Your #21DayTone Results Are Here and They Are UNREAL

Hey guys!

I’ve been scrolling through Instagram, checking out your #21DayTone transformation pictures, reading about your experiences, and…


I don’t even know what else to say. Your transformations have my jaw dropping over and over again and I literally can’t stop scrolling. I am soooooo proud of you.

At the beginning of this challenge, I only set out to choose 3 winners. I was looking for people who committed themselves to these 21 days and experienced a transformation – including physical, mental, emotional, and lifestyle changes.

With that being said… I couldn’t choose JUST 3. I ended up being SO inspired by you that I chose 18 winners!!! I KNOW. EIGHTEEN!!!!!!

All of these winners received a gift set from my new Blogilates line at Target, which is available nationwide and online!

To be honest, I would post every single transformation if I could because you all seriously put your heart and soul into this challenge. Seeing how your could turn your life and habits around in 21 days is SO INSPIRING. So much can change if just put your mind to it… you just have to decide to do it.

ALRIGHT, now let’s get to it! I compiled this video so you could hear the stories and transformations of each of our winners. The first time I watched these, I got sooo choked up because I understood what this journey meant to each person.


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If you completed #21DayTone, you probably grew and changed in more ways than you even know! I saw it while I was scrolling through your progress pics on IG.

Sooooo I need you to do something for me, k? Go take a look at your before and after pics. Or, just go look in the mirror. What did you accomplish during those 21 days? You may see a little more ab definition or your legs may seem more toned. Maybe your arms slimmed down, or your booty grew.

But guess what else I saw when I was looking through your transformations? I saw a HUGE shift in your attitude, your confidence, and the way you carry yourself. The majority of you had HUGE smiles on your faces in your “after” pic, even if your caption said the physical changes were small. You all vowed to keep going.

And you WILL keep going! You just proved to yourself that you can prioritize your health and fitness for 21 days. If you can do that for 21 days, you can do ANYTHING.

Did I mention how proud I am of you?!

What was your biggest transformation from #21DayTone?! Tell me in the comments!!! 

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  1. Alex says:

    It’s May 1st of 2024 and I’m depressed cause I really want to change my body but really don’t know what to do. This gave me a new perspective that everything is possible and I really wanna try it and see what happens! See you in 21 days.

  2. Diana says:

    I have been following you and did the workouts for 7 years.For the last 3 years I let myself slip but knowing new year is around the corner decided not to wait and start. I made up my mind to complete this challenge! Just finished day 2 -one little step towards change. I’m happy I found your youtube by accident and from then your workouts were always amazing and I love your personality! ❤️

  3. Brawn says:

    Congratulations to the #21DayTone champions! Your smiles in the ‘after’ photos say it all—physical changes aside, your inner transformation is truly remarkable.

  4. Alex says:

    Thank you for keeping us healthy throughout the years Cassey 💕 You are one of the most fascinating humans I’ve ever seen, sending you loads of love and support! 💖💖💖

  5. Şilan TAŞYÜZ says:

    21 challenge


    This is phenomenal!!!! I have been working with you for one year (since the 1st lockdown here) and I am thrilled about the ecercises, can˝t wait to come home and do the exercise for each day. I so understand these people and I am very happy for all of them!!! Great job

  7. Elizabeth says:

    These have mega-motivated me! Starting tomorrow 😉

    1. blogilates says:

      YAYYYYY! You got this!

  8. Kelly says:

    Hi Cassie,
    I started this challenge late! But already on day 5! I’ve been doing it with my mama friend and been doubling up on the workouts to catch up with her! I have to say I am so excited to work out every day just because it something new and how tight my body already feels! I told myself that I am going to commit to this no matter what! It really makes me feel great, makes me feel feminine and is easy on my knees which has been on going struggle for me with working out. I have tried so many things and then would have to take a long break between my workouts because my knee would be in to recover (I have chronic knee issues after a childhood of hyperextension, dislocation and surgeries).

    Anyway I wanted to thank you for what you do and also let you know that I have fallen in love with pilates and will definitely take on your challenges moving forward!

    Can’t wait to see my after pictures! Day 6 tomorrow! Woot!

    1. blogilates says:

      YAYY thank you for sharing this!!! Love that you’re doing it with a mama friend!

      1. Kelly says:

        Is there a way to send you before and after pictures\story without having social media?

  9. Sharon says:

    I started this challenge in Feb, its sooo good, thanks Cassie! I have a couple of questions! Can you point me towards the best stretches to do afterwards? I’ve done your 12 min stretch video I just want some that will be good to do after these workouts. What are some modifications I can do? I’m just getting back to exercising after having my second daughter (she’s almost 18 months old!) This is about when I started getting serious about exercising after my first daughter was born too, so I guess my body is just ready to start getting healthy again! Thank you!!

  10. Rinnie says:

    These are amazing! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    I really, really wanted to complete the challenge, but I couldn’t because of my wrists. I think I really messed up my wrists, especially my right wrist, during 2020 because of working from home on my laptop. I could barely do any of the moves that involved being on my hands/knees and putting weight on my hands. I have been doing wrist strengthening and stretching exercises, and warming up my wrists before doing the workouts….but it’s just too much, even with modifications. I’m really sad because I wanted to do this challenge, and just complete SOMETHING. My fitness journey has always been – start out hopeful with realistic goals, feel good, then crap out after a couple weeks and hate myself all over again. 🙁 Please, Cassie – is there anything I can do for my wrists, or some kind of challenge or routine that doesn’t involve any moves where you support yourself with your wrists? Thank you!

  11. Klara says:

    Dear Cassey,
    I started my fitness journey around a year ago and even though I feel stronger, I haven’t seen any huge change in the way I look. I’ve cut out sweets from my diet, limited my portion sizes and eaten mostly whole unprocessed foods and yet despite completely changing my diet I still look the same. I work out six times a week and despite this I barely lost any weight. I know fitness is supposed to be about the mental journey more than the physical but I can’t help feeling frustrated by the lack of change. Am I doing something wrong ? Why is it that this method works for everyone else apart from me?
    Slightly frustrated

  12. Ellie Walker says:

    This was awesome to watch. This is the first Blogilates challenge I’ve completed and it was so helpful to my emotional health. I hadn’t work out for a few months and wasn’t feeling great. I loved feeling stronger and more in control of my health and my life. It was hard sometimes because I have a roommate and I couldn’t do the workouts in the morning because I didn’t want to disturb her sleeping, so I had to do them after work when I was already tired. I’m so glad I did them though—even when I dreaded them because I was tired, I would be so happy afterwards. I love how Cassey talks through the workout to keep my mind off the pain. Thanks Cassey for creating this workout and giving me something to work towards and help me feel like my true strong self. :). Also, I LOVE the app. It made it so easy to follow along with the challenge.

  13. Amira says:

    Dear Cassey,
    I started my fitness journey in the beginning of quarantine, and I’ve been doing bodyweight workouts ever since. I heard how beneficial strength training can be, and as a 14 year old, I want to try it out myself!
    However, my parents are not so convinced by this idea, they think it might stunt my growth. I am not very tall to begin with, and I still have more time to grow, but I was wondering if using light dumbbells (1-3 kgs) and resistance bands could affect my height??

    Wants To Try Strength Training

  14. Allie says:

    I love seeing a guy on this list too! Congratulations everyone!

    1. Yuna says:

      Yes, I totally agree and it’s great how much more confident he looks now!

    2. eve says:

      totally!!! 🙌🏽👏🏽