1 Year Ago, I Made a Decision That Changed My Life.

Hey guys!

Happy 1 year anniversary…to meeee!

It’s been exactly 365 days since I made the decision to get in the best shape of my life, once and for all. Mentally and physically.

It was also 365 days ago that the barrage of negativity and controversy came at me like a huge tsunami. People telling me that I was a shame to all women, mentally disordered, a bad role model…all amplified by the media of course, to top of off. It was painful. But not as painful as being stuck in a place where I didn’t feel like myself.

I’m glad I stayed my course. I knew what I needed. I needed to find myself again. And that meant going on a #90DayJourney to push myself to discover the best version of me.

I allowed myself the grace to try, fail, and try again. I honored my body’s needs by listening carefully to what it was telling me. That was the key to unlocking my body’s potential.

Today, I went to go put on the same swimsuit I wore on Day 1. (It didn’t really fit so that’s why the sides are pulled up).

Happy in all of them, but there’s renewed energy the more you go to the right.

Guys, seriously, what I’ve been eating has been doing wonders for my hair too! Unintended!

So proud of how strong my upper body has gotten!!!

I know what you see is how lean I’ve gotten. But you know what’s way more important? I’ve gotten so much stronger – MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY. And that mental transformation has affected other areas of my life in a way I’d have never expected. The coolest thing? I’ve kept it up. This whole thing was SUSTAINABLE.

If you guys want to know exactly how I did it, you can read my 90 Day Journey blog posts, starting right here on Day 1. I tell you exactly what I ate every day! It’s all experimental though, so you’ll see how my diet shifted as I begin to better understand what my body needed.

Also…I was trying SO HARD to surprise you with something today on my 90 Day Journey anniversary but the project ended up being wayyyyyyyyy bigger than I had expected. So I decided not to rush, as it’s something that needs extra care. Can you guess what it is?

I’ve been working with an amazing Registered Dietitian to take everything I’ve learned on my journey to create the OFFICIAL 90 Day Journey Meal Plan for you! It has EVERYTHING you’ll need to know to go on your own 90 Day Journey.

Is this something that you think would help you? I’d love to know how many of you guys would be interested in the meal plan! If you have a second, can you fill out this survey so I know more about what your goals and diet preferences are?

Thank you so much! Can’t wait to share this with you guys when it’s ready!

Fill Out the 90 Day Meal Plan Survey!

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  1. Tanna Barker says:

    The way your life changed was not clear to me. Did your physical appearance enhance your relationships, change your identity, etc. Being hyper-focused on fitness and food is not sustainable or healthy, in my opinion. Although I know this isn’t what you want to hear, you might consider why you changed your lifestyle so drastically to lose weight and look smaller in your swimsuit.

  2. Gin says:

    You looked more feminine on day 1.
    Why would you wanna change?

    1. Dia says:

      Cassey I’m a quiet follower of yours… just popping in for the first time ever to say: ignore the trolls. You are inspiring me and I’m sure countless others to get into the best shape of their lives too- thank you for that! You are a light and bring so much positivity to the world and sadly the trolls are attracted to the light too and want to dim it. Keep doing you and what feels best. You go girl!

    2. K says:

      Beauty in the eyes of the beholder. I like her more on the right. She looks happier, leaner and stronger. Keep in mind she is a professional fitness blogger. Her standards will be higher than ordinary everyday people because not everyday people want to have the strict regimen and standards it takes to be an athlete or fitness competitor. Both are fine.

  3. Meg says:

    Cassey, I saw your videos on Pinterest and well… long story short i am obsessed with Blogilates, even though it has only been a week lol. Your energy and smile make every workout fun for some reason! i saw your 90 day journey and the first thing i noticed was the smile on your face at day 365, that’s what I want. I am starting the 90 day journey today and hope to find the confidence in my body (no matter how big or small) that you seem to have. I want to thank you for your body positive image; it reminds me that my worth doesn’t come from my pant size or a scale. Also super stocked about the @hotgirlsummerscupltchallenge! I would like to ask this though, is this weight loss and toning done only with Pop Pilates and diet? Or is it other forms of exercise too? I used to run and am trying to figure out adding it in with Pop Pilates, or if that is too much strain on my body. You’re awesome Cassey, keep glowing!

