Dear Cassey: Why does everything I eat make me bloated?

Dear Cassey,

I bloat after consuming EVERYTHING. From drinking water on an empty stomach to a nutritious smoothie. I don’t know what I am doing wrong and I would love your advice.


Plateaued Body

Dear Plateaued,

I feel like I should preface this by saying I’m NOT a doctor or a gut health expert, and if constant bloating is negatively affecting your daily life, my best advice is to get it checked out by a pro!

Okay, but for real. BLOATING IS THE WORST. I totally can feel your frustration! With that being said, I am VERY familiar with sensitivity to bloating and I know how annoying and uncomfortable it feels and how FRUSTRATING it is trying to figure out how to eat without consequences. What I learned in my own experience is that constant bloating is usually a sign that something deeper is going on. All of our bodies are different and we tolerate foods differently!

Food intolerance – This was the problem for me! After journaling and paying close attention to my food and how my body reacted, I learned that I’m just a little sensitive to some foods – specifically dairy and gluten. I can still eat them, but I almost always feel bloated. Even if the foods you’re eating are healthy, your body could still react negatively if you have a sensitivity.

Acid reflux – This is one I wouldn’t have expected, but it could cause bloating!

Constipation.- This one totally makes sense. If you’re “blocked,” then excess gas is going to back up too! Over time, it’s going to feel like you’re constantly bloated.

The digestive system is pretty complex, so pretty much anything that throws your gut health out of whack can cause bloating. Besides looking into underlying causes, I think it’s important for everyone to incorporate things that support gut health!

Staying active, hydrated, eating a consistent amount of fiber, and incorporating pre and probiotics are all things that promote gut health and good digestion. It’s also helpful to avoid artificial sweeteners (sugar-free foods with sorbitol allllways make me bloated), refined carbohydrates, and alcohol. Also, beware of anything packed with “added” fiber! You’ll see this in cereals and snack bars to make them seem more healthy. But added fiber can be suuuuper problematic if you’re prone to bloating.

Like I said before, what worked for me was food journaling and experimenting with small changes to find what my body needed. The most important thing is to find help from an expert if you need it!

PS – If you have a burning question you want to ask me, leave your questions below! I may answer it in an upcoming Dear Cassey post!

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  1. Kate says:

    Dear Casey,
    I have endometriosis and get regular flare ups that last a few days. It’s so hard to make a workout plan when my flare ups are so unpredictable and disruptive. How do I stay mentally encouraged about my weight when I feel helpless and like I can’t do anything to change it? Are there workouts that you recommend for when I feel terrible but motivated to do something?
    Endo Warrior

  2. vanessa bajaj says:

    dear cassy i m 15 and i m constantly trying to modify my body to fit in the norms pls help me by bringing up teenage workout videos

  3. Kyleigh says:

    Dear Cassey,
    How can I get myself to eat healthier everyday? Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been so picky about vegetables and can only stand a few different types, and a lot of it I just can’t handle the texture and taste. I love fruit, but I feel like it doesn’t fill me up any. A lot of the healthy grains are expensive. So I usually end up eating what you’d call “junk food”, then end up feeling bloated and guilty as it messes with my energy while working out. How can I get myself to start craving healthy foods over junk food, and actually feel full too?
    Thank you for your time😇
    Sincerely, Unhealthy Eater

  4. Erica says:

    What are your suggestions for pre and probiotics?

  5. Calf monster says:

    Dear Cassey,
    I’ve worked out really hard using your videos, tried cardio, and also ate healthy foods. I’ve lost fat in my belly but my legs have stayed the same. My thighs and calves are so big and I’m so insecure about it I can’t even wear shorts. Really need your help! xoxo

  6. Clueless Diner says:

    Re: Eating Out

    Dear Cassey,

    I’ve been following your workouts, blog postings, and other advice, and I’m finally starting to see results (special shout out to the Hot Girl Summer Sculpt)! I’ve been especially mindful about prepping healthy meals for lunchtime during the work week and avoiding unnecessary afternoon snacking.

    However, occasionally a coworker or my boss will want to go out to eat for lunch, and I am CLUELESS when it comes to selecting healthier options on a menu. Should I focus on total calorie count, or are there foods I should look for/avoid? How often is it okay to splurge on a nice meal? If I know I’m going to eat a lot at one meal, should I try to balance it out with my other meals that day? Oh, and I also have a vacation coming up, so I expect there will be little to no cooking during that week!

    I appreciate any advice you can offer!

