The Blogilates June 2020 Workout Calendar!

Hey guys!!

Can you believe we’ve made it to JUNE?! Helllooooo, summertime! This is my favorite season because of the long days and warm temps!

So, let’s talk about last month real quick: you crushed FOUR CHALLENGES!! How are you feeling?! Which one was your fave?!

I could honestly look at your progress pics for hours. Actually, I DID look at them for hours 😂 It makes me so proud and happy to see all of your hard work pay off!

As we head into a new month, you’ll get to see all of the changes you made over the past 4 weeks. You’re gonna feel stronger during your workouts and you’ll be able to find new ways to challenge yourself. That’s my favorite kind of progress!

So… are you ready?! Here is your June Workout Calendar!!

When you download the PDF, you’ll find that each video is linked! Just click and it will take you to the YouTube video listed!

Here’s an overview of each day of the June Workout Calendar. Every day we’ll target a different muscle group!

SUNDAY: Obliques & Abs
MONDAY: Total Body
FRIDAY: Recovery
SATURDAY: Legs & Thighs

Do each video once (unless otherwise stated) and check off as you go! Each day will be around 45 min of exercise. Ooooh and I almost forgot to tell you! There will be a NEW VIDEO every Monday. Check out the calendar for a sneak peek of what they are 😉

If you like using Coda, you can get the June calendar there too!

If you’re just getting started or want to ease into working out, my Beginner’s Calendar is a great place to start! It’s a free 4-week program to get you stronger so that you can join in on the monthlies when you are ready.

May was reallllly fun, but June is all about enjoying your new level of fitness. Stronger muscles = new goals and new motivation. Tell me about ’em in the comments!

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  1. Shankhapriya Dhali says:

    I want the summer sculpt calendar please bring to me that

    1. Denise Cangemi says:

      I’m so grateful I found you. I have been exercising for years with the last 8 years of practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu. I became depressed when we had to shelter in and not train. I came across your videos about a month ago and I love all of your classes. I love how my body is changing shape for the better. Sir George is absolutely adorable. Thank you for offering this. Please share how I can help give back. Many thanks!

  2. Rhea katiyar says:

    Hey Cassey….I absolutely love your workouts…I don’t know how many people feel what I have experienced…but the way you talk all body positive things in your videos ,it has helped me connect to myself and respect with myself finally! I have had a very difficult childhood and I am a victim of eve teasing and negetive sexual commenting and your videos are all about strength and confidence . So thank you!
    Also, I just hope you upload some videos related to weight training at home using simple weights and dumbbells.
    Thank you Cassey!

  3. Amrita says:

    Hey everyone! I’m new to Blogilates, (so I’m sorry if this a dumb question) does the daily schedule include warmups/cool downs, or do we do our own? TIA!

  4. Jennine says:

    I’m relatively new to blogilaties since we’ve been quarantined. I love your workouts. I’m not new to exercise but you have put together routines that are effective and fun. I love your enthusiasm and outlook. I look forward to working out with you each morning.

  5. Meghan says:

    Should I start in the middle of this month because I’m new, or should I wait till July

    1. April says:

      Start now! They don’t build on each other, so you can jump in whenever 🙂

  6. Jacque says:

    Quick question: what if you wanted to do a 7 day challenge as well? Would you just skip a week work out or do both?

  7. James says:

    When a video tells you to do the workout more than once, should you? (for example- I was so tired by the end of the 6/10 workouts, when the last video said “repeat 4 times” I almost cried !

    1. anna says:

      Did she reply to this? I agree. Some of them only work one side in the video so i’ve been redoing it twice or all four times…

    2. Mahek says:

      hey, I noticed that as well and I just do those workouts twice which are targeting one side of your body (there were a couple of leg and oblique workouts) but I think she only asks you to do them 4 times if that video is your only workout for the day. I just add up all the minutes and do whatever extra I can do to make it an even 50 minute workout. Don’t push yourself over the edge, have a nice day 🙂

  8. Revaty says:


  9. Ali says:

    Is it just me or is anyone else absolutely dreading the entirety of June 10th’s workout haha

