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When it comes to starting a fitness journey, success comes from planning. Personally, I know that when I am writing things down, I am being 100% conscious of my actions and how they will lead to my goals. It becomes more of a tangible, REAL objective versus a fuzzy, out of focus target floating around in la la land. You know what I mean?!

So I wanted to come up with a way to make planning your fitness planning a lot more focused, organized, and of course…a lot more pretty :) Introducing, your FREE fitness planner printables!

In this pack, you will find the following 8.5 x 11″ PDF sheets:

Below is a preview of all the sheets! Click on the individual links below to download the sheets you’d like to use:

Download Workout Calendar PDF

Download Weekly Meal Planner PDF

Download Grocery List PDF

Download 30 Day Water Challenge PDF

Download Habit Tracker PDF

We designed them so that they’d be ink friendly but still fun to look at! I’d suggest you print these guys out, hole punch them, and put it in a binder! Or if you’re more of a display person…tape it to your wall or your fridge! Whatever works for you!

I hope you use these printables over and over again! Living a fit and healthy life should be accessible to everyone, so my goal with these free fitness planner sheets is to help achieve that! If you find these useful, it would be the WORLD to me if you would share them with a friend.

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  • CORDIE says:

    cool bro

  • Beth says:

    Check this out, Beth! This could be helpful!

  • Icewaterfall101 says:

    Love it!

  • Nicole says:

    Amazing!!! I am a person that likes to have things planned and organized.

  • Heather says:

    Love you! Even my husband talks about how you rock! Wish the iPhone app, the calendar had more pop when looking at it. Colors, graphics, you know more pop 😃

  • claucanton says:

    this is amazing!!! thanks for sharing!!!

  • Alyssa says:

    This is great thank you

  • anyapipi says:

    Thank you! It is very good for me!

  • nicole says:

    this is one of my full spending time websites i loveeeee blogilates so much if this wasn’t created already i would totally have no idea what to do with my routine.

  • Anastasia Feldman says:

    how do I use the fitness planner?

  • Heather Mercado says:

    Thank you. So much for this

  • danielle says:

    what is a habit tracker

    • Nicole says:

      A habit tracker is something that helps you start and maintain practices that you want to do daily! For example, if you wanted to make your bed every day, you’d write that down in one of the slots and then check off when you did it for that day.

  • Amelia says:

    Please help, the challenges for example the thigh slimming challenge, when it says 5 plie squats day one, is that just 5 plie squats and youre done? Am I being super dumb here? please help me haha

  • mrstbody says:

    I absolutely love this program! Thanks so much

  • Marie Sanders says:

    Could you please let me know how I should use this fitness pack? I’m really confused about the “habit tracker”

    • Caro says:

      You should add for example 20 sit-ups and you cross everyday you did them. That way you’re inspired not to break the habit you want to achieve.

  • You are amazing

  • Jenny says:

    If I’m 122lbs and 1/2 that is 61. Do I drink 976 oz total of water in this month?

    • Cala says:

      You would drink 61 ounces of water 😁

  • Lindsey says:

    Yesss cassey the Queen of Pilates! Thank you so much for the positivity encouragement and motivation.
    Let’s do this!

  • Joan says:

    It would be wonderful to have workout alternatives/variations for those with knee injuries.

  • KathyMh1 says:

    Cassey, how do i use the habit tracker planner?

  • Sammy says:

    How do I use al the planners?

  • Lily says:

    Do u have a app

  • Anshula says:

    This helps so much. Reaching out and actually making moves for people makes you such an inspiration Cassey! ❤️

  • Asha says:

    How does the 30 days water challenge helps/works? Some onfo please. Thanks.

  • I love Cassey ! I look like a model but cuter cuz I am smaller size and I’m so strong strong! ^^ With your workouts it took 3 months and my knees have stopped hurting like from other gym activities! <3 I love how you shout with that voice!!! "come onnn!" and how you say "thank you for working out with me!" So powerful, so cute <3 Love Cassey!!!!!!

  • Camila says:


  • Deborah says:

    I am so pumped to get myself in better physical condition. This is great.

  • christina burr says:

    awe. love you too!

  • marie4u says:

    I love them thank u so much I love being organized as well lol

  • JoAnn says:

    Whooo Hoooo, I am going to do Great now with all this help from Cassie and the great meal plans etc that I will be receiving. i am excited. Thanks Cassie for helping me with my stay fit journey

  • Busabong says:

    Thank you, they’re very lovely. I’m excited to be in healthy routine!

  • Thank you – ready to get back in shape : )

  • Maria says:


  • DONNA says:


  • Minami.K says:

    I love it!!! You are so wonderful Cassey!

  • So glad i came across this. I will support and participate in this.

  • Pattie says:

    Hey Cassey ! This is awesome, thanks for everything u do ❤️👍💚💋

  • Kathleen says:

    I think these are really cute and organized I can’t wait to start on them

  • glolocks160 says:

    I’m loving this blog and can’t wait to try it out!!!

  • Christelle says:

    I love your blog and everything that you do! Keep it up!

  • Lrona says:

    I don’t feel motivated to actually get up and start doing, I have bursts of energy one week then give up and binge the next. I feel like I’m stuck in this reoccurring cycle

    • Leona says:

      And I feel like if I start these calendars then i’ll ruin it for myself

      • Blossom says:

        Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Just find something motivational. As for me, it’s a better body at the end of the month. I also like coloring sheets, you know, the big, time consuming, pretty ones with motivational sayings.

