Try this if you WFH and can’t find time to work out!

Hey guys!

I am currently in this season of my life where I don’t have time to work out. I know. It’s terrible. I am trying to dig myself out from under a growing pile of new challenges. Challenges due to rapid business growth. So it’s not a bad thing at all (I’m happy to have these issues) it’s just A LOT all at once!

I am tired, but I know that once I’m out, and once the problems have been solved, POPFLEX and Blogilates will be much stronger.


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Anyway, until I am able to find time, right now some days my workouts are these walks during meetings. I go 2.5 mph and can get in 4-5 mi easily in a day without much effort! One day I did almost 12 mi. But TBH that was maybe too much because my thighs started getting sore the last few miles!

cassey ho treadmill workout

Anyway, for any of you trying to get in your steps in during the day if you WFH, try taking your meetings on a treadmill! The key is to not be too ambitious with the speed. For me, 2.5 mph is the right pace where I can still talk and think normally.

Remember…this is not a workout so don’t try to go all out and get sweaty – it’s just a thing you can do while working so you’re not sitting on your butt all day!

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  1. Gemma says:

    This seems like a great idea! I have been sitting a lot and definitely want to try this, but the only problem is I’m not a good multitasker 🙂 we will see ❤️ Thanks for posting, Cassey!!