8 Min Abs & Obliques Workout // POP Pilates!


Hey guys!

HAPPY 1st FULL WEEK OF JULY!!! Here’s a new video for you! 8 Minutes of Abs & Obliques amazingness. This routine is actually super fun, so hit play and give it a shot! You will love the “crunch twists” throughout.

So far y’all are looking fantastic on the #journeytosplits challenge! Look, you’re even stretching on the water! SO COOL GUYS. KEEP IT UP.

popsters stretching

This weekend I enjoyed a low key celebration for July 4th. I had a small BBQ and also made this USA fruit flag! Pretty easy and super impressive wouldn’t you say? I made a smoothie after just out of the flag ingredients (blueberries, bananas, and strawberries) plus almond milk and ice…and it was SUPERB!!! You must try!

fruit flag

Saturday we decided to relax and not work AT ALL. (Very rare for me.) So instead of touching the computer we went on a hunt for one of my fave desserts of all time. Have you ever been to Disneyland? Have you ever tried Dole Whip? If you have, you understand how I am IN LOVE with this! It’s basically a soft serve pineapple ice cream!! Until Saturday I did not know that you could even buy this stuff outside of Disney! But lo and behold…

dole whip

DOLE WHIP!!!!! If you’re ever in LA, check out Whipp’d LA. You won’t need to pay the Disneyland admission ($99 for a day pass plus probably $6-8 for a cone half the size of this) to get a taste. This baby was like 3 bucks! AND SO SO GOOD. YAY!!!

Tomorrow your #journeytosplits challenge is the Day 6 supported side splits!

Grab a yoga block, pillow, or some books to place under your front thigh. I would try to do this every day actually after your foundational stretches (1-5) to see your splits progression. PLEASE remember to be stretching AT LEAST 10 min a day. If you are serious about getting into the side splits, you must listen to these directions. Flexibility takes time and your body needs the gradual progression.

Alrighty…see you soon on Snapchat!


Happy 30% off weekend sale!!

Hey guys!

It’s 4th of July weekend and guess what!!??? I don’t even know what I am doing this weekend. I want to try to head to the beach and maybe attend a BBQ of some sort (or maybe hold my own?!) But what I do know is that a 3 day weekend means catch-up time for me. Again life has gotten hectic and I really need to figure out how to find this work-life-balance. I feel like my life is work work work but at the same time, I really really love every second of it. But many times, people who are addicted to something, don’t even know that it is bad for them. So I need to figure out how to stop and relax sometimes. It’s not an entirely bad thing. It’s just something I am trying to improve on!

Anyway!! In celebration of summer, my fave season of the year, I decided to have a HUGE sale! 30% off EVERYTHING in all stores! That means shopblogilates.com and bodypopactive.com! All you have to do is type in “seeingstars“. Go have fun…and let me know what you get!

30 off july 4th sale

4th july sale

Oh yeah and the sale ends on Sunday night, so get what you can while it lasts. Love you so much and have a beautiful weekend!!


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8 min bikini thighs workout! Swimsuit Slimdown Series


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Easy, Healthy, Summer Desserts!


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