Why people can’t stop talking about Adele’s weight | Day 4 of 20

Hey guys!

Oh my gosh – today I woke up feeling SO MUCH BETTER!!!! It feels amazing to have my energy almost fully back. I don’t know how I seem to be recovering so quickly from this flu (hopefully I’m not jinxing myself), but I thought I’d be out for another week according to some articles I was reading. Today my temp is down to the 99s! Sam has done such a great job of taking care of me. And I am so so grateful for my health. OMG. I never wanna be sick like this again! Literally was NOT a functioning human!

Okay, I wanna talk about something that has been splashed all over the news in the past 24 hours. Adele’s weight loss. It’s always funny to me how something as frivolous as a celeb losing some weight can make the news cycle when the Australian brush fires are raging and World War 3 is trending on Twitter.

To get you up to speed, some photos were captured of Adele on vacation and it looks like she’s lost a lot of weight:

Different sources say she’s lost anywhere between 20-40 lbs! I’m going to guess it was closer to 40 lbs. And guess what? Emotions on Twitter were all over the place.

The inspired:

I always thought Adele was gorgeous but WOW!!! Her weight loss is so inspiring.”

can adele help a girl out and drop her weight loss plan pls”

The concerned:

these adele pics are so scary 🙁 I wish people would stop praising her for her weight loss, there’s no way she lost that healthily.”

“I’m gonna come out and say it: adele‘s weight loss is so f*cking worrying”

The upset:

Nothing worse than a former fattie flaunting her weight loss on a beach while lots of peeps struggle to stay alive in Australia, jeez, timing beeeeatch”

I am really side eyeing all those congratulating Adele on her weight loss this week without knowing the context, continuing to reinforce that thinness (as opposed to ‘health’) is the ideal.”

Here’s my take, as someone who has recently lost 20 lbs myself with a ton of backlash.

Why the extra attention over Adele’s weight loss?

#1. People don’t like change

Someone’s always going to be upset over change. Whether it’s a change in my content, a chance in my interests, or a change in my look, the change doesn’t sit well with people who are used to seeing me a certain way and now have to re-associate themselves with this “new Cassey”.

#2. People don’t like body positive idols losing weight

To me, Adele has always been an amazing singer first. Her weight made her unique in a sea of thin singers, but it didn’t make me like her more or less. But I think for a lot of women, it was refreshing to see a non traditional body in the lime light. She became a body positive icon for those struggling to accept their bodies, even if she didn’t intend to. So, when Adele suddenly shed weight, she became less relatable to the women looking up to her for body acceptance inspiration, therefore upsetting a very passionate sector of her fan base who loved her for more than her music.

#3. People don’t like the media praising weight loss because it reinforces fatphobia

Okay, this I can stand behind. Literally anytime a female celeb loses weight or gains weight, it makes the news cycle. And it’s not even super crazy drastic. Like really? I don’t see the media doing that for men. I just see the media praising celeb men for getting in tip top shape for their next movie role. The media needs to STOP making women’s appearances such a big deal. Like if you’re gonna write about Adele’s weight loss, then instead of making an article that says “wow look at how skinny Adele looks!” (a gawking type article) maybe add some substance and in there and tell me how she did it so that people can stop assuming she did it in an unhealthy way (an informative type article).

So where do we go from here? We notice Adele’s weight loss, and if she’s happy, then good! We don’t make assumptions. And we wait patiently for her next album:)

Yesterday’s (Day 4) Food Log:

So yesterday was THE WORST in terms of my TNF (tumor necrosis factor) production and my sickness in general. Literally EVERYTHING was bitter. Couldn’t finish these mangos in my sweet, spicy, salty dip because it tasted so bad.

I asked Sam for another Eggo and it did not disappoint. No idea why the TNF does not affect the Eggo. Is it because it’s not a real food? Hahaha.

For lunch, we ordered some vegan summer rolls from a place called Vinh Loi Tofu – a Vegan Vietnamese cafe. This is their ham roll. I asked them to make it with no noodles. Unfortunately, this did not taste good to me – like too sweet and too rancid. But it’s my tastebuds being outta whack. I’m sure that normally, it would taste good as it’s one of their most popular items.

This is the vegan pho. I ordered it with no noodles and subbed with bean sprouts. The hot soup felt great going down my throat, but again everything just tasted kinda off! I couldn’t finish it.

Sam ordered something called the Kevin #1 Soup. Scratching my head trying to figure out what type of Vietnamese soup this is supposed to be, but maybe it’s just their own creation! He said it was good but didn’t like all the fake meats. I agree. A lot of times Asian fake meats are made from wheat gluten so it makes me extremely bloated.

