Umm, excuse me? Is this Target model for real?

Umm, excuse me? Is this Target model for real?

Was browsing some new spring bikinis and found this awesome leopard print 2-piece! Let me share with you my magical shopping experience.

It’s 11pm on Monday night March 10th, 2014. I’m taking a break from work and am on the Target website, juniors swim section.

1. Oh look! OMG such a cute swimsuit. Let’s zoom in on that print!

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 10.12.05 PM

2. Oooooohhh leopard print! Love!!! Mint, lavender…wait…why’s there something sharp under her armpit?

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 9.27.15 PM

3. Oi?

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 10.11.07 PM

4. Wait, do you see what I see?

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 10.10.57 PM
5. Umm it might just be me, but her crotch has a square shape cut into it and there’s a growth out of her side hip.

My expression at this exact moment of realization that





OMG Niall


 Target, really? Which design intern did you hire to alter the shape of this beautiful model? And why? I mean…I don’t support photoshopping a woman’s body to sell beauty and beautiful things, but really, if you were gonna do it, could you have at least hired someone more qualified for the job?!!??

All jokes aside, I am actually glad they didn’t get an experienced photoshop artist to touch up this photo. It lets us all know ONCE AND FOR ALL that someone out there is calling the shots on what the standards on beauty are supposed to be in fashion and media. This is simply demeaning to women everywhere. I just wrote a blog post about how social media sites like Tumblr and Pinterest are helping to battle the ED craze by posting warning messages when you type in “skinny” and “thigh gap” into search. Progress. Good. But it’s sooooo sad to see big powerhouse companies like Target who have SUCH an influence on young people everywhere FAIL at using their power in a positive way.

Why Target? Why?

But you know what…I have a conspiracy theory. Maybe the artist who did this disaster of a photoshop job was actually REBELLING by doing such a horrendous touch-up. Maybe it was a hidden message to us all! Ha, wouldn’t that be something?

What are your thoughts on this? I’m curious to hear your opinions.

<3 Cassey

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  1. Carla says:

    Hola! Alguien de mi grupo de Facebook nos compartio esta pagina para que la vieramos y me ha gustado mucho.
    Un blog fantastico y un diseño fabuloso. Un saludo.

  2. Geekling says:

    still photoshopped, but a better job of it in the new photo.

  3. Jy'Neese Dargan says:

    I see three mistakes on this picture because the picture was not edit correctly and body parts are much smaller than other body parts and are a little out of place.

  4. srna jw says:

    CASSSSSEY! I found another one. Looks like they got lazy on that invisible thigh gap. NO ONE has such a triangular thigh gap..please..that’s just sad!

  5. Carina says:

    New News … Ellen DeGeneres invited the model to check if it was really photoshopped 😉

    Hilarious!! ->

  6. MAY says:

    Target must’ve seen your comments, because when I went to check out the site today, they fixed all the tell-tale signs. Still —- Tssk,tssk … shame, shame Target!

  7. M says:

    OMG! I’m with you on the conspiracy theory! Hahahaha! Now, I must say, that I’m not totally against Photoshop. I just disapprove of it being use to create unrealistic images of natural beauty.

  8. Hunter says:

    This girl is very beautiful and I do believe this is her natural body. Please don’t talk about her like she’s not reading these comments. I think the bottoms are too big for her. I’ve had this happen to me before and I’m pretty sure this is not photo shopped. Please some posting rude comments. Just talk amongst yourselves. I wonder if everyone tried on this bikini how it would fit you. I modeled a long time ago and you do the runway and change in 5 second and do it again so she probably didn’t think to check and make sure it was on correctly. Some of those bikinis make the material really thick so you won’t see camel toe on the beach or on a 12 year old girl.

    1. Person with Eyes says:

      Did you even LOOK at the picture? Part of her body is missing! I doubt she has part of her body missing in real life

    2. Jess says:

      People aren’t commenting on her body but the poor photoshop/editing being done.

    3. isabel says:

      the model went on ellen about it… it was confirmed!

  9. Bahaha omg, this is nasty shit Target!

  10. goldie says:

    This kind of stuff is everywhere @blogilates

  11. Cole says:

    If you guys go look at the new picture of this swimsuit, you can tell it is NOT a “thnning” photoshop job. They were obviously trying to removedthe background and make it white. They weren’t trying to create a “thigh gap”. It’s people who post about this who even make a “thigh gap” newsworthy. It was never a problem before.
    Please stop posting rude things about the model’s arms. Maybe she has long thin arms? Ever think of that.

    Seriously, if this community was all about positively no one would be judging her for being thin.