  10. Amjaad says:

    I do it

  11. Keerthika says:

    Love to do this workout

  12. Divya prabha says:

    Full body weight loss (beginner)

  13. Maggie says:

    Love this month’s calendar, though I found the coda link only today! This month’s coda is much better with the links and color coding, lovin’ it! Also, thank you for the may challenges, I was soooo sore but fell in love with being sore! xoxo

  14. ankita says:

    Hey Cassey! I’ve never seen my abdomen tone up the way it has through the 7 day ab challenge, i extended the challenge beyond 7 days coz i was seeing some amazing results. also I’ve just been attacking my obliques, datum. those are hard to tone up.
    My abdominal Strength has increased manyfold. Thanks Cassey. Love your workouts the most.

  15. Aisa C. Sangrano says:

    Is it okay to have work out even though you have your period?

  16. Lily Rose says:

    Yes! 😊

  17. Bee says:

    Hey Cassey! (Or whoever’s reading this). I’m wanting to start running, but I don’t want to overdo myself as I’m still new to the monthly calendars. I just finished the beginners a while back. Does anyone have any advice on the best days to go running that suit this calendar?? Thanks so much to anyone who replies!!

    1. cactus232 says:

      I’d say if you feel good go for it!!!

    2. fitnessgurl says:

      You could run instead of the cardio videos (i.e. Wednesdays!)

  18. Carmen Chia says:

    Hey Cassey! I love your videos and your dog <3 The June workout calendar is so intense I CAN'T complete all the videos in one go, especially the cardio Wed haha. Is it okay if I just do 30minutes a day? xP

  19. Zaina Aafreen says:

    Hi Cassey!
    So I have been trying to lose weight and I’ve noticed my progress has been stagnating for 2 months and my main focus is to lose my belly fat and work on my arms and back so do you suggest that I just follow the june calendar or should I just do the 7 day ab challenge and 7 day arms challenge everyday for a month.

  20. Elizabeth says:

    I love that we’re going back to a different muscle group every day! I tend to lose motivation when working the same muscles every day for a week, so I’m so excited to get back to this.

  21. pianoellayuan says:

    Hi Cassey
    I just have a quick question
    Sometimes there are workouts on the calendar, and in the workout you say that we should repeat it, but it is only written on the calendar once, should we repeat it?

  22. Chelsea says:

    Hi Cassey! Hope all is well! In the end of some of the workouts you say to repeat them 4x. If I’m already doing the calendar alongside the other workouts you listed, is finishing one round enough?
    Thank you!

    1. Amelia Diaz says:

      I’ve wondered this too, if the workout only does one side of the body I do it twice but not sure if we should do it all 4 times

      1. Gracyn W says:

        Also wondering!

  23. Determined to Acheive says:

    Hi, Cassey, I’m actually looking to lose a LOT of weight and also to lose some inches in my legs, thighs, stomach, arms, face and my chest. Also, I know that most people want to get more booty but I want to lose booty. So if there are any tips that you can give me to achieve my goals please give them. Thank you!

  24. JILL says:

    Hello! I was wondering if you had any programs for low-impact/no noise? I live on the 2nd floor and can’t make any noises. Thank you.

    1. MK says:

      If you search “apartment friendly” on her Youtube channel, she has a lot of great videos that don’t involve any jumping!

  25. Madeleine says:

    I saw the most change during the ab challenge! Especially doing all of the workouts on the calendar not just the ones on the individual challenge – OOF! It burned! Now looking forward to focusing on a different muscle group every day in June!

  26. Soundarya says:

    I’m not able to click on the June calendar to know how to do the workout of the day..I’m new to the site, please help me here

    1. Me says:

      Download the pdf and then you can click on the calendar to take you to the workouts.

  27. Swathi says:


  28. Sarika says:

    Love your energy cassey

  29. Laura Moreno says:

    HI, I am new to your website. I love your workouts and started the workout for June 2020. Wish me luck and thanks! Do you think that I need to become stronger first?

    1. pianoellayuan says:

      it may be a little challenging at first, but you could of course try. There is actually also a 28-day beginner calendar which you may want to try

  30. Angela Zhao says:

    just finished day 2!!! you killed me as always cassey :)) thank you for this amazing plan, makes working out so much easier

  31. Liv says:

    First day done and my thighs are BURNING but I feel amazing. Quick question: what would be the best way to do these workouts, spread throughout the day or all at once?