I drank a lot of barley tea throughout the day! The barley tea did not taste as bitter as plain water for some reason.

Fortunately, grapes were okay. They were kinda weird tasting at the end but I persisted because I needed something to cleanse my mouth of this foul taste!

For dinner, we ordered from Veggie Grill. I got a Beyond Burger with a lettuce wrap and a side of mashed cauli/potatoes. Sam also cut up some garlic for me which was so hard for me to take down because of how big the chunks were! I told him to mince them for me and he said “they are minced!!” And I said “no, that’s called slicing into large chunks.” 😛

The burger was pretty good. The mash was meh so I didn’t finish that. But I still had this terrible flavor in my mouth so I asked Sam if he could get me a very specific type of dessert. A Japanese cheesecake:

Why a Japanese cheesecake? I will admit this is because of Instagram. I’ve seen people jiggling these Japanese cheesecakes around and I just wanted to try one so bad fro a couple years now. And I thought that since I’m sick, why not try some comfort foods!? So Sam got me one, I tried it, and I am SO SAD to say that I did not like it!!! Didn’t even finish my slice.


Well, that’s what I ate yesterday! Today I feel much better so you’ll see the blog eventually return to it’s normal home cookin’ ways once I am fully recovered.

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  1. Megan04 says:

    We should take in consideration the behind the scene’s. What is Adele was close to diabetes? Her health was in danger? Do you think she would really care what the media thought about her change? No she wants to be there for her kids. Cause they are the ones who truly care and won’t turn her back on her because she looks a certain way. So please guys lets not be quick to judge people are all fighting their own battles. Oh and Cassey your food looks amazing so sorry your taste was whack! Hope it gets better. xx.

  2. shianne says:

    amazing post! I agree though it is odd how this is trending yet the world is going through so much

  3. Inga says:

    I have never heard of TNF, but I can totally see how this is bugging you! I hate it when everything tastes bland because of a stuffed nose, and this sounds like it’s even worse than that! It makes you realise how important tasting stuff is for your well-being. Not tasting anything for an extended period of time (or, in your case, have an extremely off taste) can literally make you depressed. Hope you’re recovering fast.

  4. Josephine says:

    I think it’s sad that people with no medical background get on here and say Adele doesn’t look healthy. Did you take into account her height, body shape, what kind of training she did to lose the weight (different exercise types change your body differently), what her body fat percentage is, her eating habits. Everyone with absolutely no educational background at all always has something to say. I’m a personal trainer and athletic trainer (sports medicine), and I’m my professional opinion she doesn’t look sickly. She has money so I’m guessing she has her meals prepared by someone else to improve nutrition, or she took some classes and gained the knowledge herself. Did anyone consider that? It’s ridiculous for you all to judge before you sit down and consider that she’s a woman who worked hard.

    Also, if you’re truly body positive, it shouldn’t matter what Adele looks like. Whether she’s 300lbs or 100lbs, she’s an incredible artist who appears to have a happy soul. Let her smile and run in the ocean carefree in peace and worry about yourself

    1. SarahR says:

      You’re also making a judgement and perpetuating it as an informed professional opinion without any knowledge of her fitness regime or lack thereof, no knowledge of the timeframe involved, and absolutely no details as to her body composition and what portion of the loss may have come from lean mass, etc. I’m really struggling to see the validity of your self proclaimed professional opinion here when you haven’t contextualized it with the absolutely necessary proviso that how someone looks often means f*#k-all in terms of health. You’ve only really sought to elevate your own hot take. The fact is an obese person can be anorexic; they can kill themselves in the process of weightloss whilst still being visibly overweight. You wouldn’t have seen that sickly state whilst looking at them. So why on earth would you put it out there that this is or isn’t what sickly looks like in this format and context? That is seriously unprofessional, whatever your credentials.

      1. Josephine says:

        No one said an obese person can’t be anorexic…you’re grasping at straws. I’m simply stating my opinion, which is my right as a human being. I’m just sick of people with absolutely no knowledge tearing down people who lose weight because it *could* be unhealthy. What if it isn’t? What if she’s fine? It’s so unnecessary to ask what if questions on someone’s health when you and I have absolutely no bearing on that persons life. You calling me unprofessional doesn’t affect me, I don’t care what you think, I know that I am entitled to my opinion 😘 It’s too bad you don’t agree for whatever reason or bad experience you had, but that’s all I see in the community these days is people being torn down for losing weight like it’s a crime. No one said losing weight = absolute health or happiness. Period. I also said that no one else knows what her body fat etc is so let’s not judge? You clearly didn’t comprehend what I was saying. I gave a professional opinion, THEN gave my personal opinion. I didn’t insinuate I knew Adele or anything about her, I just made an observation based on what I’ve seen. Again, sucks that this made you upset, but you have no bearing on my life or Adele’s, thank goodness. Such unnecessary negativity with no point at all.