    1. Judi says:

      I agree with the background comment, but they obviously WERE trying to create a thigh gap. It is physically impossible for the bottom piece of a bikini to hug the inner thighs like it does in the picture. Also if you also look at it closely, the shadows on the bottom piece look very odd. All around, it was terribly photoshopped.

    2. Andy says:

      Actually no, they weren’t.

      First up, how do I know? Because I’m a photographer and photoshopper. Admittedly I refuse to do this level of airbrushing (hands up, I have removed zits, unreddened a sunburnt nose etc when the model has asked me to, but never altered body shape) but I have removed a lot of backgrounds from people, objects, pets etc…

      So, with some competence and experience I can say this is not possible from simply removing the background. That would be done with a simple lasso tool or selector, the way those work wouldn’t allow for either the jagged cuts at shoulder and hip and the thigh gap. Even the most cluttered background wouldn’t cause this and as the shot is professional, they will have used a background more suited for purpose.

      The side has obviously been badly cut inwards, leaving her natural armpit and hip as spiky echoes of their former selves with her real shape a couple inches or so wider than it’s pictured there, you can also see from the shape of the left breast that it’s either been compressed or moulded, it’s not a natural shape.

      As for the thigh gap, that’s even less likely to be a background removal job. Let’s be honest, unless the photographer has a light pointing near straight upwards the natural shape of our bodies makes the crotch an area of shadow, that design on the swimsuit added to the inevitable shadowing in the groin means there is zero way any selector or lasso tool went on a weird journey around her mons. If (and we’re talking astronomically unlikely numbers here) one had grabbed some of her crotch it would have grabbed wide areas of the bottoms, you wouldn’t get a thigh gap shaped vagectomy like that with obvious curves meant to indicate the natural widening of thighs as they leave the confines of their clothes.

      So no, it’s not “obviously” a background replacement, it’s obviously not a background replacement…

      PS, I know this is old and the person who wrote it is probably wondering why the heck I’m even here to comment (web machinations, a related post that led to a post about this with a link) but hey, more people might have found it like me and I didn’t want others buying in to the idea of this being the work of an inept background remover when it’s clearly the work of an inept airbrusher instead.

  12. Nima says:

    Apparently Target “fixed” the image. If by that they mean photoshopped it better… The model still looks inappropriately thinned out.

    1. Colen says:

      It’s rude to say she looks inappropriately thinned out because it may be her actual body with no retouching.
      I hate that its become acceptable to judge thin girls/models (like the one in the Hollister ad that had some controversy) but say one thing about someone a little larger and it’s rude. We shouldn’t be judging anyone’s bodies. Some people are naturally very thin. Some are naturally bigger. Stop focusing on everyone else and just be healthy and happy with yourself.

      1. Meaghan says:

        I really don’t think that it is her actual body without ANY retouching, because honestly, no one’s skin is that perfect and air brushed. The bathing suit doesn’t dig into her body at all. Look at Katy Perry’s face- it has texture and imperfections. The model’s does not. Also, we as consumers would not want to buy something if what we saw was a completely average looking girl without retouching.

        Sad, but true.

        1. Colen says:

          …bathing suits aren’t suppose to dig into your body. A lot of people do have beautiful skin. Have you ever seen a model in real life? Their job requires them to have great skin.

          And actually a lot of companies do use real women without retouching and are successful at selling their products. Maybe YOU wouldn’t buy something on a “completely average looking girl” (not that anybody looks “completely average”) but a lot fo people would, and do!

      2. no says:

        Last I checked we have freedom of speech. How bout you stop harassing people for commenting on an article? People can say whatever they want about her body since she has decided to expose so much of it to the world. When you model, you are being paid to be an object for people to state at and judge. It’s the truth whether you like it or not. Besides, I don’t particularly care about the feelings of someone who exposes their body for money. If she doesn’t want to be judged she should have chosen a different career.

        1. Nicole says:

          I thought this site was for positivity and building community. Your rude comments aren’t welcomed.

  13. Kathi says:

    I can’t believe that everyone is so focused on their outsides…

    But I love the katy perry,taylor swift and niall picture you included!!! I’m such a directioner and I’m so in looooove with that niall pic <3 he once said that it's okay to be different. <3

  14. puspa says:

    when i see the pic, my eyes goes straight to her bra. Am i wrong that she wore 2 bra ? That bra looks stacked. Or the design is just like that ? did you buy them ? i just wonder.

  15. Alicia TR says:

    The more I look at this picture the more I see all the photoshopped parts of her body ! Her right wrist is … ?!! Weird! Her left arm is 2x longer than her right arm, her left hand is too big… What is the point?!

  16. They wonder why girls have body image issues? If Target and a lot of other places stopped photoshopping and airbrushing photos all the time maybe they wouldn’t feel like they have to look like something that isn’t even real.

