A little off track | Day 28 of 90

Ahhhh I made it to Day 28 and my final workout of my Month 1 Plan!

It was so satisfying to fill in the last boxes of this page that has been with me everyday, in the gym, for the past 4 weeks. I can feel my body getting stronger week by week, and the physical change is beginning to show itself too! I can see a slight visible difference in my legs, abs, and arms – but I don’t really see too much change in my butt! My butt is the hardest to grow – I blame it on the genetics. My Month 1 workouts were written to give more focus to lower body than upper, and you know what? The body will react how it is meant to react. I think next month, I will change some of my runs into incline hikes to help with booty growth while getting my cardio in!

Heres’s my week 4 90 Day Journal recap:

Last week was not the best for me food wise. I started getting bored of my food, and then I had some occasions where I could not follow my meal plan so it totally threw me off track for a few days. But by the end of the week and into this weekend, I adjusted my meals to better suit my current desires (taste wise) while still keeping macros generally the same. After the adjustments, I felt much more at ease.

Also I finished “Can’t Hurt Me“. Biggest lessons I learned from the book:

  1. It’s ok to be uncommon. It’s ok to not have everyone like you.
  2. When you think you’re working hard, you’ve only hit 40%. You have so much more potential. You can endure more. Tap into your mind and keep pushing.
  3. Only listen to the people who have done it before. Do not listen to those who haven’t even come close to attempting what you’re trying to do. They have no say.
  4. If you fail, you’re not a failure. You can try again and again and again.
  5. If someone’s not willing to see you achieve, it’s not your problem, it’s theirs. Surround yourself with people who have champion mindsets.
  6. When it comes to haters, sometimes you can find truth between the lines. If you’ve hit a wall, don’t be afraid to dive in and dissect what they’re saying to improve your game.

I truly enjoyed this read and will try to implement David Goggin’s “Stay hard” mentality throughout all aspects of my life personally and professionally. I got through that so fast so am now scrambling to figure out what my next book should be! Any suggestions?

Below is my final mini check in before my Dexa scan on Wednesday, which will be the official day 30 check in with ALL the data.

Over the past 28 days, I have gained a total of 3.8 lbs. I am really curious to see what that means. How much of that is muscle? Fat? Water? Whatever the outcome, I am excited to get the data and tweak accordingly.

Tomorrow, I will update you with my new Month 2 workouts. I am going to hold off on updating the meals til after Wed, in case I learn something that will affect my nutrition.

Oh, also…

HAPPY GALENTINE’S DAY!!! And happy Super Bowl Sunday! I am about to go make some fresh guac to bring to a friend’s house. I make a REALLY good guac…ah I wish I could make some for you! It’s basically: avocado, lime juice, tabasco sauce, monkfruit sugar, salt, onions, tomatoes, and cilantro all to taste. YUMMMM. Oh and trust me…the monkfruit is what makes it special 🙂

Finally, if you haven’t seen already, I put all of my gym bags and backpacks on sale for Valentine’s Weekend! Everything is 30% off with code “BAGS30” at popflexactive.com.

The Belladonna is the bag I use for travel, gym, work – everything!!! Here’s a lil video for your enjoyment!


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Let me know what color you end up getting! Love you guys and see you tomorrow for my workout plan update.

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  1. Viwe says:

    This is motivating. This reminds that perfection is unachievable. And that we should look for growth. There is more success in growth than in perfection 💜💜

  2. Amanda says:

    I am so jealous! I wish my arms would show muscle….lol alllll the muscle gains on me go straight to booty. And arms are SO hard!

  3. Catherine says:

    Cannot wait for your results!! I started doing your workouts for only 10 minutes a day for 8 months now and I’ve lost 10 inches all over my body – like crazy?! I’m so excited to cheer you on!

    I have the same issue with my bum too – genetics for sure. Is there something more I can do to speed the results along? I feel like my arms, abs, and legs have all gotten great results but my bum is still the same size as when I first measured.

    Thanks! GO CASSEY!

    1. Cassey says:

      Omg that’s incredible! Don’t be scared to increase weight and really focus on the mind-muscle connection with your glutes to make sure you’re targeting those muscles!

  4. Jamie J says:

    I just bought the 90 day journal and it helps so much to see how you use it before starting my own journey towards becoming a real deal mountain hiker in Asia! Thank you for inspiring me everyday 👏

    1. Cassey says:

      Love this!!!

  5. Eleanor says:

    there cannot be a single human being on this entire earth that genuinely enjoys monkfruit sugar. The Venn diagram of people who try to convince others than monkfruit sugar is good and people who having a raging eating disorder is a circle. In addition, you should know it is absolutely awful for kidney and reproductive function. Just an FYI. read the Atlantic piece on alternative sweeteners and their hidden health risks. there’s literally a class action lawsuit against Lakanto right now for poisonings… be careful.

  6. MissJiLLJo says:

    Love your transparency and positivity!! I bought the bora blue duffel!! I have been wanting the bag for awhile but your sale sealed the deal. You have improved my life so much in the last 3 months since I found you!!! Thank you for your hard work, beauty and Grace!! XoXoX

    1. Cassey says:

      Thank you so much for being here! You’re going to LOVE the Belladonna!

  7. Amy says:

    My amazing chiro (who also used to personal train) said my glutes were not proportional to my thighs due to incorrect muscle usage when working out- using thighs instead of glutes. He suggested to do a few glute activation exercises every morning and before working out and being very mindful during workouts. It made a world of difference. Maybe you can look into that. 🙂 (I am also Asian)

    1. Cassey says:

      Yes!! I’m working on that mind-muscle connection too! So important.

  8. Rachel says:

    Thank you for being so honest in your posts. I’ve been mentally struggling in how social media shows the pretty side to training and end results when reaching for a giant goal, but not the sweat, icing, foam rolling, leaving parties early because you need to be at the gym in the morning, etc.
    So thanks a million for being so honest about your journey! It’s really been helping me this past week.

    1. Cassey says:

      Thank you so much for being here!

  9. aurelie says:

    Hey Cassey! Congrats on your progress you’re doing amazing! If you’re looking for a new book I highly suggest “Letting go : the pathway to surrender” by David R Hawkins, it’s absolutely life changing!

    1. Cassey says:

      Thank you! I’ll check it out.

  10. Haley Hodges says:

    I got the Belladonna duffel in sand. It’s going to be my travel bag. And I got the Mavourneen Mini in midnight! Going to use it for my purse.

    1. Cassey says:

      You’re going to love these!!