The “Why” Behind the Reversible Deep V Tee

My first version of the Deep V Tee was released over 66 weeks ago. I designed it for those of us who still wanted to show off our cute sports bras while working out but didn’t feel comfortable enough to show off our midriff too. This may not be a relatable problem for some of you, but for those of you who get it…I get it too, and I feel you.

Let‘s just say that over a decade of intense body shaming online attacking all of your deepest insecurities can really do some serious damage to your confidence and I’m still healing from it.

Not saying we need to hide our bodies, ever. In fact, I want you to show off all you’ve got!! Just saying that if you don’t “get” the idea behind this shirt, it’s ok and it’s not for you. I’m always trying to design different things for different needs.


When I first released this top, you guys told me you loved it but that I needed to make it reversible…so I did. Brilliant idea guys.


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The new POPFLEX ✨ Reversible Deep V Tee ✨

A direct result of your genius. I also changed the fabric to be super lightweight and flowy so that you can even wear it going out. Now it’s even more versatile.

Thank you for always providing feedback and thank you for being kind in your delivery. Love when we can be collaborative.

Ps: this is avail now in sizes XXS to 3X! I’m 5’5” wearing S.

cassey ho wearing popflex reversible deep v tee



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  1. Ashley says:

    While I am 100% not comfortable with baring my midriff (hello mom-bod) I actually love it because I can totally see myself using it as a layering piece for work as a teacher- throw it on over that tube top or spaghetti strap shirt that I love for the color/design or whatever and it is immediately school appropriate!