When the reality of being an entrepreneur hits you in the gut!

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Ok but for real though. The past couple weeks have been extremely challenging for me, and then just when I think I’m about to break, we get notified that a REALLY important shipment full of POPFLEX Sloane Totes (yes, THOSE totes you’ve been waiting to restock) was stolen and now the truck has gone missing.

Like, is this for real?? Is the truck driver okay? Is he/she missing too? Or is it just the cargo? Did the truck driver run away with the goods and now we’re gonna see my babies popping up on eBay or Amazon!?

Honestly, my heart and body went numb when I heard the news because as a small business owner, every single unit counts.

That’s a huge punch in the gut – not only in terms of loss of inventory and loss of sales, but now, a lot of people will be upset and frustrated that they can’t get something they’ve been waiting for for so long, and may very likely buy elsewhere. So, we lose the opportunity to build a customer relationship.

But what I can do? Complaining won’t help. All I can say is…

’tis life. 

cassey ho popflex sloane tote

Sam and I looked at each other, shook our heads, and honestly, there was no time to feel sorry for ourselves. We quickly went into our next meetings, smiled through our reality, and continued on “business as usual”.

I have no idea if we’ll ever see those bags again or if the shipping company will ever refund us (we filed a claim but they said it will take up to 1 year to get any type of compensation, that is, if it even gets approved by them) – so yah. Life isn’t perfect, or fair, it’s just a game with lots of obstacles.

I cherish every day that I get to live the life of an entrepreneur and the immense freedom that comes with it, but there’s no one protecting you or looking out for you. So when stuff like this happens, you’re on your own.

Anyway! Sam and I made ANOTHER reorder so hopefully the reorder of the reorder of the Sloane Totes will arrive in a few months (if we’re lucky). If you’ve been waiting, I’m sorry for the extra long wait, but if you could hold out for another few months that would mean everything to us!

Thank you ♥️

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  1. Charlie says:

    This is horrible! I hope you do get them eventually. If you do get them back, or get another shipment of them, can you email me? Thx is possible! 🙂

    1. Charlie says:

      *if possible

  2. Charlotte R Roberts says:

    This sounds very suspicious to me. It seems like this was an inside job. A whole shipment, truck and delivery person is missing. Smells foul to me! I will continue to do business with you Cassey. Either the shipper company or someone that you know is responsible.

  3. Gemma says:

    Dang that sucks!! I’m so sorry about that!! I hope your babies will turn up soon tho 💼