  4. Maria says:

    I’ll be honest I was nervous about the weight loss thing. I didn’t leave any mean comments or anything but in my head I was like Cassey what are you doing ??? I’ve been doing pop Pilates since 2012 so I’ve been around for the whole thing bikini competition and everything. This is so cheesy but my life would not be the same without you Cassey. Now that I have read your blog posts I am genuinely so proud of you and happy for you for deciding to live your life for YOU instead of for other people. I don’t think I’m ready for the 90 day journey yet but maybe in a few years after my metabolism has healed up. Your videos and positive attitude are what keeps me going so I’m happy that you’re happy. Hope you have a great day 🙂

  5. Anonymus says:

    Cassey, I just want to say how much your thigh workouts have helped me. I’ve always been embarrassed by my legs. They wobbled when I walked so I could never wear anything that showed them in public or at home. Doing your workout has shed so much fat from both my legs, and made me fall absolutely in love with the way they look. I can’t wait for summer so I can get to show them off. Thanks sis!

  6. Michele says:

    Cassey, your workouts have saved and inspired me during this pandemic. I think you’re amazing! Thanks for all your hard work.

  7. Rucha Bhaisare says:

    Need help in weight loss journey exactly at what time should we start our daily routine with proper diet and exercise

  8. Eva says:

    Cassey! I finished my 90 day journey today I just wanted to share my results! I met my goal of losing 13lbs and also dropped almost 13 inches overall. I just feel so proud of myself for sticking with my goals, being mindful of what I’m putting into my body, pushing myself to stay focused, and getting back to a place where I just feel so comfortable and confident in myself. Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. blogilates says:

      Congrats!!!! WOW that’s so exciting to hear!!!

  9. Julie-Ann says:

    Hello Cassy,
    It’s been 14 days that I started my 90 days journey and you are the one that motivates me that start. I love your content, your energy, your messages, you are just amazing! I even bought your journal to help me stay motivated, but right now I am a bit depress.
    So, about my 90 days journey, I am having a few trouble and it is making me cry. I calculated my BMR and my daily calorie need. With that, I calculated my macro, and made myself a nutrition plan based on your’s, and on the advise a certified nutritionist once gave me. I only eat whole food. So I am eating my veggie, 1 or 2 fruits per day (banana or apple), no refined carbs (only 1/2 cup of brown rice or 100g of sweet potato or 1/2 cup of oat) and lean protein. I weight my food, follow my plan and only threats me once a week. I drink around 2L of water everyday (I am unable to drink more and even at 2L I pee all the times) and I exercise regularly (I follow your calendar or do weight training 5-6 times a week, I stretch everyday and walk 30-60 minutes everyday). I already have a healthy weight for my height, even if I gained weight (I started this journey to eating better, but also to fit less tight into my clothes again). I have been using your journal to track my progress and everything, but I gained body fat. I don’t mind my weight, because I am really focus on losing body fat %. In 2 weeks I gained a bit more than 3% body fat. Even when I was eating worst, I never gained that much in such a small amount of time. So I really need help ! Why I am gaining body fat % ? What I am doing wrong ? What can I do ? Thanks a lot

    1. Julie-Ann says:

      I forgot to mention that I steam my food instead of cooking it in oil and I almost consume no salt ( I don’t add salt on my food)

  10. Michaela says:

    I wanted to start this 90 day jurney because i don’t want to just feel physicaly happy but also mentaly.
    I’m so happy that I find you because you help me a lot allready!
    But I’m still in proces of loving myself.
    And also sorry for my english i know is very,very,very bad.😅

  11. Michaela says:

    i don’t have any thoughts.Sorry😅

  12. I want to purchase but since your location is the US I might find that the ingredients are not available here in the Philippines.

  13. Nia says:

    Hello Cassey,
    I have made a decision that I want to go on a 90 Day Journey too, because I want to be in the best shape of my life physically and mentally. I have been making progress gradually, but I’m sick of the lack of consistency. I have tried embarking on such a journey many times, but I’ve failed every time. I’m just going to think that this has made me stronger and try again. You have been one of my biggest inspirations, so thank you! Here I go!

  14. Stanley says:

    Hello, I love your content and I will like to comment and possible give some tips here. Hey I am looking at a product on fitness https://bit.ly/3imNuHR
    What do you think about Custom Keto Diet?

  15. Ankita says:

    This was very inspiring. I love it.

