POP Pilates at 24 Hour Fitness and the BEST HIIT TIMER EVER!

Hey guys!!

I have been up since 3:30 am this morning! Kinda tired and kinda delusional. I was at 24 Hour Fitness in West Hollywood with a bunch of fellow group exercise instructors celebrating the official launch of POP Pilates at 24 Hour Fitness! KTLA filmed 4 segments with us and I taught my friend and reporter Mark Mester all about candlestick dippers, double leg lifts, and plie squats! He died :)

Guys, but for real, I cannot believe this is actually happening. I started teaching 10 years ago for fun…and now…what!? There are marketing posters all over the clubs advertising a format I started on YouTube! CRAYYYYY!!!! Look at this one…

side plank pop pilates

I love it so much because not only does every girl here look so strong, calm, and determined…do you know that these ladies are also POPsters turned POP Pilates Instructors!?? Ugh that makes my heart get all warm when I type that!! I am so proud of them. The girl in the BODYPOP pants is Steph aka @xogingy on Instagram. Sometimes I say “Hey, XO!” That’s kinda her name. The gal in the blue top is Lexi! She is also my design assistant and works with me everyday at Blogilates HQ! And the pretty blonde in the back is Isabella. She is a performer and singer!

I hope you get a chance to take POP Pilates LIVE at a gym near you. We take a lot of care when we certify our instructors to make sure that if you take the class anywhere, it’ll look and feel familiar, but with a twist from the instructor’s personality.

If you want to get POP Pilates certified and start teaching, please reach out to [email protected]. We are beginning to plan what cities we should go to next!

NOW…I have a surprise for you! We haven’t done HIIT workouts in a while so I decided to give you a very special one today:

fat shredder hiit

The entire workout is under 30 min total and you will BURN BURN BURN. This is what I like to do in the mornings before work if I have little time and am feeling like I need to kick myself in the booty!

But being a HIIT lover for years, I always found it really hard to find a timer that I really liked. There was always something that could have been done better. So guess what? Over the past several months I worked alongside my team of developers to bring you what I know to be the simplest, most intuitive, most aesthetic, and well THE BEST HIIT Timer that there is out there! You can get it by downloading the Blogilates Official App in the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store!


Look at the ombre! Of course we needed to have that :) So you will be able do the following with your timer:

1) Choose how long you’d like to “workout”

2) Choose how long you’d like to “rest”

3) Choose how many “moves” you’d like to perform

4) Name the “moves” <— this is the COOLEST FEATURE. The names actually pop up as you’re working out!

5) Choose how many rounds you’re doing


I typically go 45 sec work, 15 sec rest, and I do 4 rounds. My workouts end up being under 30 min and they are INTENSE and effective!!! Just try the Fat Shredder HIIT above. You will understand.

So to get the HIIT Timer, just download the “Blogilates Official App” – it is free in the Apple App Store and in Google Play Store. Then when you click on the little “tools” button on the bottom left, you will be directed to pay a one time purchase fee of just $1.99. It’s super cheap and really just helps me recover the costs it took to develop the HIIT Timer feature for you guys. I hope you love it and use it. If you get the HIIT timer, please snap a pic and hashtag it #blogilates and #blogilatesapp. I can’t wait to see you using it!

And for those of you who don’t have the Blogilates App yet…GET IT!!! Can you believe the Blogilates app has over a million downloads!? You guys are cray! It has your workout calendar in there for October too(and every month going forward). [Continue reading…]

Pumpkin Season, Smoothie Challenges & 3 Min Lower Belly Workout!

pumpkin stuff

Hey guys!

TIS the season of the pumpkin! I actually appreciate that stores give us pumpkin once a year and then take it away from consumers at the end of Fall because it makes it THAT MUCH MORE EXCITING! I know it’s super sad when it’s gone…but don’t you just love that surge of feelings around October that just makes Autumn super special?

I went to Trader Joes and bought up a TON of pumpkin flavored things this weekend. Here are my reviews so far:

  1. Pumpkin Pie Mochi Ice Cream: This is very good. The mochi is fairly big and the pumpkin pie taste is not overwhelming. Loved the chewy outside with the cold, creamy inside. A lot of times, manufacturers go crazy with the cinnamon-y flavor and it tastes like potpurri and I can’t taste anything else.
  2. Pumpkin O’s:  This cereal was SURPRISINGLY crunchy! It almost tastes like it is fried! In fact it took several minutes before any of the Os got soggy in the milk. Tastes kind of like Apple Jacks. Very sweet.
  3. Pumpkin Macarons: I didn’t like these. They tasted like they had a bunch of saffron in it. But I looked at the ingredients and there wasn’t anything like that in there. Perhaps it was just too packed with pumpkin pie spices. Also, the cookie part is very soft. It crumbles when you hold it, frozen.
  4. Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookie Butter: THIS I have not tried yet. But the cashier at TJ’s told me that all I need is a spoonful. I am very excited to give it a try!

NOW! For some more fun fall things. Have you downloaded your October Workout Calendar yet!?? [Continue reading…]

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