  32. Abbie says:

    I enjoyed the May weekly challenges. I missed six days total of the workouts. I’m excited for June and looking forward to a strong me.

  33. shimmycat says:

    I loved the May challenges however my knees could not take the full week of legs. What I would like to see is a month where we do the 3-round challenges but a different one each day…alternating the workouts instead of doing the same one throughout the week. I wonder…would the results be the same? Because I am older (61 yrs. old in 2 weeks!) I had to do some modifying but I still felt like I had a great workout!!
    Regardless…Keep up the great work, Cassey!! You can kick my butt any day!! 😉

  34. Tania says:

    I’m totally in it, love your energy, Cassey

    1. Me too! She is so inspiring! I had a lot of fun in May and missed only one day’s workout. Looking forward to doing better this month. I love you calenders Cassie!

  35. Lina says:

    My favourite was the glute week though I completed all 4 challenges. Guys question. I see this June workout but I also saw a different one on YouTube called summer Sculpt layout is pink. Am I meant to pick either???

  36. Sabrina says:

    I really enjoyed the weekly challenges you did for May! I got a couple friends, cousins and aunts involved in them. It was really fun to know exactly what workout we were doing for the entire week and focusing solely on one muscle group. Please bring that weekly challenges again in the future. Thanks!!!!

  37. Dianna says:

    The May calendar was hard but me and my accountability partner pushed through them and got them done. Feeling slimmer, stronger and good about June.

  38. sashayamout says:

    even though i unfortunately hurt my back and couldnt continue the last two weeks, i absolutely loved the challenges and saw progress through targeting one specific area for a whole week more than the regular workouts. definitely do this again!!

  39. Ewelina says:

    I love weekly challanged! I back to working out and I feel so much better! I still need to make progress and burn some fat and make ABS more beautiful but I make some changes and I’m very happy. Excited to join June Calendar!

  40. Summer says:

    Thanks so much for this! Calendars motivate me to workout much more often – it became a habit 🙂

  41. Jeannie says:

    Hello! I can’t find the NEW Cardio Dance Party Workout. I clicked on the link and it went to your anniversary video.

  42. Jayanthi says:

    Luv this challenge

  43. Svea says:

    I just started following the calendar last Tuesday and I could feel myself getting stronger every day! I really loved it :). I will be a faithful follower from now on <)

  44. Shannon says:

    I think my favorite challenge was the abs! I loved the 20 minute Waist Whistler video. I thought it was the best variety of moves & both challenging but doable! Hardest challenge? Definitely the legs because of those deadly jump squat alternating lunge moves 😫

    1. Erin says:

      So agree!! Jump squats were my worst enemy of these challenges 😭

  45. Cami says:

    omg cassie! the last month was my first training with u and it was incredible. I lost 2 kg and my body feel soooo much better now, the difference is amazingggg<3

  46. Jennifer Chen says:

    May calendar ABSolutely killed me!! Thank you for continuing to do these over the years, and especially now because of all the events happening. I LOVE AND SUPPORT EVERYTHING YOU DO!

  47. Jayanthi says:

    I luv ur workouts

  48. Sabrina says:

    I loved the weekly challenges and learning to get better at the moves each day! I could do a flutter by the last few days of the ab challenge, and piked push up got a lil less painful! Still can’t balance for single leg squat though! Still, glad I got through it and would do it again!

  49. Erica says:

    Cassey I am so excited! I had never done a calendar of your before this month. I’d done PIIT and other challenges but this month I went hard and I LOVED it.
    I’m so excited for June!

  50. Cassandra Benson says:

    I think for this calendar I am going to leave off the total body days and do the rest because its a bit too much for me at the moment with all that im juggling. I am looking forward to getting back into a workout routine for my mental health and a bit of strength and movement whilst being a student. Yay!