  16. Sara Turner says:

    I was so inspired when I watched you go through this and I am still amazed today at your positivity! I am just now restarting PIIT28, but I want to start this new 90 day program next! If you’re taking a poll, I would absolutely love to see a “couples” program with you and Sam! I don’t know if that’s something he’s up for but my husband and I love to workout together and meal plan together. I adore your blog and everything you put out, and I would love to get my husband in on the hype! 🙂

    1. blogilates says:

      Awwww that’s fun!! Let me ask Sam, hahaha

  17. sowndarya says:

    Thats very impressive and cool.
    hey guys you can follow and support my new blog unicfrogy.blogspot.com

  18. Tapadar says:

    Thanks for sharing such amazing Article

  19. Sowmya S says:

    Hey Cassey…i have been fat over years and recently i started working out and Im loving it. But ever since i started working out, my period has stopped for 3months. I had hormone imalance previously and i take supplements for that. I try my best to eat healthy avoiding junks, but im not on any specific diets. I would be grateful if you could throw some light on this as to how to correct it. Thank you
    Love from India!💜

  20. Simran says:

    This journey of yours is insane I really want to achieve this body goal u r a real inspiration 😭❤ lots of love from India

  21. Girl! You are glowing! Love it

  22. Ghalya says:

    Wow, that’s awesome! Wanna try it

    1. Eluise says:

      When I first saw you on youtube I fell in love with your positive attitude and your fun workout routines. You tend to talk us through the workout making it pass in no time and whenever someone asked me to suggest a workout I always said “Go to blogilates”. I think I kind of identified myself with you and saw you as my role model, as we are also about the same size and were about the same weight. I was starting to feel good in my body and accepting that I am not as slim as I was a few years ago, but am a lot happier with myself and my life. You actually contributed to that as well and I felt like with following you, I found someone who shares the same values and to develop in a way where my weight does not define how I feel about myself. Working out was about moving and having fun, even if it is only 20 minutes every other day.
      When you announced your 90 days body transformation challenge I was crushed and shocked, as it seemed against everything you stood for the past years. I remember the comic that you posted where the girl looks in the mirror, being sad, then the next picture is her some time later being skinny, still sad, saying “Nope that wasn’t it”, yet you were trying to do exactly that. I felt like you lied to us by saying “accept your body as it is” or “you are beautiful regardless of your weight” and then just giving up and dieting when developing a healthy mindset was harder than it seemed at the beginning. With that I started questioning myself again, as we were the same weight and height and I felt like, maybe I should also go back to losing weight and getting skinnier, because it seems like accepting it would not be good enough. In the end I unfollowed you because I was at a point where your videos and posts would make me feel bad about accepting my extra weight instead of dieting to lose it. When I saw you smile I felt like it was fake and not real anymore and you were being insecure about yourself, hiding behind a facade.
      To me you used to stand out to all the other youtubers because you did not define yourself with your weight like all the others, but you were happy with yourself because you are a good person (which I think you definitely are) and wanted to work on selflove rather than a quick unhealthy fix. To me that was really inspirational and special and compared to others you were being authentic.
      People tend to say “I am losing the weight for myself, not for others” but if you were the last person on earth, would you lose those few extra pounds? I don’t think so. So in my opinion saying that is trying to rectify yourself to others and especially to yourself. Because dieting and counting calories is easier than being proud of your body in your body’s comfort zone even though it does not exactly match the beauty standard these days. However, the weight is probably gonna come back at some point due to age, sickness or maybe even pregnancy and I think it’s better to be prepared to love yourself no matter of your weight when you might not have the strength and time to undergo such an intense diet. I think it is more sustainable for yourself to invest in a strong and healthy mindset rather than decreased weight.
      I have to say however, I am still popping by your youtube channel every now and then, because honestly, you are crushing the workouts.

  23. Lee min ji says:


  24. Leanna says:

    I have never left a comment before on your site, but I’ve been using your workouts for 7+ years, and love your most recent physical AND mental transformation. Thank you for being someone open and honest and persevering towards YOUR goal and the best version of yourself despite all the negativity. Plus, I know it was not easy (regardless of all the unsolicited opinions!) and that alone deserves applause! The icing on the cake is that you’ve continued this healthy pattern over a whole year. Congrats!

  25. Eileen says:

    Love your positivity and videos!

  26. Diana says:

    It’s amazing that you have been able to keep this up. You look even fitter now than on the end of your 90 day journey. You are some sort of superhuman to keep up with it that long. I don’t think I have the discipline.

