A 28-Day Workout Calendar for Beginners!

Hey guys!

For those of you just peeking into the whole fitness thing, I know it can feel really exhausting. There are so many options out there – so many programs – so many trainers – so many gadgets! But which one is “the one” that’ll finally change you forever?! Well, that’s what we call your fitness journey 🙂 What you start with today may not be what you stick with forever, but you’ve got to start somewhere. So, today I am going to share with you all the resources you need to get started!

I’ve planned out a simple 28-day program that will get you from where you are now to being the strongest, happiest version of yourself in just 4 weeks. All through finding the joy in fitness. The best part? My 28-Day Beginner’s Workout Calendar is FREE to follow along if you download the JPEG!

If you want to keep yourself even more accountable, you can download my free app BODY by Blogilates. To access the Beginner’s Workout Calendar, you will need a premium subscription (only $3.99/month) but the benefits of having the app are ENDLESS! You can click through the day’s videos right in the app, cast it to your TV, and check off every single day as you go. It is sooooo gratifying and fun to see your progress!

All in all, you won’t need any equipment for this calendar and you can do all of my workouts from the comfort of your own home. Soooo, you ready to do this?!

How To Get Started

Download the BODY by Blogilates app on iOS or Android

My app will help you stay on schedule with all of your workouts in this Beginner’s Calendar! All you have to do is download the app and choose your workout. The Beginner’s Calendar requires a premium subscription ($3.99/month), but the extra benefits are amaaaaaazing, I promise!

Curious about why the app is my fave place to do challenges?!



💪 All videos are castable to TV!⁠

💪 All videos are commercial-free!⁠

💪 All my CHALLENGES are in the app and INTERACTIVE.

💪 There’s even a CHALLENGE PROGRESS BAR to show you what % of the challenge you’ve completed to keep you motivated!

💪 The beginner’s calendar is totally immersed in app. No more wasting time searching YouTube for workouts.⁠

Once you’re in, you can choose your calendar start date and access the workout videos straight from your phone! It’s also castable onto your TV, too 🙂 If you want to learn more about all the fun features in the BODY by Blogilates app, I talk about it here!

Workout With Me On YouTube!

Not an app person?! Allllll good! You can still follow along The Beginner’s Calendar the old school way! Here’s how:

  1. Subscribe to my channel where you can find all the workout videos: YouTube.com/Blogilates
  2. Download the calendar, print it, hang it on your wall or put it as your desktop background. Whatever you do, KEEP YOUR CALENDAR IN VIEW.
  3. To really stay accountable, tweet me or tag me on Instagram @Blogilates with a pic of you and the calendar so I can send some encouragement your way!

That’s it! I wish you the best of luck on the start of your fitness journey. I know you’re going to find the entire experience transformative, not just for your body, but for you mind and your spirit as well. Prepare to be a new person in 28 days.

Comment below and let me know if you’re doing this! I’m sooooo excited for you!

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  1. Ria says:

    Started the 28 day beginner calendar today. I haven’t worked out in such a long time. Excited to begin. Here is to a healthier me.

  2. Hannah says:

    I’m putting this here to say that I will start this calendar tonight. After stopping dance two years ago, I haven’t been able to get back into exercising. But I want to try for myself. So here we go!

  3. I’m so excited to start this 28-day workout calendar! As a beginner, I’m always looking for simple and effective routines to help me get fit and feel confident. I love that this calendar is customizable and includes a mix of strength training and cardio. I can’t wait to see the results! Thank you for sharing this helpful post 💪🏼👍🏼

  4. NA7 Whatsapp says:

    Love this 28-day workout calendar for beginners! I’ve been struggling to get back into shape after having a baby, and this schedule is so easy to follow and adaptable to my busy lifestyle. Can’t wait to see the results! 💪🏼💦 #beginnerworkout #bodypositive #fitnessjourney

  5. Gavriella says:

    Hi Casey! I’m on my last day of the beginner’s calendar! I can’t believe it. What’s the next step? Should I tune in to your daily Youtube videos or will those be too advanced for me as a pseudo-beginner? I really liked having a printable calendar. it kept me accountable. thanks 🙂

  6. Sarah says:

    I really don’t understand this offer. First of all it says the beginners workout is free, then it says you will have to pay $3.99/month. What is the free offer please?

    1. Meagan says:

      The free option is to save a copy of the calendar and use her YouTube channel to search each individual workout. The $3.99 per month is if you download an app that will have it all together for you.

  7. Nicole says:

    Just discovering your program for the very first time! Turning 46 this week and I’ve never been this out of shape…. Excited to do the beginners 28 day challenge and get my health back!

  8. Michelle Burroughs says:

    I love you and your company so much! I just bought your super sculpt leggings and am excited to put them to use. Can’t wait to follow along to your YouTube channel!! Thx Cassey 🤟🏼💕!

  9. Melanie says:

    Hello Cassey, i love you’re videos, your imput. The clothes you desing are BEAUTYFULL, i just love the colors! They are very practical either.
    Ur doing great & have a nice day!

  10. Michael E says:

    For the beginners Pilates 28 day calendar it says it’s free but I could get the app for 3.99 per month but in the app it’s asking for 8.99 what’s up with this

    1. s says:

      you cab do it through youtube for free

  11. Noga says:

    I have started my fitness journey in order to lose weight and become stronger and i preferred your beginner workout when it was in pdf. But thank you anyway. i love it.

  12. Amy says:

    Thank you for sharing this 28-Day Workout Calendar for Beginners! It has been a lifesaver. Ever since I started using it, I have seen a dramatic improvement in my fitness levels.

  13. Victoria says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I love your workouts and originally got into them years ago. I completed the old beginners calendar and moved on to the regular one. I used to love it, however two years ago I went through a rough time, stopped working out, gained a reasonable amount of weight, and didn’t get back on till now.

    I just started your new beginners calendar a few days ago, but I’m finding it a lot tougher than your old one for some reason. The videos felt tough for me as they seem to focus only briefly on posture and technique, and the 2nd day video included twisted side plank and other moves that were quite tough that I couldn’t do yet. There were no adjustments or other options suggested, so I finished the second day quite disheartened .

    Could I please ask if to help people who are starting at a lower fitness and skill level like me, you might ever possibly consider including some of the old beginners calendar into the new one as an alternative video, or as an optional second video to complete?

  14. Danielle Flores says:

    Very excited for this and I love getting back into a workout daily schedule Whoohoo!

  15. Anjali says:

    Yay! I’m doing this and I’m excited and skeptical but let’s give it a try and see how far it takes me.

  16. Fae says:

    would anyone recommend going on runs while doing these workouts? or would the workout itself suffice?

    1. Arj says:

      I think Running would be good on flexibility days!, otherwise i think running isnt rlly necessary

  17. May says:

    Hi Cassey!
    Congratulations on your successes. I’ve been following you on Facebook and Instagram. You are an inspiration.
    I have never been in any fitness program but have always wanted to give it a try. In fact, i have a barely-used mini gym at home. I’m petite (5’3”, 50kg) except for the unwanted bulge in the middle and i feel the need to be healthier and stronger; to tone/build mass and not to let age get the best of me. Im turning 54 next month. And i will soon start “day one” of this new journey with your help.
    Many thanks to you! ❤️

  18. Lily Erdal says:

    Hi! I’m enjoying restarting my exercise routine by doing this daily calendar. I struggle some days to do some moves and don’t have the best endurance yet. Do you recommend repeating this calendar when completed or trying something else? If so, which calendar do you recommend following this one with?

  19. Atrisa says:

    hi cassey, I hope you see this comment. I’m new to exercising habit, I’m 15 years old. I loved your 2022 Glow up sessions. my why is to achieve mental and physical strength. I’m not looking for weight loss but I do love toned body and I want to become healthy and strong. what will you advise for me?^-^

  20. Abby Taylor says:

    Holy crap, 1st day – 26/1/22 so proud of myself for doing that first workout since I have done barely any exercise for about 5 weeks since I’ve been on school break. Can’t wait to get happier and healthier

  21. Jasmen says:

    I’m on Day 11 of the Beginner’s Calendar! I work full time and I’m a mother of 2 (3 yr old & 5 mo old). I was struggling to do my workouts after work because I’m always super tired and busy with the kiddos. I decided to start waking up early to workout and I feel AMAZING! So excited to continue on this journey. ♥

  22. Cere says:

    So in days where there are 2 workouts, is it done back to back? Or one in the morning and one at night?

  23. Corene says:

    Hi! So I recently had Covid-19 and I was wondering whether this program would be safe to start my journey to fitness again.

    1. kokomo says:

      Im pretty sure you can do all of these from home. Just find her Youtube video for the workout, and do it from home.

  24. Monica says:

    Hi! Can you tell Me the difference between your “Blogilates” app and your “BODY by Blogilates”app?

    1. Jasmen says:

      The blogilates app is no longer handled by Cassey. The Body by Blogilates app is her updated app.

  25. alcy says:

    I just started 10/11/2021

    Day : I almost cried HAHAHAH but It was fun

    1. alcy says:

      Day2: the exercises with planks are killing me, but I survived

    2. alcy says:

      Day 3: my butt is crying brruh

  26. Karen says:

    I preferred it when the calendar was in pdf and I could click on the exercises that went straight to youtube. But I’m really looking forward to starting over.

  27. kitzerin says:

    I’m so excited to start the beginner’s stuff! I’ve watched your videos on and off for a couple years now, but I recently started taking pole dancing classes (fitness and fun!), and I know I need to do conditioning and strengthening exercises outside of class so I can do all the fun amazing tricks we learn! So I thought, what better way to start than with blogilates? 😀

  28. Dawn says:

    I just saw you on Kelly and Ryan and loved your energy and strength. I am 55 and about 30 lbs over weight. I have lost and gained it all back over the last few years. I am ready to get strong and stay strong, and you have so many great programs. Can you tell me which one is the best to get to get started? (I downloaded the app) Thank you

    1. blogilates says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by! I would recommend the Beginner’s Program to start or the Monthly calendars – all of them are great! So happy you’re here!