  51. Kristi says:

    I LOVED the challenges and I hope you do it again soon!! For me it’s easier to commit to a “challenge” than just random (in my mind) workouts! I’m excited for this dance party video though 😁

    1. Erica says:

      Cassey I am so excited! I had never done a calendar of your before this month. I’d done PIIT and other challenges but this month I went hard and I LOVED it.
      I’m so excited for June!

    2. Gab says:

      I loved the challenges. The ab one was insane at first, the butt one wasn’t as difficult for me. OMG the arms one!! The legs were manageable. I have been doing some of them longer than the 7 days. I also loved that the challenges made me drip sweat. Thank you

  52. stasia says:

    I’m confused how to get EACH video, I can find the first one (dance party) but i can’t find the others. Are they posted each day?

  53. Jessica says:

    For the Booty PIIT workout, should we be doing it twice since some of the moves only work on one leg? Or should we switch legs halfway through the set?

  54. Amy says:

    I’ve only just discovered your page on instagram and i am in love! May workout plan was my first and i thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m excited for June!! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  55. Aarthi says:

    How to dowload this

  56. Aarthi says:

    Iam a over weight .

  57. Ami Dias says:

    Hi! I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask this. But I am looking for some clarity and direction. Since the lockdown began I’ve been using being stuck at home to get fitter and more healthy. Thus far I had been living really unhealthy and since the lockdown I found blogilates and it has honestly been life changing. I feel so much stronger, leaner, and healthier. I am confused about how to use the calendars though. I’m still kind of a beginner though I got through the may calendar. I was wondering how to use these multiple available calendars and challenges without over-working myself and losing motivation. For June there is the June calendar, the summer calendar, and I have yet to do the 7 day challenges. Anyone out there who has been able to figure it out?

  58. Frieda says:

    I’m glad the June calendar is “normal” again – I wasn’t a fan of the weekly challenges at all, don’t even know why…

    1. MiRai says:

      me too but I know the reasons 😀 first of all, it was doing a HIIT/PIIT style cardio every day in month for 21 minutes; 2nd personally for me, there was too much strain on my shouders (all the in plank positions); 3rd – repetitivness; 4th – NO BREAK DAYS….T-T

    2. shoval says:

      me too, i completly lost motivation when doing them, so i really didnt workout during may, i just hate doing cardio on a daily basis, reminds me of PIIT, which i loved doing but only when i chose to do it. thats why i stick to pop pilates, because i like it every day of the week.

  59. Frieda says:

    I’m glad the June calendar is “normal” again – I wasn’t a fan of the weekly challenges at all, don’t even know why…

  60. Lidiya says:

    I absolutely loved the #7DayChallenges in May! Keep some more coming next month please!

  61. Nohely says:

    May was awesome! I really feel stronger and healthy and happier, I really appreciate that, thanks for all, love you!

  62. Sneha says:

    HI CASSEY, I really enjoyed the May calendar! Thanks for providing organization to my workouts! Your weekly challenges were very fun!!!

  63. Medha says:

    Hey Casey,

    How do I share my before after photos? I don’t know where to send them.

  64. carmen says:

    I absolutely LOVED the May calendar! It was amazing to see such great results in the span of a week! Definitely my fave calendar you’ve put together so far! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next! ❤️

  65. Jasmin says:

    I know you say to work out to feel stronger, but my motivation is definitely to look good. My boyfriend has really been noticing the difference. He is stuck at home witnessing me workout daily and he has started quoting you throughout the day. My sister and I both follow your calendar and each day we have a “Cassey Quote of the Day” where we share our favorite quote from the videos of the day. It’s funny, it keeps us close despite living far apart, and it keeps us accountable. Thanks for bringing something bright to a world that hasn’t felt so bright recently!

  66. Rahamath says:

    This website is really much informative

  67. Rachel Barak says:

    Thank you so much Cassey, I absolutely enjoyed the May calendar. It was my first time following a monthly calendar with you. I see positive change and I love the variety of the videos, it made me look forward towards each day. Thank you for making everything so exciting, fresh, and motivational! I really appreciate all the creativity, enthusiasm, and hard work you put into all the blogs and videos! Thanks to you, I did not miss any days of the 4 week challenge, and did every single video! I speak for us all when I say you’re an inspiration to us all! I have also watched some of your YouTube videos about your body transformations and trying out different diets: your professional input was truly thoughtful, insightful, and informative.

