A Core Memory – The Bali Swing!

Hey guys!

Ok you made me do it.

I so appreciate you all totally supporting me in pursuing my basic princess dreams. One of you said something in the comments about how these basic desires actually connect us all, and how as women, we shouldn’t be ashamed of leaning into things we’re often shamed for liking. I loved that perspective.


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Which dress did I choose?

I ended up choosing the red dress on the Bali swing (even though everyone wanted me in orange – sorry!) because that color just makes me feel powerful. When I got on the swing, I was feeling pretty okay…until the guy started pulling me backwards and then I was like “WAIT HOLD ON.”

I screamed my head off on the first swing (not captured on camera) and was holding onto the ropes SO TIGHT. When the guy told me to let go, I was like “WHAT DO YOU MEAN.” But then my inner basic forced me to do it for the sake of the IG pic and well, I trusted, I survived, and ended up with a pretty cool photo while tackling my fear of heights!

cassey ho in a red flowy dress bali swing

All in all, a very unique once-in-a-lifetime experience.

So thank you for pushing me to do this!

In case you’re interested, they push you for about 3 min and one of the guys shoots pics and vids! It’s about $25 USD for the dress rental and the swing ride, and there are many styles of dresses to choose from! Sleeveless, halter, backless, puff sleeves etc. The fabric is like a very lightweight polyester, so that’s why it floats so well in the pics.

Some girls came wearing bikinis and that was def the way to go for the most seamless look (I did not do my research) so something to keep in mind if you do this! I did this in Ubud at the Tegalalang Rice Terrace!

cassey ho sam livits bali nest

The Tegalalang rice terraces also had other photo ops (beyond the Bali swing) so wanted to show you the shenanigans Sam and I were up to. We really committed to that nest 🪺 theme as you can see.

Oh and everyone keeps asking us if we’re on our honeymoon. It’s too complicated to explain minimoons and such so we just started saying yes hahaha. Honeymooners forever! 🍯 🌙

cassey ho sam livits bali

More trip updates to come in stories!

So far Bali has me feeling whole and happy, and the best part (besides getting to experience all of this for the first time with Sam) is getting to spend time talking to the Balinese people. From what I’ve experienced so far, their culture seems to be rooted in kindness and gratefulness – something we all need to practice more.

These trips really take us out of our day-to-day grind (which we love btw) and broaden our view of how other people live their lives in different parts of the world. I feel fortunate that we’re able to do this, and am happy that I get to share some of these memories with you!


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