    Clueless Diner

  7. ANGELA says:

    Dear Cassey,
    Every since I turned high school, all I’ve ever done was try to lose weight— I was born quite heavy and I am chubby ever since. In 7th grade, I did crash diet for months, literally eatin 150 cal- 500 cal a day and exercising an hour. It was the worst. I lost weight but gained it all back after Christmas. I couldn’t do it anymore so I stopped. I tried to eat more but it seems like I feel full fast and it’s annoying. During 8th-10th grade, all I’ve ever done was try to lose weight. When the pandemic came, I tried a vegetarian diet, with 1200 cal a day, and intermittent fasting. I lost weight, but just a few— given all the diets I tried, It’s either I lose it and gain it all back or I won’t lose anything at all. It’s so hard. All my high school life, all I remember is trying to lose weight:(…I just don’t feel happy with my body, and I want to feel more confident. The constant remarks of my family isn’t helping too:((( i tried different diets but I don’t know which one works for me…it’s so hard:(((. Your programs helped me a lot, and your blogs too!! You’re my last hope right now. I love u and what you do!! Thank you!!!

  8. Drowning on the Inside says:

    Dear Cassey,

    Is it normal for me to feel like puking when I drink water during a workout? I don’t drink a crazy amount (~2 liters throughout the day to keep hydrated), but as soon as I start exercising, any water I drink feels like it’s bubbling up in my chest and it totally disrupts my workout flow because I’m trying not to let it progress any further.

  9. Cat says:

    In regards to bloating. That use to happen to me. Probiotics, eating small meals so u don’t get full through out the day and I don’t don’t down a bunch of water at once take several sips at a time. Not reaching full point is what has helped me. Everyone is different this is what helps my bloating issues.

  10. Mary says:

    Cassey, how often should we eat?

  11. Cat says:

    I’m having a hard time being disciplined on working out. I want to, I’ve tried and stopped. I used to actively work out everyday. Then life happened… I’m just trying to goal orientate again and stick with it. I looked at many work outs on you tube trying to find a good work out and I found yours. I love your motivation, the way you talk to people, and the simplicity of your work outs. So please tell me how to stay motivated. Ty

  12. Ida says:

    Dear cassey i have trouble to motivate me to workingout and it was a while ago since i did i have been going on walks with the dog but just cant get myself to do much more than that i want too i know i feel better after but i feel stuck at the same time i find myself often taking big portions and take a second plate of food i have cut down on snacks though

  13. Maria says:

    Dear Cassey,
    I’m 15, I went through orthorexia and then binge eating disorder, I’m from Pakistan and here there are many other domestic/household dilemmas to deal with, and I didn’t think it would be very considerate of me to ask my parents to take me to the psychiatrist when I was going through my serious mental illness of the disorder, let alone the nutritionist now that I’m somewhat fine, though I still do relapse. I am still finding the right balance between eating healthy, and treating myself so that I don’t regret not enjoying my teenage/childhood years once I’m older. And also the balance between what types of workouts to do, when to take a rest day. Basically, I’m confused about everything relating to my diet and my exercise regiments because everyone is different, that I know for sure, so I can’t just follow your or any other teenagers diet and exercise routine. Plus, I cannot visit a nutritionist as I told before. Can you please guide me as to how to develop a healthy lifestyle as a teenager (who needs to take enough nutrition to grow (I still haven’t started my period btw) and also not binge like I used to)?

    1. Katie says:

      Maria, your health and mental health IS important and it is right for you to take care of yourself and seek help in getting better. It’s great that you want to make positive changes! But esp w your health history it would be best to share your concerns w your Dr. the next time you are able to. Don’t feel like you have to go it alone. My suggestion would be also start w small positive changes like adding in more healthy foods to your diet- maybe try one new healthy food each week. And take the time each day to think about one nice thing you did for your body/health.

    2. Theresa says:

      I’m not Cassey, but you absolutely can follow her. There’s varying schools of thought on whether you should be using weights or not, so if in doubt, leave those out, but you can 100% do the workouts. The wide majority of them are on YouTube, so it doesn’t even cost money. As for eating, think universal truths – lots of water, lots of vegetables, keep the added sugars (like pop, sugar in your coffee or tea, flavored yogurts, those sorts of things, lean meats, eat when you’re hungry, don’t when you’re not, and you’re in business.

      1. Theresa says:

        “Keep the added sugars down”, I forgot a word in there.

  14. Angela says:

    I totally feel you, Plateaued! I have IBS, so whenever I am very stressed, I feel like everything I eat just stays in my stomach! One thing that’s helped me personally is doing an elimination diet. After cutting out dairy, nuts, and legumes, I found that it was dairy and nuts that were the roots of my issues. So now I’m totally dairy and nut free, and my bloating has reduced drastically.

  15. No Longer Stuck & Frustrated CME says:

    Dear Cassey,
    I left a comment in the last Dear Cassey concerning eating disorders, which I will like to say I am a little more educated to what they are and when to get help. I realized that I choose to be have a healthy mind set and the goal is to better overall, not to lose weight. At some point, I lost that mindset because it was an underlying issue from within. I have no clue what I am doing with my future, and maybe it is time to start working on that again. I have decided to stop calorie counting/calorie deficit because it was too much for me to handle. Taking a rest week for my hip to heal has given me joy, but also I miss doing Pilates. I always felt confident and energized because I know I was getting stronger. Doing Pilates with you, Cassey, gave me a sense of accomplishment for myself. Thank you for the fun, bizarre, and uplifting workouts. I plan to workout soon after my hip heals. 🤍
    P.S. Your words of encouragement has enlightened my journey. Also, bananas and salsa are the BEST ever. I thought it was a weird pair, but it is so delicious.

