made sure they were comfortable with the topics before committing to the shoot. The entire Blogifam and the crew was very careful in making sure the women felt good during the entire process, from casting to shoot day to video release. The mental health of each of the women was my first priority.

Shoutout to Irene, Darlyn, Bynay, Ebony, Celeste, Paloma, Covi and Rachel for making this video possible! They were so brave, so vulnerable, and so positive. It was amazing getting to spend time with these women and create a cool thing together.

By the way, here are the charts I was referring to:

BMI chart by NIH:

ACE FITNESS body fat % chart: 

I’d love to know your honest thoughts about this video. How did it make you feel? What did you learn?

Yesterday’s Recap:


 3% carbs, 67% fat, 30% protein

369 calories

Chicken thigh seasoned with salt and pepper with a side of sautéed spinach in olive oil. I also snacked on some steamed pork my mom made.


46% carbs, 23% fat, 31% protein

739 calories

Vietnamese summer rolls! I ended up eating almost 10 of these! Each was filled with shrimp, pork, cucumbers and lettuce! I snacked on a bunch of chicken drumsticks on the side, and dipped everything in hoisin sauce. I went ALL out! Hard not to when you mom is cookin!


77% carbs, 16% fat, 7% protein

554 calories

Pistachios and sweetened cranberries. Had about 3 of these mini handfuls!

2 bananas YUMMMM.

Had an entire jicama plant. It tasted like a slightly less sweet pear! Kinda a fan now!

A huge handful strawberries.

Yesterday I came in at 1,662 calories and 201g carbs (47%), 56g fat (30%), and 95g protein (23%).

I am home now, so ready to get back on track. I already meal prepped my lunch tomorrow. LET’S DO THIS. 9 more days!!! AHHHH!!!!!