  29. Laina says:

    I just started day 1 of Ab blast Beginner and am having challanges with with Rollup using option 2 as I seem to be out of shape. I was not able to hod the form even using my legs as a way to roll up. Is there another excercise that may assist with this to gain the strength from inside w/o loosing form.

  30. Anna Valene Santos says:

    Loved you since day 1, I always loved your work out program, it’s very effective. And i truly love it whenever you talk in between workouts, encouraging us it definitely keeps me focused ans encouraged.

  31. Zeal says:

    I have started my fitness journey with 28 days beginner workout. I have loved each and every workout plus big thanks to Cassey. My goal is to lose weight and become stronger. Should I combine these workout series with any other calendar? How should I plan it? Any suggestions?
    Thank you.

  32. Maia says:

    Are the Meal Plans related also to the App?

  33. Ceci says:

    so excited to start!!!!!

  34. Garima Tomar says:

    I have recently started working out . I was following you on Facebook since a long time ! and now here i am starting with my fitness journey with you 🙂

  35. Juanita says:

    I am a bloody beginner with Fitness and I find you motivating and I want to change myself, yeah the Workouts are hard, and I feel it burn, but if I want to change, I have to start somewhere. Let’s how it will be, when I finish the beginner calendar

  36. Monica says:

    Thanks Cassie, I’ll get prepared for the 3rd May Challenge starting with some beginner’s e exercises!!!! I don’t need to lose weight but to tone up.

  37. Lois Alexis says:

    How do I get the free meal plan for the hot girl summer sculpt challenge

      1. J says:

        what’s the password for this pdf? I’ve been looking everywhere and it said it would be in the email but it’s not.

        1. blogilates says:

          This PDF doesn’t have a password! Are you looking for Hot Girl Summer Sculpt? You have to sign up and that one will show up in email. Make sure to check spam folder!

  38. kristin areklett says:

    Hi Cassey! My daughter challenged me to try your 28 day beginner’s calendar – and I did! With her help and yours, I have made it through 28 straight days of exercise – for the first time in my 55 years! Now, I need to know what to do next? Is there a Level 1 – 28 day calendar so I can keep moving my middle-aged body forward, slowly?

    1. blogilates says:

      CONGRATS! That’s amazing! You can do the monthly calendars and adjust the videos as you need!

  39. Em says:

    Hey Cassey, love your workout calendars but keep finding the jump from the beginners calendar to the monthly calendars way harder than expected due to the increase in difficulty and also the length of time – this has made me give up after a few days and not return to working out for a month or so at which point I have to do the beginners calendar again. Could you maybe put together an intermediate calendar which bridges the gap?

    1. Kelsey says:

      Something I did was work up to doing all videos. So I never committed to all the regular calendar videos at first, just did at least one and as many as I could until I got stronger over many months. But I agree an intermediate or maybe optional distinction to videos on the monthly calendar would be nice!

  40. Matthew says:

    You are doing a great informative article! Thanks

  41. Anja says:

    Hi, I have just downloaden your app and signed up for the free 7 Day Trial. How/when would you incorporate runs into the weekly plan? I aim at running 3x/week and don’t know if I should combine two of your workout days to have free days for running or if I should do your videos in addition to my run on the same day? What about rest days? I am a bit unsure how to select workouts if I can’t do all of them. Thank you very much and all the best, Anja

  42. Karina says:

    I printed out the calendar to follow along on youtube until the casting feature on the app is fixed, please fix it soon! I’d love to use the calendar via the blogilates app!

  43. Wer says:

    I’m on day 11 and it’s getting haaard :c I thought it would be easy for longer. But I’m not going to give up, it helped me to go back to working out after injury and for that I am very grateful <3

  44. Gio says:

    I live in a studio flat on the top floor and don’t have much space to work out specially doing stretches and press ups, also the floor is very sensitive and I get complaints from the neighbour downstairs, when I try to do star jumps. I used to dance and that used to help me stay fit but now that London is on a strict Lockdown, I am mostly stuck at home. Are there any exercises you can recommend to help me stay fit and lose lockdown weight.
    Thank you for any recommendations.

  45. What to do after the beginners programme? I’m currently doing the 28 days beginner course but I want to know what I should do after?

    1. blogilates says:

      You can do any of my other challenges or the monthly calendar! 🙂 Keep it up!!!

      1. Mariela says:

        Hi Cassey, I started the beginners calendar today. I did the first video in combination from the first video from 2018. My question is, tomorrow is beautiful butt plump, but it says only to doing if we have completed the booty lift cardio. Is this the correct beginners calendar?

        1. blogilates says:

          Hi Mariela! Hmmmm I’m not sure I understand your question!

  46. Abby Kerr says:

    I just finished this calendar and I cannot believe how happy I am! Cassey is someone who actually makes me WANT to work out! Thank you so much for your positivity and encouragement (much of which I really needed). I’m so glad that Blogilates is the place I chose to start my fitness journey 🙂

  47. Tracy says:

    Just started the 21 day challenge and loved it, Thankyou xx

  48. Liana Aleman says:

    If I miss a day would it be okay to do two days in one?

  49. William says:

    Decided to take on the challenge for February (the 28 days seemed like a sign)! I’m on Day 9 today, almost a third of the way there let’s gooo! Here’s my question: for the days that list two workouts, would you recommend doing them back-to-back or spaced throughout the day? Thank you! <3

    1. blogilates says:

      Ohhh yesssss that IS a sign! I would recommend doing them back-to-back if you can so that you can get your whole workout session done! But also, you can space them if you need to.

  50. Lilly says:

    Still loving this calendar! I am wondering if you might consider adding an additional beginners calendar at some point, but one that focuses mainly on basic foundation, core, and stretches (I’m talking basic moves like you would do in a rehabilitation center). While many of us are ready for *thi*s calendar as-is, I think many of Cassey’s viewers would appreciate a baby steps model to build confidence. I think the older videos, like stretch-specific ones and ones where she does take it super slow, would be great to use there as a calendar, even if it is only a 7-day or 2-week rehab/foundation-building type of program. The more people who are physically and mentally able to get on board at the very beginning–and eventually progress through Cassey’s harder routines–the better! Just some food for thought 🙂

    1. KAT says:

      I agree! 🙂

    2. Jules says:

      I would also love this!!!

  51. Kristin says:

    Hi, my app has been down for two days now and I don’t know how to fix it. I’ve completely deleted it from my phone and reinstalled it but no luck. It doesn’t load. And if it does after a long time, half the screen is blank and you can’t do anything. Thanks

  52. Shikha says:

    hey cassey, just love your workouts!!!
    but i have a question , i am underweight skinny girl , I have already started this calender but as i am underweight so is it okay to continue this or will it make me feel weak, please reply asap

    1. Therina says:

      Hi! I think it won’t make you weaker. It might just help gain muscle, which also means gaining weight

  53. Mattie says:

    I have a quick question, whats the average amount of minutes I will be working out in the beginner calander?

  54. Apurva says:

    Hey Cassey! I have been doing your beginner’s calendar since mid Nov. Just one week to go!! But my exams are starting from next week so I’ll probably join the monthly calendars from New Year. I have a really busy schedule. Doing all the video together just doesn’t fit into it no matter what I do 🙁 I just feel very sad about it! Do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you Cassey!!
    You are the best <3333

  55. kiku jones says:

    I just wanted to thank you Cassey. I’ve been working out with you for a couple weeks now, and I’ve already lost 3 lbs. You are so sweet, fun, and just a lovely person! Thank you for kicking off my weight loss journey.

  56. Erin says:

    I needed this! I eased into your monthly calendars at the start of the pandemic by starting with your old beginner’s calendar, and it made me feel so good about myself. I had to take 2 weeks off when I was moving in October, but unfortunately fell and sprained my shoulder the last night of my break. So my 2 week break has turned into a 2 month break! I look forward to being able to start this calendar to help get me back onto the monthly ones for 2021!

  57. Priya says:

    Hey Cassey
    I’ve been a little over than my ideal weight so have been looking for exercises which melts fat and I have never exercised before. So just wanted to know if the beginner’s calendar works for melting fat?

  58. hana says:

    am i the only one who feels like a lot of the videos on this calendar aren’t exactly beginner friendly ? 🙁

    1. blogilates says:

      You got this!! I offer options in the videos too so it’s perfect for all! Remember, it’ll feel hard when you start out but be kind to yourself and give it time. You’ll be progressing in no time!

  59. Christina says:

    Hi! I thought there used to have a calendar for beginners with clickable links to the YouTube videos…. Is that not the case anymore? Or am I going crazy and that never was a thing? I’ve got a 2 year old and a two month old and decided I could do bits of the daily workout throughout the day to try to get back on track! Have enjoyed your workouts a lot on the past!

    1. Abby says:

      Not sure if you still need this, but if you just look up playlists on youtube for her calendars there are plenty out there! Hope this helped!

  60. Rosa says:

    Hi Cassey! On my 27th day of the beginner calendar and I’m very happy with how much stronger and more motivated I feel. I’m looking at the November calendar right now and I think it’s still too difficult to do especially with the number of videos per day. What do you recommend I should do next?

  61. vedika says:

    Hey Cassey. Hope you are doing well. I absolutely adore you. I just recovered from covid and I am trying to get back into shape. However I am not able to do the beginners calendar also. I was able to do your monthly calendars before covid but now this also seems impossible. Hope I will get back on track. But lots of love to you.