  16. nicole says:

    honestly, everyone should look into getting checked for SIBO. i’ve had bloating for yearsssss (bloated after drinking water, feeling like my stomach would rip), and had everything from ultrasounds to “ehh, it’s normal!” until FINALLY my gastro told me to take a SIBO test and i tested positive for overgrowth of hydrogen. it’s not always something you can get rid of on your own, unfortunately 🙁

  17. May says:

    Dear Cassey, I am super dehydrated but I hate the taste of water and when I drink a lot I use the bathroom so so so much. Got any tips?

  18. Confused Teen says:

    Dear Cassey, I’m 15 years old and I want to do the 90 day journey over the summer. However I’m wondering if this is right for me. I need your thoughts!!! Sincerely, Confused Teen

    1. Maria says:

      Exactly confused teen my question for this week is exactly the same!!! And I’m also fifteen!

  19. Dana Villani says:

    I totally feel you, Plateaud! I suffered with bloating for yeaaars and at one point in my life, it got so bad that it effected my mental health. I stopped working out, I was depressed and anxious and I felt…mushy. Just like Casey said, it takes time and a lot of trial and error!! I’m still trying to work around it with the help of a Naturopath doctor. Hydration, water and time!! Don’t give in to the bloating monster — give yourself time and be patient with your body. You’re not alone ❤️

    1. Camille says:

      IBS-C is a common thing with excessive bloating too 🙂 i have pretty bad constipation and it’s one of my underlying issues

  20. Juliet says:

    Dear Cassey – hey, I hope you’re doing well and if not, that’s okay too!

    I discovered your channel last year in July and started doing workouts every week and later on every day {except for sunday :)}. I loved them and they and you helped me to feel conscious in my body. I enjoyed doing sports though the results always needed a long time to show, longer than my workouts and healthy eating should take. In February I suddenly became sick and couldn’t do any sports, a depression followed, I gained 10 kg without changing my diet to unhealthy. I got a little better this month and visited many doctors but till today, I don’t know what caused the scene. I can’t even do yoga because it takes too much energy. Did you ever experience something that seemed to completely change what you build up in the last months to year? How do you handle extreme negative backlash?

    I worked to be a very positive and bubbly human being, but the last months kicked my bubble butt in many ways. I’m still glad to be alive, but I’m scared too.

    Thank you for reading this –
    I’m so happy to have your chanel in my life :}

  21. HIIT_curious says:

    Hi, Cassey!!

    I have completed both the 21 Day Tone Challange and the Hot Girl Summer Sculpt and I love both programs to the Moon and back!!! Surprisingly, the days I loved the most were the cardio days. Because of this, I’ve been really curious to try some HIIT workouts (I’m mostly trying to lose weight, now that I’ve grown both my strenght and resitance). For the future programs that you have planned, can you introduce more HIIT? That would feel like a bomb challenge.

    Thanks a lot!

  22. Isis says:

    Hi, I just don’t know but I feel like people are totally overrating bloating these days. I think not every sizechange ob the belly is bloating. When I’m reading “I get bloated from drinking water on an empty stomach” this doesn’t sound like bloating at all but simply as your stomach expanding because of the things we put in it. I think that’s 100% normal. Over the time of the day the belly expands because the stomach in it expands because of food, water etc. we put in it and it’s natural that it doesn’t rush through in an instant. As far as I understand it that is not bloating at all. Bloating is the “hyperextend”(englisch is not my native I don’t know the right word) of the stomach becaus of gases building up in it or really too much food and this feels uncomfortable. But it’s not the same as “wow I drank an ounce of water pretty quick and now my belly stands out a bit more than before.
    Have you considered that?
    Sincerly Isis

  23. Marti says:

    If I eat a single raisin I look like I have eaten a 5 course meal. I’m constantly bloated also, even after cutting out meat, bread, and dairy.

  24. Inquisitive Teen says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I‘m struggling to keep a consistent diet, and whenever I eat, my stomach tends to bloat, hurt, and feel full… What should I do?

  25. In Pain: Inside and Out says:

    Dear Casey,
    I have been on my fitness journey for over a year now (probably the only thing good that came out of quarantine) but now I have hit a huge roadblock. I’ve injured my lower back and have been instructed by my doctor to stop all physical activities that aggravate it (so basically everything), including my favorite: going for long walks. I have just begun to see some results, and I am crushed that I have to stop. How am I going to stay fit and keep all of my progress if I can’t do anything for an indefinite amount of time? I feel so embarrassed that I injured myself in the first place, and now I have no way to try to make myself feel better. I swear, I can feel my body gaining back inches and losing muscle definition as we speak….How do you cope with an injury? Have you ever been injured before?
    In Pain: Inside and Out