        1. SarahR says:

          God your reply is so scattered…

          I’m not sure why you’re imagining that your “observation” somehow “made [me] upset”??? It didn’t. That’s a ridiculously silly and over dramatic reading on your part.

          Multiple times here you have asserted your “right” to your opinion, nothing in my comment said you couldn’t have your opinion or in someway that you weren’t entitled to it. Why are you suggesting otherwise? Challenging your opinion; condemning the dissemination and effort to elevate ignorant opinions; and/or disagreeing with your opinion is not even close to being the same as denying you your opinion or trying to prevent you from sharing it.

          “It’s too bad you don’t agree for whatever reason or bad experience you had”, I explained why I don’t agree and it wasn’t because of any “bad experience”. Smdh.

          1. Jamie says:

            SarahR and Josephine: I don’t know how or why Adele lost the weight, and I don’t know what her health is. I just know she doesn’t look well, and she looks decades older since her weight loss. I hope she is well.

  5. Lady-J says:

    Glad your feeling better. Hope the rest of the year is germ 🦠 free.

  6. Linda Ge says:

    Honestly I’m proud of Adele for being happy and doing what she does. People who jump to conclusions are my pet peeve. Why can’t we believe in the prosperity and wellbeing of everyone?:)

  7. Girl, this blog is pretty neat and I gotta say, as a vegan, I am delighted you are trying meatless, with some tweaks I can copy some of your meals <3 I also think the Adele thing, or anyone really, is pure nonsense, in my country we are not still full-on this "body positivity" thing, but we are getting there 🙁 . She was already slimming down, she looks fine and well, it is heeeeeeer body so why would anyone go and be mad lol. The person complaining cos of the Australia fires..it is terrible but it's certainly not aggravated for going to the beach right?

  8. Rebecca Jo says:

    Glad you’re feeling better!!!!
    It is so frustrating how everyone has to have an opinion on someone else’s weight journey. Its no one’s business.

  9. Dara says:

    Wow. I’ve been reading some comments on this page, and people still seem so angry about…. welll… anything, really, right?

    I think as humans we crave distractions. The world can seem like a very scary place if you watch the “real” news all the time, so we turn to celebrities and public figures to just be entertained, and not thing about it.

    Unfortunately, it is much easier to look at them from a negative light, or feel upset/triggered by them (or you cassey)… than it is to just allow yourself to be distracted, and maybe see some positive.

    Our brains are wired to find the negative (as in looking for danger) however we can allow it to consume us sometimes.

    This is so interesting to me.

    Cassey, thank you for making your blog, continuing to post, and just being honest about what you are going through. You inspire me. 🙂

  10. Emily says:

    The real question we should be asking… was your Japanese cheesecake jiggly?
    I’ve been wanting to try one too!
    Those summer rolls look yummy, hope your taste comes back to normal soon! Xx

    1. blogilates says:

      UGH IT WAS NOT!!!!

  11. Salmouche says:

    You having “a take” on Adele’s weight loss is feeding into it. You see, I didn’t even know about it until you brought it up… You just made it a big deal…

    1. Lena says:


    2. Josephine says:

      No not really. It’s been in the circuit for a while. Just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean she shouldn’t talk about it. What kind of logic is that? She got similar backlash and she feels for Adele, as well as the negative comments (like yours). This had no constructive point

      1. SarahR says:

        I disagree, Josephine. I think the op made a very clear and constructive point. Cassey’s editorial mandate is her own business but I agree with Salmouche that this is only feeding into the situation. Cassey saying “The media needs to STOP making women’s appearances such a big deal” is bizarre when she’s using the same subject to generate content. Her blog is media too! Her influencer status and following allows her to reach a much wider circulation than alot of news and mainstream media outlets. Cassey’s saying *they* shouldn’t talk about it, but they’re talking about it for many of the same fundamental reasons she is.

        Cassey is admonishing others for making assumptions, right after literally having made her own assumptions. To reiterate your question,what kind of logic is that? It’s all fuelling and adding to problematic rhetoric surrounding women’s bodies.

