The Best 5 Ways to Lose Weight + Blogilates Fit Journal is HERE!!!!

The Best 5 Ways to Lose Weight + Blogilates Fit Journal is HERE!!!!

Hey hey hey there POPsters!!!!

I have a new video for you! I decided to sit in a chair (instead of plank around on a mat) and talk to you about something that is related to our 12 week #NewBodyMakeover challenge! It’s my 5 best tips for losing weight! Please watch. It is very informative and you will find that even if you apply just one of the tips, you will see a big change in your physique and your energy!

My Top 5 Ways to Lose Weight (informative explanations in the video):

5. Drink more water! Drink until your urine looks like lime juice, not apple juice!!!

4. Replace refined carbs with veggies.

3. Don’t eat fruit after 2pm.

2. Don’t be a cardio bunny!

1. Watch the video to find out! 

But it does have something to do with this…guys I am soooooo happy to finally debut to you a project I have been working on for the past few months with my good friend and talented artist Kim from Arthlete! Together we designed and developed the perfect Blogilates Fit Journal to inspire you to transform your body and your life in just 12 weeks (the time it takes to become a whole new human!). Here’s your first look at the cover!


OMG isn’t it beautiful? So many of my favorite things there on the front…peanut butter, avocado, fashionable sneakers! And of course of a peaceful ombre cover. I’m in love! (BTW the front and back covers are protected by a clear plastic shield to keep from getting wet!)


Here’s the before page. This is the start of your story.


Every week you will be met with some of my favorite inspirational sayings accompanied by absolutely gorgeous hand drawn illustrations. You will have a weekly weigh in, a place to identify your 7 day goal, plus a chance to recap how you ate throughout the week. Color a smiley if you did well!


These are your daily pages. Here you will write what you ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. You should also log your workout, how much you slept, and how much water you drank. You MUST record everything. You have to stay true to yourself and DO NOT CHEAT! This book is like your diary and you do not need to impress anyone. You’ll be surprised how quickly things add up. This is a way to be conscious of what you’re eating. A lot of people think they’re eating clean, but they forget the chip or that tiny macaron they had as a snack. Everything counts. Write it all down. This is the key to your success. Trust me. It is work, but it gets results. It’s what I did for my Bikini Comp to keep me disciplined.


Another beautiful illustration for week 2!


Every week that goes by, you will have written another chapter of your story. This book isn’t just papers bound together, it’s your keepsake, your trophy, and your novel. This is how you can look back and be like…this is the story of how I did it. Be your own author. Make your dreams turn into reality.


That “after” picture. Are you gonna be my next Transformation Tuesday success story? (yes, YES!)


The Fit Journal is perfect for our 12 week New Body Makeover Challenge! Back when Kim and I were developing this, I wanted to release the book with a plan…something for all of us to adhere to for 12 weeks as a team. So I connected with my friends and registered dietitians over at to develop a well balanced 3 phase meal plan to help you reach your best body while still giving you all of the energy you need to power through your workouts! (Watch the video to see how the phases are broken up.) We incorporated a lot of my Cheap Clean Eats recipes to make the food familiar to you. It goes way beyond the chicken breast and broccoli routine. This is eating clean and eating TASTY! The point is to make eating clean a part of your lifestyle so that you won’t gain back a ton of weight when it’s over.

Please note that the Fit Journal is currently in PRESALE! The journal will ship on November 20!

Can you imagine the new person you’ll be? Can you imagine the confidence, the energy, and the strength that’ll be yours? I wanna take a moment to showcase some of our past success stories from POPsters who sent in letters of how they took control of their life and TRANSFORMED COMPLETELY!

Nikki Joseph

This is Nikki! I met her at the NYC Meetup and she completely blew me away with her charisma and shining spirit! Such a kind girl with a positive attitude who now inspires other girls at her school to train with her! Read how she did it here. And follow her on Instagram @nikki_grace_j


Meet Ashley! She was one of my first Transformation Tuesday stories. Ashley is a busy mom who lost 40 lbs! You go girl. So inspirational!!! Click here to see what she ate and which Blogilates videos she used to change her body and her life. You can follow her on Twitter @TangeloFlavored

Wow! And you know what? With hard work, dedication to these 12 weeks, and a positive mindset, you too will become the next Transformation Tuesday story here on Yup. YOU. If you never thought it was possible, well, it is my dear.

I’m going to be doing it with you along with hundreds of thousands of POPsters all over the world. Are you ready? Yes or YES?!!! 

So what’s happening is that the Fit Journal is on pre-sale right now and if you get it, I will personally email you that 3 phase 12-week New Body Makeover Meal Plan that I’ve been working on with the registered dietitians over at WeightTraining. This alone has a value of $99. It takes care of every meal, every day, for 12 weeks. But you’ll get it free just for getting the journal! That’s a $129 package for just $30…it’s 77% off!

That plan will be emailed out on November 26th, 2013 and you will have 6 days to get your food for the Dec 1st, 2013 start date. Everyone starts  together on Dec 1st.

“Why December 1 Cassey, why!!!????”

I’ll tell you why.

Everyone gets their butts in the gym in January with all that new year’s resolution stuff. But you my dear POPsters will NOT get stuck waiting in line for a cardio machine…wasting time. Nope. You start now. Why do you wanna take the next month to do nothing? Why not take advantage of the 31 days to get a head start on transforming your life into the one you’ve always dreamed of?

It’s not impossible. In fact, the word itself spells “I’M POSSIBLE.”

You must believe. And like I said, I am here to do it with you every bit of the way. Ultimate support from everyone. No excuses.

♥ Click here to get the Fit Journal NOW! ♥

What happens if you can’t afford the journal now? Can you still participate in the 12 Week New Body Makeover?

Yes of course! Don’t worry guys. Every Tuesday beginning Nov 26th, I will send out a secret password to unlock the next week’s grocery list and meal plan. Here’s where you’ll be able to find the passwords:

Week 1: <— subscribe

Week 2: Twitter @Blogilates <— follow me

Week 3: <– -like my page

Week 4: Subscribe to my newsletter (free) <— click here

Just remember that the Fit Journal is more than just a place to record your snacks. It’s the blank pages of your next chapter in life. You are the author of your own book. So let’s write a great story.

Love you so much and here’s to us turning our dreams into reality!

YOU IN!!!???

<3 Cassey

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  1. Bebe says:

    Would you ever bring this journal back? It’s so fun and colorful and the illustrations are adorable!

  2. The key is to build your connective tissue’s tolerance to these positions very slowly because too much strain too soon will lead to injury.

  3. download says:

    Aw, this was a very good post. Finding the time and actual effort to
    produce a top notch article… but what can I say… I put things off a whole lot and don’t manage to
    get anything done.

  4. ashley johnson says:

    When will this be back in stock? I was hoping to start April 1st.

  5. Wendy says:

    When will the fit journal be back ya ?

    1. blogilates says:

      We’re designing a new one right now!

  6. Kiarra says:

    Sold out 🙁 whens the next available date?

  7. dana says:

    the fit journal is sold out when will it be back!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. AA says:

    I love this. I really do. I want to buy one for my whole family, all friends, and all acquaintances. 🙂

    One little request: in future journals can there be guys as well? I want to gt this for some of my male friends, but i think they would feel alienated. Not from the colours, but from the lack of males. Can future ones feauture men as well, maybe?

    Thanks for everything. All the motivation, positive attitude, and knowledge. 🙂

  9. haya says:

    hello i have a problem that is so disturbing which is my thighs are really big and i want to to get smaller but my upper body is okay what do i do?

  10. jess says:

    This might seem like I silly question, but can I do the 12 week journal thingy now or was that like a limited time only deal?

  11. adely says:

    hey, you sed in youe video that youll write the seacret password to the new calendar.
    Can you please write it to me.

  12. Rita says:

    You’re great like always 😉

  13. Sarah says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you still sell the water bottles?? They are not on the store, and I would really LOVE to buy one!!!!

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    that he must be visit this web page and be up to date all the

  15. Tatyana says:

    Hey guys! So I just got my fit journal and I’m a little confused by the week evaluation page- That part that says yikes!/great! and with the 10 circles in between. I’m not exactly sure how to do it. I thought maybe you ticked a circle every time you had a good day (for good eating or exercise) but there are 10 circles instead of 7.
    Can anyone help a girl out?

    1. Alidia Wallace says:

      It does that so you can say on a scale from 1-10 how your overall week was. (ten being good and one being bad)
      Hope that helped!! 🙂

  16. chaimae says:

    i’m in, i really want this fit journal

  17. Javier says:

    Very good article. I’m experiencing some of these issues as

  18. Sara says:

    hey we booked two training diaries and only one has tucked up.

