Dear Cassey: How do I control my carb obsession?!

Hey Cassey,
I think I may have a carb obsession. I just LOVE bread, I always have and I can safely say it is my FAVORITE food. I like to believe I maintain a healthy diet (I don’t drink coffee, sodas or alcohol, I try to only eat natural sugars and I eat my veggies every day), but I’m finding out that I just MUST have a carb in every meal (eg: oatmeal for breakfast, pasta for lunch, salad with pita bread for dinner).
Do you have any tips on how I can change my mindset to eat a little less carbs and not crave them so much?
Thanks a lot in advance!
Carb Queen
3 baguettes bread on wooden backrground

Hey Carb Queen,

There’s no shame in your carb game!

Seriously. There’s a reason we all love carbs so much: our bodies NEED them. Your body breaks down carbs to use as energy for everything from thinking to exercise to digesting food. So when you say you feel like you MUST have a carb with every meal, I say keep eating carbs at every meal!

Although carbs aren’t as evil as they’re made out to be, some are definitely better than others.

Eating refined carbs like white bread and pasta or sugary stuff very often can cause some problems, but there are soooo many healthy carbs too! I’m amazed at how many people FORGET that a lot of veggies are actually mostly carbs! So instead of cutting back on carbs altogether, let’s talk about how to choose the BEST carbs, shall we?!

It sounds like you’re doing an amazing job at making healthy carb choices, but it’s always sooo interesting to really pay attention to which ones make you feel better than others. Like, do you ever feel sluggish or bloated after a meal that’s heavier on the bread or pasta? If yes, try a smaller portion of those foods and replace them with fruits or veggies.

Speaking of bread, I don’t blame you for loving it so much. It’s sooooo good. But if you’re noticing you’re “stuck” with your fitness goals (whether it be weight loss, body composition, etc.), it’s totally possible that tweaking your bread intake COULD make a difference. What kind of bread do you usually eat? Try to go for something minimally processed, with only a few, simple ingredients. You want high fiber and lots of nutrients.

It’s basically the same story for your oatmeal and pasta. Get the least processed form as possible to maximize your nutrition. You’ll stay full longer and your body will metabolize it best.

For oatmeal, steel-cut is going to give you more fiber and nutrients than the instant stuff because it hasn’t been stripped and processed. No matter what kind you choose, you can pile on fruits (or veggies in a savory oatmeal), nuts, seeds and other healthy fats!

For pasta, you could always switch it up and try pasta made with lentils or chickpeas… OR my favorite – sub the pasta altogether with zoodles. YUM. Such a great tip if you struggle to get your veggies in, too!

My last tip is to really think about why you’re craving carbs. Especially if you feel like you can’t control your portions. If you’re feeling hungry or unsatisfied when you’re not loading up on carbs, try adding more protein and healthy fats to your meals.

No matter what, I don’t want you to feel like you HAVE to cut out your favorite foods to be healthy. It’s really not worth it. Instead, look at your diet as a whole, and think about how the foods you eat make you feel. Your body is pretty good at letting you know what’s up!

PS – If you have a burning question you want to ask me, I’m taking questions via text at 510-692-4556. Currently this only works for US and Canada. If you’re outside of those countries, you can leave a question below.

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  1. It’s a good question, but I am somewhat not satisfied with the answer. What I have learned in my research that we don’t really need carbs to survive in fact our body can function well on just fats and proteins. I think what you might be having is a sugar craving. Check my post <a href="; Do we really need carbs for more, I think it might help you a lot

  2. Mona B says:

    Dear Cassey,

    Hope you are doing well,

    I have been following you for couple of years now and wanted to thank you for all the hard work. Dedication and good vibes you put in each video or challenge shared.

    I found the motivation to start working out 6 years ago thanks to your 10min videos and I have been keeping it up since then.

    Today I am pregnant (2nd trimester) and wanted to make sure which videos I should follow as most of your videos are abs extensive. That would be amazing if you could add a small note on some videos specifying if they are pregnancy friendly or even launch a challenge or a video just for us prego fan community.

