Mission: Create the ultimate travel skort

So ready for a vacay and this is the skort I’ll be wearing on the plane, exploring the city, hiking, riding ATV’s, and whale watching, while eating everything my heart desires! Oh and you bet I can even dress it up for a night out (comes in black).

I’m serious when I tell you that it is my most comfortable POPFLEX skort ever.

The That’s A Wrap Skort 🌎


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Plus with the asymmetrical cut and A-line silhouette, it’s giving sophistication…it’s giving FASHION.

Oh and I strategically placed a secret pocket in there so pickpocketers can’t getcha!!

cassey ho blogilates wearing popflex travel skort that's a wrap skort olive green

Less than 2 months til Sam and I’s vacation and I CANNOT WAITTTTT! Bringing all the skort colors with me!!


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