5 Best Fat Burning Moves + My 1st ever Inversion!


Hey guys!

New video! It’s my 5 best fat burning moves in 5 minutes! Ugh. I did not want to film this video. But we all know HIITs are good for us, so I did burpees for you. Enjoy :) My 5 best cardio moves are:

1. Star Jumps

2. In n Out Donkey Kicks

3. Burpees

4. Mountain Climbers

5. Split Squat Jumps

Now…Happy Monday! I hope you had a lovely Easter Weekend! Let’s have a lil recap shall we?

It started off with a trip back to the Bay! Friday, I visited my sister at Crunch and she taught me how to do an inversion for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE!!! LOOK!!


I was sooooo scared. See, if you know me, you’d know that I can’t handle roller coasters, heights, or being upside down. I really didn’t want to do this but after much coaxing from certified yogi sis Jackelyn…I shocked myself. I could do a headstand!!?? Yes, I am assisted by a wall, but nonetheless…I never ever ever thought this was possible! A reminder to you to stop holding yourself back from doing amazing things. We all have it in us! We just gotta let ourselves go. Once I get this down, I will do a video with sis to show you how to do it too!


What other yoga moves or poses do you want to learn?


The next day Jackelyn and I surprised mommy and daddy with a lovely lunch at Espetus Churrascaria for their birthday! (They have the same one but are a year apart.) It was their first time at a Brazilian Restaurant and we all had so much fun eating and eating and eating :) Over the years I have taught myself how NOT to die of “bloatation” from a buffet! I used to go and just stuff my face to “make my money’s worth.” Haha, I think it’s an Asian thing you learn as you grow up. But now, I eat what I want and appreciate the sheer fact that I can eat VARIETY. A little taste of this and a little taste of that. So good!


Speaking of so good…this Brazilian cheese bread is the death of me. I love it. Let’s just say that Saturday was YOLO Day and we made the YOLO gods proud :)


Sunday I biked to a nearby flower field with my mom and we had so much fun doing an impromptu photoshoot! The fields were blooming with millions of mustard plants and the yellow was MESMERIZING! My mom and I even french braided flower crowns.


Now I am back in LA and ready for a whole week of work before my first magazine cover shoot next week and…a Maui trip!!! Yes yes :) I am shopping for tropical clothing and bikinis like a crazy person and I love it. It will be my first vacay in a LOOOONG time and I’m taking you with me to see the sights and the beauty that belongs to the islands. Don’t worry – you’ll still be working out with me as we begin MAY! What should we call the calendar by the way? Any ideas?


Ah! And I have a REALLLLYYY cool giveaway that I am doing with Quest! Every person that leaves a YouTube comment on the video, subscribes to the Quest Channel, and gives us your addy will receive 2 free Quest bars (watch video to see where to enter)! You don’t pay for shipping. It’s free-free :) It’s open to all US POPsters! But all POPsters internationally and domestically are entered to win 17 FULL BOXES of bars…of every flavor every created! Thought this was super generous of Quest to do because…I think they’ll be shipping out TENS OF THOUSANDS of free bars to us hungry POPsters!


Love you so much. Keep training hard and being amazing.

<3 Cassey

PS – Have you joined the Blogilates Social Network yet?

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The Blogilates Social Network + Best Thigh Slimming Exercises

blogilates profile

Hey guys!

Do you see the beauty that is that photo above? Yes. The Blogilates Social Network (beta) has LAUNCHED!!!

2 YEARS in the making.  THOUSANDS of development hours later…your ideas and my vision have intertwined to create this ultimate health and fitness haven.

What is it exactly?

Well, imagine a place where you can go in and be immediately embraced by love and inspiration from people all over the world. A place where all your friends support you and actually want to see you succeed. A place where you can equally exchange ideas, tips, and stories with people who appreciate your contribution and who need you as much as you need them.

This community is made up of POPsters from all over the globe who you may not know yet, but will become very close friends with very soon :) If you share a passion for sweat, salads, smoothies, and motivation…this is the place for you!

