Revealing my new designs at Target!!

Hey guys!

Today we’re going shopping because I dropped some new, super cute designs at Target and cannot believe we haven’t talked about them yet?!

It’s crazy how after 3 years and countless Target visits, I still feel anxious (in a good way) when I walk through the store to the fitness section. Seeing new products join the display will never get old!

And yes, I still tidy up the shelves to make everything look pretty every single time.


Here’s what’s new from Blogilates x Target!


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Water Bottle Bag


This bag has 3 (one on the front and two on the side) so you can carry your water and the essentials in one bag. It has a crossbody strap too, so it’s perfect for long walks and hikes, but also for running errands when you need to be hands-free.

Oh, and it’s insulated! Gotta keep that water cold.

blogilates at target gallon water bottle bag with pockets crossbody strap


Half Gallon Timer Bottle

The perfect bottle for your bag! It holds half a gallon of water and has little markers to help you stay on track to hydrate all day.

I also added a little strap for easy carrying if you’re not using a water bottle bag!

blogilates target ombre half gallon timer water bottle


Black High Ponytail Cap

Yay now you can get the High Pony Cap in black! This hat is a perfect example of something I designed to solve a problem. The problem? Founding Father hair. EW.

I used to avoid hats because I had to either shove a ponytail through the hole that’s always a super awkward height or do a low pony. SOO I went on a mission to design a hat that works with a high or low pony.

She’s essential. Trust.

blogilates black high ponytail cap at target



3-in-1 Toning Tubes

Your workout is about to get 🔥spicy🔥.

The tubes in this set are interchangeable, meaning you can make them as light or as heavy as you want. And omg the gold hardware?! Love!

blogilates at target 3-in-1 toning tubes adjustable weight toning bands


Ultimate Toning Tube Kit

Booty 🤝 toning bands.

This set comes with 5 resistance tubes, soft squishy handles so you can work your upper body comfortably, and ankle weights to work your booty. You can seriously make so many combinations with this little set and it’s super travel-friendly.

My favorite thing in this set is the door anchor! You just put it behind your door and then. you can do leg extensions like you would with a cable machine!

Glutes on FIREEE.

blogilates ultimate tubes toning kit target


Foam Roller with Ridges

I love foam rolling to loosen up tight muscles and help with soreness after a tough workout… but I also lowkey hate it because it’s kind of uncomfy while I’m doing it. Totally worth it though.

I made this foam roller with little ridges to make it even more intense. Ahh it’s gonna hurt so good! If you have tight hips or shoulders or just want to level up your recovery, you need this.

blogilates at target foam roller with ridges



Black Gym Bag

You wanted the gym bag in black and now it’s HERE!

She’s sleek and she’s functional, with a shoe compartment, yoga mat holder, and multiple pockets inside and outside to carry your water bottle, snacks, keys, and anything else you need. The bags usually go quick, so you’ll have to lmk if you see one in your store!!

blogilates at target ultimate gym bag black with yoga pocket waterproof shoe compartment



Terrazzo Gym Flooring

This isn’t new-new, but it’s back at a lower price and that is a reason to celebrate! I love this flooring so much. It adds a lil cushion for your joints, it locks together so you can add as many as you need to fit your space, and it’s SO PRETTY.

Shop Terrazzo Flooring


Tell me if you’ve seen the new drop at your local Target! I’m always curious what it looks like at your store! Btw if you don’t see it on the shelves check the 🎯 site! I see that the high pony cap and the ultimate bands kit are still in stock there!

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  1. Delia says:

    PLEASE I need the water bottle sling!!! Please please please please please restock!!

  2. Neda says:

    PLSSSS RESTOCKKK i’ve been dreaming about the water bottle sling!

  3. Mailin says:

    Hi Cassey! I had your pink ombré bottle for years, it was mistakenly put in the dishwasher and melted. So I just bought a new one today. The pink and blue ombré water bottle is my new fave!!! I’ll definitely look for the sling bag and high pony cap. Great products. Are you ever coming to Fort Lauderdale to do a pop up or meet & greet?! Love your products!

    1. Eleanor says:

      Should I bye it ? I am good at walking but I have no where to put my stuff please help me

  4. Mailin says:

    Hi Cassey! I had your pink ombré bottle for years, it was mistakenly out in the dishwasher and melted todo I bought a new one today. The pink and blue ombré water bottle is my new fave!!! I’ll def look for the sling bag and high pony cap. Great products. Are you ever coming to Fort Lauderdale to do a pop up or meet & greet?! Love your products!

  5. Deneene says:

    Please restock Target with your water bottle sling….

    1. Eleanor says:

      Yes please do

  6. Malek Shabnam says:

    Hey Cassey Ho, I am really impressed with your all designs, I am Shabnam from India, I have a huge story of stress about my skin and ultraviolet light
    I want you to design perfect uv light protective mask.

  7. Jama Berryhill says:

    So want the water bottle sling!

  8. Kerry says:

    Please restock the water bottle sling 🙂

  9. Leigh A Moreau says:

    Are you going to resale the water bottle cage soon

  10. Ruth says:

    I would love the water bottle bag for international shoppers

  11. Brianna says:

    Cassey please make more pink for us pink girls! And another water bottle bag I MISSED IT😭😭😭😭😭

  12. Gail Turner Pritz says:

    I would love water bottle bag but sold out everywhere how do I get one

  13. Michelle says:

    Is the water bottle sleeve available to buy for international shipping?? 🙁

  14. Cheska says:

    I can’t find the sling water bag 😭😭😭😭 out of stock

    1. Victoria says:

      Yup, EVERYWHERE! Not even available for delivery!

  15. Keti says:

    i got two words for ya: LOVE IT!

  16. as says:

    girl you are killing me with these bottle slings we need more my blogilaties water bottle is waiting for the bag 😭😤😻

  17. Floyd says:

    When will next year’s fit planner be out?

  18. Cg says:

    More water bottle slings? I’m absolutely in love but it’s sold out everywhere in the state! When can we get our hands on them at Target again?🥺😭

  19. Lily says:

    Hi, I like this design because I am a dog walker and I always drop things. I love how you put them out in targets but, I was just wondering if you could also put them out in Australian targets and other locations. Sorry to bother but it would be much appreciated.

  20. Holly says:

    This is already sold out at Target – when should we expect more to arrive?!

  21. P says:

    The water bottle sling is all sold out in my area, how soon is it restocked? 🥺

  22. N says:

    Please make more yoga mats! Have been waiting for new designs forever

  23. Arista says:

    Will you make workout videos that go with the tubing?

    I have no idea how to use them.