Your FREE 2021 Printable Calendars are HERE!

Hey guys!

WOW, we made it. It is the official count down til’ 2021! I think we can all agree that this year felt… wild. Fortunately, every new year brings new hopes and that’s why I LOVE making you these monthly printable calendars.

They are FREE for you to use and print. The only thing I ask is that you let me know when you do use them by tagging me on Instagram! I love seeing your journey throughout the year because it motivates me, too!! Plus, when you share your journey, you are inspiring the POPsters around you. It’s win-win, really!

Now, get these printed and start filling out your January to make sure you start off on the right foot.

OHHHH and P.S. – a brand new and EXCITING new challenge is coming for you in a few days so keep your eye out for that. You’re gonna LOVE!!!!!

Okay – here you gooooooo!


Download all the calendars HERE!















WHOOO! I am so excited to start this new year with you! If you have a lot of dreams, goals and to-do’s for this year, make sure you snag a Fit Planner and Wall Calendar before it sells out. It’s the perfect way to track your fitness life and normal life altogether. This year, we came out with not one… but TWO covers!!! So you can choose the one that fits your 2021 vibe 🙂



To read alllllll about the details in the 2021 Fit Planner, I talked about it here!

Now, are you ready to crush 2021?!!! Comment below and let me know!!

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  1. This guide is essential for me

  2. fitness workout calendars are just amazing!

  3. excellent details about fitness workout calendars

  4. Jason Roy says:

    Very Well done. I appreciate your efforts. Please do it for 2022 as well. Thank you.

  5. Bo says:

    These calanders are so helpfull!
    Are you making them for 2022 aswell? 🙂

    1. EKitt says:

      I am so looking forward to her 2022 calendar printables!

  6. Jenifer says:

    Did you have a notebook for 2022?

  7. Taralee says:

    Where does one purchase/ find the whole planner…? I already have the 90 day planner, but I really like the full planner that is pictured on this page – with the recap, recipes,

    1. blogilates says:

      The 2022 planners are coming out SOON! Stay tuned!!

  8. Samantha says:

    is there anyway to make it editable?

    1. blogilates says:

      Can you clarify? What do you need to be editable? They can be printed and written on or saved to your computer/device!

  9. Richard says:

    The article you have shared is informative and helpful

  10. Dorothy says:

    Is there going to be a 2022 version of the fit planner?
    When will it be available?

  11. Keep sharing most interesting thing..

  12. It was really an amazing post…

  13. It was an amazing post…

  14. Amal says:

    Oooooh. I wish I would have seen this way back in January and bought your planner instead of the one I have. I will have to watch for the 2022 one.

  15. Nathalie Mattys says:

    I’ve been doing the blogilates video’s on and off since I was like 14 years old (26 now). Last october I started following your workout calendars and I lost 10kg since then! I have discovered that I can love working out and moving and am also swimming and Running now. I LOVE that I am still able to track my own work outs (with some blogilates video’s ofcourse) while still staying in my comfort-zone, the blogilates calendar, but blanco so I can fill it in myself. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING Cassy! I don’t think you can imagine whan An impact you had on this Belgian girl! 😀

  16. Stardust***Dragon says:

    I especiallt love the January print <3

  17. Melissa says:

    Thank you SO much Cassey for sharing these and for making the pre-organized workouts. I know how much work it must’ve been! This has been so helpful for motivating me to get back into fitness after a long quarantine, but most of all it’s helped me so much mentally, so thank you!! Sending love from Canada <3

  18. Laura says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to make these CUTE calendars and posting them for free! Plus those who wish (demand??) for their calendars to start on Mondays, any PDF or Acrobat editor will work. I do the same.
    Also your workout planner is something I’m starting to use for practicing mindfulness and nutrition. My “healing coach” actually encourages that I use it. *TMI but Cassey you’re awesome!*

  19. nadhirah says:

    no restocking of fit planner?

    1. Ashley says:

      Yes I would like to know this as well.

  20. Jessie says:

    The free calendars are awesome, Cassey! They’re definitely going to brighten up my office nicely! Thank you!!!
    PS starting the calendar on Sunday works and makes perfect sense for this Canadian 😉

    1. blogilates says:

      Yaayyyyyyyy haha thank you!!!!

  21. Tanza says:

    Amazing! Thank you so much! A workout calendar is not available where I live and this is definitely helpful!!!!! ♡

    1. blogilates says:

      You’re so welcome!!!

  22. Vania says:

    The calendar is vlank

    1. blogilates says:

      Yes, that’s the point! You can fill it in yourself 🙂

  23. Dhanalakshmi says:

    Really good

  24. Lily says:

    Why does the January calendar only follow the 21 day challenge?! A lot of us like a full length workout so that’s a big bummer

  25. Holly S Joseph says:

    Would it be possible to give the artist credit for their work with a signature in the future? I realize you paid to have someone design it for you. Would it be possible to credit the artist in the future with their signature? I think of this every time I get a cute gift card. It doesn’t have to take away from the brand but credits the creative. Thanks!

  26. Rhythm Dang says:

    The calendar designs with the vintage flowers are so me 🙂

  27. Ashley says:

    I would love the Calendar where don’t forget anything…

  28. Phone wallpapers!!! Whoo!!!

  29. Caroline Helena says:

    1. The 2021 calendars are absolutely stunning, but they’re useless when the week begins on a Sunday. Please, please, please consider making two versions so everyone else in the world other than USA and Canada can have one too.
    2. The 2021 phone wallpapers link to the 2020 wallpapers.
    3. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

    1. blogilates says:

      Thanks for catching the links!! All updated! Haha, are the calendars really completely useless? I think you can still use them 🙂

      1. stacy says:

        they’re not completely useless, they’re just really really really inconvenient. so much so that i’d much rather go through the horror of making an ugly spreadsheet calendar than use your much desired pretty calendars.

        1. Stephanie says:

          Pardon me, but I think you are being completely rude and obscene. There is absolutely nothing wrong with her calendars. If they o not fit your specific needs then go ahead and find a better calendar. Don’t put down her hard work that she is so graciously giving away for free.

    2. Jana says:

      I agree !
      A second version to start with Mondays would totaly help me.
      I am always confused and sad when i accidently wrigt my workout to the wrong week day. I wirly Want it to be pretty and organized.
      And the prettyest calendars are Casseys !
      please Cassey !

  30. Cailey says:

    Would love to have a digital fit planner option for people who use ipads!

  31. Kristen says:

    I have the 2021 Fit Planner and I am ready to CRUSH 2021!

  32. Athira says:

    Dear Casey, why do I work out so much and not feel a change in my body I literally follow your calendar everyday without a break!

  33. Bella Cuellar says:

    Yes I am so excited to use the new calendars they are beautiful Also to crush 2021! I can’t wait for the new challenge what will it be? I’m gonna have to find out, and I am really gonna have fun because I love working out with Cassey! She es the berry best person! Also one last thing just a suggestion could you make another fun pop star video! I would really like that thank you!!(:

  34. Thavisha Herath says:

    Love the Monthly Calendar.

  35. Stardust***Dragon says:

    Woot, the monthly calendars look awesome!!!