Month 2 Workout Plan + Week 6 Meal Plan Update | Day 36 of 90

Thank you all so so much for all of your support on my last blog post. You have no idea how much your words mean to me. Every comment felt like a warm hug.

After getting my Day 30 DEXA scan and proving to myself that I CAN indeed build muscle in a healthy, happy, un-deprived way, I felt like I was floating in clouds full of ultimate satisfaction.  Waves of emotion overcame me as I thought back to WHY I started this 90 Day Journey. I wanted to reclaim my unhealthy bikini competitor past. Honestly, I can’t believe it’s happening. I really had no idea if my body would react the way I wanted it to because I’ve put it through a lot over the past 10 years.

With 60 more days to go, I am so excited to see what will happen!

Anyway, here is an update to both my new workout plan and my meal plan.

Since last month worked out so well, in general I am not changing TOO much.

Month 2 Workout Plan:

I kept some of my faves and introduced new moves as well. Last month was all about getting used to the motion, so it featured higher reps that stayed the same with each set. This month, I am focused on lifting even heavier. So with each set, you’ll notice the reps decreasing so that I can increase my weight. For cardio, I am keeping my 30 min runs 4 days of the week, and making Day 3 and Day 7 both hikes to help with booty building. I’m doing some intense inclines on these hikes so my heart rate gets up and stays up in a very similar range to run days.

Oh, also I changed my rest day to Day 4 since I was noticing that naturally, Thursday was my most tired day of all. I am also making it an active stretch and recovery day!

Week 6 Meal Plan:

When I like something – be it music or food or whatever – I just listen to the same song or eat the same food over and over and over again until one day I realize that I’ve had enough. Right now, I’m Mariah Carey-ing and rice caking 🙂

These are my rice cakes with avocado, pickled cucumbers, Everything but the Elote seasoning from Trader Joe’s, and egg white with LOTS of sriracha, I am ADDICTED. SO GOOD.

Ya know, I was going to have the same meal twice but then I thought maybeeee I should add a little variety. So this is chicken avo rice cakes with tomatoes. Not pictured is all the sriracha I also smothered all over this meal.

Instead of having 2 separate meals of protein pancakes, I decided to combine it all into one major stack of supersculpt pancake heaven! I also added blueberries and peanut butter this week and OMG this meal is DIVINE.

I forgot to shoot the salad, but honestly, it isn’t that interesting looking. It is exactly as you read it above! The mustard with monkfruit is my version of honey mustard and I dip my roasted butternut squash fries in there!

Oh and if you’re wondering what sweet pickled cucumbers are – it’s a homemade sweet pickle!

I just marinate sliced cocktail cucumbers in rice vinegar, monkfruit sugar, and salt (all to taste) and just let it sit overnight in the fridge. They taste better and better the longer they sit! So crunchy and full of flavor! It’s my version of those sweet cucumbers you can get at a Japanese restaurant.

Sunrise Bra from POPFLEX

Okay and this is officially my new favorite pose 😀

My thighs look crazy! They have grown so much over the past month! I honestly cannot believe. I wonder what I will look like in 60ish days!? Regardless, I am having so much fun being focused on my Why. I feel full of purpose right now and I am so grateful that you’re here with me on this journey.

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  1. Jennifer Oliveira says:

    Hi Cassie! I recently purchased your omnivore 90 day journey. I was looking through your workouts and meal plans here on your journey on found this to be different. What is the difference between why you chose each plan?

  2. Ary says:

    Great 👍

  3. Jessica Kurowski Giokaris says:

    I am coming out of a very dark period in my life that has seemingly lasted forever. I have always loved your content and am ready to make the journey to a happier healthier me! Thank you for giving me a ladder out of the deep hole I’ve been living in. I can’t wait to show you and the world my results!!!!

  4. Jay says:

    wow! that’s an incredible result! i can’t believe how quickly you’ve built this … but i do see the discipline 🙂 just, curious – the weights you’ve posted – are they kg/lb?