  62. Kay says:

    I appreciate everything you do. I’ve been trying to get into fitness for years (including having tried following the beginner calendar a few times. However, my biggest issue was that training my core and doing the ab exercises were very painful for my back (it would bend no matter what I would do; despite following your advice). I recently found it that it may be because of tight hip flexors. Do you have any tips for loosening them up? It’s making workouts very difficult.

  63. Ianthe says:

    I absolutely love the work you have put in this.
    But this calendar is making me cry.
    I’m trying to get back in to working out. (I’m used to weight lifting). Some of your videos on this are feeling really good but the ones with down dog (I can’t even to one!) en the plank walk opener. I just can’t do those. I can’t touch the ground with stretched legs and they have been stiff all my life. you go way to fast for my level for those exercises and I absolutely do not know how to work on it. I feel like a failure and started crying just now. So I needed to vent here.
    Don’t get me wrong, been following you for yeaaars and I love your content but even though I’m pretty fit, I never will be able to be good at tour videos. I can’t teach myself those basics.
    Arms, stomach and lot of strength exercises are going great but it feels like the videos forget that some of us (or am I the only one) who just has too stiff legs to downward dog or simply touch the floor with straight legs.

    Ok, done with sobbing now.

    1. blogilates says:

      Hiiii! You got this!!! Don’t feel discouraged, take the options as you need and be kind to yourself! You don’t need to touch your toes or straighten your legs – focus more on listening to your body but maintaining good form and technique. For example, touching your toes isn’t important but stretching your hamstrings is. Does that make sense? Sending you the biggest hugs! You got it!!

  64. Vicki says:

    Cassey, six years go I worked out with you every day for months and was in the best shape of my life and felt so happy. Fast forward to now, I’ve gained it all back, plus some, and while I still love myself inside and out, I feel the difference on days when I do work out vs. when I don’t. I’m writing this here now for accountability as I am ready to jump back in to being a beginner again and will start the calendar tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to work out again with an old friend 🙂 Thank you for everything you do Cassey!!! <3

  65. Andrea says:

    I’m about to finish this calendar and loving it so far!! Thanks Cassey! Which one should I do next?

    1. blogilates says:

      You can do the monthly calendars!! We’re halfway through November and you can jump in anytime!!

  66. Samantha says:

    Been following the beginners calendar for a couple months now, but still don’t feel quite ready to jump into the regular calendars just yet. I do have some knee issues which does make some of the exercises a little more difficult to do such as the lunges and sometimes the squats.

  67. Anna says:

    Okay, it’s time. I now finally have the right mindset to get stronger and healthier. I am ready for a challenge. This is it.

    1. blogilates says:

      You got thisssssssss Anna!!!

  68. Natalia says:

    Today I started day 1. Excited to start this journey.

  69. Maria Heinen says:

    Hi Cassey, what do you do every day for workouts and eating? Do you follow your plans or do something else?

  70. Mary says:

    Hi Cassey! I wanted to say thank you for this calendar so much. I’m on the 6th day and this has been the first program in years I have been able to stick to. I never pay for apps, but I got the premium subscription and love it! Something as simple as that little progress bar that says the % I have completed is such a motivator. I also love that the first week is made of relatively short videos, so I can really start small and build up, because I am so out of shape. Thank you again, and best wishes!

    1. blogilates says:

      YAYYY so proud!!!!

  71. Suzi says:

    Hi Casey I did October workout calendar every day and my thighs got chunky.I gain muscle easily on my thighs and I don’t like it.Wich exercise should I do to get lean muscle and slim legs? I love your chanel and exercise and want to stay and exercise with you. Lot of love 💘 😻 .

  72. Helmiina Heikinoja says:

    Hi. I’m a beginner and just subscribed to be a premium member. I can’t seem to find the beginner calendar anywhere on the app even though this website says it is there. What should I do?

    1. blogilates says:

      Hiii! Email us at app@blogilates.com and we’ll help out!

  73. Jeremy Meyer says:

    Thanks for the weight loss calendar for beginners. It’s a very beneficiary article who write daily health plan and follow their tips and thoughts

  74. Dana Lewis says:

    this is lovely. thank you.

  75. Lene says:

    The only way I can stay motivated is doing these calendar workouts – will you be making an intermediate calendar as well? I am so bad at picking single workouts, and the calendars are brilliant guides.

    1. blogilates says:

      Might be working on one for you!! 🙂

  76. Elif says:

    Your channel and workouts are so motivational, I love them! Keep uploading the videos!!

  77. Lilly says:

    Love the new beginners’ calendar! Instead of printing it, I’ve saved a virtual copy and give myself a “sticker” after each completed workout.

  78. Arefeh says:

    Thanks for everything 🙂

  79. Melissa says:

    Just downloaded the app to try this beginner’s workout calendar and it tells me it is a Premium item and that I need to subscribe. But in this post you said it was free.

    1. Also Melissa says:

      I had this same issue 🙁

      1. blogilates says:

        Hey!! Sorry about that! The beg calendar needs the premium subscription but it’s free to follow along with the JPEG! You can choose your own adventure!!

    2. blogilates says:

      Hi Melissa! Sorry – that was a typo. The app is free to download but the beginner’s calendar needs a premium subscription $3.99/month. The benefits of doing it in the app are super cool tho!!! But you can still do it for free following the JPEG!

    3. Assia says:

      Hi cassey, i m from algeria and Im 35 years Old . I m a mom of three kids and I love what you do all the time. I m always wayting for your vidéos but I can subscrib for a premium subscription I dont have the money.
      I hope it will all free all the year .
      Steal love you and enjoy workin out with you I just downlod your videos on my phone and do my home workout from my phone
      Thank’s a lot

  80. Ellen says:

    Hi Cassey! I love the new app, you, & your workouts. Thank you so much for helping me rediscover the strength I have within!
    Just wondering how to cast the workouts from my phone to my tv to avoid the YouTube commercials? We have several streaming options on our TVs, but none seem to work.
    Thank you!

  81. HEALTHNUT says:

    OMG! I can’t wait till November. I am so happy and can not wait. You go Cassie!!!!!!

  82. Hi kathy! For those of us that have been with you for years and years on end, would you create a super advanced, challenging workout calendar? I’ve been with you for like, 10 years now?!

  83. Karolynn says:

    I’ve seen you on YouTube for a couple of years, I haven’t had the courage to start till today and a least complete a challenge, I’ve always had this yo-yo relationship with working out, hopefully with the app I’ll be a bit more focused in completing a challenge and staying on track. 😊

  84. Lia says:

    Hi Cassey, I am being working out with your videos for a few months now and I am very happy, I love your inspiration and advice. I realized I am having problems with my balance, any advice would be helpful and great. Take care !!!!

  85. Annalinda says:

    Hi, i’m just starting with this program to see how my body reacts and adapts step by step to the different type of struggles (eventhough i would like to get started immediately with the monthly workout because i like difficulty and fatigue c:). For how many months would you advise people to do this routine to grow stronger and be able to approach the monthly plans discretely? Bye Bye and thanks for all the inspiration you give everytime to light up the day!

  86. Hey Cassey! I just discovered your Youtube channel while I was exploring your website. This looks cool and I’m super excited to get started. However, I barely have time since I’m working twice as hard to build my portfolio. Do you think there’s a plan for people like me?

  87. Olefins says:

    Hi, i already found this channel along time ago and trying to do this, but i always giveup mid videos because its to tough :'( .
    i am going to try again today so wish me luck~

  88. Mama in pajamas says:

    Omg I really need tips on how to stay motivated! I do it 1 week then give up and then do it 2 weeks later! 😭😭 send help! (I’m going to try cutting out dairy because it makes me groggy and lazy for sure!)

    1. Cassie says:

      It sounds silly but I made myself a workout sticker sheet, each day I workout I get to put my sticker in my planner. Working super well so far and am already over halfway through the calendar!!

  89. Diana says:

    Been waiting for an update on august calendar to PDF…

  90. Christa says:

    Okay, here we go! I’ve never been disciplined enough to work out consistently but I actually enjoy working out with your YouTube videos. So “I’m in!” with this first-timer workout schedule. I’m nervous and worried I won’t see it through but I’m setting my face towards it right now!

  91. K says:

    How do I get the 28 day summer challenge calendar? I signed up twice and I didn’t get it in my email.

  92. Karishma says:

    Hey there Cassey! I just discovered your youtube channel and have been exploring your website. This all looks so cool and I am super excited to get started. but… I don’t have that much time at home to just exercise. I go to school, go to dance class, and come home and do homework. How am I supposed to find time to do this as well? i want to exercise more and it’s imperative that I always look my best (leotards give you no breathing room, every pound is visible.) Should I just do it on the weekends or on my days off? or should I just go on youtube and target whatever I think I need?

    1. Cora says:

      Hi! I have the same problem, for me I am starting with this same calendar, I like to divide up and do some workouts in the morning and some in the afternoon, this way I have split my time. If there is a workout though that I don’t really like or want to effect my body like a butt workout for example, I do skip it.So I hope this helps and good luck!

  93. Subhiksha says:

    Gonna have some plans

  94. lina says:

    wow this is so cool love it

  95. Maeva says:

    Im not really a beginner, I started this program in march, and I continued with some others video etc..I decided that I wanted to go back again to this calendar. It changed my body so much. Its great i love it

  96. Sorentino68 says:

    Just startg week 4 of the beginner program. Loved it! What next?

  97. aida says:

    love you casey! ive been doing the 7 day abs challenge and it definitely show some changes! keep on inspiring, and ive always love your content <3

  98. L says:

    FYI: The link to Day 12’s Beginners Ab and Butt Workout is wrong. Use the link for the same exercise from Day 27

  99. Amanda says:

    Finished day one this morning. So excited to have this tool. Looking forward to day two!

  100. Priyanka Menon says:

    Anyone starting this today?! <3

  101. PREETHI says:

    starting with these begginer workout….

