My current slow girl era full body routine

Hey guys!

I’m finally getting back into a groove with my workouts, so I wanted to tell you what I’ve been doing! Honestly, it’s nothing crazy because I’m leaning into my slow girl era, just focusing on what feels good.

Life has been at an all-time level of crazy lately with no sign of stopping (working on finding some balance though). I needed to find space for fitness but dreaded the idea of pushing hard in the gym while also running full-sprint in my life outside the gym.

I ended the year doing slow cardio on my treadmill (LOVE), so I thought I’d bring that same energy to the gym.

cassey in gym slow girl full body workout routine

✨Slowing down✨ is bringing me joy

I’m not killing myself with every workout. Instead, I’m learning to be proud of myself for just moving. And guess what? It’s bringing me A LOT more joy.

This routine is a mix of weight lifting with some Pilates. I’m using weights, but nothing super heavy and I’m going slow.

blogilates slow girl era full body workout

My slow girl era full body routine:

Turn on your favorite music and give it a try!

1. Weighted squats x 15
2. Tricep pulldown x 15
3. Double leg lifts x 15
4. Shoulder Presses x 15
5. Crunches x 15


Repeat 3 times and you’re done!

If you’re looking for more…

If you’re not in your slow girl era right now, that’s ok too! I have a TON of workout calendars and challenges to help you push yourself to the level you desire!


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  1. Char says:

    I’m so loving the slow girl era can you add a leg / lower body routine. Please and thank you 😊

  2. Gemma says:

    Intuitive working out is the BEST. like some days my body wantsss the ache but other days a yoga sesh will do! it’s al, abou being in tune with what you need at that moment 🙂 🤍

  3. Laura Dani says:

    Yes! I’d also love to see more of this. Due to an injury, in 2023 I really had to learn to slow down and actually I’ve found it suits me so much better xx

  4. Eisee says:

    I’m turning 44 this year and let me tell you, aging is no joke. I eat healthy and try to sleep lots and keep stress on check but the joints, back, and general energy level just ain’t what they used to be. Slower, low impact workouts help to keep exercise goals acheivable!

  5. Rey says:

    I’d love to see more « slow girl » workout ideas! Life has definitely been a bit craycray as of late and having guidance on how to keep moving while still being emotionally and psychologically exhausted would be such a treat after a long day!
    Please take care <3

  6. Katie says:

    Your slow girl era sounds good. 😁

  7. Kayla says:

    Slow routines are the best!! I’ve been doing this for awhile now. Highly recommend listening to a comedy special during. Such a game changer for me!! Keep on keepin’ on 😁