    Good on you Cassey for promoting health, fitness and a positive body image!

  17. Andrea says:

    What about where her wrist meets her left (our right) thigh? Yikes!! What a photo.

  18. RaeAnna says:

    I, too, think this was done or purpose. The only other explanation is if Target thought its audience was too ignorant to realize the horrible photoshop job. I took multimedia for one year in hs and I could have done a better job. I want to post this everywhere for everyone to see how fake these beauty standards are!

  19. K says:

    Unfortunately this is not a real picture. Here is the link to the target website – – which has the real picture and it does not look like the above picture.

    1. Caroline says:

      “Click on this old screen shot of the photoshopped target model. They now have a new version of her online where the ridic one used to me. Hopefully it is the untouched version. She looks perfect as is!”
      Since Cassey says it an old screen shot, I’m guessing they updated the photo on the site 🙂

    2. Allison says:

      It was the picture that was up there when she posted this, target took down the picture and replaced it. The bad photo-shopping was done on other swimwear photos as well.

    3. Asha says:

      It is a real picture. I saw it on Target’s website before they took it down to replace with the one they have now.
      Cassey is the one that found the picture on Target’s website in the first place, anyway, and do you really think she’d lie to us??

  20. K says:

    Here’s the real picture – not sure where they found the one above, but this is what is on Target’s website.

  21. sarah says:

    I wonder what exercise will square my crotch like that?

    1. RaeAnna says:

      lol. Maybe if you put a block in between your thighs and walk around like that, it will train your crotch to be square. I warn you, people will stare at your crotch, and wonder what the heck is bulging out of your pants.

  22. Mara says:

    Cassie, if you can remove comments from this page, I suggest you remove citizenjoe’s reply to Christina (March 11. 2014 at 6:02) because he was very rude and personally insulting to her. I know you don’t want that kind of negativity on your blog. Thanks!

  23. Sarah Jordan says:

    I’m so glad you posted this. I wish they taught “debunking standards of beauty” class in middle school for girls so they can see that even models aren’t really what they seem.

    1. Mary says:

      That is such a great idea!!

    2. Kristy says:

      Why only girls though? I think young men and women would all benefit from a class like this.

  24. Miss-ay says:

    I think people need to get a grip. If you look at the image as a whole, it looks like the re-toucher (photoshop artworker) was cutting the model out to stick her on a plain white background. Judging by the other areas on the models arms, this layer seems to have slipped upward slightly giving you the image above so did NOT occur because a thigh gap was tying to be created.

    ANYONE who uses PS regularly can tell you this.

  25. Alexis says:

    If companies stopped photoshopping and “normal,” non-photoshopped models of any shape and size can wear a bikini and flaunt it and look gorgeous…
    won’t it be better for business since it targets everyone? And people won’t think, “oh, I HAVE to be that size to wear that?”

    ,… just a thought.

  26. Yeap, I first notice the extra fabric on the sides and wondered if it was the underwear design but then noticed the square crotch. Ridiculous.

  27. Haley says:

    Someone else photoshopped this because on the Target website, it does not have anything this girl claims.

    1. Natalie says:

      It had it on the website the other night when Cassey first posted about it. Target fixed it because of how much bad press they were getting.

    2. Andrea says:

      The pictures Casey posted were actually on After this caught on in the media, Target removed the images immediately. That’s why if you look on Target anytime now, you’d be unable to find the images that Casey is referring too. Just because it’s not there now, doesn’t mean it wasn’t ever there.

    3. Andrea says:

      Maybe they’ve since corrected it but it was all over the news so…

  28. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for bringing this to light. SO many girls feel insecure enough at this age…actually women at ANY age have to work hard to have a healthy mindset with their bodies. I’m glad you are opposing photoshopping. Let’s get HUMAN!

  29. Catie says:

    I hate to see this 🙁 It makes me not want to shop at Target!

  30. Katie says:

    Buzzfeed stole your post!! The day after you posted it!

    Nevermind, they did cite you in the pictures. That’s cool, spreading out over other blogs!!

  31. karina says:

    cookie ice cream sandwiches!!

  32. This actually cracks me up. I think we are all well aware that this is obviously happening in all of the magazines/ads alike, but to not check your work for such obvious errors! Lol. I hope women can take this and laugh and think “Yea I look better than her and her square crotch!” 🙂

  33. Sky says:

    My fav cheat Meal isquest bars…wait they aren’t real cheats lol. I guess then they’d have to be anything peanut butter and chocolate!!

  34. melissa zawisky says:

    I would love to see her beautiful untouched body. I’m sure she is beautiful!!! Thank you for finding this and speaking your mind!