  102. Rebecca says:

    Question: Should we use Coda for this beginners workout as well?

  103. Leora Kissoon says:

    I love the workouts that u give on ur YouTube so I am excited to start this

  104. Laura Sofia says:

    Hello Cassey! Today is day 28 of my journey with the beginner’s calendar which means I have completed this challenge! I’m so happy at what I have accomplished because I have never completed an extended exercise challenge without missing a few days or just giving up. This calendar was hard at some points, and many times I cursed while doing an exercise or I had to pause the video to take an extra break. But, I was able to push through all the videos and I have noticed a big difference. I have gotten stronger, improved my balance, and increased my flexibility. I might not have a big difference on the scale but my body measurements are slightly smaller, except for my butt which actually grew. I’m sure if I kept to a cleaner diet I would have had better results but somehow my family started buying a cheesecake for each weekend of June to enjoy. So, thank you Cassey and I am looking forward to doing your monthly calendar for July.

  105. Ashley says:

    OMG I am on Week 2 Day 2 and I am seriously looking forward to every day to do my workout! I am already feeling stronger ! I cannot wait for week 4 when I have completed this challenge !

  106. Izzy says:

    Hi Casey, just want to let you know I really appreciate your workouts and resources that you have made available for free for YEARS. I’ve been following you on/off for several years but being a mom of 2 has made it hard for me to find time to exercise. But your varied workouts are so easy and convenient for me to pick up and try again. Each time I visit your site or get your emails, I am motivated to try again. A big thank you to you and your team. I hope you keep doing what you do because people like me really appreciate the help 🙂

  107. Dom says:

    Hey Blogilaters! I would like to ask you all, if you also have problem like me. I just finished day 3, first video and I was working out my butt. When I stood up from the matt, I got head ache, uuugh. Do you know why? Thank you and keep going!

    1. sarah says:

      probably dehydration?

  108. Vroni says:

    I am a swimmer, but due to COVID I could not go to the pool for a long time now. These are actually the best workouts ever! Just finished the last day and I am in love. I tried such workoutplans from others quite often but always got a real bad back pain. Not with this one! Finally I feel fit and not just sore.
    Greetings from Germany and sry if there are some mistakes as English is not my native language:)

  109. jayleen says:

    so i finished the whole calendar and lost 10 pounds because i added a 30 min walk on every other rest day. i will try the other calendar now

    1. Maya Quintana says:

      Thank you for telling us about your results! I used to follow blogilates in high school and after switch schools in college I lost track of my fitness goals so I’m easing myself back in with the beginners calendar wish me luck!!

      1. blogilates says:

        You’re welcome!

  110. Bambi says:

    I finished the beginner’s calendar yesterday – it’s the first time I have ever finished ANY sort of challenge. It’s given me so much confidence, I didn’t realise that I’d always unconsciously thought of myself as a quitter (e.g., I’m going to drink 3litres of water a day from today, but at the back of my mind know it’d last maybe a few days at most before I gave up). Of course another natural by product of finishing the calendar is that I’m in better shape overall, but the increased confidence was the thing I was most surprised and happy with. Thank you Cassey! And to anyone else who is starting but half-heartedly thinking they’ll probably ditch like other fad diets / challenges – I believe in you! This can be the time to buck the trend!

    1. Lani says:

      I’m so happy for you, and I believe in you! Great job and I’m glad this helped build some of that confidence. We all deserve to feel good about ourselves and our bodies. I’m starting this as I’ve been feeling like I’ve lost a sense of wellness both physically and mentally/spiritually over the past few months and want to dedicate sometime to taking care of myself. I am so happy for you and I appreciate your encouragement, it actually means a lot. I hope you have a wonderful day and I’m wishing you the best:)
      Take care, <3

  111. Alicja says:

    OH MY GOD! I have just finished the last day of this calendar and I’m feeling great. I lost 2.6 lbs already. I’m gonna start another calendar of yours tomorrow. Thank you so much Cassey, you’re workouts are amazing.

  112. Patra says:

    Hi guys in day 12 the first workout is linking to a different video (arms) than the one mentioned (abs). Perhaps you want to correct the glitch? Other than this : LOVE the workouts!

  113. Sandy says:

    I haven’t quite figured out how to fit 30 minutes of working out in my day as a mother of 3 little boys yet, but this is exactly what I was looking for otherwise. But I’m gonna see if I can figure it out because I want to do this challenge!

  114. Vidhya says:

    Very motivator and helpful Thanku so much😁😁

  115. Laura Sofia says:

    Hello Cassey, I just finished day 1 of the beginner calendar. I cannot wait to see how my strength and body changes throughout this month!

  116. Muthu says:

    Hope it will strengthen my body as well as motivation

  117. N.Sangeetha Balasubramaniam says:

    Hii cassey…u r my inspiration…I’m 28 yrs old..I’m married and I hav a child..I’m height 5.2 inches and weight 97kgs.i feel tiredness and leg pain during my household.. so itry to reduce weight I concentate only on arms,inner thigs,lower abps…But I hav to reduce weight on butt, thighs,stomach area..please suggest me some ideas to reduce fat and be healthy to do all my wrk rutains without tiredness..whenever I do exercise for a week..my bodyfeelmore pain and soreness can’t wven do my usual wrks..please helpme to reduce body pain and for consistent inwrkouts

  118. Amanda says:

    I found Blogilates back in 2012, have never been able to stick to it until now. I am almost done doing the Beginners calendar, even though I am super sore from pushing myself I am also feeling a lot stronger, plus I am almost able to keep up with Cassie. I will admit there are days I think she is absolutely nuts in some of the exercises. I also wouldn’t change a thing. Through all of this quarantine following the calendar has given me an amazing excuse to focuse on myself.

    THANK YOU CASSIE!!! you are truly inspirational and I love your videos.

  119. Leticia says:

    So I’ve been wanting to do this for so long. Sometimes I’d tried it but I never sticked to it. But now I have finished my exams and with the quarantine there’s no better thing to do than to challenge myself and get fitter. What I’m looking forward is to gain resistance and to grow stronger, and I just completed day one and I’M SO EXCITED to complete this journey :))

    Let’s do this!!

  120. Salisha says:

    finally starting over and now will go on to beginners 2.0 after this one because i am always starting over that one

  121. Rangini says:

    Hi there… Im Rangini..
    I would like to lose some weight. What would be ur recommended workout videos for beginner like me…

  122. Nine says:

    Cassey, I am starting week 3, and I find it hard yet it is harder to NOT do it. I love the burn and realise I am getting stronger each day. I don’t know yet if I am going to do it again next month or “upgrade “ for more results. But thanks

    1. Nine says:

      I did it ! My final day on the beginner s workout calendar. I am so incredibly proud of myself. Tomorrow is my rest day. I am wondering where to go from here? I could just you know do it over because it was too intense for me to actually do it fully. But I am definitely stronger nevertheless. And my arms needs it as much as my core. Well probably a second time to do all the videos for each day. Thank you sooo much

  123. Jackie Perez says:

    Cassie I really love your routines. I am feeling very secure of myself when I’ve started to watch your videos. I want to do something good for myself on quarantine. Greetings from Mexico.

  124. Deise Morris says:

    Hi Cassey!!
    As we are going through this Pandemic… I started to feeling stressed out until I find your channel on YouTube and last week I started the beginner calendar routine and I’m in love with POP Pilates! It makes my day, I feel much calmer and happier! Thank you so much!! Stay safe, xoxo

  125. Annushree says:

    Hi Cassey, I started following your beginner’s calendar but had to stop for five days in between because I have serious period cramps… Is it okay to continue working out with the videos I missed or should I just skip the five days workout and continue?

    1. Kristin says:

      Hi there! I’m on Day 18 of this calendar and I think you should continue working out with the missed videos. You don’t have to complete this calendar exactly within 28 days 🙂 I definitely am not following the schedule exactly because I take more than one rest day a week. But if you skip 5 videos, you might not be as prepared for the following week. Cassey increases the number of exercise videos each week while decreasing the stretch videos, so it gets progressively harder. You can do it!!

  126. Karla says:

    Cassey thank you for the workout videos. I dont enjoy the gym or working out but I tottaly enjoyed the begginers calendar. Im looking forward to keep up. Thank you!

  127. Sanjana says:

    Hey I really want to lose fat and weight and I’m finding it difficult to find a suitable calendar . Please help me out .

    1. Nine says:

      Hello, you can start with this beginner calendar , except if you are already strong or know the correct form of the exercices. Then her monthly calendars are good ways to continue

  128. Carol says:

    How many times do we do each exercise ? Do we repeat them

  129. Ric says:

    Thank you for this ! As someone just interested in working out I don’t know how to start but this makes it nice and easy <3 appreciate the plan

  130. Martha says:

    did the videos get deleted? I can’t find them even when I go to the date this calendar came out: May 2018

    1. Margo says:

      I’m now on day 13 and all the videos were/are still online (I search them on Youtube, but you can also find them on this website). You can just click on the title in the pdf, or look for the title on youtube 🙂

      1. Martha says:

        FINALLY! thank you so much!

  131. Palak says:

    Hi!!! Thankyou so much for your great workouts and calendar, it’s helping me aloooot. I was just confused about how much cardio I need per day along with your videos. I’m following the April calendar xxx

  132. Kavita says:

    I would like to access the 30 days to splits calendar but can’t find it

    1. Em says:

      It is in the Challenges menu at the top, under Journey to Splits

  133. Barbara B says:

    Thank you, thank you!!! ✨✨✨ Excited to start

  134. Jaduan says:

    Hi. Just a quick ?.. What if we can’t do the exercises exactly like you indicate bc we are over weight 😪 is it ok to modify until maybe we can get them just right?