        1. Salmouche says:

          My point exactly. Thank you for giving much more explanations than I did!

  12. tsukibunny says:

    I will always love Adele, her music resonates with me and she is a kind natured person. In life people are always going through changes and I want to be a fan/friend to be there for the people I care for. ^__^
    Cassey you’re PHOnomenal!! I want to try a meatless diet soon too! 😉

  13. As far as Adele losing weight, I… just prefer to mind my own business. It’s really not my concern that she lost weight, how she lost weight, how much weight she lost, what she weighs now… Like at all. I think in addition to the three reasons you listed, some people are judging her because they just don’t have enough to do, and she’s an easy target because she’s a public figure. Like, if you’re bored, I guess it’s entertaining for some people to get super judgey of others, so they decide to pick apart whoever does something that makes them stand out. Not the life for me…

  14. Maria says:

    Hi vassey i think this news is super amazing it was ablut time she looks absolitly stunning i knew she was a beauty underneath all the extra weight from her pregnancy and she finally shed her old self well done to her the new adele is around and im sure she will reboot her singing career i cant wait to see her new photoshoots i always thought she was pretty like a model but now omg shes a transformed butterfly

  15. Jean Bjer says:

    Comfort food means foods you are used to and love, things your mom/grandma made. Not food you saw online and thought you might like.

  16. s_mucker says:

    I agree with you on Adele–if she’s happy and healthy, I see nothing wrong with her choice to lose weight 🙂 It *is* silly how obsessed the media is with how people look though. Glad you’re feeling better! That bitter taste is the worst. 😖

  17. Elena Penny says:

    I get kashi blueberry waffles for breakfast. They give me my waffle fix but with clean ingredients if you’re worried about eggos.

  18. Diana says:

    As far as Adele goes, I don’t even know what to say anymore. Its like you can’t say something either way without someone jumping down your throat. I will say that those pictures didn’t look particularly flattering. I will give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she lost the weight in a healthy way. If that’s the case, then good for her and I am happy for her. Honestly, I never cared about her weight to begin with. I always just thought she had a great voice, but I can see how bigger girls could get a lot of inspiration from her. She was a good representative for bigger girls, and now that she is no longer that size, I can see how it would upset them. But I can’t fault someone for wanting to get healthier. I don’t agree with losing weight for the sake of getting skinny, but doing it for health reasons is always good. It shouldn’t be as big of a deal for women since it clearly isn’t for men. No one gets upset when a man loses a bunch of weight. But when a woman does it, its all people can talk about. Its sad that we have come to this as a society. Twitter is notorious for angry reactions. That’s the thing about social media. It gives everyone a voice.

  19. Melody says:

    Looks like Sam’s soup is a vegan bun bo hue…but maybe it’s own creation?

  20. Simi says:

    I don’t think a celebrity losing weight is a problem. I see a problem, when people are being praised for any kind of body that could potentially be, either the result of health issues or a cause of health issues. I am all for body positivity! I’m a curvier girl myself, but that has NEVER taken a toll on my health. So I guess what I’m saying is, that either extrem, is not good. I understand that people are worried when a celebrity, loses or gains weight in unhealthy amounts. And to me, I’m sorry to say, Adele doesn’t look healthy right now! But no matter.. what we often forget, while discussing celebrities, is that quite frankly, their actions, behavior, values etc. are non of our business. Just because their profession puts them in the spotlight, doesn’t mean that we have any right to tell them, what to do or what not to do. The only thing we can do, is to tell our kids to choose their role models wisely and to stop comparing ourselves to those who are in the spotlight. Because comparisons will never lead to self-love.

  21. Sarah says:

    I’m pretty certain all of the fake meats at Vinh Loi are made from Tofu only. They are legit one of my favorite places for Asian comfort food! I hope you go back and try again when your tastebuds are back to normal. I love the vegan “duck” 🙂

  22. rminnicus says:

    Could we have a video from Sam on how to peel those mangoes?! I’d love to know! Also, I need to go back and look up that salty dip you make 🥰

  23. Cassie says:

    Glad you are feeling better! Gotta give Sam credit, garlic is hard to mince. Even I struggle with it😂. Thanks for sharing. I love mango too, and want to try it with sauce you mentioned.

  24. Melody says:

    Rather than dealing with actual world problems like fires is Australia and climate change the media (and others) always needs to criticize people for their achievements.. Adele is an amazing singer and I don’t care about how someone looks like. I care about if they themselves are happy about it.