  19. Ashleigh Toledo says:

    I got my fit journal a bit late and I am starting a bit late but I am in!

  20. shoua says:

    Kinda scared, I ordered the fit journal in december along with two pieces of clothing and have received the clothing but not the journal. I think there was an email sent out about delays due to the demand for them? I’m worried because after contacting, all I got was that it was delivered already. Anyone else have this problem?

  21. Ylva says:

    I am still waiting for the journal to arrive, but I’m still as motivated as I was 🙂 How long did it take to arrive for you guys? I’M SO EXCITED AAAH c:

  22. Jetzy A says:

    I’m just curious on what other people write on the part where it says all the days of the week in little boxes? Like there a box for “this week goals” but I’m not sure what to fill out for the Monday, Tuesday, etc. boxes. Thanks for the help!

  23. helen says:

    Thankyou i received the journal

  24. advocarev100 says:

    I think concentrating on quality material that offers market value to your readers is important. There are a lot of industries that would benefit from the understandings you have actually given in this comment.

  25. I didn’t exercise or mindfully change my eating habits or I could have lost weight faster.

  26. Erika says:

    I’m so happy, my Fit Journal came today! (Germany)
    It ist so pretty, i love it!
    But i did not get the bookmark, which is shown in the pictures, do i need to order it seperatly?

    Greetings <3

    1. Elle says:

      I just got my journal and did not receive the bookmark 🙁

      1. nishat says:

        Just received mine after weeks of waiting but i didnt get the book mark?!! :S

    2. Grace Chapman says:

      Received mine last week (UK), didn’t get a book mark either. 🙁

      1. Elisha L. says:

        I just got mine too and I also didn’t get a bookmark. 🙁 It is such a cute bookmark.

  27. Julia Robinson says:

    Thanks to the eating habits of 21st century Obesity is the most common issue that we are all a victim of today. When I was trying to lose weight, I started off my goal with the mainstream balanced diet and exercise routines until I came across a miraculous solution offered by which not only helped me to lose weight but also helped me to regain my confidence and feel more energetic than ever.

    Julia Robinson

  28. Teresa says:

    I started doing pilates one year and a half ago, but I still can’t stand a cardio session.
    I always watch the videos on your channel but never got to practice any of them, going to start off with the Begginers Calendar.

    I have one question, I try to drink all the water I can, but my body does not ask for much…I really feel uncomfortable when I fill my stomach with water, it makes me feel wobbly and dizzy. Specially in the morning, yuck!
    Do you guys have any tips in how to increase the quantity of water that we drink everyday?

    1. Babs.. says:

      Hey Teresa!
      I also drink 1l in the morning, but I drink it when I get up, —during—-I make my hair, makeup….
      Just do this and don´t òverdrink:)`
      Gut Luck Babs..

  29. surely such as your web-site and you should test a punctuational with a number of of one’s discussions. A lot of them are rife along with spelling difficulties we believe it is pretty disturbing to make sure the certainty on the other hand We’ll certainly go back just as before.

  30. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an really long comment but after
    I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m
    not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to say fantastic blog!

  31. Lynsay says:

    I am so disappointed that I haven’t received my fit journal yet. It’s the 7th of December and I am quite an impatient person, ha ha! I was so motivated to start my journal and the meal plan at the same time. I didn’t want to start on the 1st of January, I wanted to start on the 1st of December and now I just feel like I don’t even want to bother. If I had known it would take this long to arrive I don’t think I would have spent my money on it. I know everything is really busy for Blogilates right now but that doesn’t make me feel better.

    1. Stacey says:

      Hey! I just started the beginner workout calendar today and ordered my fit journal. I don’t think it will come in until Christmas time or New Year’s but I am excited to start my own adventure, even if it doesn’t match up with everyone else’s. Good luck and I hope your journal comes in soon!

  32. Weronika says:

    Hi all,
    I ordered the journal today morning but I did not receive the 12-week New Body Makeover Meal Plan, do You guys know if there is something I should do to get it?

  33. Phoebe says:

    Hi, has anyone else who has ordered and paid for the journal still hasn’t received it? I live in Australia and mine still hasn’t come and i ordered it on the 18th November, really disappointed 🙁

  34. Lex says:

    I am really disappointed in the fact that I ordered the journal and haven’t received the email with the plan.. 🙁

  35. Kelley says:

    Hey Cassey! I was thinking that perhaps in the future you could make the fitness journal into an app for purchase so folks like me who live in countries that don’t have the best postal service (Mexico in my case) – and in addition takes forever to get here (once it enters the country it takes 2 more weeks to get to my address due to customs! Not to mention it being at risk to getting lost!) can participate with greater ease. I would love to download it to my ipad and use it from there along with the Blogilates app! It’s just an idea to an already amazing journal! Thank you Cassey for all of your hard work that works towards our benefit!

  36. mollie says:

    I’m soooo excited to get started with this 12 week transformation. Since I started college, stress took a toll on my body and whatever I did, I could never lose weight. I’m ready to be commited to this program. I love this and I will be ordering my journal on the 6th on payday, but I will be journaling until I have it in my hand. Love you Cassie!!!! Thank you for this amazing new program.

  37. Brittany says:

    Just bought the journal & plan. I’m in!

  38. Nancy says:

    It looks as if, in the journal and the meal plan we write from monday so It’s really annoying the 1st is a sunday. Do we just start the journal from the sunday? Cos I feel like it’s gunna mess up the journals as all the weeks start on mondays… hmmm

  39. Claudia Duraes says:

    Hum the thing is that I ordered the Fitness journal because I thought that was the only way to get the plan. But I understood now that Cassey is disclosing the plan for free. Well, I know I’m not really gonna use the journal so I feel a bit sad that I’ve wasted the money on something that I’m not gonna use. But I’ll still try and follow the plan.

    1. Claudia Duraes says:

      And btw many people were complianing that they didn’t receive an email with the plan after buying it but I have no complaints. I’ve bought it and the next day I had the email with the plan.

  40. hasini says:

    hi cassey !!
    ABOUT THE SHIPPING DETAILS ??? i just want to know how much days will it take to get the journal after ordering it ! i ordered mine on 26th , when will it be shipped ? i live in sri lanka , in asia ..

  41. sol says:

    Hello everyone,
    I want to know how we get the password and where should we use it ? Actually I’m really bad with computer and I don’t understand what should I do 🙁
    I can’t offer me the book…
    Also, do we get some plan meal ? And do we have them a bit earlier than the 1st of december ?
    I’m waiting for your answer. I’m totally in, but I feel so frustrated to not found the way I should do !
    Thank youuuu

  42. Catarina Carapeta says:

    I’m totally in! 🙂

    Unfortunately I can’t order the fit journal, but it’s ok!!
    I want to have a better and healthy life, so this is the chance! 🙂

    Thanks Cassey!

  43. Estherbel says:

    i bought the journal and some beast mode shorts! lets do this!!

    1. Ruth says:

      Me too, can’t wait till they arrive!!!

  44. dexa says:

    now What workouts are we going to do?

  45. Ellie says:

    As soon as you said there is a vegan version of the meal plan I was sold. I really wanted to join but knew it wouldn’t be the same if I had to alter the meals to make them vegan but you’ve done that! Thank you so much! Going to go order my journal now.

  46. Karin says:

    Hi I signed up to receive the planner but have no clue as to how to eat and exercise everyday
    Will you help us with that?
    Please help I am a planner and want to be ready for the first of December

  47. Diana says:

    Hi Cassey – I ordered the FitJournal and know the meal plan will come along with it, but I am wondering if we are going to get any more information regarding the workouts? Should we just follow your monthly calendar? If so, are you going to give us more detail as to how much cardio we should be adding on? thanks xoxo

    1. Nichole says:

      I have the same question Diana! I haven’t gotten a reply, but hope to do so, soon! I’m really excited to start this program, but the workouts are bugging me. I wonder what we’ll have to do, I feel as if we only just follow the calender, I won’t get much results, do you know what I mean?

      1. Rina says:

        I agree Nichole! I want more challenging workouts

        1. diana says:

          I love her workout calendar so much! But I know she mentioned we’ll be working out for an hour each day. ..but most days are 40 min or so and the dance days are about 25 min ! I think she mentioned before that we should tack on HIITilates or pop cardio. I’d just like to know how many and for which days. 😉

  48. Junie says:

    I get paid Dec 1st and that’s when I’m ordering mine!!! I’ll still start then and just make due with the writing stuff down till it comes in :). I’m so excited because I kind of fell off this semester and this is exactly what I need to get back on track. Ready to train like a beast and look like a beauty!!!