    1. Stranger on the internet says:

      Hi! I am not blogilates but I just wanted to say, that it’s okay to do as much as you can. You can replace those excercises, that you can’t do by repeating those you can do. And try problematic ones from time to time! I am proud of you and I hope you will not give up! I send love and support <3

  135. Loreta says:

    I am so grateful!!!! This seems like the easiest thing to follow! The link to video in PDF!! I am soooo psyched to start my journey!!! Cassey, thank you!!!!!!

  136. Caryl Chua says:

    Hey Cassey,

    Thank you so much for sharing these and taking the time to put calendars and videos together! I generally dislike exercise, but a friend of mine recommended your channel to try to get into it. Now I’m kicking off week 4! Keep sharing your positivity! <3

    1. Sowmyaa says:

      Hey! Do you see a visible change in your body? In terms of weight or something?

  137. Cheryl Manning says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I love your work out videos. I am a teacher who’s on quarantine and I am having a hard time with keeping up with my eating healthy and exercising on a daily basis. I am going to try your 28 days calendar and see if that get me back in focus.

  138. Mübarca says:

    Dear Cassey,

    you are THE best. My friend and I started fitness with your workouts. You know it’s not only your moves ore workouts. It’s your positivity that keeps us motivated. THANKS

  139. Emily says:

    Dear Casey
    First of all, thank you so much for your engaging and fun videos, your beautiful blog articles and your positivity. You are literally the only person that gets me into working out regularly and with pleasure. And believe me, I tried dozens of home workouts and gym classes here in Germany in the past. Now, I’m looking forward to your videos every day!! So thank you for that!
    There is just one thing that’s annoying me. While I’ve never felt better, mentally and physically, I’ve noticed more (hormonal) acne esp. around my chin area. I’ve always struggled with mild acne but had it more or less under control the past few years. Do you have any experience regarding this issue or tips as to prevent workout related acne? Should I stick to your less intense workouts and reduce my workout timetable to every other day?
    Lots of love, Emily

    1. Emily says:

      *Cassey, I’ve meant to write Cassey!! ❤

  140. pilarsva says:

    Hi Cassey, French fan of yours (actually living in Spain) here. I’ve been following you for years and absolutely love your videos, thank you so much for your smile and for everything you’re doing! I am now back to beginner’s calendar (life took over…but I’m trying to get back in shape). Just one thing, on week 2, day 5, the video for “Beginners Ab and Butt Workout” actually leads to the “Arm Fat Blaster” video when I click on it. Just thought I would let you know so it can be corrected. Thank you, love you! ❤️

  141. Mirjana says:

    Hi all! I am on Week 2 of the calendar and I still find it difficult to make sure that my back is pressed into the mat at all times when doing ab work – unfortunately even putting my hands under the tailbone got me feeling like I’m arching my back slightly whenever I extend my legs. Any tips? I don’t want all the work to go to waste! Sending love to you all <3

  142. Sira says:

    Love you Cassey❤️You inspire me a lot. Sending you lots of love from Ghana🥰🥰

  143. Sonja J Lloyd says:

    I love watching your videos

  144. Hikaru Williams says:

    Should I move onto the monthly calendars after I finish the beginner’s calendar? thanks:)

    1. Marija Petrović says:

      That’s what i wanted to ask too. Cassie, help out 😂

      1. Marija Petrović says:

        Cassey* i apologise, it was my autocorrect..

    2. Vainavika Reddy says:

      Hey..even I have the same doubt. Can I move to monthly calendar after the beginner’s calendar?

    3. Kristin says:

      Hey there! I’ve read that some people find it necessary to repeat the beginner’s calendar one more time before they feel ready to jump into the monthly ones. I think you should give the monthly ones a try, and if it’s too challenging, repeat the beginner’s. Keep up the amazing work 🙂

  145. Kristen says:

    Hey! So i experienced some pain in my neck which I helped by putting a neck pillow under my head and that helped to ease it. I also have a kinda weird question on the rollups. Stomach fat gets in the way a little plius lower back pain. Any alternatives i could try? I have a bar with resistance bands that go under the feet. Could this work for now? Thanks for your help. Oh wait! Do you advice on hip pain when doing leg lifts?

  146. Sarah says:

    I am getting back into shape after giving birth to my sweet baby girl three months ago. I have completed this calendar years ago. I think it is a great place to start my postpartum workout routine.

  147. kayleigh says:

    Starting from the beginning again after stopping all exercise for a few months. Feels good to follow the plan and get back to basics day 3 complete. x

  148. Tar sam says:

    Hi, i from Egypt 🇪🇬 i’m really lucky i came through this i really love the videos and all your talks, you made so excited to do my workouts that i used to hate, I have a week left and i want to know which calendar should i go for after this one, the month’s calendar or repeat this one which one do you recommend?

    1. Amanda says:

      I’m on day 19 and I was wondering the same thing! Some videos I still can’t finish all the way through. :/ Good luck with your journey!

  149. Kerri says:

    I’m Nicole’s aunt. I’m here to get fit and show my support for you both.

  150. Mima says:

    Day 12 done. I’m having a hard time managing to do them everyday, but at least I haven’t given up! Yay. Thank you, Cassey, for creating the beginners calendar’s for us 🙂

  151. Hiya says:

    I’m an overweight 13 year old (not self-depreciating or anything, just facts :)) I’m on day 8 and already feeling stronger and happier… thank you Cassey! xx

    1. Tracey says:

      Good for you! I wish I started when I was 13, keep it up girl!

  152. Ekayla says:

    I have been watching your Fb story for a few months now and I thought it was time to start actually doing some of the things you do! there are no excuses that I don’t have time as with the lockdown there is plenty of time and we don’t want boredom to set in ^_^

  153. Mima says:

    Day 11 done! Wow, that was hard for me but I did it! Yay! Thank you, Cassey!

  154. Stephanie says:

    Saw you on TikTok and now here on your page to do the Beginner’s Calendar. No excuses now not to get in shape!! Can’t wait to get started.

    1. blogilates says:

      YAY thanks for coming over!

  155. Mima says:

    Day 10 finished! I absolutely LOVED this one. All 3 videos were perfect!!!! Thank you Cassey!

  156. Dorota JANKOWSKA says:

    Thank You so much…Is any way to send You a mail with one question about what to do after I lost waight?

  157. Maria Habovick says:

    Excited to try your videos, thanks!!

  158. Fatimazahrae Benjlil says:

    I hope that you can help me to lose weight

  159. Mima says:

    Day 9 finished, with quite a bit of dealy, but still trying!

  160. Mima says:

    Day 8 done! Wow, that was crazy, but I loved it! Thank you, Cassey!

  161. chrisa says:

    Hello. Congratulations! This is a nice work. I’m from Greece and I’ve started this plan for beginners, but I don’t understand something in number 8. Could I do all choices (3 choices) or only one from three?
    I’ll appreciate your answer! Thank you. (I’m sorry for my English)

    1. Linda says:

      You should do all three!! they are usually quicker workouts so it still amounts to roughly ~30 Min!!

      1. chrisa says:

        Thank you!!

  162. Chrisa says:

    hello! Congratulations!! This is nice work! I’m from Greece and I’ve started this plan for beginners, but i don’t understand number 8. Could I do all choices (3 choices) or only one from three???
    I’ll appreciate your answer.. Thank you.
    (sorry for my English)

    1. Mima says:

      you are supposed to do all 3 videos. Is that your question?

      1. chrisa says:


  163. Mima says:

    Day 6 done. It was the hardest day to convince myself, but I made it! Yaya

  164. Mima says:

    Day 5 done! I’ve tried the begginer calendars before and never made to the 2nd week. I feel confident that this time I’ll manage it (and hopefully the whole 28 days). Today was easier than yesterday to make myself do this so keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for this, Cassey!

  165. Mima says:

    Day 4 is done! I’m glad I did this. I inicially didn’t want to (again! Yes, I’m a super lazy and sedentary person) but talked myself into it and I’m super happy with myself now. As usual, thank you, Cassey for doing this.

  166. Naddy says:

    Quarantine day 1 in NZ, seems like a good idea

  167. Mima says:

    Day 3 done. Not easy to convince myself to do it, but I did it! Thank you, Cassie for doing this for us!

  168. Sammie K. says:

    I was actually curious what the difference is between this calendar and the New Beginners Calendar 2.0. I started on that one over a year ago and didn’t keep up with it. I’m revamping my way of working out now and I see there’s two different options. Does it matter where I start?

  169. Lila says:

    Is it better to start with the beginners calendar or to try the monthly calendar first? I am someone who does not usually exercise but just started watching your videos to exercise more often. Please share your thoughts!

    1. magenmh922 says:

      I’ve been doing POP Pilates on and off for years and I definitely recommend the Beginner Calendar starting out. I come back to it when I haven’t been exercising for a while. It helps you understand the right way to do the moves and is super gradual so by the time you get to the monthly calendar you feel ready for the more advanced moves and longer workouts. I’ve tried going straight to the monthly calendar before and it killed me!!

  170. Yukiji says:

    I’m going to dothis! I was planning to do the quarantine work out first, but it seemed a bit too extreme, so I will start with the beginners first

  171. Camila Hernández says:

    I started yesterday!! Feeling good!! Thank you too much <3

  172. Wani says:

    Thank you Casey for the 28 day beginner workout. Can’t wait to start this week!

  173. Shivi says:

    Which calendar or routine to follow after completing this calendar ? I am on 4 th week first day and I wonder after four more days can I follow this month March 2020 calendar ? It would be too advanced ? Or have to repeat this calendar again ? Need some pointers

    1. Katya says:

      Hi! I’ve repeated the last week of this calendar once again because I think it’s kind of challenging. Now I’m going to start PIIT starter calendar, I think regular ones are a bit too advanced yet.

