Swim Journey Pt.2

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As I was losing time, I had no choice but to sacrifice the weak.

🪦Crinkle fabric did not make it. He had to be dropped because we did not have enough time to figure out how to use him properly.

🪦 Several styles were dropped last minute as the fit was not working and I knew would take several more months to lock down.

However, there was one thing I COULD NOT sacrifice: the fit of our hero bra.

One of my favorite pieces is the POPFLEX Boardwalk Bombshell Bra that you see in the video. It was the first time I had ever worked with underwire and I was honestly so happy with our results. If fit me perfect. However, when my friend came over, I asked her to try on this bra and her D’s were dangerously bursting out of the cups.

In that moment I made the decision to DELAY our timeline on purpose.

There was absolutely NO WAY I could release this bra without having multiple cup options for you guys. Sacrificing fit is not an option.

Boardwalk Bombshell Bikini Top
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When we finally finished developing the second underwire size, it was already June. WE WERE SO LATE. I had originally wanted to launch in April! We rushed straight into production, booked our photographer, booked out models, booked our venue, and then –

2 days before we shoot, I had nothing in my hands.

To be continued


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