  49. Katie says:

    Is there a way to get just the journal? I have to cook for family, and some of them due to medical conditions can only eat certain foods, so the meal plan would be sort of a waste for me… But I’m dying for the journal!

  50. Nia says:

    Cassey, the website that the fit journal is being sold on says that the journal is now on back order and will be shipped on or after November 22nd and may not arrive by December 1st. I’m wondering if we ordered earlier, when you first opened the sale, will we receive our journals earlier? Or does EVERYONE’S order get pushed back? Thanks Cassey! #askcassey

  51. KelseyCate says:

    So I am so excited to start this 12 week plan!! I even jump started the plan with the slim fast “diet”, and I am not doing the whole plan they suggest. I am just replacing one, sometimes two, meals with a shake/smoothie. As a college student, I am always in a rush and I cannot have time to actually make a meal. I usually do the chocolate royale flavor with peanut butter or bananas. Sometimes I put some coffee in to make it taste extra yummy. Other days I do the vanilla flavor with fruit/greens. I just enjoy that it is a cheaper alternative for a protein powder. This lets me drink my breakfast and feel satisfied throughout the morning. If I am in a very big rush and I do not have time for lunch(Or I am thinking about getting fast food at 7/11) then I also do a shake then. Its easy to bring the powder then buy some soy milk at the store(or starbucks) if I cannot go home to make my meal. I am planning on doing the meal plan Cassey has planned for us, but before the challenge and during finals this is what it working now. Cannot wait to start this challenge!! I am hoping to lose 27lbs before my wedding!!

  52. Eunique says:

    When is the last day that the special for pre-orders?

  53. Nicole S says:

    I honestly couldn’t afford the journal. I know thirty isn’t much money, but I’m on a strict budget right now. So I created my own journal. I incorporated my own version of everything Cassey said hers had. Just because you can’t afford the journal doesn’t mean you can’t still try to do this challenge. Get creative and have fun.

    1. Katie says:

      Could you send photo examples of yours? I’d love that lol

  54. Nikola says:

    I am in!! Great journal :))

  55. Marei says:

    Boy, do I want that journal.
    But…. do you ship to Germany?

    1. Colleen says:

      She does! She ships internationally 🙂

  56. M says:

    I want to do this with all of my might, but I definitely can’t afford the journal… maybe if it was 25 bucks with shipping and I know that’s not a fair price at all, but with having to buy weights and some clothes more proper for working out it’s definitely out of my reach, so sad!!

    1. Cassandra L. says:

      I understand that the 10$ makes a difference but just think how much further you’ll get with seeing your results. This book is excalty what ive been looking for and I cant wait to receive mine. Maybe instead of buying a new workout shirt or pants use old ones? I use old t-shirts, who cares what you are wearing your trying to impress yourself not others 😉

  57. Megan says:

    Just ordered the journal, so excited to get started!

  58. Nichole says:

    What workouts are we going to do? The monthly ones?
    I just bought the journal too! So excited

  59. Sara says:

    Hello Casey!
    Thank you for the video, you are amazing!
    How many pieces of fruit are we “allowed to eat”? is it as many as we like or is there a limit?


  60. Karin says:

    I’m in!! And thanks for making a vegan meal plan too. <3

  61. Monique says:

    I am in!!!

  62. Monika says:

    Yes or Yes? Hum… How about HELL YES!!!!! I am in it to win it!

  63. M says:

    Hi Cassey! I don’t have facebook, so will I still be able to get the password for that week?

  64. Susi says:

    You know what, Cassey?
    I just decided that it is time to change – not only something but anything!
    If I’ll be sucessfull (Yes, Baby, I’ll be) you’ll hear from me!

    You are the master of motivation!

  65. Corinna says:

    Just ordered the journal! I’m looking forward to the 12 week challenge with all the other popsters out there!! <3

  66. Pip says:

    I just ordered it 😀
    Which is unusual for me, as I hate spending money, but I gave my mom the $30 in cash and used her credit card and we’re good! 😀

  67. Sian says:

    Never heard of the no fruit after 2pm, I love to have fruit and yogurt as a pre-workout snack, but I work out around 6pm so not sure what else I could eat that’s quick and easy. Water does make an immense difference to weight loss, I really need to get going and just drink more!
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fit journal! I’m such a stationary freak and this note book looks like a dream! Was thinking of making my own based on the design, but then I’m starting to think that it would just be a pale imitation of such an amazing journal. So count me in for a pre-order!
    Please visit my blog if you have a chance! http:/

  68. Juliet says:

    I’m in!

    This is so exciting, I can’t wait to get the journal and begin!

    Thank you

    Juliet x

  69. Kokokat says:

    OMG!!! I love the journal soo much!

  70. Jessi says:

    I’m in!!! I need to start somewhere and I’m tired of making excuses and putting my weight loss journey off!! It’s time for a change and I am so excited that I can start my journey with you Cassey, and all the other Popsters! We can stay motivated and get healthy together!!!! So excited!

  71. Sami says:

    I am ordering my book right now! My best friend and my mom are going to do this with me! The only thing that I am scared of is money for the food. I know that healthier food is more expensive. I can’t wait because I actually have some short and long time goals that I will be starting with this experience. HOOT HOOT!

  72. Kat says:

    Just ordered my journal!!! Can’t wait to get it! It will be the best Birthday gift I’ve ever given myself!! I hope I can stay motivated to follow the plan and keep up with the work out calendars!!

  73. Cheryl says:

    I’m in, and am so looking forward to receiving my journal (hope it arrives in time), my only concern is starting in December, I live in Malta and during the Christmas season we have quite a few staff lunches and stuff and during most of which the meal choice is done for us and don’t really get a say in what we eat. Any suggestions pls?

    1. Erin says:

      moderation is key I think. And if I know I’m going to have a night out ( which I am this week actually) I’ll avoid sweets all week, and exercise a little bit more. But we all go out sometimes!

  74. Sarah says:

    Can you buy your journal in Belgium?

  75. Madeline says:

    I just ordered my journal and I’m so excited! I can’t wait to start this journey with Cassey and all you popsters.

  76. Beverley says:

    omg I am so so excited to get this!

  77. Bree says:

    I am in! I really need this. I need all the support in the world!! I’m going to order my journal tomorrow! 🙂

  78. PAo says:

    Cassey Hi!!
    OMG im so happy, excited, and anxious to start this!! I guess there aren’t enough words to thank you Cassey!! Thank you thank you thank you so much for doing this!!!
    Question… if we don’t have twitter we aren’t getting the password for that week?

    Thank you soooooo much!!!

  79. vie says:

    yes, i am IN. i’ve been plateauing since the summer &i got unmotivated/super lazy. hopefully this will provide the kick in the pants i need to get back on track!

  80. Lindsay says:

    Went ahead and preordered my journal because I don’t have a Facebook and I don’t want one either.

  81. yamadavanbeautifaal says:

    just ordered my journal too cant wait,, so excited

  82. Marina says:

    Just ordered my journal! Can`t wait! 😉

  83. Maria says:

    SO SO in

  84. Kathy says:

    I’d be in if neither facebook nor twitter would be needed. I don’t and I won’t support these websites, sorry Cassey, sorry guys. It’s just my personal opinion. I never was a fan and I’ll never be.

    Great video though. I like the tips very much 🙂
    I’m bad at drinking enough. a friend figured out that I am sort of a 1/4 drinker. I always drink 1/4 of my bottle and that’s it. She said I might either fill it up again and again or get a bigger bottle XD
    gonna try out if it works that way.
    skipping rice: no problem. skipping milk: problem. My breakfast is a cup of milk. nothing else because I nearly vomit when I open the fridge in the morning and I don’t drink tea.

    The jounal looks awesome ^-^

  85. Franziska says:

    Hey everyone!
    I really liked the Idea of making a group so we can stay on track together so I made a blog on tumblr:

    I would love to make it a group blog so if you are interested email me:
    I am also looking for 2-3 additional admins for this blog!

    I am soooo pumped for dec1st and I really hope to find some companions that way!


  86. eve says:

    i am in too! wait for me…cant wait for the nice stuff to rch me in singapore! go cassey go! go popsters go!

  87. Eva says:

    Count me in! Can’t wait to start this meal plan with you all! 🙂

  88. Val says:

    Put it up on amazon cassey!!! pleeeease (。◕‿◕。)

  89. Emily says:

    I’m such a cheap person but I want the journal SO BAD!! Currently having internal conflict 😛

    1. Amy M. says:

      Same here. I keep wondering if there are fit journals elsewhere that are good or not.