  174. Federica Luna says:

    Started yesterday – so today is day 2 of the beginner calender

  175. Anna says:

    You don’t have to start over! Skipping a day or even a week isn’t that bad. You’re still getting used to the routine 🙂

  176. Nayeli Ramos says:

    We do this calendar 1st and that we start on the advance one(the ones that actually have the month name lol)? If this makes sense lol(sorry I’m bad in explaining !)

  177. zeuxisv says:

    I skipped a day due to being overwhelmed. Start the calendar again?

  178. Dejhia Bailey says:

    How much amount of calories should you burn

  179. Cata says:

    Starting today! 💓

  180. Gabrielle Rico says:

    Starting today! I’m so excited, hopefully I can stay consistent 😅

  181. Gary says:

    How to go about commenting and also do I have to download IG or will Facebook do I seem unable to get everything organized in order

  182. SmilieAngelMama says:

    I’m excited. New month, new challenge. Thank you ma’am. You’re truly awesome.

  183. Lucy says:

    I am happy I found it today as tomorrow the first day of the new month, so no excuses for me anymore :))))

  184. Kate says:

    Hi, I was planning on starting this workout plan soon and was just wondering about a warm up and cool down. I was wondering if you would suggest doing one before and after each day’s workout. And if so, what to do for the warm up and cool down or what video(s) of them would you recommend?

  185. Kate says:

    Hi, I was planning on starting this workout and I was just wondering if you would suggest doing a warm up and cool down before and after each day’s workout or if you believe it’s fine with out? Also if you do recommend a warm up and cool down, what kind or what video would you recommend?

  186. Camilla says:

    This looks great! Roughly how much time do you need to be able to allocate per day to be able to do it?

  187. Leandi says:

    Can ‘t wait to start!

  188. Amani says:

    Hello .. I’m a bit confused lol because on day 3 the plan says slim n sculpt and arm fat blaster !! But your video for day 3 it was abs and inner thigh. Am I missing something or I’m just stupid?

    1. Michelle says:

      I would recommend looking up the videos by name (like “Slim n Sculpt”) on YouTube. She has multiple challenges going at once, so the video you found for day 3 might be for a different challenge.

  189. Cindy Eckles says:

    I think that this calendar will be very helpful for me because I am putting my physical health back together again after not being physically active for years. I will need to modify all the workouts that I can with what is on the calendar and with Pilates. I have a Stability ball to help me with those movements especially with the roll ups and I have a mat. I have not done Pilates in years especially ones on the floor. I have done standing Pilates on YouTube and they are very fun.

  190. Alina says:

    Great idea

    1. Martje says:

      Is it ok to train if you have muscle pain from the day before?

  191. Lesley says:

    I’m noticing that even the beginner workouts are still way too hard and painful for me to do. Are there any easier videos, or do you have any tips? I’m doing the beginner calender in place of the regular 2020 Challenge calendar, btw.

  192. Anne Mayores says:

    Gosh I can’t wait to start this program 💕

  193. LaQueasha says:

    This is an amazing way to stay accountable for all things, including fitness. Thanks hum!

  194. Jasmine Torres says:

    So excited to start

  195. Anita says:

    Thank you so much for this! I have been looking for something to keep me motivated and focused!

  196. Roniz Debra says:

    Thank you Cassey! You helped get back in shape back when I was a new Mom! Now I lost that habit of exercising again and want to get it back this 2020!! Thank you for always being a big help in my quest to get healthier!! ❤️❤️❤️

  197. Iqra says:

    Thank you so much for making this workout plan. I really needed a boost for the new year and this has really helped. Thank you so much 😊

  198. Guhinder Mistry says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thank you for putting this workout calendar together 🙂

  199. cherubyc says:

    Hey Cassey~ I would like to ask if you have a standing beginner’s workout? I’ll be moving to China next week and it seems like I don’t have enough space there. I’d love to continue your workouts there too ( TT ^TT)

  200. lizzytee says:

    I completed the beginner calendar back in 2012 and then did the regular calendars and in the last couple of years I stopped doing pilates. Im excited to restart the beginner journey and hopefully gain more strength 🙂

  201. luna otimas says:

    why isn’t this in the app anymore?

  202. Shubhra karan says:

    Hey Casey, I really appreciate ur effort in going out and help people feel more comfortable n confident with their body n I really want to be accountable too.. But, I don’t know whether or not I’m comfortable sharing my pic rn.. Will u still help me out?

  203. Giulia says:

    Hi Cassey! This calendar is my new beginning! Now is my desktop! In this way I’ll be sure that I’ll remenber to get stronger! Thank you so much!! I have a question, after I’ll finish it do you think that I will be able to start the month’s calendar?
    Thank you so much I’ve been following you for years, I love your solarity!

  204. Sweta Jaiswal says:

    How much calories would this help burn roughly…and thanks so much

  205. Emma Harper says:

    This is amazing!

  206. GolDen52 says:

    Thanks I will print calendar tomorrow and tag you.

  207. Judy says:

    i dont have instagram is there another way to communicate with you?

  208. thanks for the information

  209. Robert Lemus says:

    Thank you so much for this! This keeps me up to date with my workout and keeps me motivated. I’m on day 5 now, I can only do 15 curl ups thought but it’s something. Thank you!

  210. Elaina says:

    On day 12, the Beginners Ab and
    Butt Workout links to the Arm fat blaster video. This is a terrific calendar! Thanks for putting it together.

  211. Jutta Bolsens says:

    i now started week three, love them, because they aren’t like super long workouts. still some problems with some of the basics though (like breathing at the right moment), ;s

  212. Sara says:

    Day two I am going to do this…. I need too!

    1. Sha_fire says:

      You got this !!!

    2. Cacti03 says:

      Started today!!

  213. Sha_fire says:

    I’m on day 3 on beginners calendar. It’s tough but I’m going strong

    1. Cacti03 says:

      Great job!

  214. nancy_s says:

    I am starting with the beginner’s calendar.Hope it works for me 😀

  215. Kristen Berty says:

    Hi Casey I’m so excited to join ion again as I was not able to get the calendar with my new phone. I do now was going through withdrawals
    So thrilled and excited. I share you with Everyone as you’re the best in so many ways. Congratulations love on your recent wedding. I’m so very happy for you. God bless you. My best and look forward to seeing you everyday
    Again my best and gratitude. Love
    Kristen Bertolucci

  216. Maria says:

    Hello Cassey! I’ve finally decided to do something with my body due to health problems. I bet on you! Could you advice me which exercise should I do today? 1st or 16th? Thank you!!! :))

    1. Lily says:

      Definitely start with the 1st exercise, just go from the 16th-16th instead of a normal month. The first week videos focus a little more heavily on form and doing things properly, and help teach you moves that aren’t explained as in depth in later videos.

  217. QAnita says:

    In day 12, the first video Beginners Ab and Butt Workout opens Arm Fat Blaster | POP Pilates for Beginners. Is this the video I should do?

  218. Kellswah says:

    Thanks for the refresher, Cassey!! Do you think it would be possible to get this on the app? I’m trying my bestest to find some motivation to actually get to exercising. My 28th birthday is right around the corner and my body isn’t as cooperative as it used to be. Your positive attitude and fun routines really help to encourage me. Thanks!!!

  219. Christie says:

    Hi Casey! I love your workouts, but it would be great if you refreshed some of your beginner videos. Your production quality has evolved so much so it would be awesome to see a revamped beginner program! Thanks!

  220. Tzurit Chaya Gell says:

    I’m soooo excited-thanks in advance❤️

  221. Nada says:

    Thanks . I’m so motivated

  222. Natasha says:

    I’m excited for tomorrow! Day 1 for Summer Sculpt Program! 🙂

  223. Mical says:

    I cant wait!! Thank you <3333

  224. Anonymous User says:

    I’m really hyped for a fixed workout that’s not confusing!

  225. Tish says:

    Thank you!

  226. Amanda says:

    Omg I’m a thankful for this I have felt so bad about myself and have been a loyal subscriber for a very long time thank you so much 💛💛💛

  227. YAN says:

    starting out! Hope my unwired body can get back to fitness!

  228. Lily says:

    Thank you so much! I have two weeks left of school with bunch of schoolwork to do so.. I’ll join everyone else and start my 28 day challenge on June 14th..! I hope that’s okay🤔 Anyways, good luck everyone!

  229. Beatrice says:

    Thank you so much for the free workout Casey!! All your efforts are so generous, you made a workout calendar and everything💕💕💕 You are Godsend. Truly ❤❤

  230. Ali says:

    I’m so excited. Thanks for thinking of everything.

  231. Eliana says:

    I m innn ☆_☆

  232. Idil says:

    Cassie, are you offering two sets of workouts, one for beginners and one for intermediate/advanced?

  233. Andrea says:

    I’M IN!

  234. Olivia Pilehave Uhrenholt says:

    I’m in!

  235. yukz says:

    hi Cassie,must we print out the calendars?

  236. Sawda Yaasin says:

    I’m in

  237. Aditi Mullapudi says:

    Hey Cassie! Is this the same as the summer sculpt or is there a new calendar you will be releasing for it along with its respective videos on Youtube?

  238. YtBluewings says:

    Hi Cassie. Are there videos to the food your suggesting we eat or just any recipe will do? Thanks and I cannot wait to start.

  239. Ivethe says:

    Hi Casey! Super excited to go on this journey to wellness with you! I was just wondering if if we will need any equipment

  240. Talula says:

    Will there be a video for beginners or just for advanced people?

  241. Louise says:

    Hi Casey! So I noticed that on the calendar most of the days have more than one exercise plan. Are we going to do all of them on the single day or do we get to choose one of them for each day? Because there are also a check box! Thanks! 💕

    1. Amudhini says:

      Hey! I feel like we should all take it to our own level and only push a little past our limits. Do what feels right and good for your mind and body. If your body and mind are telling you to do more than one, do it! If you want to do only one, do it!