  35. claire says:

    my fave yolo meal of all time is a cheesy burrito <3 mmmm

  36. Jerry says:

    I am in total agreement that the photoshop job is horrible, but I’m 99% sure she looks “skinnier” because the white layer that is around her is offset, and not because they wanted to make her skinnier. Think of it as a puzzle piece, it’s hard to see though because it’s white on white. Look at the space between her left arm and side (our right looking at her) if you move the oddly shaped white mark to the right a tad, it would fit perfectly under her arm pit which should then reveal more of the outside of her arm and her wrist (which is currently being covered by the offset white background). Same goes for her thigh gap. If you move the oddly shaped white space down a little, it would fit perfectly in place. If the all those white pieces were properly placed (not sure why they weren’t) it wouldn’t look like they were trying to make her skinnier.

    1. Lily says:

      Yea, it’s just a photoshop masking error not a “make the girl thinner” error.

    2. Miss-ay says:

      I totally agree. How it managed to slip past their QA process is ridiculous… but yes, it does seem to be a PhotoShop layer slip as opposed to someone trying to give her a “thigh-gap”

  37. An outstanding share! I have just forwarded this onto
    a coworker who had been doing a little research on
    this. And he in fact ordered me breakfast simply because I found it for him…
    lol. So let me reword this…. Thanks for the
    meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending some time to talk about this matter here on
    your web page.

  38. Lauren Ruffin says:

    I feel bad for the model. I know she saw this and is now so embarrassed or worse. My heart and mind goes out to her. The photo shopping IS definitely fake, but the person, whose modeling, isn’t.

    1. Amy says:

      I’m sure the models know what they are getting into. Do you honestly believe this is the only company that photoshops? The botching of it is no reflection on her! I’m sure she is photoshopped every shoot!

  39. Lindzel says:

    You forgot about the extremely long thin arm front that has a big dent in it near the wrist. Horrible! And I’m always self-conscious of my arms… Because it is impossible to look like those.

  40. Amber Lynn says:

    Looks like they had the intern do that photoshop.

  41. James says:

    I’m more likely to believe that the model had oil on her to look better for the photograph and that the green screen she was standing in front of probably reflected off of her body and so the amateur PhotoShop artist was trying to remove the background and awkwardly cut into her hips and armpit using the color cut. I’ve seen it happen before, but it is always possible that it really is Target trying to downsize the model on purpose.

    1. James says:

      Sorry for the double post but the reason I believe this also lies in the fact that the hand was cut into and so someone was probably just powering through a large amount of edits before the addition of a new product to the website.

      1. John says:

        I use photoshop daily as a graphic designer. I don’t usually have to touch up people but the person who did this has no idea what they’re doing. There was no green screen reflection mishap going on here. The photoshopper just did a crappy job.

        Also the long, thin, alien like arm was clearly photoshopped too. Pretty bad haha.

  42. sophia says:

    Cassey, this was on TV! I don’t remember which channel, but it was one of those entertainment channels that talk about celebrity gossip and stuff- ET maybe? I’m not sure, but wow, I can’t believe it.

  43. Le Sigh!
    I don’t see why the feel the need to photoshop regardless, take people as they are. But major fail on Targets behalf!

  44. Celeste says:


    I completely agree with your horror. However, I think you should revise your video “POP Pilates Inner Thigh Insanity.” I LOVE LOVE LOVE the workout and it makes me burn so good but you call the last move the “thigh gap.” Not every one can have the thigh gap, so I think you should reconsider the message you send. It was from a long time ago, and of all your videos, that’s the only one I’ve ever seen anything wrong with.

    Thank you so much for being awesome!

  45. MiinaMarie says:

    hahaha I didnt even look at the pics before I commented on what you wrote – those are so obvious hahaha! it makes me think, someone photoshopped them, but someone else printed them..that had to pass a couple pairs of eyes at least before it got to yours…I’m sorry to laugh but that’s actually hilarious.

  46. MiinaMarie says:

    I obviously disagree with the whole photoshopping thing, but when you asked “why would Target do this?” it’s because they’re marketing. They’re trying to sell. They’re a business and they want to make money – the way they feel they make money is by advertising clothing (bathing suit) on a body/figure so that it looks appealing to the eye, so that people will want to buy it it, indirectly causing them to envision themselves as the model or looking ‘as good’ as the model. Of course it’s evil, and I don’t agree with it. You’ll also notice that the ‘plus size’ models are not ever really what realistic plus size people look like, or if they are, they are also photoshopped or girdled to the max (an example I always think of is queen latifah here, shes larger and lovely, and she looks great when she wears her evening gowns, really inspiring that bigger women do look awesome, but you’ll notice everything is perfectly positioned and supported, nothing out of place, it’s a bodice and she may or may not be very uncomfortable) – however much truth there is behind it, companies don’t feel they can sell their product if the model (male or female) is sporting extra lumps, or scars/stretch marks or tattoos even (yep, even they get photoshopped out too sometimes). Think of any food advert – the display – you know someones hands have been all over it to make it look appetizing or presentable – same with something like a fast food commercial, using red lipstick to enhance the look of a tomato…all these things are lies, or fake just to entice you in to buying. It’s sad, if we’re not all out battling, all we can do is be aware, or not spend our money on certain products.

