Target takes on affordable wellness (and we’re so here for it)

We’ve all been about slow wellness here on the Blogilates team. Listening to our body, indulging in things that just FEEL good. 

This was a little manifesto I wrote for our first launch of the year.


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This year, wellness for me looks like… finding movement that feels good to me and fits naturally into my schedule. It may be a run one day and a slow morning walk the next. I’m also trying to build more boundaries around my schedule so I can relish the few hours with my 4-year-old between school pick-up and bedtime.


And instead of (always) ending my days with my fav Netflix show I’m trying to find a shift to softer evenings… lighting my favorite candle, and journalling or reading a book.

Wellness to you may be very different from the ways I’m finding wellness in my life. I feel like the word wellness is often branded as a spa weekend, with a high price tag and crystals whose names you cannot pronounce. But really wellness is so, so much more (although we always love a little spa moment). For our team, we’ve been talking a lot about the word.

What ‘wellness’ means to us

Here are some keywords that came to mind on the team.

Warmth – The feeling of the sun on your face, a bowl of good soup that literally warms your soul.

Travel – Whether it’s hopping on a 10-hour flight, or checking into a hotel 10 minutes away. Just getting time away to recharge in a new environment.

Purpose – This is a biggie. Building a life of purpose, and taking time to make sure your day-to-day is building upon your legacy and purpose.

Home – We’re kinda all homebodies on the team. So it’s so important to build a space that feels like a reflection of you and is functional for YOUR life.

Style – Okay, I’m not going to lie. I wear POPFLEX 99% of the time. But I’m relishing trying to build more of a style and staple wardrobe (s/o to Nuuly for helping me discover new things!).

Plants – Are plants the ultimate adulthood flex? Like, plants are the first thing I notice when I go into someone’s home. If they have thriving foliage, I have major respect. Cassey’s Fiddle Leaves are serious goals.


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It’s the sum of the little everyday moments that bring you joy. It’s building intention of the things that bring you happiness and peace, and a similar awareness of the things that rob you of those things (and building boundaries to protect yourself from those things).

Wellness is the mindset that it’s okay to take time for yourself, and intentionally do things that you enjoy. And for any of my fellow mums out there, this can feel especially hard to find the time to do.

And the best part? It takes $0 to take a walk around your neighborhood or look up a free guided breathwork.

But honestly, lately, I’ve found myself being a little bit more indulgent in things that make me happy… and by ‘indulge’ I don’t necessarily mean dish out my paycheck. Instead, it’s more of a mindset that I’ve allowed myself to get things that yeah sure maybe I don’t “need” but they make me happy. I don’t need to girl math my way into a hair mask or a cozy blanket.

That’s why my obsession with Target has literally tripled already this year as they announced they are diving deeper into all things wellness. By deeper I literally mean 1,000 new Target wellness products! Yeah. And they start at $1.99.

These are my 10 favorite wellness products at Target


1. The Blogilates Water Bottle Sling

Blogilates water bottle sling target wellness product


Hydration = wellness, and when you can tote around your bottle in such a cute bag it’s a no-brainer. (yes this is the viral bottle bag that sold out in 24 hours. And yes… it’s is officially back).


2. A cozy blanket

Image: Target


My favorite part of the weekend is movie nights with my 4-year-old. We order take-out, we get cozy with a blanket and there is always, always dessert.


3. This Casaluna comforter

Casaluna heavyweight linen comforter

Image: Target


I am making it my mission in life to do a better job at making my bed every day. And this started with giving my linen closet a little ✨makeover✨ last week. Cue: cozy comforters + fun sheets. And this may not technically be one of the Target wellness products, but it’s wellness for me.


4. A Blogilates yoga mat

blogilates yoga mat wellness at target

Image: Target


Lately, I’ve been using my mat more for sound baths + breathwork, and the jury is still out for me on those practices — I feel like I’ve had amazing experiences and ones where I leave feeling anything but Zen. Regardless, this is my fav mat for so many reasons… but the main one is the vegan suede that literally feels like you are laying a cloud.


5. A luscious hair mask

eva nyc hair mask best target wellness products

Image: Target


This hair mask is now a staple in my everything shower. I feel like my hair has been growing like crazy, but lately it’s feeling like an overgrown haystack and this mask leaves it feeling glossy and it smells. so. good.


6. Bala Bangles

pink bala bangles at target

Image: Target



We love a matching moment, and these Bala bangles match back to Target’s new Stanley colors (I mean… that’s next level).


7. Goop Daily Juice Cleanser


Goop daily juice cleanser wellness at target

Image: Target


The only way I can do my skincare is if it EXCITES me. And goop at Target excites me. A lot. I can’t wait to try out more of the line!


8. Lemme Glow

Lemme glow hair skin and nail supplement

Image: Target



To be very honest I’m not a supplement girl. I feel like supplements had such a moment that it felt like a fad to me. Every influencer on my FYP was promoting some of the latest supplements and I just didn’t buy it (literally or metaphorically). But I’m giving it a second shot and really loving Lemme!


9. Hearth & Hand Clay Mug

hearth and hand mug target

Image: Target



Not to be dramatic, but my day is decided by what mug I have my morning coffee in. There are just certain mugs that feel so cozy, and this is one of my favs.


10. Frenshe Cashmere Vanilla

frenshe cashmere vanilla spray

Image: Target

I’ve been obsessed with perfume lately. Like I wear it to bed just because it makes me happy. Unrelated side note: my new absolute favorite way to buy fragrance right now are these gift samples… you get to keep all the samples, and then ALSO get a full size of your choice.


What ways do you find wellness?? Let me know in the comments!


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