    2. ANASTASIA says:

      I was also wondering the same!

  242. Jennifer says:

    Hi Cassie I was wondering, I’m ganna start with ur begginer’s calender and I was wondering if I could add to it your boob lifting video??? And if I, what days should I add it to????

    1. Shema says:

      Yes Cassie a boob lifting video or videos would fantastic

  243. Emily says:

    Hi! Can anyone tell me if they feel they’ve needed to do the beginner’s calendar twice in a row? I just finished the first month but I still feel like i’m not strong enough to take on monthly calendars.

    1. Cassie says:

      I am doing it twice! I don’t like moving forward until I feel like I am not really being challenged and want to avoid injury. I can barely make it through these videos and even had to skip days to rest the first time through the calendar so it was more like a 38 day calendar for me lol everyone is at their own level, so pay attention to your own body.

      1. Julie Chesterman says:

        Yes! And you can find older verions of the beginners calendar online and do those too!

    2. Amudhini says:

      Ya!! I think we should increase or decrease circuits according to our own level and do what feels good for our mind and body

  244. Cocoapanda says:

    I’m excited to restart my journey! Recently survived a car wreck, so now I am walking around, I figured this would be the best place for me to start after everything outside rehab and hospital life!

  245. Shyla says:

    Hey Cassey! So a few years ago, I found you on youtube. I was completely obsessed with your program and I used it to maintain my weight. (105-110) After being in a toxic marriage, I gained 80 pounds. (185 now) I am now in a very happy relationship, and I’m about to start back up with your workout program and the foods you have on your website. I am so excited to get back to my healthy self again! Much love to you and what you do! <3

  246. Anarsha says:

    Hey I am a great fan of urs my actual problem is now my bmi is normal but I have flabbiness in my arm, armpit,c Alf’s , legs and thighs i wanted a good sculpted body . I would like to workout at gym but my family is not allowing me to that pls help me pls

  247. Nono says:

    I’m on my second day of taking on this challenge and I couldn’t feel more excited! I’m setting my foot down and commanding old, bad habits to come to rest. I’m excited to be traveling this journey alongside you! Thank you for creating such a platform!

  248. marija says:

    Heey Cassey i am starting on Monday and i am going to try this 28 days challenge for 4 MONTHS. I know it seems CRAZY but i can’t wait for this to not just change my life but also my body and feeling confident about myself again THANK YOU SO SO MUCH. i will keep you up with my updates if you want.

    1. Liliana_ says:

      Yes, please!

  249. jyllianraine says:

    Just started this today with the 30 day flat abs challenge! I feel so good! Thank you Cassey!

  250. Erin says:

    Thank youuuu!! This is literally changing my whole perspective on working out and getting fit! I am by no means overweight and I love the way my body looks but for me, this is about having energy and feeling better about life! I’m so tired of feeling weak and tired all the time! I’ve been doing this for about a week now and I can already feel myself getting a little bit stronger, a little more fit, and I can definitely see how I have more energy! I actually look forward to these work outs everyday! Cassey, you are so encouraging in these videos and so approachable. I love how everything is laid out for me as well. Thank you!

  251. Sheeba Sarfras says:

    Thank you so much for the inspiration u give for someone like me..it was really accidental that i came across ur video on utube..but i am blessed i feel ..i have somewhat good flexible body..but i have a very huge belly which i reallyy want to get rid off..looking forward to great looking abs..thank u once again

  252. Vidz says:

    I have slim upper body but heavy lower body.. infact very heavy as of my age..Due to low flexibility, I can’t raise both of my legs straight at 90° without bending..Help me😔

  253. ko-rea-n says:

    i’m allergic to bananas and avocados

  254. Wikk says:

    Thx! Appreciate and start from today – now on

  255. Catherine Walker says:

    Just completed day one! Hoping making this a habit will help my overall mood so I don’t get so burnt out. Wish me luck!

  256. nrzfh says:

    Starting Day 1 today! Hope this becomes a habit!

  257. Dia says:

    starting the beginner’s calendar over for the third time. my favourite move is still child’s pose :O 😀 hope this is the last time i’m starting over…
    may Cassey’s power and cheerfullness be with us all 🙂

  258. avlahos says:

    Starting the Beginner Journey! Onto Day 3 tomorrow, yee!

  259. Mary-Anne says:

    Hi Cassey. Im 45 years young. Ive been doing some of your workouts at home. Should I rather start on the beginners calendar. Is it ok for my age to do your workouts. Please advise. Thank you. I love your videos by the way 🙂

  260. Alaharem says:

    This calendar has been great so far! I

  261. Lally says:

    Hi, I’m an italian girl who wants to fit with your calendar for beginners. I’m so excited to start !!!

  262. Jessica says:

    This calendar has been great so far! I am almost done week three and soon to start on week 4! Learning to engage my core in the moves has really helped! I have noticed a difference so far in just doing these exercises, so I can’t wait to see the changes when I move to the regular month calendar.

  263. Jeanine says:

    Ok, this time I will really do the videos instead of trying it and wondering why you keep on smiling while it is so hard

  264. judy says:

    I’m ready to get in shape, tone up, get healthy, and lose some weight… gonna try Cassey’s blogilates and look for some results.

  265. Judith says:

    Any gym equipment required?

  266. sarahsadventuresatw says:

    I’ve been a huge fan for years, and my only frustration is that I really wish all your workouts in these caleners were printable as well, so that I could take them to the gym with me. I unfortunately cannot work out in my apartment at 5:30 am, I don’t think the neighbors would like that very much. lol

    1. sarahsadventuresatw says:


  267. Ayesha Thanaz says:

    I’m in too.
    I wanna start today…got lots of time as I’m homeschooled.

  268. 100155 says:

    I’m in, could you please send some encouragement to me. I’m starting on the 1 November, please do it with me. If you do it with me can you end some photos of you doing it? Thanks, Talia from Australia.

    1. louisacork says:

      I am trying to do it from today too… not sure if i can do it lol

  269. Ine says:

    Hello Cassey,

    I was wondering if you could help me. I have just finished (or well, tried to) day 8 of the beginner’s workout calendar. The problem is everything which involves push-ups or staying in a plank position really hurts my wrists. Since I have had multiple cysts I don’t want to pressure them to much, even more because I am overweight (that’s why I do this calendar).
    Do you have any modifications to still work that core and shoulders while warming up?

    Thank you very much and greetings from little Belgium,


    1. micheliwi says:

      Hi Ine! I have issues with my wrists too and what I do is to use my fists instead, try to keep your fists straight under your elbows 🙂 I hope it helps

    2. ahechtman says:

      Same! I try to modify by going to my elbows when I can. When elbows don’t work, I make a fist instead of using a flat palm. Wish there was a better way though!

  270. alaichoy says:

    Day one, done!!

  271. Rachel says:

    Hi ! I am planning to start this workout tomorrow and I was wondering how effective it is for loosing weight ?

  272. rubi.ah says:

    I can’t find the beginner workout videos on your youtube channel. How can I find them?

    1. Hannah says:

      Hey RUBI.AH! You can just type the titles into the Youtube search bar. Here’s the link for her first beginners video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCg_gh_fppI

  273. Traci092 says:

    Hey Cassey, where is the beginner 2.0 planner? I can’t find it on the website but it comes up if I google it separately.

  274. Sid says:

    Heyy Cassey! I just wanted to ask, I read everywhere that pilates is only for muscle flexibility and toning. I really want to lose weight and get in a proper shape. However, I’m almost at the end of beginner’s calender n I’m seeing a difference in my body but not in my weight. I’m eating clean but i really want to lose my fat and weight. What should I do?

    1. slarrington says:

      Excuse me for chiming in….but keep in mind – this will get your body to reshape and get leaner, stronger and muscular so your metabolism will boost. Then, the weight doesn’t matter since you’re replacing the fat with lean, strong fat burning muscle that will keep your metabolism up. Keep it up!! It’s working. Once you see a toner, leaner body, the weight doesn’t matter. It’s the body fat percentage (BMI) that you need to monitor.

  275. Thais Rosa says:

    hello Cassey! I started the “new beginners calendar 2.0 for 2015” this week, and now I founded this new beginners calendar. What calendar should I follow? Thank you!

    1. Lumpy says:

      There are a total of three beginners’ calendars, so why not do all of them!? ;D In all seriousness, all three are good calendars with great workouts for beginners, so I would say pick which ever one suits you best!

  276. Kat says:

    I click on the title of work and nothing happens no links to the vids help pls x

  277. helm says:

    the videos aren’t showing to click on anymore

  278. Sue says:

    Hey Cassie, just thought I’d let you know: the link for the “Beginners Ab & Butt Workout” on the pdf is wrong. It sends you to the “Arm Flat Blaster” workout rather than the actual video.

  279. sara jaber says:

    is the app of blogilates still available i lost it tried to re download at play store couldnt find it !!!

    1. Ibi says:

      I had the same problem as well.

      1. NessaNen says:

        The old app was removed and now she just has the new PIIT Pocket app. I read something about Cassey having issue with the developer of the old app so she got rid of it.

  280. Dr Ravinjit Kaur Gill says:

    Hey Casey! I just started POP Pilates classes here in KL about a month ago. I was so intrigued in the first class that I decided to watch yout videos learn the postures and do it daily. I mixed up the beginner’s routines with more advanced routines for certain areas in the body. I have noticed significant change iny core strength and also more definitions in my arms! Thank you so much! The workouts gave me goals and inspiration when I needed it the most. I was at a very anhedonic point of my life. So discovering pop pilates and your motivation keeps me going. Keep inspiring !

  281. Katharina Wohlleben says:

    yeah! just finished the calender!