  90. Alecia says:

    My two best friends and I have pre ordered our journals and are IN! =D I can’t wait to do this! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see everyone’s results and hard work! =D Good luck everyone!

  91. Erica says:

    Anyone from Sweden who wants to follow the 12 week meal plan with me? 🙂

  92. pink says:

    i really want to get started on this 12 week jurney but i am a little confuced if anyone can help please, we can pay 30 for the book and meal plan and if we dont we have to pay 99 to get the 12 week meal plan?? please someone HELP
    thanks love you all

    1. Ulyssia D says:

      No if you don’t get the book, she will send out the password each week via fb,twitter and her blog.

      1. pink says:

        thank you for your help,i am even more exited to get this started,have a wonderfull day

  93. Rachel says:

    I’m in a Kinesiology/Health & Fitness program in Toronto, ON and one thing I learned from health and wellness class is that a dietician is a certified health professional, not a nutritionist. Now maybe they could be the same thing in the states but in Canada they’re very different. You can get a degree in nutrition, but carrying that further to become a dietician makes you a health professional. Not saying you’re doing anything wrong Cassey! I’m sure the nutritionists you’re working with know their stuff, but so that everyone else knows if they ever need to go talk to someone about their diet. 🙂
    Ordered the journal, but not for myself. I’m not perfect, but it’s important to me to see my mom reach a healthier weight as she gets older. Not sure if I can follow the meal plan as I’m stuck in a dorm room, but I’ll sure do my best!
    Thanks Cassey!

  94. Jouella Fabe says:

    Another tip that I would like to add is to drink green tea with no sugar! It’s a great addition to your diet since it cleanses your digestive system! And also do pilates 3 times a week – I’m trying to do pilates at least 3 times a week, my ultimate goal is to do it everyday 🙂

  95. Olivia says:

    Wow, that journal is really awesome! Congratulations. 🙂 God bless!


  96. andrea says:

    i am sooooooo IN!!!!!

  97. Salla says:

    I’n in !!!!!!
    Just wondering Cassey, I can only order it on the 29th, will I still get the meal plan then as it’s before December 1st or will I need to get passwords every week ? 🙂
    Too excited for this 😀


  98. Mary says:

    IM SO IN !!! I love your motivation cassy! You inspire me in a very special way. Thank you and keep going! God bless you ♥

  99. Cassy says:

    Just ordered mine too!!! Anyone know how long international shipping takes once it’s shipped on the 20th?? I can’t wait!

  100. Karly says:

    I bought mine journal. I’m going to try my best. Hopefully I can have a positive mindset for those 12 weeks. I’m really hard on myself and if I can’t do a workout video, I just quit for the day. When I’m stressed I have a habit of wanting to eat to feel relief. I need to get out of these habits and try really hard. I want to lose weight and be healthy/fit.

  101. Lindsay says:

    Will there be a version of this that you can purchase for the app?

  102. Aliya says:

    Thank you so much Cassie, the journal looks amazing and I’m so glad your fitness plan is fre for those who can’t afford it <3
    I'm not sure if anyone else has this problem, but I give into temptation really easily and hence I lack motivation!
    What doesn't help is that my family are junk food maniacs and i feel so bad when I restrict the snacks that I eat that I then end up giving up and binge!! 🙁
    Does anyone else have this problem, if so any tips? Thank youuu

  103. Emily says:

    I’m in! I’m excited! I ordered my journal & can’t wait! I think this is a very healthy & fun way to go about getting healthy and developing a healthy lifestyle.

    What if there was a 12-week makeover section on the app? It would be a convenient way to check in with everyone on the same journey for motivation, encouragement, and progress. Changing your life isn’t easy, but nothing worth having is. <3

  104. Kelly says:

    YES I am in ! 🙂

  105. whitershade says:

    Not only I’m in, I’ve already pre-ordered the journal! Anyway, I hope it wouldn’t take too long to arrive (I live in Italy…). I hope that there will be easy ways to go through Christmas and New Years Eve and so on…I don’t know there, but here it will be very hard to resist all those gorgeous holiday food (and drinks ><) …but I'm staring at my fabulous red dress right now, and I really need to shed these 10 lb to be able to wear it!

    1. AliceC says:

      Hi whitershade,
      I live in Italy, too! I didn’t order the book, unforturnately 🙁 But I really want to follow the 12 weeks program! Do you think you’ll be able to get all the ingredients here in Italy? I can’t find them all or usually they are very expensive!
      I was looking for Italian POPsters to talk about this, confront and help 🙂
      Hope I can count on you!!

  106. sarah says:

    I’m excited, and having a vegan option is great, but… I’m eating gluten free, and I’m really allergic to oats, and based on previous blogilates recipes I have a feeling this will be very oats heavy. is there any consideration on the meal plan for common allergies? (wheat, peanuts, etc). (anyone else in the same boat?..)

    thanks Cassey!! 🙂

    1. Tanya Frey says:

      For replacing oats just refer to your gluten free options. If nut flours do not work for you then there are other options. Perhaps you will have to consider adding for vegetables in place of wheat/oat heavy options. If you need to make changes then that is all there is too it, I have to have no dairy in all baked goods. Her meal plan will obviously be easier for me to follow but there are plenty of resources in libraries and online (and the blogilates community) that can help you make appropriate switches and still have energy. If this does not help do ask again, never stop asking until you are confident in the answer.

  107. The book of Fit Journal is the perfect way to stay accountable on the exercise. It really keeps you focused on fitness and nutrition goals. I recommend this to anyone who is serious about reaching their health, fitness, and nutrition goals!

  108. Ezgi Tepe says:

    Hiii , I send you like 7 messages and forgive me but I’m soo worried. I bought the fit journel but I wrote my address wrong. Just a letter is missing but I don’t want it to be a problem. Can someone pls help me ?? please

    1. Jessica A says:

      Hi Ezgi, I think it’s better for you to contact ogorgeous ( I did a mistake too last time and they’re very helpful and friendly 🙂

  109. Izzy says:

    Yay just ordered 🙂 Did anyone else receive two order confirmation emails? Slightly concerned but have been reassured by a oGorgeous staff member that all is well. Cant wait to start this 🙂

    1. Destiney says:

      Yes… I did get two emails. 😀

  110. Destiney says:

    I didn’t want to buy the journal because I could write it down myself in a notebook but also I’m such a cheap person. Lol. But I broke down and got it. Can’t wait for this journey to start.

  111. Ashleigh says:

    Bought my journal tonight! If we can all keep each other accountable and motivated, we will reach our goals in no time!

  112. A says:

    Just pre ordred my fitness journal!!! Pumped for Dec 1st 🙂

  113. Shannon says:

    Super excited!! Just a little bit nervous about the price of food!! Not sure what to expect spending wise.

  114. Marie says:

    Any tips on how to make this meal plan work for those of us who travel for work or will be traveling a lot for the holidays? I’d really like to commit to starting this plan with everyone on Dec. 1, but hesitate as I’m not sure how I’ll be able to fit this in when I’m not staying at home… I’d appreciate any tips in general from Cassey or the community on how to stay on-track through the holiday season esp. since I will not always be the one cooking or in control of the menu and may be staying in lots of hotels!

    1. Cassy says:

      I posted about this earlier. My plan is to not log for the time I am not in control, but to still keep an eye on my portions.

  115. Renee says:

    OMG the fit journal looks absolutely adorable and perfect Cassey!!! SO excited for it and for you 🙂

  116. Mel says:

    Hi Cassey!
    I think the journal is adorable, but I worry about a few things that I wanted to share, as I see above that some other readers are concerned as well.

    I’m not sure why it’s really necessary to say no fruit after 2pm. It is certainly preferable to enjoy an apple as an after dinner dessert or snack than a cookie or a piece of cake. Natural sugars are always better than processed, plus consider all the nutrients that are in fruit!
    Also I wonder how necessary the incessant journaling is? While I too keep a general sense of how much I eat every day, I think tracking each and every calorie can create a system of failure and deprivation. Everyone should live a healthy lifestyle where all foods are welcome in moderation. Calories are not as important as common sense and a balanced diet. That’s not to say you should eat 4,000 calories a day, but to think there’s a magic number that will help one lose weight, or there’s a magic food or group of foods, really isn’t realistic nor is it healthy.
    Love what you do and hope you continue to promote healthy body images and healthy LIFESTYLE changes, not specific dieting and losing weight tips all the time.

    1. Ellie says:

      I agree with everything you just said, I don’t think its necessary to be that obsessive. I eat fruit all through the day and have brown pasta, rice and bread (yes bread) and I am a perfectly healthy person- I know my stuff, I’m training to be a dietician! So please think balance and health, not “ahhh it’s 4pm I can’t have that (delicious and healthy) apple!”
      I love you Cassey, but sometimes I think that you may accidentally send some bad messages to young fans, they don’t need to worry about their food that way!

