4 min to a Hot Body Workout


Hey guys!

Thanks so much for all of your kind words on my last post. I felt like I was kind of all over the place but I’m glad I made sense. Haha!

Anyway – I just released a new workout video called “4 min HOT BODY”. This workout is legit SO HARD!!! Oh my goodness.

Funny story. So the beat of this song was kind of slow, so I decided to do the combo to the song DOUBLE TIME meaning I was going twice as fast as the beat. We were filming and then at 1 min and 16 sec of the 4 min song, I collapsed and screamed “I CAN’T!!!”

Hahaha. It was waaaayyyyy too fast for any human being ever.

So then we refilmed at the regular tempo for 4 min and though I was still dying, it was humanly possible.

So anyway, give the video a try. It works your whole body and incorporates the “up up down down”, the “hip twist” and a “plank jack.”

Also, I wanted to share a beautiful painting my friend Daniel “Daekazu” made for me! It’s me in cartoon form!


We wanted to incorporate the message “Don’t forget to smile” here because I feel like sometimes people stress over life and forget that we’re all here to help make each other happy. So do the best you can do make your laughter and your positivity contagious. Smile at someone and make their day :)

Also, not sure if you noticed, but here is the original photo that was taken a couple weeks ago! I am so in love with his artwork. Do you have any special requests that you want to see him draw? Like a girl in a yoga pose? A girl running? Come up with some cool ideas with quotes in the comments and maybe we can collaborate and make something awesome together.


Also, I cannot believe September is 1 week away!!!! AHH! This also means the new September workout calendar is coming up. What do you think it should be called? I am currently writing out your custom 4 week plan right now.

BE SURE that you’re signed up for my free newsletter to get the calendar emailed to you with the secret password. I’m sending it out 1 day before Sept 1st.

Love you!

<3 Cassey

PS – Yay I blogged again. Such an accomplishment haha.

.: OUTFIT :.

Top: Such a Diva Tank

Shorts: Booty Pop Hot Short

.: SONG :.

Next Life by Bella Saona

Things have been crazy!

Hey guys!

Wow, this is probably the longest I have taken off from blogging. Seriously no good.

You know, the first time I started blogging about 4-5 years ago, it was so much less intimidating. I would write an article on quinoa and share with you the benefits. Or I’d do a quick printable of some sort and tell you have to tuck your abs in for my core strengthening routine. Things were very straight forward and I promised myself that I would blog every single day!

I think last year was the first time I started straying from that. I missed a day. Then 2. Then 3. And then now this. 2 weeks! Oh boy.

I love my blog, I love talking to you guys and I don’t ever want to stop writing. But I guess the problem was, I started putting too high of a standard on my blog posts. I wouldn’t write unless I had something crazy or super informative to say. I noticed that my last few posts have been super “epic” style. It ends up taking hours to write and edit.

Then I get intimidated of that. And I get scared to write!

Craziness. Not that you should care, but if there are any bloggers or aspiring bloggers out there, I wonder if any of you have run into the same problem? For some reason in the back of my head, I feel like if I don’t have anything epic to say, I just won’t!

Anyway, I’m slapping my hand now and telling myself to stop trying to be so ridiculous. I will try my best to share more with you guys on the blog! So…ONWARD!

Tonight I don’t feel like recapping anything. I feel like those stress me out sometimes. Later I will tell you all about the BODYPOP Launch Party, the IDEA World Fitness Conference, and the POP Pilates Party. It will be a pics galore post.

Right now I just want to write and feel…

Looking at my calendar, I cannot believe that in 1 week it will be September. Excuse me. WHAT!

Where did the year go? Why is summer going to be over? I am so so sad. This year, 2014, has been crazier than ever. With the launch of BODYPOP, the POP Pilates Certification Program, finishing up my book, and too many other things to list, I am getting exhausted.

Really exhausted.

I find myself longing for time to stop. Like right now, I just want everything to freeze for 24 hrs so I can catch up with life. Do you ever feel that way? I just want the clocks to pause, the world to stop turning, and for me to lay down and just relax and not feel like I’m falling behind.

It’s a great thing to “live life in the fast lane” and I am fortunate that I am busy and that I absolutely love what I do…but sometimes, like right now, I wonder where life even went. Before I know it, it’ll be Christmas again, and my birthday again, and then I will be a year older.

Even though 2014 has been crazy, it has been extremely good to me. One of the best things I’ve experienced this year are closer friendships and truer relationships.

Your life, my life…it’s all about the people you surround yourself with. Our life is sculpted by the people who we interact with. Get this: It’s about people, not things or events or awards. But the people who make the things and run the events and give the awards.

Do you get what I am trying to say?

I am beyond blessed to have you guys in my life. You’re such a positive source of light and happiness for me. I love that we can both cheer each other on. Do you know that I am always rooting for you?  Yes. I am your personal cheerleader and trainer :)

People always ask me how I am always smiling and the answer is simple. It’s because I love you and I love what I do. Because of you guys, many incredible things have happened this year so far. I know I couldn’t have done ANY of it without you.

I just recently found out that I am an official nominee for the Streamy Award for the best fitness channel on YouTube! There are 5 channels competing and I won’t find if out we won until September 7th! I will definitely have to ask you guys for fashion advice before I hit the red carpet.

streamy cassey

Ok well it’s time to hit the bed. I have to teach class tomorrow morning.

Have a fabulous start to your week!

<3 Cassey

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