Meet Botanical Blossoms – A romantic ode to Summer 2022

Hey guys!

I love making behind the scenes videos for you about the design process, and one of the recent ones felt kind of…vulnerable. It talked about taking risks with my designs. Of course in some ways it’s hard because I mean, what if everyone hates what I work so hard on? But in some ways, it’s easier for me to design the “riskier” things.

Just like with fitness, everything I design must have a “why.” So when it comes to basics, it’s hard to tone down my creativity and just let things “be.” When I take risks, I can let my imagination run wild and open up more space for the uniqueness of what makes something special.

I feel like this new POPFLEX collection is middle ground. It’s unique but subtle. It’s sweet and romantic with elements that are undeniably sexy. It’s feminine but sporty. Before I tell you more, I want you to meet…

The Botanical Blossoms Collection

A fiercely feminine collection that feels like summer afternoon on the countryside. Ready to check it out?!

cassey ho popflex botanical blossoms twirl skort alpine crop top

The soft florals of Botanical Blossoms

Ahhh I am OBSESSED with this color palette. Rich navy and white, contrasted with muted tan and dainty rose patterns. I didn’t want to jump straight from summer brights to winter neutrals this year. Instead, I wanted to savor late summer and gently transition into the coziness of fall.

You’ve never looked cuter on your run

Running shorts are nothing new to POPFLEX – we alllll fell in love with the Sprint Shorts once before. The high waistband, flowy feel and duhh the pockets! Now they’re back in the sweetest dusty blue rose pattern.

Shop The Sprint Shorts

Do you pair with Romance Ruffle or Deep Darling?

Are you feeling matchy vibes or the contrast of white with the dusty blue rose pattern? Honestly, you can’t go wrong.

The Romance Ruffle Bra is feminine and flirty with ruffled straps. Be prepared for everyone to ask where you got this bra when you wear it out. The Deep Darling Bra is a more basic option, but it’s definitely not boring. It has a deep U neckline and my favorite part is the ribbed fabric.

botanical blossoms romance ruffle sprint short
botanical blossoms romance ruffle bra
Shop Deep Darling Bra

Omg how cute is navy rose on our fave leggings?!

I seriously fell in love with the rose pattern and knew it belonged on our fave leggings. I mean, HOW do the Crisscross Hourglass Leggings™ keep getting better?! I’m really not sure. Oh, and yessss pockets are BACK.

botanical blossoms crisscross hourglass navy rose
Shop Crisscross Hourglass Legging™

This matching set is everything

This set. Omg.

On top we have the Harmony High Neck Bra in tan rose. It’s high neckline adds extra coverage, but in a way that flatters everyone. This is so cute on its own, but once you see her with the matching Twirl Skort, you’ll understand why this set can’t be beat.

botanical blossoms high neck tan rose
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Shop Twirl Skort

Now let’s layer it up

I can’t wait for you to see and FEEL how we made our favorite cozy pieces even better. First, the Belle Sweater is BACK! I know, I missed her too and the new heather grey color is seriously everything.

If you haven’t met Belle yet – you’ll love the pleated bishop sleeves. They add just a touch of drama and I think they make the fit even cozier.

botanical blossoms belle sweater heather grey
Shop Belle Sweater

The Airlight Zip Cloud Hoodie

Yessss, the same marshmallowy softness of our bestie Cloud Hoodie, just a little bit lighter! We layered the navy rose pattern over the grey to bring this layer just a step up from a basic neutral.

Shop Airlight Zip Cloud Hoodie

The Botanical Blossoms Fit Kit

Told ya I’m obsessed with this color palette and these patterns.

botanical blossoms fit kit
Shop Botanical Blossoms Fit Kit

And that’s it for Botanical Blossoms! 

Which pieces are giving you “afternoon tea in the countryside?” I can’t wait to see what you get!! 

cassey botanical blossomss dusty blue rose sprint short romance ruffle bra
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  1. Gemma says:

    Just saw this and am OBSESSED already! I LOVE this concept and can’t wait to get the whole collection. Keep up the great work 💙💖🤍