    2. Leah says:

      I totally agree! The only reason why this post bothers me (literally the ONLY one that does) is that I have suffered with an eating disorder, and a lot of this “restrict fruit intake” “write every single calorie down, to the gram” stuff is ringing MAJOR alarm bells! Restricting WILL result in binging, it’s inevitable, because eventually your body will scream at you to feed it the foods it’s been denied (it’s nature; it’s how we’re wired to survive) – binging will then lead to guilt, which will then lead to restricting, which will lead to binging… see where I’m going here? I can not stress ENOUGH: PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THIS AN OBSESSION. Eat right and exercise, set goals for yourself, but don’t forget to LIVE. Don’t let it consume you. Because you’ll be surprised how quickly it can. PLEASE stay healthy. I may not know any of you, but I love you all, and wouldn’t wish the pure hell an obsession over food, calories and weight loss can bring on my worst enemy.

  117. Cassy says:

    I ordered my journal yesterday and I cannot wait to get it. This time there is no room for excuses and I am ready to get back my body and love the lady I see in the mirror!

    You are awesome Cassey and I am so glad I have you and this wonderful community to help make my dreams a reality!

  118. Owl. says:


    I loooove the idea for your 12-week-plan! 🙂

    There is only one thing:
    Did I get it right that I can have only access to the meal plans via facebook and twitter at some point of the routine?
    I am not on facebook and twitter…..
    It’s not fair to exclude people if this is the case here.

    1. Lizzie says:

      its not that you can only access the meal plan through facebook and twitter – its that she’ll be releasing the passwords to the weeks for the meal plan through her accounts there. doesn’t matter if YOU have an account there or not – you can probably still see what she posts up there, and get the information that way.

      however, if you’re getting the journal, you’ll also be getting sent to your email a PDF of the complete meal plan, so you don’t have to bother with all the facebook/twitter stuff

      1. Owl. says:

        thanks for your reply,

        hope it works out that way 🙂


  119. Kendall says:

    Casey- what happened to applause arms that was May favorite arm workout to date – now it’s nowhere to be found- please repost!

      1. Kendall says:

        Thanks- but this video says – the uploaded has not made this available in your country?.

  120. Sarah says:

    I’m in!!

  121. Michie says:

    I really want to join in! Not sure if I’ll purchase the journal (looks very beautiful!) or just wait for the meal plan week-by-week. Ahh! Decisions.

  122. Rebecca says:

    I might be a bit off but what are you supposed to write in the mon-sunday thingies beside the weekly weigh in?

  123. Jamie says:

    I just ordered mine! I am so absolutely excited!! Do you know how much ink I have wasted printing out single sheets of log set-ups? Or when I try to start a journal myself, it turns into a giant mess?!?! Millions of times, lol. Not to mention, I love Kim’s illustrations. I am most positive, that following the meal plan and using this journal will really help me stay motivated and on track. I AM ANTICIPATING THE CRAP OUT OF THIS! November 20th needs to come sooner, then the 26th, and finally December 1st!
    She is right! Why would you wait until after December? Sure the Holiday’s will not be as easy a piece of cake (; but this is supposed to be a lifestyle change, not just a diet!! Let’s do this girls!
    Anyone else from NY?

  124. Zoe says:

    I ought to get this journal! Oh my gosh.

    xoxo Zoe

  125. Kat says:

    This journal looks so amazing!! I can’t wait to get it and start this amazing journey!!

  126. Delilah says:

    So in! I bought the journal for myself and my aunt, who is also on a fitness journey 🙂 I can’t wait to start and I am so thrilled there’s a vegan plan, you have no idea! (well, maybe you do haha!) I actually just broke through my 5-month plateau (oh it was so annoying!). I can’t wait to begin the 12 weeks and see where I can go from here. Thank you!

  127. bethany says:

    hi cassie i am soo excited for this 🙂 i wish i could get the journal but i don’t have the money 🙁 but i was soo happy to hear that you will be posting everything on your social media sites 🙂 this is why i love you u help people because you are a nice person and don’t just care for the money 🙂 thank you soo much for doing this 🙂 i just want to know if i don’t have a twitter do i have to make one, like are going to be tweeting the details or direct messaging them. and your you tube will you be making a video or email people i was a little confused ?

  128. Alicia says:

    Hey Cassey!
    First of all I want to say that I think you are amazing. Thank you so much for all you do, you are so helpful and inspirational! I really want to do the meal plan but unfortunately I can’t as I live in a dorm without a kitchen and I have to eat in the dining hall. Do you think you could maybe give some guidelines and ideas for eating clean in a college dining hall setting?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Jamie says:

      Hey Alicia,
      I personally have never lived in a dorm so these are just suggestions, lol. But, have you tried investing in a microwave or toaster oven? These can just be plugged right in and barley take up too much room. You would be surprised how handy these will come in and how much you can pull off. I am sure that on ebay, you can find some decent ones for relatively cheap. It could turn into a hassle buying little portable ovens/skillets/etc but would completely worth it in the end, especially if you just accumulate them slowly, lol. Worst case, you could still follow the plan, just change the type of food, but keep the same idea. For exmaple if breakfast is a protein and a veggie or something of the sort, just make sure that’s what you eat! It doesn’t need to be exactly the same.
      Wish you the best of luck in your journey.

  129. Siobhan says:

    I’m in! 🙂
    I love that there is alway a vegan opportunity as well.
    Thank you so much, can’t wait for it

  130. Zoe says:

    Can you do a video for transverse abdominals?

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  132. Margot says:

    Love the idea, I’m already on a 12 weeks challenge on my own but I’m gonna join yours with all the other popsters on December 1st and make a journey a little bit longer ^^. Thank you so much Cassey for being always so happy and motivating 🙂

  133. Laura says:

    Love this! How do I make sure I get the vegan meal plan if I order the booklet?

  134. Lola says:

    Thank you so much Cassey, I can’t believe how much you’re doing for us. I’m super excited and so in! It’s like a birthday present from you for me since it’s my birthday on the release day (26Nov). I’m so excited and really can’t thank you enough, dear!!! <3

  135. Autumn says:

    Im so in! I can’t wait to start this fitness journey! 🙂

  136. Kashia says:

    Cassey, first off…you are amazing! I love you and your enthusiasm in everything you do. It’s inspiring! AND…I just bought my journal as well! I can’t wait to start!

  137. Olga says:

    I’m in!! I’ve bought the journal and I’m ready for the change!!

  138. TigressCass says:

    I’M IN. Just ordered the journal! This means the world to me as I have recently decided to join the United States Army and want to be in great shape when I do so. I will be joining immediately after this challenge!

  139. Brittany says:

    Love the journal! Buying it now!! Too freaking cute! <3

  140. Leah says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Cassey to PIECES, including everything she does to help and motivate people…

    However I do have to say that I think the no fruit after 2pm rule is a bit OTT. We shouldn’t be encouraged to avoid or be wary of fruit and the sugars in it. It isn’t a very healthy way to view food. Eating fruit isn’t like eating a chocolate bar or a piece of cake. Fruits are made of carbs, yes, but are also packed full of great nutrients too! I would MUCH rather eat a damn pear after my meal in the evening, not deprive myself, have a healthy heart, clear skin, strong hair and nails, and go to bed HAPPY, than freak out over needing to “have enough time to burn off the sugar” in it. That’s the difference between NATURAL sugars and PROCESSED sugars. Perhaps you do gain weight from eating too much fruit (which, trust me, is actually very hard to do – I mean I know a LOT of vegans who eat like 5 bananas every morning for breakfast and have fruit salads for lunch etc and are skinny as hell) but you won’t feel lethargic, your skin won’t break out, and your digestion will be in full working order… Unlike gaining weight from, say, eating too much ice cream or too many Mars bars.

    At the end of the day, the ultimate goal here is to be HEALTHY: physically AND mentally. Not to look constantly ready for a bikini competition (which is just plain unrealistic) or to be a certain size or to look a certain way. If you’re going to be a size 10 (uk) instead of a size 8 (uk) because you want to eat fruit in the afternoon, so what? Like Cassey said in a recent post: you could eat under 1000 cals of white bread every day and be supermodel skinny, or eat 1500-2000 cals or nutrient-rich, energizing, natural food and be STRONG, HEALTHY and the best version of YOU.

    Get what I’m trying to say? Don’t stress. Don’t restrict. Eat an apple. Xx

    ~ So sorry for the rant!! ~

    1. Lex says:

      Hahaha! I love your rant and I totally agree. It’s better to eat fruit at any hour than not at all (hey its better than chocolate or crisps for a snack!). But I guess restricting fruits to the morning makes sense to burn off the sugar, but hey, health is the most important thing!!

