The Blogilates April 2023 Workout Calendar!!

Hey guys!

I can’t lie to you… my routine is completely derailed. I’ve been so busy that I’m not working out consistently. I’m just squeezing in whatever I can, whenever I can.

A lot of days, that means my workout for the day is walking on my treadmill during a meeting. Is this ideal? No. But we all go through seasons when we just have to do the best we can. I know I won’t be this busy forever, and the craziness just means that growth is happening! I’m grateful for that.

Working through this is also forcing me to be more mindful about how I spend my time. I’m cutting back on some meetings, and I recently took a weekend “off” (kinda) to make sure I had some time for ME.

If you’re in a busy season like me, don’t forget to take that time for yourself! Even if it feels like there is literally NO time, it’s still important to take what you can get to take care of you.

Maybe I have something that will help… 😉

Your April Workout Calendar!!!

Idk about you, but having a new “challenge” in front of me always motivates me to rethink my time management. If I’m excited to do something like crush a workout, it’s more likely that I’ll prioritize it!

That’s one reason I love these monthly calendars! They help to shake up your routine a bit, or get you excited to regain the routine you’ve gotten away from.

blogilates april workout calendar 2023

How to follow the April Workout Calendar

Check the Blogilates YouTube playlists to find all of the videos you need for this month’s calendar!!

OR you can get everything you need (and more motivational tools!) on the BODY By Blogilates app! If you don’t have the app yet, it will making following along to this month’s workouts even easier! You can access not only the calendar, but all of the videos in one place. Find challenges and free programs like the Glow up Sessions and the 200 Ab Challenge there too!

Now that you know where to find your workouts, here’s what you can expect each day of the April Workout Calendar. You ready?!!!

SUNDAY: Recovery
MONDAY: Total Body
THURSDAY: Total Body
SATURDAY: Legs & Thighs

Do each video once (unless otherwise stated) and check off as you go! Most days will be 45 min max of exercise.

If you get the BODY By Blogilates app, your workout calendar and workouts will all be in one place! And it’s so fun and motivating to get that “Workout Complete” checkmark 😉

Want MORE?! Join the April Challenge!

Did you spot a little hint on the calendar? A new challenge is coming!

Are you loving the monthly challenges this year?! So far, they’ve been very focused on health as a whole. For April, we’re zeroing back in on fitness – specifically, ABS 🔥

Details coming soon!

And you MUST check out the new Social feature in the app!

The Blogilates community is the BEST. So, I wanted to create a space where we could all feel a little more connected to each other! The social feature (in the most updated version of the app) is a place where you can share photos and/or text thoughts and comment on each other’s post. Think the good ol’ days of Instagram!

If you're just getting started...

Or want to ease into working out, my Beginner’s Calendar is a great place to start! It’s a free 4-week program to get you stronger so that you can join in on the monthlies when you are ready.

Time to check in!

Tell me you’re IN for this month’s calendar!!

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  1. Sofia says:

    Hi, how are you? I want to loose weigh as soon as possible and a lot of people recommend me to do your workout.

  2. Devon says:

    Been loving it! George IS an Inspiration!!! You are an inspiration. Listening to you talk about the things you’ve gone through have me saying I’m not the only one?!?! I had no idea that over working out and extremely strict diet was the cause of my issues a few years ago. In a video for 28 April you spoke about it. Thank you Casey! I found you through another app you did videos for and am so happy to have blogilates now!

  3. LexyA says:

    Hey, Cassey, I’m still here, 3 years after starting to follow your monthly calendar and you’re still the loveliest and most inspiring instructor. Just wanted to let you know that today’s workout (13 April) is missing from the YouTube playlist. Have a good day – and please take some off for yourself xx

  4. Sarita Rasailyy says:

    I love your video and always follow the calendar. My weight was 65kg after doing your exercise and control diet so now my weight is 58kg this time iam focusing my tummy hope that can be control thankyou Cassy iam from India.

  5. anna says:

    Casey, could you please provide guidance on how to locate the links for the workouts listed on the calendar?

    1. Tais says:

      Hi Anna, you can enter the titles into youtube where you will find Cassie’s Blogilates videos 🙂

  6. Nikki says:

    Hi Cassey I’m not sure if you will see this comment but I just wanted to say first of all, thank you for your awesome workout calendars – legit gold and the second thing was, can you add more of your older videos back into the monthly calendar (lolo legs, VS legs/butt and a few more) they really are great workouts and it’s sad they don’t get utilized enough in the newer calendars. Just a thought

  7. SOFIA says:


  8. Silvija says:

    I’m in!

  9. Banshika says:

    I did the workout for apr 1st. And now you need to teach me how to walk..
    Thank you Casseey, I feel so active and detoxified just because of you. Never found fun workout except yours.. Your smile forces me to work on myself. I believe I won’t give up.

  10. Anastasia says:

    I am in for sure im a big fan

  11. Anastasia says:

    I am in i am gonna start im gonna be 1 days late but its not a big problem im mabe gonna misse some days cause i have dance after shcool but im gonna do my best by the way i love your channel i subscribe not that long ago maybe like 3 months ago and i did a few of your workout i watched almost all your shorts hope you see my comment. ( sorry if i did a mistake in some words)

  12. Linda says:

    Ok — I’m in. I’ve been using your routines since January. This will be the first time I’m following a challenge. Excited.

  13. Eshita says:

    I am so in Cassey!! You’ve helped me re-love myself!!! I love all your videos, I am super excited to be working out with you! 😀 😀

  14. Jennifer Adcock says:

    In 💯

  15. Laura S. says:

    I am doing my own thing but with your stuff: I like to make mash-ups with your programs, challenges and even workout series or similar type of videos. I’ll be kicking off April with three-10 minute (at least) workout videos for a week. I call it, “Make it a 10.” I will transition into Glow Up Sessions by doing my own thing by choosing from two or three of my favorite videos of yours. After just one week of Glow Up Sessions, I’ll be doing just one week of Bridal Bootcamp because I am getting married in Hawaii the following month (May the 4th be with us), and then I’ll be finishing off April with your sister’s workouts. ^.^ Although, I will be doing Jackelyn’s workouts in the evenings as posted by her schedule!

  16. Hannah says:

    I AM IN AND I AM SUPER EXCITED!😃 I love your workouts, they make me feel stronger after completing them and happier. I use to dread working out in the past and often procrastinated, but your videos have been so encouraging so I look forward to this ab challenge! 😃

  17. Lenita says:

    I’m totally in for the count in this month.!

  18. Jess says:

    I’m in! Honestly, you really inspired me and you have the healthy views of working out that I want to have when I grow up (I’m 16 rn). I would love to get more regular with my workouts and I think you can really inspire me to!

  19. Jacky says:

    I am in!!! 💪

  20. Priyanka says:

    I am in and participate in all the challenges

  21. Ria says:

    I am in

  22. Kiara says:

    can’t wait to try this new challenge! 💪🏻🤩

  23. Juliana says:

    I’m in!!