POP Pilates Instructor Trainings 2016!

side plank cropped smaller

Hey guys!

Take a look at that spectacular side plank! That’s me and a few of my POP Pilates instructors, Steph, Isabella, and Lexi during our official POP Pilates photoshoot! I love this pose so much because it’s strong, powerful, and so POP!

Have you ever thought of getting POP Pilates certified? Do you feel like you want to start a career in inspiring people? Do you want to get paid to do what you ALREADY love doing? Guys – when I got Pilates certified as a sophomore in college, I didn’t know it at the time, but I made the MOST IMPORTANT decision of my life – it paved the way for the magic that was to come.

I remember teaching my first Pilates class ever. It was traditional Pilates – slow music, slow movements. I only had like 3 people at this small, intimate studio for all women, but I really got to know each one so so well. That studio ended up paying for my entire Pilates certification because they believed in me. That was the true beginning. [Continue reading…]

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Power Girl Challenge

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PIIT! Pilates Intense Interval Training!

lean arm piit

Hey guys! If you’ve been working out with me for a while, you must be pretty strong. Maybe so strong that you’re craving something more INTENSE. Something that challenges you the same way you felt the first day you tried POP Pilates. Well guys…I know how you feel. That’s why over the past year, I’ve developed […]

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Why I Will NEVER DIET again.

cassey ho bikini

  Hey guys! Real talk happening in 3…2…1… I want to get real honest with you today. There’s been something I’ve neglected talking about for about 4 years because I didn’t want to admit to myself that I had a problem. But today, I think I need to tell you about something that I was extremely […]

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The Best Pre-Workout + Post-Workout Smoothies


 Hey guys! WOWWWWW it’s been an INTENSE week so far! I’ve been editing a really personal video for you guys that I have been avoiding for a long time. It’s a vlog about something I did not want to share because I could really be judged for it, but I decided it was time. I […]

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