  5. AK says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us Cass 🙏

  6. Andrea says:

    Where can I find the workout plan of first month🥺

    1. Cassey says:

      They varied a bit in the first month since I was just getting started, but my plan/changes are all on the blog!

  7. Now this is my favorite recipe!

  8. Natalie says:

    May I ask about why you include the 30min runs? As a warm up? I thought running before weightlifting isn’t recommended because it decreases the building of muscle.
    Thanks for any feedback!

    1. Cassey says:

      I just love starting my workout with a run! So far it hasn’t impacted my actual workouts. I wrote all about it here!

      1. Natalie says:

        Thank you! I love running & weight lifting but really want to gain more muscle currently so I’m confused what to do. There are lots of different opinions on the subject. Obviously I don’t want to be counterproductive to me lifting heavier weights. 🤯🤪 I really shouldn’t stress it and remind myself that any and all exercise is good and I should be grateful I’m able to move my body 💪🙏 You are awesome Cassey!!!

  9. Lady Knight says:

    Keep up the good work Cassey!

  10. Ayla says:

    Get it girl! ♡

  11. Alexandra says:

    I know that everyone’s body is different. So your meal plan wouldn’t work for everyone including me. I have to take in more fat and protein less carbs. I want to start going to the gym I just don’t know where to start. I want to build muscle . I always loved how I felt and looked when I did weight lifting. I can’t express how much you have given me confidence and how grateful I am that you allow us to see your journey . Thank you so much.

    1. Cassey Ho says:

      Yes this is so important! What works for me won’t work for everyone and it’s taken me a long time to learn what does work for me. Actually, it’s STILL a work in progress! If you want to get back into lifting, just start with the basics and whatever you feel comfortable doing. No need to jump into anything crazy!

  12. Sally Chew says:

    You are so cool and inspiring! I love the progress you made in the way you want it.

  13. Mariam Wakilzada says:

    I would love to copy your workout, unfortunately I cannot understand the names of the exercise! Would love a video for each day!

    1. Caro says:

      I second this. I’m a bit confused about what some of the exercises look like in practice and would love some quick videos!

  14. Susanne says:

    You look so strong!!! And I am so happy that you let us be a part of your journey! I loved to read about your first 90 day journey back in the day but this is major motivation! It might even show young girls that strong is the new skinny! I love it!!!!

  15. Samantha says:

    Ahh Cassey I’ve rarely commented but TLDR: YOU GO WARRIOR! Seriously, keep it going. I’ve followed you since the beginning with those O-Gorgeous bags. I remember the days of the Pop Army, yes, the bikini comp, those ups and downs; I feel like I’ve been evolving through the years with you! I’ve always wanted to rep PopFlex (always applying! I’m that 4ft 9 girl that never stops submitting XD) and I’ll always be a supporter of your journey. I lift HEAVY too and was always hoping you’d share or partake in that as well. It feels SO empowering! Those weights are metaphorical for LIFE; makes your mind as strong and resilient, too. I’m very inspired about this new journey you’re on, fortifying your mind inside and out. It’s one of the signs in my personal life at the moment to nourish, strengthen, and elevate myself so I can be at my own imperfect best for everything- relationships, work, peace. All of the above! Keep going, Cassey. Shut out the naysayers- they’re probably projecting their own issues onto you. This is ALL for you and I’m grateful to witness it.

    1. Cassey Ho says:

      I love this. Thank you for being here!

  16. Libia Rocha says:

    Hi Casey! Just wondering, will you stay in bulk mode the 3 months, or are you going to do a cut at the end?

  17. Hannah says:

    So awesome to see a planned rest day with specific goals for recovery. Not many influencers talk about what they do for recovery

    1. Cassey Ho says:

      Planning rest has been crucial for me!

  18. Chelsea says:

    You look amazing! Can already notice results!