The Best Workout for Capricorns!

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My birthday is in less than a month and I honestly am not ready. This year has gone by way too fast. A lot of stuff happened. Good and bad. Personal and professional. And there’s soooooo much I want to share with you. So much that I want you to learn from. I suppose I need to do an in-depth blog post before the new year comes along. Sometimes I wish I could just have some of you over for a deep fireside chat. One day…hmmmm…perhaps a retreat of sorts?

Anyway, ’tis officially the season of the Capricorn (Dec 21 – Jan 19)! If you’re into horoscopes, then you’re gonna be in for a treat. Each month, we will be launching a Zodiac workout that will give you your ideal exercise regimen according to your sign. And this month, we’re starting off with Capricorn! Based on your personality, here is your Sweat Horoscope:

You are disciplined and take your workouts very seriously, so you need something to match your intensity! The perfect workout for you is PIIT28: the challenge of a high intensity interval workout paired with the concentration of Pilates will push you to your potential. And as a Capricorn, you get satisfaction from excelling in difficult tests of strength – physical and mental.

So here it is! There are 7 moves. Do each move for 45 seconds and rest for 15 seconds in between. Then repeat the entire sequence 4x through for a 28 minute workout! Ok, are you ready!? Here ya go:

#1. Low Running Man

Begin in a lunge position with one leg extended straight back! Reach your opposite arm down towards the ground by your forward foot. Have the other arm up in the air! then jump and switch!

Works: Butt, legs, obliques, back

#2. Side Press Up

Laying on your side with feet together, place your upper hand directly in front of your bottom shoulder while hugging your waist with your bottom arm. Press through the bottom palm and lift your obliques off the ground as lift your upper leg up as well!

Works: Triceps, obliques, chest, shoulders

#3. Lunging Twist

Begin in a lunge position and then spring up on one leg, bringing knee to opposite elbow! To make it harder, add a jump!

Works: Cardio, butt, legs, obliques

#4. Butterfly Sit Up

Begin on your back with hands long overhead, back flat, soles of your feet touching, knees out in a diamond shape. Squeeze your abs, sit up, and reach your hands to your feet.

Works: Abs, stretches hip flexors

#5. Ballet Legs

Begin standing with arms outstretched, legs wider than hips. Stand on your tippy toes for extra calf engagement. Then jump in and criss cross your legs while bringing your arms in.

Works: Cardio, calves, legs

#6. Cobra Pushup

Laying on your belly, place your palms underneath your shoulders, legs extended out. Press through the palms and lift your chest up, leaving your hips on the mat.

Works: Triceps, chest, low back

#7. Plank Hopover

Begin in Animalia position on all fours with knees lifted off the ground on one side of the mat (if using mat). Engage your core and prepare your legs to spring up into the air and land on the other side of the mat in Animalia position.

Works: Cardio, quads, core, shoulders

You can get this plus all my other pins on Pinterest! Hope you enjoyed the workout. Let me know in the comments below what your sign is!

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  1. Suzet says:

    I am Capricorn. Cant wait to start

  2. Sian says:

    It there a low impact variation? The jumping will be hell on my old knee injury.

  3. i am a Capricorn and to be honest i really enjoyed doing this exercise. Thanks for this amazing post

  4. Jessi says:

    I love this workout !!!