  27. Wow this is so exciting!! How did you go about selecting a dietitian? I wonder how it’ll be customizabe to each girl…

  28. Jessica Huynh says:

    OMG, Casey!!! Look at your one year progress! Your delts are popping ahhhh!!! First of all, I just want to say thank you for sharing your journey with us. I totally understand what you went through. At the end of the day, we can’t please anyone though. Your journey really sparks a light for me. I decided to go on a 90-day journey as well. I have not exercised and been active much since March when the quarantine started. I gained weight of course. But I do not regret though, I actually enjoyed eating the food, my mom cook! They are just too good to resist haha. But yeah, I felt my joints hurt and realize my strength going downhill because I have been sedentary for four months. I decide to spend the next 90 days to change myself physically and mentally. I want to be happy seeing myself in the mirror. Be confident and accept the way I look. I do have lots of insecurities as well. But I want to use this time to embrace my body, some parts that I can’t change. I have been debating whether I should keep this journey for myself or share it on social media. I do want the better for myself and really don’t want to let those negativities from others affect my progress and my emotions. Love you so much, Casey!!!

  29. Zoe says:

    Am I the only one that thinks she looks underweight? No shade or anything just slightly worried

    1. Jane says:

      I had same opinion… be careful

  30. Kelly Crowell says:

    You look so fit and strong! I’m anxious for the nutrition plan! Thank you for always being positive and encouraging…from a 60 year old grandma who loves your workouts 😁💗

  31. Ella says:

    Hi so I hate my body everyday looking in the mirror all I want to do is break down and cry.I have saved over 50 different workouts to try but I cant get myself up to do the workouts because I dont know if they will work I feel like if i start doing the workout the after three weeks I am not going to make any progress I am scared and all I want to do is feel like I am pretty.Is there any way you can tell me how I would know if they would work for me or what foods that will help the process?

    1. Koko says:

      I wake up every morning and want to go running to be fit. And then I am tired and dont want to get up. But then after 3 to 5 minutes i realize that now I am awake anyways and I put on some music or a podcast i would listen to anyways and then I am happy and just do it. Thats how also you will know if it works out for you. Just do it. For yourself. And be happy.

    2. Diana says:

      Focus on progress, not perfection. Just start it. Do a workout that looks fun and stick with it. Eventually you will want to do more as you get stronger and fitter. Eat protein rich foods and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Don’t buy anything with added sugar. Before you know it you will start to see a change in your body, and you will like what you see.

  32. CM says:

    I am so so so proud of you cassey! I stood by you from Day 1 and I am so proud of your progress, mentally and physically. Much loves!!!

  33. Euni says:

    Yay! So happy for you! Just filled out your survey and I’m going to start my 90 days journey as well! It will be interesting to see the change in my postpartum body!

  34. Abbagail says:

    Ooh! I would be so excited for a 90 day meal plan! Your hard work really shows! Thanks for all the work you do that helps so many people! Your always an inspiration to me and so many others!

  35. Rea says:

    You do a great job and inspire me to change my life

  36. Angie says:

    Unrelated but, did you ever post an update about your invisible braces?!

  37. Allie says:

    You look amazing! Is the 90 day meal plan going to be different from the 28 Day Reset?

  38. Sandra says:

    Thank you for truly emphasizing the mental health aspect of physical fitness. You’re the first person in my life that really made me think about that!

  39. Johanne says:

    I’m in admiration! I would have love to achieve this goal too!

  40. corrina says:

    you look amazing

  41. Isis says:

    You look amzing and soooo happy and glowing 🙂

  42. Shel says:

    Hi Cassey! Congratulations on your year of success! You look amazing and I am so happy for you. I am coming to the end of my own body goal journey. It took me a bit longer than 90 days, but I lost 25 lbs and I am stoked! But, now that it is coming time for me to reverse and maintain, I am getting a bit nervous (increasing calories is scary!) From what it looks like, you have been able to not only maintain your weight since your 90DJ, but get even leaner! I would love to know what you did in the 275 days since it ended. What did you keep doing and what did you change? Did you stop tracking calories completely when it was over? How has your metabolism changed? Do you still exercise the same? Did you do a reverse diet? How did you mentally transition from a diet to a lifestyle? Any insight or advice would be very much appreciated!

  43. Cyn says:

    Wow! What an inspiration! Not sure your height, but I’m 5’2″ and your start and end weights from the 90-day journey are similar to my range as an adult, and I’ve been at the *high* end lately. This has totally inspired me! I love the way you’re data-focused! Just a thought that the macros (carbs & protein percentages over time) should be compared to the slope of your weight graph (i.e. the rate of weight loss), rather than directly to weight, no?
    Anyway, tomorrow I turn 38 and weigh ~131 lbs. I plan on starting a 90-day journey too – that will hopefully be maintained all year and beyond! 🙂

  44. Tatiana says:

    Hi Cassey! Would you be willing to share your new muscle/fat percentages and weight? And how they compare to the whole journey? You look fantastic by the way – great work!