  • Bailey Varty says:

    You could do anot activits planner or something ?

  • Brooke says:

    Thanks cassey for these pretty printable and workout routines!

  • Nicole says:

    I’m not quite sure how to use the habit tracker… what even counts as a habit? And what do I put in the numbered boxes? I know I probably sound really dumb but I’ve never used something like this before

    • Habbits: brushing your teeth, being up by a certain hour, 30 mins of exercise, taking a shower, reading, journaling, spending time with friends, date night, etc- whatever applies to your life- things that are important. In the numbered boxes you put an “X” or a check mark to track if you did that habit for that day. Hope that helps!

  • Brianna Dobson says:

    I like the idea of a habit tracker but am not sure what habits to track. Any ideas?

    • Caline says:

      Hi Brianna, I chose the habits related to yoga stretching and beauty stuff (if you are into this) such as flossing, essential oils, facemasks etc.

    • Ally says:

      Habbits: brushing your teeth, being up by a certain hour, 30 mins of exercise, taking a shower, reading, journaling, spending time with friends, date night, etc- whatever applies to your life- things that are important.

  • Shizuporn says:

    Thank you for all of these beautiful templates Cassey! I appreciate it so much.

  • Laura says:

    OH MAN! I’m going to laminate the meal planner week sheet. I need to be so much better at meal planning and with a reusable one I think it’ll be more successful than printing it every month. Thanks Cassey!!!

    • Dee says:

      That’s a great idea. I think I will do the same for the workout calendar.

  • Dagna says:

    I’m so glad that you made these Cassey! :) It’s great. I really love these :)

  • Hannah says:

    Oh my gosh I LOVE THESE! Seriously!!! Amazing idea!! So fun and motivating!! Thank you so much!

  • C R Vandana says:

    I came back to your blog just to see if the printable were available for this month. Yes they are.. I’m so happy with your bridal bootcamp. I’m a mom getting fit so can you please make a workout calendar using these bridal workouts please? I did them yesterday and was good then. Burn but good. Today I’m sore in places I didn’t know existed. Happy married life Cassey. Love your workouts. Esp the bats commenrary during one video..it distracted me that I completed the workout alongside the video. Love, hugs and cheers… Vandana

  • Emma says:

    I love these, Cassey! Writing things down is so helpful for me, there’s such a satisfaction in being able to tick things off, too.

  • Julia says:

    I like all PDF sheets, specially “workout calendar” to every Blogilates video I’ve done, as I usually combine two or three parts of the body per day. So good!!!

  • Rama says:

    Thank you so much.. I really find them useful 💕

  • Melinda says:

    Hey Cassey! I love your bridal series. I am going to do the arm workout as soon as I make this comment. I think you should consider adding a sleep tracker as well. I’ve been coming across so many other dietitians, doctors, wellness folks starting to share their thoughts on SLEEP. It is the final piece to the puzzle to feeling great and i don’t think we give it enough attention!

  • Angelica says:

    Thank you Cassey! I have to say, this was a very intelligent and thoughtful solution to the planner-pack-not-sending-to-email problem. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. It’ll be so motivating–making my own hasn’t seemed to suffice–and it’s super pretty.

  • Jessica says:

    OMG! YES! Bless your sweet heart!

  • Pinelopi says:

    Omg you are SO SO inspirational

  • Jamie says:

    Hi Cassey! I think you forgot to add mood tracker. 😍

  • Alice233 says:

    I’m going on a beach holiday in the summer but I’ve never been happy with my body and have a lot of anxiety particularly when a situation that involves wearing swim suits but hopefully these will help me keep track so my anxiety isn’t so high when we go and I can just enjoy the holiday. Thanks Cassey!

  • skye says:

    how do you use the habit tracker?

    • Helkaahaien says:

      Skye – you write down a habit you’d like to create, like maybe do 10min of yoga daily. Then every day you do it you check off a box. or you can say workout at least 3 days a week and check off those days; etc. its endless goal making!

  • Kayla says:

    I especially appreciate the grocery list. Thanks Cassey!

  • Llucia says:

    Thank you!!!

  • Mayydnr says:

    love this! thank you :)

  • Mary says:

    Thank you so much

  • Martha says:

    Thank you!

  • Em says:

    Thankyo so much for these been looking for so long ❤.

  • Bella says:

    I love this! So cute and practical too <3

  • Olivia Giezekamp says:

    I actually love you so much, always keeping me motivated!! Your work out vids are so fun too xxx

  • jahselyn says:

    I so love this! thank you!

  • marcsi1233 says:

    Thank you very much for your work!! :) It is lovely!

  • Analisa says:

    Thank you so much

  • Josette says:

    OMGee this might be just what I needed thanx

  • raphaela99 says:

    Thank You so so so much! This is exactly what I need right now <3

  • hafeza malique says:

    omg, Cassey, this is amazing, thank you so much for keeping it free. this will help a lot during my studies and busy schedule

  • Eli says:

    SO beautiful! you and your team are so dedicated, thank you :)

  • Deanna says:

    I love this! This is awesome! Going to print out a copy and see where it takes me.

  • Savanna says:


  • Kerri says:

    This is exactly what I wanted … thank you so much! :)

  • Ashley says:

    SO CUTE! I have been waiting for these all my life. Your calanders are adorable too