    2. abbigail says:

      This is probably a sports diet of some sort. There are several out there that restrict fruits after a certain time of day. The idea of this plan I believe is for people to be strict and get to a good place. However I do agree we just just eat an apple!!!! 🙂

  141. Eveline says:


  142. Amber says:

    Ordering a journal tonight! Super excited, this is like a second christmas :3

  143. Lena says:

    I’m in!
    Any other German Popsters out there who’d like to create a little group to stay keep us motivated?

    1. Franziska says:

      Hey aber klar! Ich wäre dabei. 😉

      1. Lena says:

        Hey schreib mir mal 🙂

    2. Lena says:

      Ich auch! 😉

      1. Lena says:

        Richtig gut!! 🙂 Bitte auch mal melden, E-mail steht da oben ja 🙂

  144. Kelli says:

    I AM SO IN 😀 Just bought the journal!

  145. Theresa says:

    Am I the only one who is worrying about how this meal plan will affect my holiday plans? It’s difficult with all of the holiday parties and family events!

    1. Jenissa says:

      This! I am going to try and stick with it as much as possible and hope my family is supportive and that the treats aren’t to tempting.

    2. Vanessa says:

      you could always have those holiday days as your cheat days! As long as you get right back in track it honestly won’t affect you very much!

    3. Lizzie says:

      no worries 🙂 think about it this way: christmas dinner is just christmas DINNER, right? (only one meal in the day!) don’t put too much stress on yourself! If you keep to healthy meals for the rest of the time, a bit of over eating/ indulging/ fatty foods won’t make any overall change to your weight loss 🙂 you might put on a couple of pounds that week, but they’ll drop back off very, very quickly, and within a week/ two weeks of sticking to the plan, it’ll be as if you never indulged during the holidays at all! relax 🙂

  146. Jennifer says:

    I’m in!!! I ordered and I’m excited <3

  147. Sasha says:

    You’re right! Add some fatty acids and chili pepper to your diet, they boost up your methabolism 🙂

  148. victorious says:

    GOT IT 😀 cant wait 🙂

  149. Stivaly Friedman says:

    Love the Journal!!! Thank you Cassey for making this so affordable. I can’t want to start this challenge and become a healthier person. I really need this and I want to make this change happen! Really excited.

  150. Anna says:

    I love Blogilates and am super crazy excited for the 12-week meal plan but I’m upset with #3-no fruits after 2pm? Fruits are so so GOOD for you-the sugar in an apple or a kiwi is nothing compared to the fiber, antioxidants, and other super nutritious, super healthy things. Please don’t discourage people from eating fruit-fruit at any hour-if they are trying to lose weight, I can guarantee they didn’t gain it by eating fruit.

    1. victorious says:

      well if they ate too much of it then yes 🙂 fruits are very healthy in moderation but too much can add up quickly. but i dont get the after 2 thing either :/

      1. Lizzie says:

        i think the general idea was to restrict ANYTHING that’s high in sugar after 2pm so that your body burns it off before you go to bed so that it doesn’t turn into fat while you sleep 😛

        1. Anna says:

          She singled out fruits ><

  151. Mackenzie says:

    I just ordered the journal! Cannot wait!! It is exactly what I have been looking for and am super excited to be doing it along side everyone else! Hurry up Dec.1st! OHHH and I tried water this morning with some frozen berries. DELICIOUS! Thanks for everything you do Cassie!
    <3 Mackenzie

  152. Love the journal! So cute!!! And congratulations on all the amazing transformations you’ve inspired. These before and after pictures are truly remarkable. Can’t wait to see how many people are helped with this next round of your plan!

  153. Drea says:

    Cassey you are so SWEET!!! You must have amazing KARMA for all that you give!! I’M IN!!! The journal ALONE is worth $30 I keep a journal (notebook) but the photos you have created, and accountability boxes are perfect!! Not to mention you are right it is one’s own personal STORY BOOK – adorable!!

    That BEFORE photo always scares me, even if it is for my own viewing!! =)) have a great day – keep the positive energy flowing!!

  154. Breanne says:

    So excited for this! Just what I needed to power through the end of my semester

  155. Help456745 says:


    I am not a native speaker, so I am sorry for all the mistakes 🙂
    I really, really love Blogilates and I would be very happy if I could join to this 12 week makeover, but I believe I just can’t. I am 14 years old and my parents don’t really support me on my fitness/weight loss journey. Soo … What do I do? I could (probably) write down what I eat, but i definitely could not follow daily workouts. If you understand what I am saying. I would really appreciate it if you could help me, but I will also understand if no one will answer me. But thank you all, the POPsters, you fellows (i hope I write it down corectly) and especially thank you Cassey. You turn my world up side down. Because of you I am trying to eat clean and exercise more. I could probably go to the gym, because I just got a membership, but I don’t if that is also okay. And I dont have facebook, so i cant write it down on blog.

    Thank you very much,
    love from Slovenia

    1. Ellie says:

      Maybe you could walk to different places every day, or run for a bit. I don’t think that writing down what you eat is necessary, it’s a bit obsessive! Just leave a little off your plate, have smaller portions, if you are at school you could run in your lunch break. Don’t panic, just do a little more activity, and eater slightly smaller portions- but don’t obsess about it, good things come to those who wait! Xxx

  156. Trista says:

    I’m 14. And $30 is gonna be a little hard for me to spend at the moment. But I really want to lose some weight and I feel like having a cool journal would help. You know! It would motivate me really. So I am SUPER excited for this to come out!!!! 😀

  157. Rina says:

    Am I the only one wondering what workouts we will have to do with this meal plan?

    1. Drea says:

      I’m wondering but don’t want to rush finding out!! 😮 nervous!

      1. Emma says:

        is she going to be releasing a separate workout plan for the 12 week thing with the meal plans or will it just be the normal december calendar, do you think? I haven’t been able to figure that one out.

        1. Rina says:

          me either! I kind of hope she makes a new workout schedule for this 12 week plan

  158. Megan says:

    Just ordered the fitness journal. I have been struggling with sticking to healthy eating habits since Summer ended. This meal plan is EXACTLY what I need. Thank you so much Cassey–I can’t wait to start this journey with you. So so so excited 🙂

  159. Jordy says:

    I’m in.
    I just want to say thank-you and to tell you that I believe you are a genuinely nice person. It’s so great to feel like there’s someone out there who just wants to see people be their best selves, regardless of profit.
    Casey, you are an inspiration. I do not know you personally, but all I want is for you to succeed and have a happy wonderful life.

  160. Franziska says:

    Just ordered it! Plus one of these super sweet bottles of yours!
    I am so motivatedt can´t wait to start.
    But I also am concerned regarding the ingredients – dunno if I am able to get my hands on all this stuff you use over here in Germany – will there be replacement suggestions?

    Thank you so much for beeing you – motivating us and showing us the way to happy and healthy.

    I really hope I make it to ´transformation tuesday´ someday.

  161. Natalie says:

    Hi Cassey, I haven’t managed to complete one of your month calendars yet because I always lack motivation:( does this journal come with a workout calendar or do we just do the ones that you post up here for each month?

    Thanks 🙂

  162. Flora says:

    I’m in! I can’t wait til the 26th.

  163. Rebecca says:

    I can’t remember if this was asked already, but is this meal plan meat only? I’m interested but as a pescatarian, I’m wondering if ALL the recipes are going to be meat. I can modify and substitute a lot of things, but all of them would be a waste of money. Just curious! Thanks!

    1. blogilates says:

      there is a vegan plan!

      1. Rebecca says:

        Thanks! Can’t wait!

  164. Rhiannon says:

    Just ordered my journal last night! I am so in! Been waiting for this workout plan for forever! I’ve been a popster for almost a year and it’s seriously changed my life (: The only thing I’m worried about…. Is Christmas! ahh

  165. Sarah says:

    Yes, I’m in! Just ordered the fitness journal and I’m sooooo glad that you’ll give us vegan meal plans! Thank you so much for the support and the motivation. I think THIS will be the motivation I need to kick ass and finally get to the physical state I always wanted to be.
    Can’t wait to hold the journal in my hands an get started 🙂
    Thanks Cassey! <3

  166. Erika says:

    I just ordered your Journal, i’m so excited! Hope it gets here(Germany) as planned <3

    Thank you, you are so inspirational!

    1. Erika says:

      Oh, i forgot to ask. What about the vegan meal plan?

      Greetings from Germany!