  68. Dani says:

    Is it better to follow the June Calendar or Summer Calendar? Which one is easier? Thanks a lot!!

  69. itshallpass says:

    I’ve never been this committed to a workout before. I truly loved the May calendar, it made me stronger both physically and mentally! Thank you so much, Cassey! I can’t wait for June 😀

  70. Sandhiya says:

    I want reduced my inches

  71. Esraa_912 says:

    May calendar was amaaaazing. it gave me strength i didn’t know i had!!! since each week is a different part of the body, when a video for thighs uses some butt or arms i feel so POWERFUL and able to do it with soooo much EASE!!!!!!!!!
    honestly speaking; I AM SO FREAKING PROUD OF (((ME)))!!!!!
    thank you Cassey for empowering me with your words and exercises, love youuuuu!!

  72. Dhwani says:

    Hey Cassey as I told you I am so looking forward to June month…. May was Amazing…. I stay in India and as you know IST is much ahead than yours was checking your blog since morning according to Indian Standard time for the June Calendar…. Much love 😘 Dhwani

  73. Sneha says:

    I m going to start from today

  74. Anita says:

    Hi Cassey! Love all of your workouts, they’ve been SO motivating for me and I can’t believe how you can speak and workout at the same time!!! a big THANK YOU and hugs from Uruguay 🙂

  75. Noon says:

    Loved Loved loved the whole May cardio pilates month challenge . It was super effective though I didnt get all 7 days all 4 weeks but got most of it and definitely stronger. Loved all cardio and strength challenge combos!!!! Cassey you’re amazing!,, please make more! And thank you for your workouts and positive energy.

  76. hanan hazem says:

    Thank you very much . <3

  77. says:

    I’m so excited I litterallycan’t wait to start a new month and new motivation! My goal is to complete at least one workout a day as well as my daily run.

  78. Nicole P. says:

    Any diet rules we should follow while doing this? 😊

  79. sanderella says:

    Hey guys… I’m also so proud of taking part of all four challenges 😉 but… as I have to say… maybe frustration about Corona didn’t help me eating clean or less chocolate on my bread-rolls.. tamm tamm. So that’s the reason I guess that I gained a bit on my belly again (grrr). It’s my own fault I know. It’s a bit disappointing to me and at first I thought it came to this because of the challenges (?) but I guess I need the monthly calender with training muscle groups on each day. Maybe this helps me getting back to that super strong feeling I had before May. I don’t know. But I’m excited for tomorrow. Maybe I just don’t like cardio in the morning before going to work… So here we are, excited for Monday, a new calendar, new and fresh power and strengthen to do jogging again 😉 Yihaa guys

  80. Olivia says:

    Hi Casey, some of the links won’t open do you have any suggestions as to why? For example the June 1st the party one won’t open? Thanks

  81. DIA says:


  82. Anindita Mandal says:

    I am loving your workouts. I have been doing then for couple of months now.. could you give some insight on increasing flexibility please.
    Much love ❤️

  83. Megan says:

    Thank you so much, Cassey! I worked out 5 days a week during May and am so excited to begin again tomorrow! Thanks for all you do for us!

  84. Nadia says:

    My body is shaking already seeing this June calendar. Can’t wait! Last month was really challenging esp the leg week! I’ve got to rest another 1 day for my body to recover from glowing happy pain. ✨🦵🏼 I love all of your workouts and what you put your positive energy to them. So far, I lost over 3 inches of total body measurement in the past 2 months! Your workouts are incredible. 💕 I couldn’t be more thankful for what you have done. You are masterpiece! Love you Cassey. ❤️

  85. Sam says:

    My body seriously changed thanks to you Cassey

  86. Layana says:

    I’M in..

  87. Jaja says:

    Thank you Cassey!! I love your workouts❤ your workouts help me to boost my confidence and make my body stronger💪 Love you from the Philippines❤❤

  88. Akila says:

    Am doing great wth ur work outs… You are building more confidence too along wth muscles..