  282. Ishika rathi says:

    Hello…I’ve watched your videos on YouTube they’re amazing…loved them…😇

  283. yohamara says:

    This will be a new beginning for me. After many years I have decided to change my lifestyle. I hope to see results. Thank you!!

  284. Irina says:

    Hell yeah! Going to start tomorrow.

  285. Paige says:

    Usually in her HIIT videos, she says to do it 4 times “unless you’re following the workout calendar.” I like a little more cardio to get my heart racing, so I usually do it twice, but I think you only need to do it once 🙂

  286. Grace says:

    Hi, I’m planning to start on this program but i’m not sure that this is right for me. Currently I’m going on Pt. to strengthen my muscle nothing major but my goal is to follow through that. I’m already slim and petite. I was wondering what would be best for me. I have no background on pilates. Can you help me?

  287. 0002anaiak says:

    I feel stupid…
    but are we meant to do all the workouts for one day as one whole workout or pace it out throughout the day? (if that makes sense?)
    and also, when is the best time to workout?

    1. Reagan says:

      It’s best to do them all in a row. The best time to work out just depends on you. You can do it to jumpstart your day, or if you have more time and energy later in the day, you can do it then.

  288. Jasmin says:

    I’m on week 4 of the beginner’s calendar and I notice that it’s still very hard for me. The hip dip is something I just can’t master, I keep falling down. It’s very frustrating. Do you have some tips?

    1. Nikki says:

      Try it on your knees and elbow-make sure to keep your wrist and knees in line with each other to feel it in your obliques. As u progress go up to ur wrist and knees, then on to your toes and elbow and finally on ur toes and wrist just keep everything parallel to the edge of ur mat and in line 😊

  289. rajwindersn says:

    I am so excited to start

  290. Karena J. says:

    Loving this beginner’s calendar so far, however, I am really struggling with some of the exercises. I found I am really lacking flexibility for some of the moves in the 5 Ways to Sculpt Long Legs, and I couldn’t even get myself up for some of the moves in 5 Ways to Build your Core. I had to do modifications because I couldn’t get up for the boat crunches, the twisted crunches, and the single leg sit-ups. Any tips? Does this just come with time? Thanks again for posting up this awesome calendar, Cassie! ❤️

  291. Lydia says:

    Thank you so much I am so excited to start

  292. Payton says:

    I just finished the beginner’s calendar. Should I go straight into one of the monthly calendars, or is there something else I should do first?

    1. laiba00 says:

      did u get slim down from doing beginner calender

      1. Payton says:

        A bit yeah, but I’m still pretty nervous about the workouts that require a lot of muscle.

        1. maiteh says:

          I did it a few years ago, went from the beginners to the monthly. It’s mostly harder because there are more workout video’s a day. So your complete workout takes longer but. I sometimes needed to skip or easy down an exercise or two because of lack of muscle or injury (like plank exercises on the wrists, I had to make fists or even go on my elbows or skip the exercis)

  293. cupidsniper says:

    I am sorry to say that I really miss the old system where you had links for every day which took you to all videos of that day. That frustrated me a bit and I didn’t work out for a while now because of that. (I did sports with that old system for a year ^^”). I try to start this again, but do I have to search for every single video on youtube now or is there a faster way that I have missed?

    1. Kayla says:

      You can follow her calendar she creates.

      1. Orange juice says:

        Is it really simple but challenging?

    2. Giasemí says:

      Hey 🙂
      I had the same problem but I found the trick.
      You can download the pdf and when you click on the Workout Title like in Monday on the sentence „pop Pilates for beginners: total body“ you will get to the video. The workout titles are links in the pdf file. But you can also find the old ones if you google „Blogilates beginner calendar“ if you prefer working with these.

  294. shana says:

    Just completed this calendar today. Im over the moon that i did it.Thanks so much for posting. Gonna do that calandar again for July as some of the moves I still struggle with.

  295. Ashley says:

    Some of the exercises, such as the leg lifts, seem to require a lot of flexibility. I know that Pilates is excellent for toning muscles and improving posture, but will it also improve my flexibility or should I do separate stretches for flexibility before the workout?

    1. Katie Holt says:

      She has some videos in the beginners calendar that focus on flexibility. Flexibility is definitely a journey and takes some time to gain. Doing Pilates will help your flexibility, but I think you shouldn’t rely on the Pilates videos alone to gain the flexibility. You can work on your flexibility with some of her yoga/stretch videos, not only will you be stretching your muscles after workouts, but you’ll be working on your flexibility as well. Kind of a one two punch 🙂
      Happy Workouts!

    2. Natalie Capra says:

      Hi there! I’ve been doing her workouts for a while now and in the beginning it was extra challenging because I wasn’t flexible at all! Doing some stretches before workouts is a great way to warm up and will make sure you don’t hurt yourself. I would recommend that you do some sort of stretches before any workout. The stretches will also help you get some flexibility, which will help your Pilates workout. Make sure not to hurt yourself and good luck!

  296. Ashley D says:

    Some exercises, such as the leg lifts, seem to require a lot of flexibility. I know that Pilates is excellent for toning muscles and improving posture, but will these workouts also improve my flexibility or should I do separate stretches to improve my flexibility before the workout?

  297. Kaitlynn says:

    Hey Cassey! I love watching your videos and all the inspiration you give off. I feel like I am struggling more than I should though with this beginners calendar…there are some days where I can do most of the moves for the majority of the time, but other days where it’s a serious struggle. I’m not going to give up though!

  298. Karuna says:

    I liked Ur videos…..I wanted to gud posture…. shoulder broad … because I my height 4’10”

  299. Angela says:

    I may be missing something…. but I used to click on the beginners calendar and all the days would be there for me to click on…. and the video would come up. I can’t seem to find that anymore?
    Has something changed?

    1. Megan says:

      This is a new calendar, different from her beginners 2.0. If you go to google and type in “blogilates beginner calendar” the old one shows up.

  300. Tswinters says:

    I miss the calendar where you could watch the videos and comment on each day as you go. It was exciting seeing all the comments as you go

    1. Tswinters says:

      Oh I found it. Nevermind.

  301. Kate says:

    Hey, admins 🙂
    Please fix this little issue: when clicking on calendar image to enlarge it – May calendar appears.
    It’s still available to download high-res by the link below, but anyway the thing with image is a bit confusing 🙂

  302. katyblanc says:

    I can’t see the videos 🙁

  303. diet plans says:

    it’s great blog,i really like her style, her cheerful personality.thanks for sharing your information.

  304. Tonya says:

    I’ve started the 28 days for beginners. 2 weeks in & it’s great! A recent injury took m out of running so I was looking for something to stay active. Blogilates is working for me! A couple of questions how do I keep from straining my neck during the ab exercises & my wrists during the moves where your on hands & knees.

    1. rhfaubion says:

      For moves when on your hands & knees you could try going on your forearms. IDK how to prevent the strained neck.

  305. JoAnn says:

    I think that Cassie is the best, seen many workouts and I really like her style, her enthusiasm and cheerful personality, I look forward to my workouts with her now.

  306. eldrax says:

    I was wondering if we are supposed to do the videos that are planned for each day just once or to repeat each video more times?

    1. Chantal says:

      Just do each video once, if you can do them more then once you’re probably not a beginner 😉

  307. Jude says:

    Just click “download hi res cal” instead!

  308. Michael says:

    Your link to the youtube channel is currently an invalid link; should be “YouTube.com/Blogilates” not “http://www.youtube.com/blogilates.com” Cheers.

  309. Adom says:

    How should I deal with intense soreness after a workout? ALSO, nutrition??

  310. chaviva says:

    Dear Cassey, I would like to start the Bgginers program, but the link YouTube.com/Blogilates is not working. I have print out the PDF version, but I don´t know where to find the excercises. Have a nice day. Daniela

    1. Chantal says:

      In the online version of the pdf, click on the title of the workout to start the video.

  311. Roziie91 says:

    Starting Monday but using next two days to psych myself up and browse all videos and blogs. Wedding is 13 weeks today and I’ve put on nearly a stone since buying my dress!! Kick butt time!

  312. amber says:

    super excited for june anyone doing piit28 1.0 through 3.0 this summer and fall?

  313. Ellie Kagey says:

    I cannot wait to start tonight!

  314. Amy says:

    Nooo! I was working off the previous calendar and its easily accessible videos listed by Day! 🙁

  315. Rachel says:

    Yay! This is exciting! Can’t wait to start this calendar and even meal prep for the weekly recipes 😀

    1. Soniaq says:


  316. Liah says:

    Woww thank youu🌍😘💖It will really help me🙌

  317. Anastasia says:

    I have done your workout videos and challenges before and I was actually planning on doing the 100 30 day squat challenge but I’m not sure if I should do the June calendar or the new beginners calendar which do you think would be best?

    1. Ally says:

      It depends, If you wanna cut back down to basics the beginners might be better, If you are advanced then the June Workout Calendar might be better, Just look over the workouts and see what your ready for 😀

  318. Vicky says:

    Hi Cassey, thank you so much for the updated calendar! I just wanted to ask, do the videos for each day cover the warmup for the workout, or should we warm up separately before starting the workout for the day? Thank you for being such an inspiration!

    1. Ally says:

      They do cover warm up. 🙂

  319. Debbie says:

    I think this is an amazing workout schedule!! I am lookign forward to seeing the results at the end of the month! Thank you, Cassey!

  320. dearcricket says:

    I am also confused on how to follow the calender. Is there a clickable version or do you just find the vids on YouTube ?

    1. dearcricket says:

      Figured it out sorry !

  321. Teagan says:

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    1. Ray says:

      I don’t know if this is what you’re asking, but the PDF version has the URL linked in each workout, so you just have to click on it and it’ll send you to the workout video.

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    1. blogilates says:


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