  47. Leslie says:

    Hey Cassey,
    They just posted this on
    Look at that “thigh gap” haha

    1. Leslie says:

      AND they credited you! woo!

  48. Maria says:

    I think this photoshoping women is ridiculous and so unnecessary. It looks so fake…!!! I always thought Target was better than this.

  49. Katelyn says:

    That is… absolutely sad. Not even the skinniest models are good enough. Wow.
    I’ll take being fit and healthy instead…. thnxverymuch


  50. Miri says:

    Hey Guys, don’t take this all out on the “photoshopping” in general. I make my living through photoshop and I don’t make women look unreal thin. It’s possible to have some work ethics! We’re not all how you seem to think and it’s really affensive to blankly hate photoshop and the poeple making their living with it!!

  51. Rachel says:

    WOW…. JUST.. WOW… They thinned out her arms to the point they look uber fake and alien-like, then they give her a THIGH GAP… WHAT?!
    Here’s what I found out from a DOCTOR.
    In an article he should the hip bones, one of the hip sockets were pointed downards, and the other was pointed horizontally.
    YEP GIRLS. A thigh gap isn’t excess fat for everyone. It depends on your BONE STRUCTURE.
    Does your hip sockets go out or in? So I’m a pear shape. That means I’m tiny at the top but bigger on the bottom. I can never have a thigh gap, as much as I lose weight I cannot… it’s my bone structure.
    I know this because when I was in the 11th grade, I was borderline anorexic and weighed 95lbs, STILL wanting that STUPID thigh gap, and still never got it… I would have to weigh like 80 pounds or something just to achieve it– if I didn’t die by then.

  52. Anon says:

    Are you daft?

    You’re surprised that a major retailer is using questionable techniques to sell their product?

    This should NOT come as a surprise. Advertising is evil.

  53. nala says:

    OMG, This is really disappointing that they actually have to Photoshopped! I love target so this is sad to see!!

  54. Leila says:

    OMG THIS MAKES ME SO MAD! Love the funny way you told i though 🙂

  55. lurker says:

    Check the posting times – this one went up later than the others.

  56. Awesome post! Clothing companies seriously need to stop doing things like this.

    1. fmed says:

      Hope to see our faculty site, thanks in advance

  57. Girl with no thigh gaps says:

    Simply ridiculous. Not just the fact that their photo editor is so horrible, but that they chose to alter the body of an already beautiful model, to fit some ideal that suggests “the skinnier, the better”.

  58. Kate says:

    Guys, email this blogger:
    He’s been credited on other sites for finding this first. Ask him (politely- we don’t want people thinking Popsters are rude) to cite blogilates as the one who found it.

    1. Actually, the author of Blogilates opens with “11pm on Monday night March 10th, 2014. I’m taking a break from work and am on the Target website, juniors swim section.” (

      Whatever timezone Cassey is in (Pacific) that’s **after** it appeared on Jezebel, and many hours after I posted this around 2 pm, EDT.

      Who is stealing from whom, I wonder? Now please stop harassing me.

    2. amy says:

      Is it possible he noticed it as well? I saw someone else credited on jezebel but their article was up before Casseys. It’s a weird coincidence but could have happened

    3. Jo says:

      He doesn’t need to cite blogilates for this. Lots of people saw the same thing and posted images directly from the Target website. Also, if you look at the times, Cassey made this post after it was posted on Jezebel. I’m not saying she stole it either. I’m just saying that this was noticed by a lot of people on the same day so we can’t say that everyone is stealing from Cassey. (Even though we love her.)

    4. Amy says:

      I don’t get why everyone is assuming other cites are stealing from Cassey. Some of the other stories broke before she posted this!

      1. Amy says:

        Wow! I just went to this guys blog and some of your are being pretty harsh! Not just asking him to credit Cassey (even though his post was first!) but also saying he is stealing, etc. Without any proof as to what happened why do you think you can do that to someone else? If he came over here and did that to Cassey, you would all be down his throat!