Why did I start it?

Back in 2012 was the first time Facebook started charging me to share my posts with you guys. And no, I am not talking about “sponsored ads.” They changed the algorithm so that if I (the owner of a fanpage) posted a status update, like a simple picture of me stretching, NATURALLY the picture would only show up in the main feed for 10-12% of my facebook fans. Why? Well see below:

facebook charging

I understand that every company needs to make money, but not like this. $1000 so that I can show all of you guys my new yoga pose? Back in the day, what I post is what you see! Because you made the effort to come all the way over from YouTube or this blog to give me your “like” and subscribe to my posts. But nooooo, facebook didn’t want it that way, not without a price.

I was OUTRAGED! Not only did my likes go down, but the worst was the loss of the community we had on there. I used to be able to see your posts, reply to them, and get a sense for who you were. But after that, no more. I felt sooo disconnected from you.

So what was a girl to do?

Start her own social network. THE BLOGILATES SOCIAL NETWORK.

blogilates map

THE MAP. It’s amazing how you can take anger and frustration and turn it into positive energy :) Above is one of my fave features from the Blogilates Social Network! It’s the POPster map! This was a snapshot from yesterday as people were pinning themselves! Soon enough, you’ll be able to find local POPsters in your city to workout with, train for a half marathon with, or even just grab brunch with! The point is the connect you guys together…to make real, long lasting, healthy friendships.

[Note: Currently we are dealing with some bugs in the beta mode of the Blogilates Social Network, which includes the location pinpoint issue. If you are adding your location and don't see yourself on the map, please be patient! We are working on fixing this issue!]

my.blogilates leaderboard

GROUPS. One of the best parts of planning the site for you guys was thinking up what groups you would want to join! This is a fantastic way to meet other POPsters with your same interests. Some are by location (ie. Aussie POPsters) and some are by hobbies like “runners”. Join as many as you fancy!

THE LEADERBOARD. Oooh? Did we never discuss? You’ll see that when you’re logged in, you are able to earn POPster Points. What does that mean and how and where and omg!!??? Haha, you shall see :)

blogilates workout calendar

THE CALENDAR. Working out couldn’t be any easier. Here is your #AprilAbs workout calendar complete with playlist :)

blogilates forum

THE FORUM. So far, I am most addicted to the conversations in the forums. I LOVE how you guys are spilling out your real thoughts and emotions in here. I think it has to do with this one common thread we all share. We trust each other and we know we’re here to genuinely help one another. Guys, this is special. Never lose this.

Guys, after 2 years of developing this site and starting from SCRATCH with 3 different development companies, I can’t believe we finally launched! It really took me so long because I only wanted to give you EXCELLENCE. Nothing less.

The first 2 companies I worked with delivered sub-excellence and I wouldn’t have it. We were so close to launching both times but I said, if it isn’t going to be good enough for my POPsters then it isn’t going to ever go live. The time and the money spent over and over again on getting this right finally paid off…because after seeing your tweets to me upon initial launch, I knew you appreciated everything you saw :)

Oh and ummm…upon launch y’all broke the internet. The site died for a good 40 min before my developers could put it back together. You were stampeding to my.blogilates.com!! It was a scary but proud moment for us all I think :P

Now, the site isn’t perfect. We’re still in beta and from your responses, I know that there is a page loading time issue and a profile editing issue. Please be patient as we debug everything! Also, comment below if you see anything weird with the site. You feedback is necessary to make the site better and better every day!

Anyway…I really hope you guys like it! This project is made just for you :)

OH!! And before I forget, here is my latest video “5 Best Thigh Slimming Exercises”:

The 5 best exercises to sculpt your thighs are:

1. Inner thigh lift

2. Pointed inner thigh lift

3. Criss-cross scissors

4. Leg circle Lowers

5. Butterfly kickouts

Alrighty guys…GO MAKE a my.blogilates.com account now!!! I’ll see you on the inside. And don’t forget to add me as a friend!

<3 Cassey

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