  89. I’m following another workout calendar at the moment but goodluck to everyone doing June!

  90. Estelle says:

    Can’t wait to start this new month calendar!! I’ve followed the April and May ones and it’s so motivating during this pandemic to stay healthy and consistent 😉

  91. Lacri says:

    I really enjoyed all the challenges! I wanted to get stronger so I challenged myself to do all of them, and I actually did it! I am so happy! I feel much stronger, I have more energy during the day. Also I really like the Coda calendar, especially to check the ”mark done” after each video. Thank you very much for making all the videos and challenges for us! Lots of love, Lacri!

  92. sjsanfelice says:

    If you click on “PDF” in the comment below “Download PDF”, the June calendar will pop up!

  93. Kari says:

    Same! The link below the calendar goes to april but after that its correct.

    1. Jackelyn Ho says:

      Thanks for letting me know! I just fixed it 🙂

  94. ekushnirsky says:

    Please fix the PDF link when you get the chance

    1. Jackelyn Ho says:

      Fixed 🙂

  95. Chelby says:

    So excited for this!

  96. Menma says:

    Hi Cassey, the PDF download link brings up the April calendar

  97. Jackie says:

    Hi Cassey! Since the beginning of Quarantine I’ve really been on my workout grind. I’m working out consistently which means I find myself running out of my athletic wear quickly. It seems like there isn’t enough essentials in my closet. I would really like to build my collection but don’t know where to go to find good quality athletic wear that isn’t over the roof expensive. What are your go to athletic brands (obviously popflex)? I would love to see a review/ try on of all the different brands you love and hate, as I’m sure there have been many! Thanks!

  98. Michelle says:

    The download link goes to April not June 🙃

  99. Amarjeet kour says:

    Nyc one

  100. Yiwen says:

    I understand the membership is only for the licensed trainers. Do you offer membership to non trainers to access Pop Pilates videos. I loved it when I was in the gym.

  101. Supriya Bhaskar says:

    Hi Cassey! i am a huge fan from India, and i have been following your channel from 3 years now….and i have to say that u r by far the best fitness instructor i have ever come across. you bring such positivity to the videos, which makes me wanna push myself. And it feels that i just know you, that you are a friend or a sister to me. i feel so connected, and i am sure all your followers do. I really hope that once the lockdown and corona times are over , you get to visit India and I will be there to help you organize and just meet you, it will be a huge honour. And it gives me immense Happiness to share with you that with your May 2020 calendar and challenges and healthy diet , i lost 6 kgs . i am so happy to have this attitude towards fitness and to be the best version of myself, like you always say. i am getting married in october and your channel gives the ultimate fitness routine to get me into shape for that wedding dress. i have so much more to say and share, to sum it up…. you are the best. i love you sooo much and i wish you and your family all the happiness and success in life. :* 🙂 xoxo

  102. Katherine says:

    Download link here, until Cassey fixes it. 😉

  103. Haley Hodges says:

    My goals are just more overall muscle definition. I can feel the progress I’ve made but there’s not much definition. I’m trying to eat cleaner and workout. I want to get into running to help shed some fat.

  104. Srushti says:

    The download link goes to the April 2020 calendar Cassie!

    1. Jackelyn Ho says:

      Fixed! 🙂

  105. Emma says:

    Hi Cassey, I can also confirm that the PDF is the April calendar. 😉

    1. Jackelyn Ho says:

      Fixed 🙂

  106. Holly5 says:

    Hey Cassey, the download link goes to the April calender (pdf link).

    1. Amy says:

      Ya, the Download PDF button goes to April’s, but if you click on the word PDF in this part, you can get June!:
      “When you download the PDF, you’ll find that each video is linked! Just click and it will take you to the YouTube video listed!”

  107. Stephanie Loo says:

    My wrists still hurts from the arm week! Any recommendations on what to do? I tried immersing them in warm water bath. Still hurts!

    1. Vicky says:

      Check out some yoga for wrist heath videos on YouTube – I have delicate wrists and have had wrist surgery, and I swear by doing those stretches and also using wrist wraps for extra support when I know I’m going to be putting weight on them!

      1. Stephanie Loo says:

        Thanks Vicky!!! <3

  108. lauren says:

    do i need any equipment to do any of the workouts on the June calendar?