September 1st Workout Command!



Hey guys!


Your first workout command of September is to do 15 Saturn Rings in each leg!

A: Begin by lying on your back, one leg extended and hovering over the mat, one leg bent at a 90 degree angle. Hold a weight or any object you can pass around in your hands.

B. Crunch up and pass the object around your leg. Then lay back down. That’s 1 rep!

I hope you’ve already downloaded your #sepTONEber workout calendar! If not, click here and enter the password I just emailed you. If you don’t have the password, just sign up for my free newsletter and I will send it to you!


And here is your first workout video of the month! It’s Muffintop Shredder! We’re doing Candlestick Dippers the whole time for 3 min and 50 sec! This move is my fave and it works my obliques like craziness. Give it a shot! I know you will burn and you will love :)

Have an amazing Labor Day my American POPsters! I’ll be sure to instagram what I am up to today!

Relax and spend time with your friends and fam!

<3 Cassey

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