Try this Hike HIIT! (Perfect workout for Sagittarius babes)

Happy Sagittarius season!

This is the final zodiac workout in our series! It’s a great one for my Sag babes but also, just a fantastic one for the rest of us because it turns your hike into a HIIT workout! If you don’t have a mountain laying around by your house – no worries! I made this doable on the treadmill too. NO EXCUSES!

Your Sweat Horoscope:

Because adventure is in your DNA, your workout has to be something that will surprise you and take you off the beaten path. You have a “conquer the world” kind of spirit, you love to see new places, try new things, and a little competition is something you find very appealing. So, take your workout outdoors! You’re going to find more motivation OUTSIDE of the gym.

Your workout: Not your average hike! In this routine, you’re going to need a hike with a path that will allow you to do things like lunges and jumping jacks. (If you don’t have a hike near you, you can actually do this on your treadmill! Just make sure to have it on an incline!) We’re going to turn your hike into a hike-HIIT! Make sure you have your timer on you so you know when to switch moves!
MPH listed for people doing this on a treadmill.

Print this out or screenshot it on your phone! Have a timer handy.

Here are what the moves look like in case you’re unsure!

Walking lunges

Step forward, switching legs and keep your front knee bend at a 90 degree angle!

Jumping Jacks

You’ll need to do these off the treadmill, or in place on your hike!

Dead Man Walking

Keep it low! To decrease intensity, bring your hands to your hips and/or stay a bit higher.

Sashay Left & Right

Remember ballet class as a kid!? Okay, if not, then just imagine you’re taking a wide step to one side and then hop up so that both feet touch underneath you, then land wide again!

You can get this plus all my other pins on Pinterest! Hope you enjoyed the workout. You can find all of my Zodiac Workouts below!


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