A much needed step away from the grind…

Hey guys!

Even though Sam and I work together every day, I often feel like we don’t get to see each other. I mean, physically I SEE him but if I’m being real, emotionally I’m not really there. I am hyper-focused, super intense, and honestly just too serious. But that’s quintessential business mode Cassey.

So…every summer I make it a point to plan what I like to call our Minimoon: a chance for us to step away from the grind (well, as best as we can…I mean as business owners can you ever REALLY!?!?) and be fully present with one another. I call it a Minimoon because I’m forever chasing the pure happiness that was our Honeymoon!

This year’s trip took us back to one of my favorite places on earth: French Polynesia.


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We spent our days in the water and our nights gazing up at the sparkling sky. We retired when the sun retired and rose as she rose. We ate fries at every meal because we could so we did. We walked everywhere and rushed nowhere. We chose to disconnect in order to reconnect.

The past couple weeks have given me more than I wished for.

(No but like, literally. I wished to swim with 1 mantaray and we ended up swimming with 9!!!)

It’s been magical ✨

Now…we just need to figure out how to sprinkle this Minimoon mentality into our weekly lives instead of waiting for it once a year! Adding a sense of slowness where we can would be nice…except…kinda hard when the biz is in an exciting (and exhausting) growth phase. Oh well, we’ll figure it out! We always do, right Sam!?!

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