Are You Ready To Meet The Perfect Running Shorts?!

Hey guys!

Ok I’m trying this running short thing again. The first few times I wasn’t quite there but guys, I think THIS is it! Meet the Cadence Run Shorts.

Blogilates wearing white Cadence Run Shorts in the gym


It’s giving sporty. It’s giving elegance. It’s giving…I need to make these in more colors. 

My Problem With Running Shorts

I love running shorts bc they’re flowy and usually comfy, but there are some problems:

❌ inner panties give me inner thigh rashes (ugh, the worst!)
❌ restrictive fabric is too tight for plies
❌ too open so it’s flash city, USA


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Cadence Run Short Features

Soooo here’s what’s cool about the new POPFLEX ✨Cadence Run Short✨.

✅ Built-in shorts so you can kick as high as you want without worrying!
✅ Stretchy, breathable outer mesh for extra coverage (squat proof) plus it’s so elegant
✅ upside down tulip 🌷 cut on outer short for ultimate plié-ability and no restriction
✅ 2 modes: high waist or low waist (just roll it over!)
✅ light heart booty bc it’s cute ❤️

Cassey Ho in the gym wearing Cadence Run Shorts by POPFLEX


I’ve been wearing these on repeat. They are literally the perf outfit for my WFH’ing treadmill walks and morning gym sessions.

These shorts comes in sizes XS – 3X! And as a reference I’m wearing a size S! I’m wearing my normal size here BUT if you want more of a flowy fit and more room to do the rollover waistband, I’d recommend sizing up!


The perfect running short is here with all the features you will love

Whether your cardio of the day involves running or running errands, level up your strides with these ultra-flowy, flattering + lightweight run shorts. My favorite feature? The high-adjustable waistband is designed to support your body’s movement.

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Tell me in the comments… what color is your fave?!

p.s. to any of you who are XXS, I am working on making extended sizing for these!! The truth is I’ve actually been designing these shorts for over 2 years (they had to be perfect!!), so they started before we offered XXS in the POPFLEX size range.

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  1. Sofia says:

    Obsessed with the design✨ just wish it a little longer for us thicker girls. Can’t wait to buy it!

  2. Emily says:

    Could you do longer shorts that would fit the dress code for school? like maybe mid-thigh? Thanks