HIIT My Abs Hard Workout!


Hey guys,

Here is your new Monday workout! It’s a great mix of ab exercises and cardio moves! It’s only 6 min long, so please, give it a shot. I also used a timer in this one. Can you let me know if you like it or not? I’m still debating over how it makes me feel.

HIIT My Abs Hard!

45 sec on, 10 sec rest. Repeat 4x.

1. Split squat jumps

2. Hip Twists

3. Skaters

4. Double D’s

5. Single legged burpee

6. Reverse Crunch

I like using the app Tabata Pro to help me keep track of my time! It makes it so much easier.

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3 Unusual Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight


Hey guys!

Today I want to share with you 3 unusual reasons why you’re not losing weight. Remember when I went to the doctors (1 western medicine and 1 eastern medicine) to get my cortisol levels checked and I discovered that my lack of sleep was negatively affecting my lower belly fat? It was so insane that I started obsessively researching all sorts of other ways you could be plateauing even if you are 100% training hard and eating clean!


1. You’re stressed out!

Have you ever noticed that when you’re stressed you tend to gravitate towards comfort foods? Think finals time in college or high school! The stress hormone “cortisol” is actually an appetite stimulant. So the more stress you’re under, the more cortisol you have, and the more bad food you’re going to crave. IN ADDITION, this also increases the production of a brain chemical called Neuropeptide Y which increases your cravings for carbs, specifically!

Ok but get this. Even if you’re under stress but can still make good decisions, the extra cortisol can stall your weight loss. Too much cortisol slows down your metabolism!

The increase in cortisol is directly related degrading muscle tissue while encouraging extra fat to be stored in your lower belly area. So try to exercise and surround yourself with people who make you happy to decrease your stress levels.

sleep cat

2. You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep!

This is personally one that affects me. When you don’t sleep enough, not only do you increase your levels of cortisol, you also DECREASE your levels of growth hormone. Growth hormone has the opposite effect of cortisol. It encourages fat loss, it supports your immune system so you don’t get sick, and it keeps your organs functioning properly.

Sleep also helps balance the hormones that control hunger. That’s why you can go to bed hungry and wake up not hungry.

On the other hand, if you miss a night’s sleep you are more likely to eat more calories the next day. It’s different for every person but try to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.


3. You Don’t Drink Enough Water

You hear me tell you all the time to drink more water! (Not what pup here is drinking!)

But I’m not just telling you to drink more water to fill your belly so that you’re less likely to overeat, I’m telling you that because there’s something more.

When you’re dehydrated, your kidneys can’t function properly so then the body is forced to turn to the liver for extra support. Your liver is responsible for the metabolism of fat, which means fat cannot be metabolized as efficiently when your liver has to work twice as hard to remove toxins. Then because the liver is being overworked, the fat you consume is stored rather than burned off.

Also, if you’re eating healthier, this may mean that you’re also increasing your fiber intake. The dangerous thing with that is this…if you’re not drinking enough water you will be constipated! Imagine fiber as a bulking agent that travels down your intestines grabbing everything along the way. But if there’s nothing to help push it down, like water, then you’re going to get this huge bulk stuck in your intestines. It feels nasty, you feel lethargic, and you will look extremely bloated!

I personally try to drink 2-3 L of water a day. The whole 8 cups a day thing only applies to women who are sedentary. But I know you workout! So drink until your pee is clear!

So now that you’ve heard of the reasons why you can’t lose weight, want to learn how you can?

In addition to training hard to build muscle, eating clean to lose fat, and sleeping to recover, you need that inner fire, that inner motivation that keeps you going when you want to quit.

So guess what guys! This coming February I want you to join in on the Blogilates Hot Body Challenge if you’re seriously looking for a new way to get motivated to lose weight. If you want some extra motivation to finally get that body you want, this is your chance to do it with all of your fellow POPsters!

If you’ve never played the Dietbet game before, let me explain the rules!!

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 5.29.46 PM

1. Bet $30 that you will lose weight in a month.

2. Lose 4% of your current weight in 4 weeks by using by working out, eating clean, and sleeping! Follow my workout calendar and also use my meal plans!

3. The official weigh-in on Feb 2.

4. The official weigh-out is on March 1.

If you lose at least 4% of your weight by the end of the game, you will win your $30 back PLUS a share of the total pot! The pot has gotten to over $150,000 before so work hard!!

You can join the game by signing up right here!

Ok guys! Have a beautiful rest of your weekend! Let me know if you have any questions!


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