A snapshot of life lately…

Hey guys!

Life. It’s been…absolute insanity. Like the really good kind of insanity but the really intense kind of insanity. The kind that you dream of, but the kind that will break you if keep going like this.

Yesterday I was honored as one of Youtube’s OG Asian American creators, alongside some iconic legends. I was supposed to prepare a speech…but in a room full of people who I had once admired from afar who then came to be my real-life friends, I decided to speak from the heart instead.

Swipe a couple to see a lil clip of my speech!


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My life and my career today would not be what it is without that first 10 minute Pilates video I posted on YouTube in 2009. Isn’t it wild how the universe works? Pilates, YouTube and you guys brought me back to my childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer…something I was told I’d NEVER succeed at…and yet here I am, living the most intense version of my dream. So intense that it’s about to break me.

After the gala, Sam and I had to tend to some real world duties. In my literal evening gown and heels, we went to go check on a paint job (we’re in the middle of moving into a new office for POPFLEX) to make sure the contractors did their work.

It was then that I asked Sam to shoot me amongst the construction because it was a perfect representation of us TRYING to harmonize the extremes in our lives:

The contrast of dream and reality…
The juxtaposition of elegance and chaos…
The push and pull between a thriving business and a balanced life that does not exist…

This is us right now.

Truly thrilled. Yet truly exhausted.

I’m grateful for all of it, and for what’s to come. But I know in my bones that if I don’t slow down I will break down.

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  1. Gemma says:

    Make sure you go to bed early, I’m working on that right now and i feel like it will help ☁️