New Blogilates App Update 1.7! + Sister Challenge!

Hey guys!

Hope you had a LOVELY weekend! I spent it with my sister who came down to visit! We danced, shopped, and ate A LOT! Had such a wonderful time! We specifically splurged on candles at Anthropologie. Haha. Currently loving this scent called Goji Tarocco Orange by Voluspa. It kind of smells like Caribbean Passion at Jamba Juice. I love citrusy sweet aromas!! I never paid very much attention to this, but how a room smells can really make you feel happier! What’s your favorite smell?

Also! Since Jackelyn was here, I forced her to make a workout video with me. I decided to do a challenge workout instead of a normal fitness video style one. What does this mean?

It means we turn on the music and Jackelyn makes up a move for about 8 counts then she pushes it over to me to make up another 8 counts. These moves have to be work out moves and they have to be to the beat. It was kinda scary and really fun! I want you to try it out with us! It’s an amazing total body workout with cardio, muscle strengthening, and abs!


Merry early Christmas because the Blogilates App (free to download in iTunes and the Google Play store) just got a HUGE UPDATE!!!! My team and I have been working on this one for a very long time, so we hope you love it! We looked at all of your comments and took very detailed notes. Had many meetings. Many discussions. So these new features are a product of your creative suggestions! Have a look!



You can FINALLY tag your location on the map and find local POPsters to DM and work out with! Do not worry, you are not even allowed to tag your house, so you’re all good! I am super addicted to this feature and keep refreshing LA to see who’s around me! Take a look in here! I think it is super cool to see the POPsters in your country and area!



You can click on your friend’s profile and direct message them to set up workout dates and discuss whatever you want privately! What I love most about this is the fact that it looks like a text on my iPhone. So cool. Those speech bubbles are everything.



You will get notifications when someone likes your pic, DM’s you, friends you, or comments on your pic! This was a highly requested feature!



Now if you find a POPster on another form of social media and want to become friends in the Blogilates App, you can find them!! Search for me too!



I am in love with this one because this is where you guys can plan local meetups! Join a group and make new friends. I love checking in and seeing you guys write in your language. So good. Are there any groups you don’t see that I should add?


If you already had the app, you will notice that when you click “forum”, it will go to “my feed” which is basically a feed of all the people you follow! I thought it would be better for you guys to have a main page than just the topics page and not know where to click. If you want to get to topics, just click on the 3 bars on the top left. Also, the quality of the photos has been upgraded and lots of other bugs have been fixed!

And here are all the other cool features for any new POPsters who haven’t downloaded the app yet…

- The interactive Workout Calendar is here. You can check off your daily workouts PLUS you also get your special video of the month (included with the 99c subscription/mo) in here that is not available on YouTube or anywhere else. This feature has helped thousands and thousands of POPsters stay on track, lose weight, and reach their goals.


- New workout videos are always categorized for you by body part, series, and show type! You can watch Cheap Clean Eats anytime plus you will never miss my latest routine!


- Recipes are constantly updated as I come up with more and more food options for you guys. It’s like having the Blogilates cookbook in your hands…free!

Hope you guys love the update. Please let me know if you have any concerns or new ideas! As you know, I am ALWAYS here listening. Always here to help you have a joyous fitness experience whenever and wherever.

Love you!!!

<3 Cassey

Cheap Clean Eats: CHOPPED UP! Competition


Hey guys!

Today I want to present a new show that I have been DREAMING of making for you for a LOOOOOONG TIME. I am a huge fan of Food Network (there’s just something about watching people cook while you’re on cardio) and wanted to do a Masterchef/Iron Chef/Chopped spin off for Cheap Clean Eats. So. It finally happened.

In the first ever episode of Cheap Clean Eats: CHOPPED UP! I invited comedian David So over to the kitchen to battle me in a war for best entree. We only had 30 min to create something that would satisfy the taste buds of the Dining Diety, our sole judge.

The mystery ingredients were: Almond milk, Chia seeds, Chicken tenderloins, and Butternut squash.

Who will win? Watch to find out!!!

Also check out the awesome #POPsterPresents giveaway at the end! I am giving away a GoPro Hero 4 to one lucky POPster! We used the GoPro in the overhead kitchen shots.

Cool features of the GoPro Hero 4:

– Built-in touch display for framing shots, adjusting settings
– Capture stunning video in resolutions up to 1080p60
– Shoot the action with a 12 megapixel camera, up to 30 frames per second

How to enter:

Tweet me @Blogilates and tell me one thing you liked about this new show and make sure to include this at the end of your tweet: #choppedup

Thanks to Verizon for sponsoring this giveaway! Yay!! If any of you are aspiring YouTubers or adventurers, this would be soooo cool to win! And, if you want to get one for your friends for the holidays, check em out here!

I think you will find CHOPPED UP! hilarious because I could NOT stop laughing when I saw the first cut. Let me know who I should battle next and what mystery ingredients you think we should be presented with!! I am up for ANYTHING!

<3 Cassey

Seattle + Super Fun Cardio Workout!


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6 Min to Sexy Abs + POPsterPresents Begins!


Hey guys! Happy Decemburn!! Ahhh look at that doggie. He looks like a literal ball of poof! So cute. Is it snowing where you are? We just had rain here in LA and it was so nice to pull out the rain boots and umbrella! I love the smell of fresh rain. Also because there […]

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