        1. Turns out this guy was the original source for Photoshop Disasters (which I sourced):

          I added a credit (“H/T” means “hat tip,” short form for “source”) on my original post:

          My blog doesn’t have any ads, since I have a full-time job as an advertising Creative Director myself. But I always give credit to my sources Every once in a while, a post goes viral, because while my following is not massive it includes major advertising, social science, and culture bloggers in my circles of interest.

          That said, I was really disappointed to see readers of this commercial blog, which derives ad revenue from the number of people who click on it, harass my not-for-profit blog and accuse me of “stealing”. Not only were they wrong, but they also appeared to have mounted a campaign to get this post linked to mainstream media posts about the issue. If you did this for blogiates, you should demand your share of the ad revenue generated 🙂

  59. Elysia says:


  60. Mariya says:

    I love this post! But I hate that everyone is taking it from you! I’ve been sending EVERY website that says “I was looking…” & don’t credit you your link. Because YOU found it. You go girl! Spread the news & don’t let anyone take your work!

    1. Kate says:

      I’ve noticed that she’s not being credited too. We are probably more upset about it than Cassey even.

      1. Please see my comment above.

      2. Col says:

        Did you ever think more than 1 person noticed? A LOT of other bloggers posted about it before Cassey. Just because she has a larger audience doesn’t mean she saw it first

      3. Amy says:

        Because she isn’t the only one who saw this!

  61. Maegan says:

    I just went on Target’s site for a little online-pre-bedtime-window-shopping and I saw this same image still up on their website. Except instead of the whole body where you can see the bottoms that match the top of the swim suit you can only see her from the waist up. It’s funny because we can still see the horribly photo-shopped arm area that looks like a jagged edge. Bad, Target, bad.

  62. Hayley says:

    That’s unacceptable! This beautiful woman does not need to be photoshopped! I don’t support photo shopping and I also don’t support unhealthy overeating, how do we stop all this craziness?? Just shows that you cannot trust the media!!

  63. Mariela Cortez says:

    Hey Cassie, I have never posted any comment on your website or your youtube videos but I have been following you for 8 months so far and I just wanted to thank you girl for everything not just the workout, before meeting you, I wasnt overweight but I kinda hated exercise and everything related to it. It was hard at the beginning but it was so worth it. Thanks to you, now I just LOVE working out, love the feeling of getting in shape, doing something for your body and energy, going to the gym, dancing and my fav of course , pilates. Plus, love your recipes and love the lack of guilty feeling whenever I try those. In addition, I love the kind of person you are, how you encourage us to improve our selfesteem, love ourselves and actually do workouts and eat healthy for own our benefit. Thanks Cassie , you are truly amazing. I know it soooo long hope I didnt bore you 🙂

    Greetings from Peru, and please please excuse any spelling or grammar mistakes!

  64. Tiffany says:

    Thank you for bringing attention to these important issues, Cassey, and look how many people are following in your footsteps. You are such an inspiration. I love you!!

  65. Jacquelyn says:

    If you notice, they also shrunk her waist in as well….she has another jagged edge on her right hip. So sad, the girl is already in great shape!!

  66. Julie says:

    Look at her arms. No tell-take spikes but pretty clear that they, too, got skinnied. Look at the line of the edge of her left arm (right side of picture). Uneven. Dimensions of both arms space-alien thin. Apparently nothing about this lovely girl was good enough. Only way to get the scrawny-with-boobs look desired is to take a gal with curves then peel her down like a carrot.

  67. Christina says:

    I could care less what the model looks like. If I like the item then I will go try it on for myself. The could model it on a toothpick or Shamu, either way if I think it is cute I will try it on my body and see if I still think it looks cute. Nobody wants to see a shirt that shows rolls upon rolls of fat,so they show the short on a thin person who does not have rolls upon rolls of date. They show the item in the most positive light they can. No big surprise there,so why is everyone acting like it is some horrible thing?

    1. citizenjoe says:

      you are what is wrong with the world, not that you personally would ever know it.

    2. Kelly says:

      It’s great that you don’t let this new weight trend or size affect your view on shopping or beauty however many people out there aren’t as unbiased as you are. Little kids as well as older people look at this model and think that for them to be beautiful, they must be the same size as the model. With this beauty image in mind, it ostracizes those not in this size range or without a “thigh gap” which can erupt to depression and eating disorders especially but not limited to adolescents which is exactly the “Junior” age range. A popular campaign, I forget the name, is trying to spread the idea that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. That you should feel confident and beautiful under your own skin and the fact that Target is trying to photo shop this model tells people that this model was not “beautiful” enough to be in the catalog and that she needed a little “help” therefore makes a larger range of people including those with a healthy weight, to feel fat and maybe even the model herself.

