New Blogilates Protein Bars: Meet Snickerdoodle and Chocolate Peanut Butter

Hey guys!

I’m all for healthy eating but not at the expense of something that ain’t gonna taste good. Throughout my fitness career, I’ve had almost every type of protein bar and powder, and TBH I can tell you that I’ve never found one that I’d eat for fun.

Over the past year and and a half I’ve been working on a developing a protein bar inspired by cereal bars. I just wanted something CRUNCHY! And sweet but like, not too sweet! Supplement bars tend to have this thing where they overcompensate for the weird taste with more fake sugar and I simply CANNOT.

My mission for Blogilates protein bars: taste like REAL FOOD


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This was my first stab of creating a protein bar

Honestly, I had a much smoother time with this development compared to the protein powders! I owe it all to the pea crisps and brown rice crisps bc they really gave my bar that Rice Krispies energy!

I legit eat the Snickerdoodle bar for fun.

Like not just post workout, but I legit just choose it over chips during that 3pm slump. Like WHAT IS THAT!? And I love chips!!!

Cassey Ho holding the snickerdoodle Blogilates protein bar

Ok but taste aside the box itself deserves its own paragraph bc seriously. It’s a beaut.

You see the stripes on the top of the box? Does it remind you of something? Maybe the awning of a sweet little bakery in a quaint neighborhood?

It took a long time to get the packaging down. Every draft just felt so blah. So regular. Then I thought about what feeling or memory I wanted my packaging to evoke, and it struck me. My box needed to be a mini bakery. My box needed to emit food vibes!

When I finally saw the sample of the gold awning on top of my little box, my heart felt complete.

Cassey Ho holding the new snickerdoodle Blogilates protein bars in front of bakery

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So there you have it! The first ever Blogilates protein bars! I can’t even believe it. Like the powders, they are plant based and gluten free! Right now they come in 2 flavors:

Snickerdoodle <— my fave
Chocolate Peanut Butter <— Sam approved

Available at Target in store and online!

LMK if you try these! I can’t wait to hear what you think!

I’m always so nervous with food launches bc we all have such different taste buds! But I also wouldn’t ever release anything I don’t stand a million % behind, so YOU BETTER LOVE IT!!!

PS – Want even MORE protein? Use these bars in one of these yummy yogurt parfaits!

Chocolate PB+J Yogurt Parfait

Fruity Yogurt Protein Parfait


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  1. Cliff Mills says:

    The Snickerdoodles are incredibly scrumptious, but I can’t find anywhere to purchase them. The best Protein Bar anywhere.

  2. Cliff Mills says:

    Can’t find these anywhere

  3. Colleen says:

    LOVE the chocolate peanut butter! Hands down the best protein bar out there! Filling, but not overly so, not too sweet. Perfect snack or dessert when I’m feeling like I need something sweet.

  4. Mariah says:

    More frosting on the snickerdoodle would be great! I love this bar and like you, I can’t stand other protein bars due to texture issues or weird tastes. I have purchased 3 boxes of snickerdoodle in as many weeks. It is amazing! A brownie flavor or another cinnamon sugar one would be cool!

  5. Mariana says:

    I tried the snickerdoodle flavor of protein bars and they taste great!