My new happy place!

Hello there!

Did you see my new living room yet!? Well if you did 3 min Turbo Arms then you did!


I am literally in love with my new furniture. Does that mean I am old…or am I just more sophisticated!? I’m going to go with the latter :)

ANYWAY…I redecorated my living room and I want you to see how I did!! I thought since you will be working out with me here I would give you a detailed look at all of the pieces! HERE WE GO!

Here is my George Sofa from High Fashion Home. It’s silver velvet and it has tufts. Ugh. I am in love with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING TUFTED. LOVE.

sofa corner square

Let’s get a close up on that. Just because ;) Check out those serious grommets! Umm yeah hello!!!! So GOOD. I am also into geometrics, so that Jasmine End Table was a perfect way to harden up my Chesterfield style couch.


I would also like to show you my new throw pillows! The one in front reminded me of antique lace. It’s actually a laser cut pillow! How cool is that? And the back one is fluffy like a little white puppy!

laughing square

Now let’s talk about this Penelope Chair for a second! Is it not fabulous!? I can’t get over the intricate detailing of the back. It’s ART! Literal art! Plus it’s super soft and cushy too. You will also notice that my end table matches my new coffee table!


I love Pilates because you can do it anywhere. I mostly love doing it at home because you don’t need that much space! Here I am doing a teaser on my new Bombay carpet looks like a blossoming chrysanthemum! In the back you’ll also see my new mirrored console table that I placed my lovely abstract art on! The pink splashes were a perfect match for the theme of the room.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little living room photoshoot! I am really excited about this furniture because I feel real “adulty” right now. It’s a milestone for sure, so I wanted to share every single detail with you ;)

Thanks for being a part of my life and this journey guys. Also, if any of you are in LA and are either video editors, animators, creative story writers, or designers (graphic, art, fashion)…feel free to send your resume and a cover letter to the email on my contact page. I am always looking to see how I align your dreams along with the mission of Blogilates. If we can do it together, we will do SO MUCH for this world.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Comment below and let me know what you love outside of fitness.



Hey guys!

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Ok, let’s take a closer look at these gorgeous meals!

Waffle Taco–Yields 2 (serving size: 1 taco) (Paleo Friendly) – Gluten-Free


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