    I am sure many mums to be would love to have a special video or so.

    Thanks in advance and hope to hear from you soon ❤️

  3. SOPHIE says:

    Dear Cassey,
    So im 12-years old and i am trying to lose weight but its very hard and i have tried everything, 7 day ab challenge, the 100 abs challenge, etc.
    But nothing works and its very hard to keep on a diet because im always hungry.

    Sophie <3

    1. Amy says:

      Hey Sophie! At your age you shouldn’t be focused on weight loss unless it’s seriously affecting your health. Your body is at a critical time where it needs plenty of nutrients to grow and develop. If a diet leaves you constantly hungry, it’s probably not healthy and may affect your growth. Just make sure to eat enough whole foods and veggies to keep you satisfied. Instead of focusing on ab workouts, incorporate more cardio and HITT. Training the abs strengthens the core beneath but doesn’t do much to really shed the fat on top.
      Hope this helps!

  4. Ally says:

    Dear Cassey,
    Is it good to split up your workout plan throughout the day or is it more beneficial to do it at one stretch?

  5. drea093 says:

    Dear Cassey,
    I would really like to lose 17lbs with your workout videos paired with eating to be in a calorie deficit. Is this possible without doing weights at the gym? Right now that is not an option for me. I just want to make sure I’m doing it right. I’ve struggled with weight loss for years now and I’ve finally seen some change since I became more committed last year Aug, however, I’ve hit many plateus. Id like to give myself 3 months like you did to lose the rest. Plz help lol

    1. Anastasia says:

      I am pretty sure it is possible. I lost 12lbs without going to the gym.

      1. drea093 says:

        Wow thats awesome Anastasia! thank you and congrats!

  6. Dessert Mania says:

    Hey Cassey, I love desserts like ice-cream, cakes and tarts. But other than that I don’t enjoy sweet drinks. I always have my coffee and tea with no sugar and fresh milk is actually one of my fav drinks (lol). And I’ve been having these cakes & stuff even more frequently during this whole lock-down since I’m stuck at home! I lost all my “dessert limitations” put in place in the past. I work out at least thrice a week, before the lock-down I would be hitting the gym but now that I’m home some of those days may just be a quick 15-30 mins workout, not too intense. But I’m starting to see this stubborn lower belly appearing and it’s kinda bothering me! Do you have any tips on how else I can adjust my fitness routine or what I should do?

    1. Sarah says:

      Letting yourself enjoy what you want is important! It is okay to have some belly fat if that means you can enjoy your life more 🙂

  7. Stressed Out Bride says:

    Hey Cassey,
    I’m getting married at the end of summer and have been making an effort to get into shape (not just for the wedding but for my own personal wellbeing) and despite months of consistent workouts I don’t see much physical change. Overall I feel stronger, which was my goal from the start, but part of me feels selfconscious about my thicker arms. I know part of the problem has been a lot of stress eating (planning a wedding during a pandemic is not fun) but even when I do eat healthier there is no change in my arms. Cardio has never been my friend (my asthma kicks in right away and I can never finish the workout) and I’m at a loss for what else to try. I want to feel good about myself and feel comfortable in my own skin at my wedding, but at the moment I just feel discouraged.

  8. Girl who expects more than she can says:

    Hi Cassey, I would like to first extend my gratitude to you for being an important addition to my life and several others’. I have you and your inspiring workout conversations in my head always. However, I fail to smile like the way you do during workouts, talk like the way you do, irrespective of the time duration of your workouts, and be that kind of inspiration as you’re, as I am myself struggling to get through. It’s not that I am a beginner, I have been committed to working out for 6-7 years now but still, it’s a fight. Could you help me develop the same kind of stamina and spirit like you put forth in your videos? Also because I feel that’s a facial workout and I have been developing some fat over the cheeks and neck… So smiling and talking must help 🙂 would be even more grateful if you could help me walk that extra mile with your invaluable suggestions 😀 thanks in advance.

