Need Breakfast Inspo? Here Are My Top 10 Breakfast Recipes

Hey guys!

99 percent of the time, I hit the ground running (sometimes literally) as soon as I wake up. I learned the hard way that I MUST eat before I do anything else. Otherwise, I’ll get busy and not eat enough all day annnnd hit a huge wall halfway through the day that leaves me tired and SO GRUMPY.

I’ve said it over and over – food is fuel. And this is why! How I feed my body in the morning sets the bar for the rest of the day, influences my mood, energy, and productivity.

Buuuuut so does using my time wisely. In other words, SIMPLE is key in the morning. If it’s not simple, it’s probably not happening unless I’m craving something specific.

These are the recipes I always come back to. Some things they have in common:

  • SO EASY – seriously zero cooking skill required
  • 90 Day Journey-friendly (no dairy, gluten, or added sugar – AKA easy on my tummy!)
  • Crave-worthy and super filling

Okay, let’s check out my top 10 breakfast recipes! 

1. Banana Pancakes

This pancake recipe is my ride or die. How could it not be first on the list?!

You’ve seen it on the blog, on my Instagram stories, on my TikTok, and in the 90 Day Journey meal plans. I’ve probably made this 10000000000 times and I’ll never stop.

Grab a banana and 2 eggs and read how to make them here.

blogilates 90 day journey super hashbrowns with avocado egg and tomato

2. Super Hash Browns

YUMM another long-time fave!

These are savory and perfectly crispy. The most delicious vehicle for piling on eggs, avocado and tomato!

See how I make them here.

top view blueberry chia pudding with spoon top 10 breakfast recipes

3. Blueberry Chia Pudding

If make-ahead breakfasts are your jam, you need this recipe.

The stars of this breakfast are of course chia seeds! They make the pudding thick and creamy, and give you lots of fiber and healthy fats.

cinnamon roll baked oats with spoon showing bite top 10 breakfast recipes

4. Cinnamon Roll Baked Oats

Who DOESN’T love a cinnamon roll for breakfast?!

This recipe makes a perfectly portioned single serving cinnamon roll, without any added sugar.

My advice? Don’t skip the glaze.

bowl of breakfast quinoa topped with cinnamon and blueberries

5. Breakfast Quinoa

Yes, quinoa for breakfast. If you haven’t tried it yet, I bet it will become a top 10 breakfast for you too!

It’s surprisingly creamy, kinda sweet and nutty. And SO GOOD for meal prep.

Make it here.

top 10 breakfast recipes peanut butter muffin in white mug topped with berries

6. Peanut Butter Mug Muffin

Sometimes I make this mug muffin for breakfast, and then again later in the day as a snack because it’s THAT GOOD.

If you love peanut butter, you need this recipe.

stack of protein pancakes with banana slices and syrup drizzle blogilates top 10 breakfast recipes

7. 5-Ingredient Protein Pancakes

This is one of my latest discoveries but when I need to start the day super protein-packed, this is my immediate – go-to.

For another solid pancake recipe, click here!

8. Omelet In A Mug

Mugs aren’t just for muffins and mug cakes! Save yourself from washing a dirty pan and use up the extra veggies in your fridge with this recipe.

purple and pink swirled unicorn smoothie bowl with berries blogilates 90 day journey recipe

9. Unicorn Smoothie Bowl

This smoothie bowl takes a liiiiittttle more time to make, but only because you’re basically making two smoothies and then stirring them together to make the pretty unicorn color. But I promise it’s still quick and WORTH IT.

I love smoothie bowls because I can mix so many combos of fruits and veggies and then decide if I want to eat it as a bowl or throw it in a cup to go!

Make this smoothie bowl here.

10. Paleo Banana Bread

Last but not least – banana bread. And if you normally don’t eat banana bread for breakfast, it’s time to start.

I secretly get a little excited every time I see a couple of my bananas turn a little too brown. Whipping up this recipe is simple, and then I have breakfast ready to go for a few days! Sometimes I love serving this with a drizzle of peanut butter, some yogurt, or fresh fruit. Try it HERE!


Annnd that’s my top 10 breakfast recipes! 

Which ones have you tried? Which ones are you trying next?! I wanna know!!

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  1. Jenna says:

    The banana pancakes are delicious! One of my favorite breakfasts.

  2. Ioanna says:

    Hi Cassey. There is no link for the banana bread. Could you share the recipe please?

  3. Magdalyn says:

    hey cassey!! i made the peanut butter muffin mug for my mom on mother’s day and she loved it!!! i also made it and i wanted to make 10 more of the muffin mug!!!