  167. Julia says:

    So, I just ordered it! I’m always all ears when it comes to journals, notebooks and to-do-lists. YAY, I’m in!
    But I have to say, that I’m a bit worried about the meal plan… Often in Cassey’s videos I see ingredients which a hard to buy in my country (Germany). For example vanilla extract… I can’t seem to find something like that… I only found vanilla aroma which I am sure is nowhere near the same…

  168. Gabriela says:

    I just ordered the journal too!! 🙂 To me it’s like saying thank you to Cassey for all the work that she is doing for us… I’m so grateful for her support ^_____^

  169. Ioana says:

    Cassey, I have 132 pounds. Although you might think it’s no that much, I am 14 years old. And at this age, I keep thinking about my looks. So, my question is: With the new body makeover, am I able to get to 116 pounds? Or how much can I lose? Lots of love and kisses from Romania:*:*:X:X

  170. Lauren says:

    I’m in! And rock on Cassey for including a vegan meal plan! LOVE IT!! Let’s do this!

  171. Georgina says:

    Have ordered the fitness journal! I really hope it arrives in New Zealand before the 1st because it will be lame not having it otherwise!! Super excited!

  172. Juli says:

    I am so in! I already ordered the calender and can’t wait to get it! I really hope international shipping doesn’t take too long!!!! Thanks Cassey I was really looking for a new Challenge and this one definitely sounds with to commit to!

  173. Emma says:

    Hi everyone,
    I’m quite new to blogilates. I have struggled so much with my weight and after losing 45 pounds I still feel like the fat girl that no one liked. I’ve hit a plateau for so long and really want to lose those last 20. I feel like giving up hope. I was thinking I should try blogilates and see if it helps. I just feel like giving up.

    1. Amanda says:

      Go do it now! Don’t procrastinate:) I’ll assure you doing her calendars (maybe start with the Begginers one?:) ) will give you a better feeling from day 1. You know why? Because you’re doing something! And you’ll be on your way to your best body ever:) It’ll be your daily thing to do for your body and you will learn a lot from her on the way:). Nutrition is important though too but she’ll teach you that on your journey . Have confidence in yourself ,you’re beautiful 🙂

      1. Emma says:

        Thanks, Amanda. You have no idea how much this means to me. Even though I personally don’t know you I want to thank you so much for your encouraging words. I am going to start the beginner’s calendar tomorrow and then start following her other ones. I know that even though I still feel like I’m going to be failure at this and its going to be a mental and physical battle I’ll give it a shot. Maybe I can start calling myself a popster soon? We’ll see. I just have to tell myself I can do it! Thanks again. 🙂

      2. Emma says:

        Thanks for your encouraging words Amanda. They mean a lot. I’ll do as you say and start with the beginners calendar and see how I go. Maybe I can be a popster soon? We’ll see.

        1. Emma says:

          Whoops the first time it said error so i rewrote my comment.

  174. Ella says:

    Will these work for Australians as the seasons are reversed? does this mean we’ll have hearty food in summer, or will the dates be all messed up?

    I’d love to try this, would just like to know it won’t be a waste.

  175. Angela says:

    I’m in, YES!! Thank you Cassey, your freakin awesome! I live in Australia, will it be difficult to follow the meal plan based on seasonal foods compared to the US?

  176. Michelle says:

    I am sooo in! The funny thing is that I’ve lost so much weight after having my baby that I’ve actually been struggling to gain weight. However, in doing so, I’ve eaten so many unhealthy foods that don’t make me feel good at all. I’ve got a baby to keep up with and be an example for, so I’m really excited to shift my focus from trying to gain weight to living a healthy life. Thanks Cassey! By the way, my daughter’s name is Cassidy and we call her Cassi for short so just calling her name encourages me to get healthy lol! I’m going to buy the journal right now!

  177. Amy M. says:

    This sounds so exciting, Cassey. I am thankful for you. I have been thinking and the journal does seem expensive, but so much work has been put into it. Plus, it would be pretty expensive to make your own journal and time consuming. I work at a craft store and I know how much paper and ink can be.

    What I am struggling with is the fact that I don’t control everything that is bought and made at my house because I am in college. I do eat pretty healthily and buy my own snacks. All of the snacks I buy are either fruits, vegetables, or some kind of protein like in protein bars usually. I think I have seen some change in myself. I think other people could relate to me. I would like to do your program, but I would have to adapt it and keep the meal plan for later or something.

    And as for exercise, I work seasonally so I try to exercise 3 days a week because I go to school and then a retail job where I either stand or walk during my whole shift.

    I don’t know if doing something similar would work or not. I wish I could say I’m all in, but I can’t without some adaptation. I don’t know if anyone else is going to try to do anything like that or not.

  178. Eva says:

    I’m in! First time I’ve ever done a meal plan and I’m not going to disappoint myself!!

  179. Madison says:

    Cassey, I am interested to see where the scientific evidence based on empirical studies is, that has significant evidence that restricting certain foods to certain times is effective for fat loss. There are many figure competitors who follow IIFYM, or If It Fits Your Macros. They are able to eat a balanced diet at any time of the day, according to their macros. It prevents binging on the weekends or “cheat days” and restricting certain foods, labeling them “clean” or “unclean”, when the truth about weight loss is calories in vs calories out. I would like to see some more scientific evidence on your site, as I know many young girls look up to you as a role model. I’d like to know what you think about IIFYM and what @biolayne has said in his Vlogs on youtube, as he does present studies with empirical evidence about this topic. Thanks!

  180. Jahaira says:


    You're such an amazing person Cassey. Ever since discovering your sites I've been even more infatuated with fitness, happiness, and Blogilates. You're charisma and vibrant personality make getting through your videos so much easier. I always say, "Come on Cassey" or "You're killing me Cassey!!" . Some are just so tough, but hard work does really pay off. I began this month with new goals and a new determination and now that this journal has arrived, I feel SOO pumped. It's just perfect timing! IM SO IN ! Thank you so much Cassey. You are everything !!

    Lots of Love<33333

  181. Nikki Cole says:

    Hi Cassey.

    How do we let you know that we are Vegan and will be needing the vegan version??

    1. blogilates says:

      yes there is a vegan version!

  182. Radhika says:

    I’m in!

  183. Kari says:

    Ok so I’m going to get the journal but I’m a little confused. How re we saying money if we buy the journal if everyone is getting the same meal plan?
    How is the meal plan free then?

  184. Katie Tuttle says:

    I’m can’t have an FB until I’m 18. (It took me a long time to convince my family to allow me to have a twitter and an Instagram…and Tumblr was just plain pushing it.) Is there any way that I can get the 3rd week password any other way? or should I just repeat a week?

  185. Clara says:

    Oh boy, I just started my internship as a medical student in a Dutch hospital. I work long hours, don’t watch what I eat and are absolutely exhausted. But recently I started looking out for the moments at the end of the day where Cassey and I hit that mat, and suck our belly buttons in. I’m so glad this is coming our way, ordered the journal immediately!

    And I understand what you are saying Cassey and Stephanie: the Christmas Holidays are going to be a challenge (for me even more, I’m visiting my Austrian family and we eat ourselves through those festivities AND I have no good internet connection that allows me to watch youtube every day)

  186. Samie says:

    Vegan plan!!! YAY Cassey thank you I was so sad I wasn’t going to be able to participate with all my fellow POPsters but now I can! I’m so in 🙂

  187. Jennifer says:

    Ordered your fitness journal, Cassey! At first, I was a bit weary because $30 for a book can be a bit off-putting for a financial aid-dependent, commuting college student. But just as I buy healthy food because I know my body needs it, I’m thinking of this journal as another investment toward my goal of a fitter lifestyle. I’ve been eating cleaner and staying more faithful to your calendar, and I have seen results! I can’t wait for what’s in store after this makeover. 🙂 Take care!

  188. Nur says:

    Hi Cassey,

    We eat basmiti rice at-least 4-5 x’s a week, and I wanted to know if white basmiti rice was okay to eat while trying to lose weight.
    By the way thank you soo much for the 5 tips, I will definitely start writing every thing I eat down and drinking loads of water.

    1. Rainar says:

      I think generally rice isn’t exactly the best thing to eat when you’re trying to loose weight. Meal plans for loosing weight usually consists of lean protein and veggies. Wheat and grains, however, will help you gain weight or hinder you from loosing weight. If you really have to eat basmiti rice try eating maybe only a bite or two a day and try opting for brown basmiti rice. If you’re super serious about loosing weight however, then you should replace rice with veggies as Cassie mentioned in her video. I also have to cut down on my carbs for health so I’ve been only eating miracle noodles and making zucchini pasta. Maybe you can trying making some cauliflower rice?

