Swim Journey Pt. 3: Launch Day!

The final part of the swim journey…Launch Day!! ☀️👙🏖️

You guys, for real, I did not think we’d make it here. The struggles still aren’t over (the morning of launch I found out about a NEW problem 🥲) but the items that did make it out I 100% stand behind with so much pride. Everything is made to feel like luxury, from the silky fabrics down to the gold hardware.

And the fit.

Oh you guys. The fit.

THIS is what I needed 2 years for. The never-ending pattern adjustments and the constant fittings resulted in some of the best-fitting swimwear you’ll ever put in your body. And trust, I own hundreds of bikinis from $17 Amazon no name brands to $250 one pieces from luxury swim boutiques.


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Noteworthy mentions:

popflex boardwalk bombshell bikini top blue palm

🏖️ Boardwalk Bombshell Bikini Top: My first ever underwire bra with a cup size for A-C and a cup size for D-DD! I’m very happy with the way the balconette bra lifts my boobs, it’s just SO FLATTERING! Plus the adjustable lace-up back allows you to customize your fit to PERFECTION. I know there are many of you with larger cups, but this is where we are starting as I need time to research. Thank you for your patience.

popflex crisscross hourglass swim bottoms black and blue palm

🏖️ Crisscross Hourglass™ Cheeky Bikini Bottoms: Basically took the waistband from my most viral legging and stuck it on a bottom with high cut legs (hello long legs), a V booty seam, and a cheeky backside to lift and shape your butt. Don’t be scared of this cut. Trust me. Just try it.

popflex strapless bikini top black

🏖️ Sandbar Strapless Top: The only strapless bikini top you won’t have to keep pulling up. This one DOES NOT fall off. Even if the lace-up back accidentally gets untied. I’ll explain more in a video. But again. TRUST ME.


POPFLEX Active Swim Collection


Ok now go check the POPFLEX site and have fun browsing! Look at the pics, read the model measurements, and come back here if you have any questions on fit!

Thank you for asking me to design a swim line for you. I had so much fun (and so many sleepless nights) – but all worth it if you can find something you truly love.

PS – I wrote more about the swim journey in Part 1 and Part 2 if you want to know everything that went on behind the scenes!

Check out the POPFLEX Swim Lookbook too!


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