August Announcements!! POP Pilates Party at IDEA World & BODYPOP


  Hey guys! It is the second day of August and a beautiful Saturday! I took my Friday off for recovery day with everyone on the #giveityourALLGUST workout calendar. Felt so good this morning – woke up relaxed! I hope you downloaded your calendar and printed it already! Also, go get the free Blogilates app (available […]

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august 2014

click to enlarge and print Hey guys! You ready to absolutely KILL August? I know you are! This month is all about pairing your muscle group exercises with some good cardio and HIIT routines for ultimate body sculpting! Now…I also have something very special for you this month. I’ve been teasing you for a loooooooong time […]

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How to do 1000 Squats! 10 “fun” Squat Variations


Hey Guys! I haven’t done these in a while but I thought it’d be cute to make GIFs for the 10 squat variations for you! To complete the 1000 Squat Challenge do each of these squats 100 times. Make sure your feet are hip width apart and parallel to each other! Keep knees behind the toes, […]

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Can I do 1000 Squats?


  So ummmm guys! This just happened. I did 1000 squats non stop and nearly died and went to fitness heaven. It was…EUPHORIC. You know, I wasn’t going to upload the full length 40 min workout because  I thought it was too long (literally took like 7+ hours to upload to YouTube!!) but since y’all […]

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