  9. Swetcha says:

    I’m slightly underweight and feel tired often, I want to know a healthy way to gain those kilos. There isn’t sufficient guidance available online on the issue. Can you help ? Is loading up on carbs and fat a good idea ?

  10. Bothered girl says:

    Hi Cassey! Do you know how to reduce body fat in general? I don’t understand why I am not lean when I am considered thin and I workout everyday. I still can pull lots of fat under my arms and it really bothers me.

    1. CrazyBeach says:

      Omg, i’m the same, no matter how much I eat or what I eat, I can’t lose fat, especially on my legs and belly

  11. Lau says:

    Hi! I’ve just discovered you. Because of quarantine I’ve gained some weight. Do you have any video or post that advices about the best way to start losing it? Thanks a lot!!!

  12. Notyourveggietypeofgirl says:

    For someone that is used to refusing veggies time and time again, it’s so hard to switch my food into veggie based 🙁 And being asian, growing up with rice, is making me harder to let go of rice which most probably be the culprit of my bloated stomach. :’(

  13. Shruti says:

    Hey Cassey in love with your workout routines. I have been following them for last 2 months and maintaining good diet too, following intermittent fasting but I can’t see any results help me please

    1. Nadia says:

      Hi Shruti! I’ve been doing Cassey’s workout calendar for over 4 months now and I could see the amazing results during the first 2 months. I work out 6 times a week and do every workout each day she put in the calendar and I lost 2 inches of my body fat. Maybe you might want to watch what Cassey shared about her 90 day journey on how she lost 17.5 lbs in 12 weeks. I’ve got a lot of tips from her video. Here’s a link,
      Hope this help. Cheers for our best body to come!

  14. Nivedita says:

    Hey Cassey.. totally in love with ur calendar based keeps me excited for next day.❤️
    If you just suggest a vegan meal plan in budget that would be awesome n lyf changing.
    Love from India

  15. Melanie Lee says:

    I heard about HIGH CARB FAT LOSS from Rusty Moore

  16. Jane says:

    Hi! So I actually have a question. My question is if I don’t eat bread for at least two weeks will I be healthier?

    1. Patty says:

      Not necessarily. You want to make a change that will be a long term change not just for two weeks cause then you’ll be back to square one. You can limit your bread intake by switching it up at times. Like buys less processed bread or even switching bread for lettuce while making sandwiches and make a lettuce wrap. Try different things and see what works for you best and keep in mind: long term!!!

  17. Tess says:

    Good article, Cassie! I think a lot of people forget that eating isn’t just about fuel, it’s also about satiety/satisfaction from the meal. Taking out carbs that we find pleasure in (I love pita too!) can make meals unsatisfying and lead to food issues.

  18. Sharon says:

    Interesting post! I think people stress more about carbs than they really need to in general. As you said, our bodies need carbs for fuel! Yes, more veggies and fruit is always a good thing, but I think the vast majority of people with weightloss goals are often cutting too many carbs out of their diet to begin with. I rotate between meals centered around bread, pasta, potatoes, or rice to keep things interesting throughout the week, and I like pastries as afternoon snacks, so I guess I eat a lot of carbs, but I wouldn’t say there’s anything wrong with having starchy carbs at every meal 🤔 But that’s just me, and everyone different. I say if what you’re doing is working for you, and you feel good doing what you’re doing, then keep doing it!

  19. I find that when you’re able to get enough fats into the diet instead of the carbs, you really are able to say s*** yourself naturally! This is coming from my own personal experience 🙂 if you have anymore questions on low-carb, or sugar addiction, feel free to just ask me!

  20. Cheyenne says:

    I just started the 28 Day Challenge on a personal level, and my body is like, “But why are we not having those breadsticks or wine?” 😂 Ezekiel bread is super great too if you’re just craving toast, plus there are a ton of healthy, gluten free bread options. Trust me… I know the toast struggle.

  21. Amina Chakroune says:

    Hi cassey,
    I am obbsessed with snacks! I cant stop eating them. Between meals i always have to snack on something and i cant stop. I just have an urge to snack when between meals. Please could you help me out.
    Kind regards, the snacker <3