      1. Nur says:

        I see what you’re saying. I’ve been contemplating how I could cut off my carbs, it’s alot harder than I thought!! I will try my best. This is the first I’ve heard of cauliflower rice! I will try it !
        By the way thank you for your reply, really helped. =)

        1. N says:

          It depends on the type of rice–parboiled is much better than basmati. It would be great if you can switch. I don’t know where your located, but I’m also able to get brown basmati rice in the international section at the grocer’s. My SIL gets it from a South Asian store. Taking a bite or two of rice per meal sounds overly restrictive, but def. make sure your plate is dominated by veggies, not starches. Look to switching to pot barely or adding some bulgur into your rice dishes. They taste incredible with curries.

  189. Jozelin says:

    I love you Cassey (: Thank you so much for everything you do! I just ordered my journal and I’m so excited to begin this transformation with everyone. I want to become a stronger and healthier individual as well as guide my friends and family into the same lifestyle. The timing for this could not be more perfect.

    Thanks again, you really are amazing <3

  190. Berenice says:

    I’M IN ! It’s gonna be really hard here in China but I’ll do it !

  191. Eeeeks says:

    I agree with someone else about possibly starting a second group of popsters looking to do this after Christmas. I really want to be dedicated to eating clean and healthy but I feel Christmas is going to be too hard to remain eating clean. I don’t want to get discouraged with the upcoming holiday. Also many gym memberships go on sale in the beginning of the new year :).

  192. Jess says:

    I absolutely love how you cater to people who can’t afford to empty their wallets (like me) for such an amazing program! Can’t wait to get started 🙂

  193. Tamera says:

    Hi Cassey!

    Thank you so much for this! Will the weekly meal plan or pdf come with a shopping list?? Just curious! Thank you for all that you do! Youre such an amazing person!!!

  194. Gabby says:

    Just ordered mine, I am so in! No one understands just how ready I am for a big and healthy change.

    1. Beth says:

      I think I do :3

      I don’t get back from a family holiday until the 4th of December, so it will be interesting how I go in those first 4 days away from home! Eeek. Still super excited!

      1. Gabby says:

        Aw, thanks Beth! It certainly is a struggle, but we can do it!

        I hope you have a good family holiday, and I believe you can do well the first 4 days away from home 🙂

  195. Shelley says:

    Hey Cassy! This sounds so amazing and I’m so, so glad that you exist!! I’ve searched everywhere for a healthy, clean meal plan and could never find one that didn’t cost loads of money! Just out of curiosity – how expensive are the foods that’ll be in the meal plan? Thank you so much!

  196. Julie says:

    I just bought the journal. I cannot wait to transform into a better, fit, healthier me!

  197. Brenda says:

    I’m excited about getting every single meal all spelled out for me so there is no guess work. But what if there’s someone’s birthday or anniversary, or just weekend socializing…..are there any yolo meals allowed in the 12 weeks? 🙂

  198. Amanda says:

    Definitely trying the “no fruit after 2pm” rule! Thanks Cassey. I eat so much fruit, it’s really ridiculous. Cutting down doesn’t work, but eating it only before 2pm might be what I need 😀
    The journal is gorgeous, I can’t wait to own it!

    1. Ita says:

      What is the benefit of this rule? 0_0

  199. Jaydee says:

    just bought it! I’m so ready 🙂

  200. Stephany says:

    I am so exited!! I’ve been waiting for this!! I’ve been slowly falling off the wagon but this will definitely help pick me right back up! i ordered my fitness journal also! Im so in!

  201. Azalia says:

    I bought my fitness journal and I’m really excited for it! I know this will be tough but this will motivate me

  202. Rachel says:

    Cassey I don’t have facebook, twitter, or a youtube account…

    1. Amanda says:

      She said if you order the journal you get the whole plan in advance 🙂

  203. Cassy says:

    I want to do this so bad, and I get the idea of starting before January like everyone else, but is anyone else concerned about how Christmas will fall right smack in the middle of it? I still watch what I eat during Christmas, but it’s Christmas!!! For me that’s two weeks straight of travelling and family members trying to feed me buttery food! Not to mention finals season right before…
    Maybe we can start a second group of popsters who are looking to start in January?

    1. Stephany says:

      yea it does fall on christmas but, think about it….the buttery yummy food is temptation. If you learn to control the urges of not eating it (especially on the holidays) then it will help you start to over come it. This is a test of will-power and being true to yourself and to see if you really do want to change….that being said, I doubt Cassey doesn’t want us to enjoy our Christmas family meals so just try to control your portions.

      1. Beth says:

        Definitely, I’m sure there will be plenty of healthy christmas recipes thrown our way 🙂

      2. Cassy says:

        Stephany – you are absolutely right. I’ve been slowly working to control what I eat over the past 3 years and losing wight. And for exam time having a healthy meal plan may indeed help a lot. Unfortunately there is always a section of Christmas where I am not even at home, and the only food available to me is Christmas-type foods ):
        I’m still ordering the journal and I’m planning to stick to it. Thank you for your post, though I do need to keep it in perspective. Maybe I’ll take a week off of logging and the get back to it.

    2. Alyssa says:

      I’m the same way too! I’m going to go serve people in Myanmar from December 29-January 11, so I’m thinking of starting the meal plan January 19 to allow for a week to settle. But that’s why with buying the journal, and getting the whole pdf, I can just wait to start when I want to start!!!

      1. Cassy says:

        This is true, I’m just sad that if I postpone it a bit I’ll miss out on doing it with the community haha. I’m still set on doing it though – Cassey is so amazing to offer this to us!!!

  204. Amy says:

    Cassy I sent a message on your fb page about this if you have time can you answer? It will decide whether or not I can partcipate ! Thanks ! <3

  205. katie says:

    I’M IN!!! preordering my fitness journal now!

  206. Sandra says:

    HELL YEAH I’m in! However, I am a college student. Please please please PLEASE tell me that the ingredients that I’m going to be needing for this food can be found cheap at Walmart and that they’re staple things? I’m so looking forward to doing this but AH help a broke college student out! <3 you Cassey!

    1. Lizzie says:

      I’m really concerned about this too! When she started talking about keeping the flavour palette interesting, i thought “uh oh”! I’m quite happy to eat certain things very regularly to make life cheaper (like porridge every morning) but I guess at the same time, if i followed the plan i’d be eating generally a lot less, so the food i do buy will last longer? I had also worried about the price of the journal, but i just googled the transfer rate and i guess £18 isn’t horrendously bad… I’m just not sure I can buy it until I know if i can actually afford the meal plan!
      (yeah Cassey, help a broke college student out!)

      1. Cassy says:

        Hey ladies! I’m in the same boat!! (Not to mention a large switch in diet in the middle of exam season is a bit worrying – ahh – I’m such a stress eater. so maybe this will be good for me?)
        But what I’m planning to do is make the meals I can afford and then substitute with similar meals for the rest. I truly can’t afford to go out and buy different spices for every meal, even if those meals are repeating… but I can make chicken all the same with what I have at home. And I get whatcha mean about the journal. I want it so bad but I already log my eating and fitness on a website for free… I’m sure I’ll end up getting it though. Maybe as a birthday gift to me instead of clothes this year…

        1. Lizzie says:

          yeah, i know what you mean – no longer have access to my parents’ spice rack! All I’ve bought myself so far is cinnamon 🙂 I like the idea of substitution… just worried that if I start on that, I’ll start substituting/ slacking the rest, because it means i’ll no-longer be following the plan strictly :/

  207. Whitney says:

    That fit journal is SO cute and serves a great purpose- it looks like lots of thought was put behind the making of it! You have an extremely inspiring voice. And I know this is insignificant but I *loved* that the girls in the pics weren’t skinny skinny they were healthy sized – the way women should look when healthy. Everything counts!

    1. Cassy says:

      Yes! I’m so glad you pointed that out! Girls with legs that look like mine as inspiration? I’m in heaven!!

  208. Edith says:

    Just bought my fitness journal, sooo excited!! Thank you so much Cassey, we love you!! <3

  209. Marie says:

    I will do this ! You made me love working out so yoou’re the best role model for food too…I’m a big emotional eater with lots of stress factors in my life so this come at the right time. So thankful. A bit worried about the Holidays at the end of December but one day at a time.
    Thanks xx

  210. no_aloha says:

    Can’t wait to receive my journal and start the challenge! I’m in!

    Cassey rocks.

  211. Vivienne says:

    Just ordered the fitness journal, can’t wait to get started! Super excited about really eating clean and inspiring my whole family to eat clean as well! Thank you Cassey- you are such a motivating, caring soul…xxxoo