      1. Col says:

        I actually think this is great. It shows people that models don’t look like their photos.
        It would be nice if they could show a variety of models in the same clothing. UK retailers do a good job of lisitng the models measurements to get an idea of how it would look on you if you have similar measurements

  68. Girley says:

    i was just on EONLINE and this is one of the major topics. it mentioned that this was first noticed by Cassie Blogilates. You go girl. You make a huge impact and speak for girls health and empowerment. you are such a role model. Love you girl and keep being our advocate.

  69. Anon says:

    I agree with nearly everything you are saying and think that you are doing an amazing job of combating false imagery and ‘thin’ stereotypes, but I just wanted to point out that the use of “ED craze” sounds a bit harsh especially when its a mental illness and not something that should be considered a “craze” as it cannot be helped nor does it spread like a craze. It is simply just becoming more talked about and acknowledged. Eating disorders are not something that people chose to follow or join in as the term craze would suggest; they are serious mental illnesses that affect thousands of people in the world and sadly has the power the ruin and destroy lives. This may just be in my opinion, and if other people disagree with me then that’s okay as everyone is entitled to an opinion, but the use of ‘craze’ is quite derogatory and insulting to people with eating disorders or people who are recovering from an eating disorder.

  70. Kendall says:

    Wow Cassey this really got a lot of exposure! Way to get people talking about body image. Have you seen.? You’re on eonline.

  71. Shawna says:

    As much as I hate to say this, as much as we all love Target (yes I’m a huge Target fan) perhaps its time to stop shopping there. Between the credit card debacle and this… too much.

    1. Amy says:

      But, in all honesty, I’m sure all stores are doing this! Do we punish Target just because they do it bad? Or do we stop supporting all stores? I don’t know…Tough call…

    2. MiinaMarie says:

      I think as a Canadian, I’ve done my part – apparently since they’ve opened up more stores here, they’ve lost billions…hahah..actually it’s because they only carry a fraction of what US Targets carry, so everyone just shops elsewhere. But yeah like the other person said…other stores are doing it too…but seriously Target, just…how’d you over look this…

  72. Monica says:

    I think that putting a “real” model on their website would be much better than putting a “skinny” photo shopped model. People often don’t feel confident about their bodies, but they would feel better if models weren’t so skinny.

  73. Words of Wisdom says:

    Who the hell cares? It’s not about the model, it’s about the clothes. People get worked up over nothing important.

    1. Words of Wisdom says:

      There’s more important shit to worry about in this world than to worry about a photshopped model from Target.

  74. Sarah says:

    This is going to support Aerie’s Real campaign where they don’t retouch the models. I’d love to see more places using models that are more “real.” I’d be more likely to support their brand and buy their clothes.

  75. I just stumbled across this and wanted to share it on here. Aerie is changing the way they market to young girls. They have pledged to not Photoshop their models’ pictures! It’s pretty cool!

  76. Mika says:

    Frick frack, this is very disappointing! I wouldn’t be surprised if the girl and the body are wonseperate humans altogether. It’s ads and photos like these that really turn me away from the internet, product advertising, and the art of fashion. It may sound extreme, but I don’t think it’s worth the feelings of low body image that tend to follow upon looking at photos of “perfectly shaped girls,” at least for me.

  77. Megan says:

    Cassey, I love you. Thank you so much for posting this. I respect you so much.

  78. Elena says:

    This looks like the layer this person was working on got moved and didn’t notice before posting it. I mean, after having to photoshop this model over and over in various swim suits you just have to get it right , or at least looking logical. This is me speaking as a graphic designer who knows about photoshop. I frankly feel bad about the person who will be sacked over this but I’m also glad it can be made into a big deal. Thing is, it’s not photoshop’s fault or the designer’s fault, this person gets payed to do this so he/she can eat, and hopefully scale to a better job where she/he can call the shots.

    What we need to change society’s thinking in general, and we have to rebel against the need of portraying woman in impossible shapes. I’m glad Pinterest and tumblr show warning signs like Cassey showed us. We need to stop going crazy about this model’s flawless skin or this impossible thigh gap (ha like in the picture!).

    Truth is, all of this images are thought out, there is lighting, makeup, camera angles that makes them look great even before the Photoshop gets started. Out of 100 shots 1 gets picked to be on that one we see and feel bad about but no one looks like that in real life! Not even the model picked for this! We just need to love ourselves how we are.

    1. Interesting, glad to have a graphic designers view on this!

    2. Anna-Kaisa says:

      I would agree, but there are sooo many pictures on their site with shotty work.. so it wasnt just one fluke.

  79. Jacks says:

    All in all, I’m no big fan of edited bodies. Maybe photo effects but not the change of a physical body. For all our sake, and young girl’s, I hope this person IS rebelling. I’ll stay hopeful to that.

