Feeling Like a 1950s Debutante Barbie

Hey guys!

I really felt like a 1950s Debutante Barbie last night at the Asian American Awards Unforgettable Gala with my big tulle skirt and tall white gloves! First time ever wearing a petticoat and wow WAS IT HEAVY. Also, I always kinda wanted to know what a dress that couldn’t fit into a car looked like and well, now I know.

Oh but you know what I don’t know?

How do you pee?


cassey ho blogilates black petticoat unforgettable gala 2023

No seriously though! How did the European ladies, princesses and queens do it back in the day…because I held it in all night. There is NO WAY I was gonna let that tulle touch the floor of a public restroom! Plus how, like HOW does one even navigate the nether regions without sight!?



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Oh, and best compliment of the night: “Did you get a boob job?”

Hahaha no but chicken cutlets, a corset top, and a little weight gain will do it 👍

After the gala I went right back into work mode, setting up the new office for our first shoot there/last shoot of 2023! Definitely had to go for a Homegoods run because I was feeling like we needed more rugs! Here’s a lil’ sneak peak of the new place!

blogilates neon sign popflex office

Do you love the neon sign?!

Okay back to work. TTYL!

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  1. Gemma says:


  2. brit says:

    actually they just held a small bucket under there. easy peasy . 🤣 you look gorgeous!

  3. Beatriz says:

    I think the had ladies help them hold their dress up while they peed or whatever. But still sounds very uncomfortable