The Ultimate Gemini Partner Workout

Hello and Happy Gemini season!

I am thrilled to share with you the Gemini workout! It’s time to get social and pick a workout buddy! I want you to team up with your partner and try out this fun strength building routine that targets your arms, abs, and legs!

Your Gemini Sweat Horoscope:

You’re super social and love to be around people, so why not choose a buddy to get fit with? That will keep you accountable in your sometimes inconsistent lifestyle. Knowing that someone is waiting for you will help you show up and get things done!

For the Gemini workout, I OBVIOUSLY decided to team up with my lil sis Jackelyn! This was so fun to do. Check it out and share with a friend!

#1. Clap Push Ups x 20

Do a tricep pushup on your knees or toes, and then clap your partner’s hand when you’re up! Make sure your elbows are facing back towards your legs, not out. This way you’ll be able to work your triceps!

Works: chest, triceps, core

#2. Double Leg Circles x 20 alt

Resting on your elbows, lift your legs up and glue them together straight! Then draw circles around your partner’s legs, keeping your core super tight.

Works: lower abs

#3. Leg Press x 25 ea leg

One partner will lay down and place their foot flat on the other partner’s chest. The partner on the floor will press their knee towards their chest and then slowly straighten as the lifted partner squeezes their core as tight as possible in order to stay balanced!

Works:  quads, butt, core

#4. Patty Cake Sit Ups x 30

Face each other in sit up position! Squeeze your feet together to help stabilize! Then sit up and patty cake!

Works: abs

#5. Push Ups x 15

One partner will be squatting while the other will be doing elevated pushups! Try your best to not let your lower back dip as you do the pushup. This will take a lot of core control!

Works: chest, abs, butt

If you want to see the entire printable, check out my Pinterest!

Yay! Hope you enjoyed this! It was so much fun to do!

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  1. jacob says:

    Wow this sounds like a great work out! for anyone interested in weight loss go check out this site its red tea detox it creates incredible results!

  2. I seriously want a workout buddy girlfriend for this.

  3. Thevelya says:

    Cassey! I’m Gemini too! I’m gonna try this workout with my husband 🙂

  4. chloexoxo says:

    Oh my gosh cassey, I’m a Gemini and I absolutely love this workout!