  80. brittni says:

    That’s disappointing =( I am such a biiiiig fan of target. Hopefully this will impact them and change their way of thinking. While it’s not maybe realistic, I am being optimistic!

    1. Megan says:

      I agree! We can hope

  81. Jane says:

    It’s funny that they did such a poor photoshop job but I’m not in any way shocked that it was photoshopped….We don’t have Target in the UK so I don’t know what type of shop it is but nearly all photos of models are photoshopped in one way or another now, it’s just more obvious in this one! That’s not to say I agree with it, it’s ridiculous that they think they will sell more clothing if the model has half their legs and stomach cut off… I’d rather have more of an idea of what it might actually look like on me, and putting an untouched-up person in a photo wearing the clothes might actually give me more of an idea, rather than someone who looks nothing like the majority of the population…
    There is nothing wrong with being skinny, I’m naturally skinny. There’s nothing wrong with being curvy either. I would just prefer to see normal people on those billboards. ‘Normal’ being the range of sizes you see walking down the street.

  82. xxxx says:

    Is it just me, or is her arm ridiculously long?

  83. Marliese says:

    I would love to think that the artist who photo shopped this picture is rebelling and trying to show the world that no body is “perfect” (by social media standards) in a natural state. Facelifts, plastic surgery, etc. are all a part of what are considered mainstream measures “The Hollywood Stars” will take in order to get there bodies to conform. But, here’s an amazing and positive thought: what if these powerful women (powerful in terms of their image and how it affects the self-esteem and body image of others) got together and decided they wouldn’t conform. They would remain completely natural and healthy! They would still be confident, sexy role models, but they would also give women realistic goals to aspire to.

    Those are my thoughts. Thanks for the interesting blog post Cassey <3


  84. Ashley says:

    Hahahaha, I can’t stop laughing at this! You’re so funny, I love the pictures you use to express your reaction, because that’s exactly how I felt too! I have a REALLY big problem with women being Photoshopped to look a lot older and skinnier. It really sends a bad message to ALL women, not just teens and young 20-somethings. It’s sad….

  85. Amy says:

    Here’s a question: Do you think the men are photo-shopped too? I would guess because it’s not like you see the average guy in ads either. Isn’t anyone concerned about males body images? I mean, I know why we point out women and there are definitely more things expected of women (like thigh gaps and hip bones…) but there are tons of boys and men with body issues as well.

    1. Amy says:

      Not specifically saying Target here (I haven’t actually looked at their male ads) but ads or magazines or whatever…

      1. Amy M. says:

        I am sure they are, but a lot of people don’t think about men as much when it comes to this.

        1. Amy says:

          But why not? That’s the same reason many men with eating disorders go undiagnosed and won’t admit to the problem. Because body image issues is a “girl” problem. I feel for them just as much as women. For women, at least the issue is out there. For men, it’s not even touched!

          1. Anna says:

            Couldn’t agree more. Once I watched a documentary about a man with an eating disorder, and he went to the doctor and told the doctor that he forced himself to puke and that he starved himself, and he said to the doctor that he might had an eating disorder and he wanted help. But the doctor said he couldn’t have an ED, because he was male. That is so sad!

    2. Heather says:

      I think the reason that the effects photoshopping has on young women is talked about more is because it’s more evident – a lot more young women suffer from EDs than young men. That’s not to say that young men don’t have EDs (there have been studies done specifically looking at the effects of photoshopping on young men, and they do have an effect and the number of young men with EDs are growing) it’s just that the numbers aren’t as high.

      1. Amy says:

        It’s not that the numbers aren’t high (although I agree not as high) but that men don’t admit to it because it is a “women’s” issue. Just like other things that people think only happen to women (rape, for example). It goes unreported because men are embarrassed, are taught they shouldn’t be like that, etc. In addition, while the anorexia may be a smaller percentage I would venture to guess there are many men who have sort of an opposite view–that they need to bulk up, be stronger and more muscular. This leads to body image issues as well and many problems including overexercising and steroid use. Just another view!

        1. Amy says:

          Orthorexia, drug use, and body dysmorphia are also serious issues!!

  86. Savannah says:

    I’m honestly in shock, why would you do this? The model probably already has a very beautiful body, WITHOUT.photoshop..

  87. K2 says:

    News flash: Every. Single. Photo. You see online or in print had been photoshopped. Even candid shots of politicians- their skin tone has been evened out, or some element has been tweaked. If the photo is a celebrity, the changes could be more drastic. Every photo that has been paid for or published has been altered in some way. This comes from a former model who spent years in the industry. We are chasing an impossible and inhuman ideal.

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