A Quick and Effective At-Home Arm Workout – No Equipment Needed!

Hey guys!

Have you been back to the gym yet?! I’m still sticking to my home workouts because:

A. I’m just more comfortable with that for now
B. Not sure how I feel about working out in a mask
C. I’ve kiiiiinda fallen in love with working out at home!

But I know home workouts can be a challenge. It’s harder to stay motivated, and it’s still hard to find equipment. Everything is out of stock!

I’ve got an at-home arm workout for ya that solves all of these problems. It’s short and sweet, but you can do it more than one time through if you want! And it’s a bodyweight-only workout, so no dumbbells required!

Oh, and it’s a BURNER.

Here’s how to do it.

1. Oil Riggers x 20 each side

Such a sneaky move!

Having one leg up really gets the arms burning. Oh, and keep those arms pinned at your side to target those triceps 🙂

Keep your hips square to the ground and dip your chin to the ground. Use your arms to push back up, and repeat!

2. Side Tricep Push Ups x 15 each side

Another tricep burner!

Lay on your side and stack your hips, feet and shoulders. Place your top hand on the floor or mat, directly in front of your shoulder. Your other hand can be wrapped around your torso. Then, just lower yourself to the ground and push up! The arm with a hand on the mat dodes ALL the work.

3. Up Up, Down Downs x 25

This move adds a sneaky dose of core too 😉

Start in plank position. Then, lower down to forearm plank one arm at a time. Push back up one arm at a time.

Try to alternate your starting arms!

WHEW this one definitely gets my heart pumping!

4. Down Dog Push Ups x 12

This might be my favorite home arm workout move because it strengthens AND stretches! It’s another move that sneaks in a little core work too.

Start in downward dog, and then lower down into a pushup. Keep your arms pinned to your sides – try not to flare your elbows! Also, do your best to lower your whole body instead of dumping your weight into your chest. USE THAT CORE!

Then, push back up into downward dog (again, use your core!). Enjoy the brief stretch and repeat!

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  1. Emily says:

    I have such noodle arms! I think it’s in the 20 min lean arms cardio workout, we go from tricep dips to mountain climbers and my arms are just like ‘AAAAAAHH what is happening?!’ 😂😂😂 Hopefully I’ll get stronger with workouts like this one!
    I don’t think I’ll be going back to the gym anytime soon, Sorry downstairs neighbours!! Xx

  2. Lili says:

    I LOVE working out my arms even though I am bad LOL. I can’t do a single push up and it’s been months since I have started working out my arms. However, I do feel a difference et see a difference and I can do other workouts that I weren’t able to do before!

  3. Old school blogilates moves! They sure get all them triceps. 🙂