5 Min Long Legs Routine!


Hey guys!

Here is your new Monday workout! This routine is super unique because the whole workout is done on the balls of your feet! That means you’re going to get a super nice calf workout the whole time! It’s only 5 min, but trust me, the burn is real. Your moves are:

1. Lunge Pulses x 1 min

2. Lunge Step Backs x 1 min

3. Plie Squats x 1 min

4. Calf Raises x 1 min

5. Step Outs x 1 min

After you try this, let me know what your level of burn is from a rating of 1 (easiest) to 10 (hardest)! I’d love to know :)

Now, on to some other things!

I will be announcing the Hot Body Tour dates soon. Like in a day! Can you believe my book comes out in 1 week!!! It’s nuts! It’s craziness!

tote bag book

I know I will be in NYC on April 7th for the launch of Hot Body Year Round and will be traveling around the country to teach POP Pilates classes at 24 Hour Fitness and meet you guys for book signings! You will be the first to know when the tickets are available.

The Hot Body Tour tickets for the POP Pilates class will be given away on a lotto basis since venue capacity will be an issue and I don’t want you guys to be all cramped! However, all of you guys are welcome to come to the Meet & Greet and Book Signing after class. I will explain more what all of this means tomorrow.

And just so you know…we had A LOT of trouble (I mean, it was disastrous) securing venues large enough for all of us POPsters, so my original dream of having a crazy huge fitness festival is being delayed at the moment. That’s the one with the nail bar, the juices, and all sorts of cool activities. We’ve been working on planning the Blogilates National Tour for many many months, so this was a really hard decision to make. But I know that if everything isn’t going to be executed to the degree of amazingness that I want, then I’d rather not do it at all. I don’t want to disappoint you and I don’t want to disappoint myself. So, the Blogilates National Tour/Fitness Festival will hopefully happen this summer. I’ll let you know more after we regroup and figure out the location situation.

Yay!!! I hope you order your copy of my book soon! I want us all to read it together at the same time next week! Oh yah, and tote bags are being shipped this week, so when you get it, will you please show me a pic and #hotbodyyearround? It would make me so happy to see that you got it!!

Remember, the free tote bag offer only lasts if you pre-order your book before and on April 6th. After that, the form on hotbodybook.com will be gone.

Have a beautiful start to your week! I can’t wait to see you guys on tour!


4 Super Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas!


Hey guys!

I am soooo excited to share this new video with you because not only is it fun to watch (I actually was having too much of an awesome time dancing and cooking so you’ll see of my weirdness) but the recipes are SUPER CRAZY simple. I know we’re all really busy, so these recipes will truly help you stay healthy while not taking away too much time from your daily to-do list!

Here are your recipes!


1. Energy Wrap

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Quickest Arm Sculpting Workout! Only 5 min!

  Hi guys! Here is your new arm sculpting video! You asked for it and I delivered :) My fave new move here is the triangle push-up! You’re in half cobra position and it is just KILLER for your triceps. Here is your 5 min arms routine: 1. Elbow Circles 2. Back Behinds 3. Triangle […]

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Fat Flushing Detox Water + more yummy detox recipes

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 12.21.24 PM

  Hey guys! Currently in San Diego right now with some of my POP Pilates instructors planning something awesome for you guys, but taking a break to write you a little today! I’ve been testing all sorts of detox water recipes last week and this weekend, so I really wanted to film a fun video. […]

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3 Refreshing Detox Water Recipes for Radiant Skin + Tricks to Drink More Water

Starred Photos

Hey guys! This week has been soooooo much better than the last. Thank you so much for asking me about how I was doing. You guys are so sweet. The amount of sympathy that came through on my last post was so nice. I really feel like I have millions of friends all over the […]

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5 Minute Butt Workout + Crying Under Stress


  Hey guys! It is time for your new 5 Minute Beautiful Booty workout! I can’t believe I paired the Kneeling Hot Potato with the Kneeling Hammy Kick. It was literal death. This is my fave butt workout since the 6 min to a Sexy Booty routine. I hope you enjoy it :D Last week […]

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