“Don’t you guys get sick of each other?”

Don’t you guys get sick of each other?”

This is a question a lot of couples trying to work together ask us. And I get it – we live together, we work together, we literally DO EVERYTHING together, so it’s a fair question.

Sam and I have been together for 14.5 years and yes, like any other couple, we debate, we question each other, and we get on each other’s cases hard, but what we’re really good at is knowing when it’s time to stop. These “fights” usually end with one of us looking at the other, holding back a smile while trying to act tough, and saying “k we good?” And then the other will go “k, over.”

In complete transparency, these “fights” are usually work related (not really personal stuff) and only happen because we’re experiencing emotional distress around a new difficulty with the business. But, these fights never last long (5-10 min) because Sam and I know and respect one another’s realm of expertise. Once we let ego and emotion subside, we’re all solutions based – like it doesn’t matter who is right or wrong , it only matters how we can solve the problem.

This won’t be easy or natural for everyone bc different humans process emotions differently, but this is what works for us and has kept our husband and wife relationship AND our business relationship strong (and exciting) all these years.

Now…in the case of this video…


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The truck going missing thing had just happened that morning so we were both NOT in a good mood. But then, I had an idea, I wanted to film it, and bc Sam knows how important it is for me process my feelings through content creation (writing, editing etc) he agreed to the video idea (albeit begrudgingly but still).

These are some of the special outtakes from the 8 minute “dance rehearsal” that made me laugh so hard I literally cried while gasping for air. You can tell how much he just looooooooooooves dancing, can’t you??

Oh ya, so the answer to that question? No. No we don’t get sick of each other bc we’re never bored of each other!

Thank you Sam for allowing me to share this with you guys. I had to negotiate for 2 days so you better like it.


PS: no update on the missing bags yet

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  1. Lisa says:

    This was fantastic!! Seeing the blooper reel makes the actual video even more amazing. Thanks Sam for letting her share.

  2. Milla says:

    Thank you Sam for allowing this post to come into existence.
    And the dance is much funnier knowing how hard it was to get right 😆
    Keep it up guys, you are very smart couple for being able to let your mind rule in the end of fights and not ego. Really, that is such rare gift.

    Many happy years for you two!