Do nipples have beauty standards now, too?

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Leave it to Kim K to shock and confuse the internet… and start some interesting conversations. Last week, she announced her newest SKIMS bra: The Ultimate Nipple Bra. And I was immediately like wait, what?

I seriously thought the announcement was an SNL skit or an April Fool’s joke.



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It’s a push-up bra… with faux nipples

This bra has built-in faux nipples to make it look like you’re bra-less, but also like you still have perfectly round, lifted boobs.

The ad is hilarious (the script was actually written by comedian Michelle Wolf), but it’s not a joke.

As Kim says, “Some days are hard, but these nipples are harder.”

After watching it about 3 times and realizing it was real, I had so many thoughts. First, it’s nothing new for Kim to push the shock factor for the sake of marketing. I LOVE watching it. But there’s something concerning about this that I just can’t shake.

It plays into the body positive, liberating “free the nip” movement, but are we saying that now our real, actually cold nips aren’t good enough? Or is it that our naturally-shaped boobs aren’t desirable enough when there’s no bra to support them, so this bra will make it appear as though you’re not wearing a bra but still have perky, perfectly shaped boobs?

The caption on one of the Skims promo posts literally says, “A faux nipple brings the wow factor while innovative cups fully reshape, augment, and lift your bust.”



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Kim knows how to get people talking

After reading comments and chatting with the Blogifam, feelings are pretty mixed on this. First, we had questions.

“Who’s nipples did they mold to make this happen? 🤔”

“I already have nipples, why do I need extra?”

Some are getting the ick like I did, and some are pointing out the silver linings. Like maybe this bra is helpful for those who have had a mastectomy!  I can get on board with that.

When chatting with the team, the different perspectives were so interesting! And we discovered that something as simple as adding fake nips to a bra unfolds A LOT of layers within body positivity and fashion. Here are some questions I’ve been thinking more deeply about:

Are bras in general problematic? Their original purpose was to provide support and real technical function but beauty standards have weaved their way in over time. There is an “ideal” boob shape according to beauty standards that really isn’t ideal for all boob sizes and body types. Push-up bras are meant for cleavage and some bras have no purpose other than vanity. All of that’s totally acceptable, so maybe the faux nip is acceptable too? Or is it all problematic?

What about shapewear? If we’re going to criticize one undergarment that “enhances” how our bodies appear (the bra), do we need to look at shapewear in the same light? Most of the time we wear shapewear to smooth and cinch certain body parts.

But if it makes you feel better it’s fine, right? OR do we feel better because our bodies look more like how society says they should look?

Where I stand is… wear what makes you happy and makes you feel good. I’m not the Ultimate Nipple Bra’s target audience, but I’m not about to judge anyone who buys and rocks it. BUT I think it’s important to consider WHY you want to purchase and wear it.

And I’m still kinda wondering if this is just a marketing ploy by SKIMS to get people talking. If that’s the case, SKIMS wins, again.

What do you think?!

We must discuss in the comments! What do you think about the Ultimate Nipple Bra?! Is it raising major red flags or are you into it?


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  1. Missy says:

    I love how you look at both sides of this issue! People have different definitions of what’s sexy or looks good. I have to side with the ick factor, though. I personally don’t feel your nipples should show and I’m embarrassed when mine do. It’s probably a good bra for women who have had mastectomies or as the woman who wears a 32DD said, she can look braless while having support.

  2. elena says:

    I appreciate the non-biased approach you take when looking at new trends and such, taking time to provide multiple possible perspectives. Personally, I wouldn’t buy this bra as I prefer wearing baggy clothing anyway, but I don’t care much for what others choose to do with it.

  3. cry says:

    I think the nipple bra is fun! I have a few bras that have little to no padding and my nipples are always noticeable. If this becomes trendy, maybe I won’t feel so self conscious wearing a fitted shirt

  4. Amy says:

    I absolutely love just about everything you make ! But please don’t do this !!! It’s one thing to be sexy it’s another to purposely draw attention! Your take on an updated modesty is perfect for the girls who want to be sexy but not revealing. I honestly don’t see the point of wearing a bra if your expectations are to still show your nipples. I know you’re amazing and will find a way to give something for the girls who do want that but your brand stands for so much more !

    1. Tista says:

      Very True. I agree with this comment.

  5. dsl says:

    I’ve always thought the braless look is very sexy; unfortunately, I have flat nipples so I would love a bra like this! We wear so many things to enhance our looks one way or another that this is really no different. Some women wear high heels, some wear body shapers, some wear padded bras, some wear clingy clothes, etc. Just because one does not care for something doesn’t mean that we have a right to tell others what they should wear.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I am definitely into this idea, I am a 32DD and if I want to look braless without my boobs bouncing all over the place when I go out I would definitely wear this. Also pretty much all of my boob is under/side boob so I have basically no cleavage if I’m not wearing a push up bra so I like this idea

  6. reachel says:

    I honestly don’t really like the idea of a nipple bra but that’s just me.

  7. Clee says:

    Yes I love l. Please make us this and more workout non camel toe muffintop hiding big boob containing lingerie! We so need this workout leggings are very unforgiving when you gain a few

  8. Pearl says:

    Honestly, it looks alright. I don’t have a huge problem. This might help me as my nipples are different looking and I also have tubular breasts, but I don’t think the bra can help with that considering it shapes what is there, not the no existence fat at the bottom of my boobs, lol. But I don’t think I would personally wear it. I wish there were more bras and body shape wear that was made to help with tubular breasts, it’s difficult to find bras that make them look full, give me the cleavage I don’t have (which not even sticky bras have given me) but don’t cover it all up. This bra is just weird, why does Kim need a bra like this when she’s gotten surgery to have the perkiest breasts ever??????

  9. Jan Bennett says:

    I don’t see the point of this bra at all. If the idea is to attract the eye to the nipples, then why not have a bra with nipple shaped holes, so the real ones can show. As you said for ladies who’ve had mastectomies, then absolutely fine if it makes them feel better. Otherwise I think about this as I do every other bit of false enhancement. Were I looking to attract men (I’m not, I’m 78), I’d just hate the thought that if and when they explored my underwear, they discovered I’m made up of false bits. Like shapers – they may make you look good when you’re clothed, but OMG, what a sight when you take your dress off. It’s almost like going back to the days of combinations and silk elasticated waist bloomers. Maybe I can say this from the security of old age, but I’d just rather not give false impressions. I like ‘what you see is what you get’.

  10. Janina says:

    I have had inverted nipples all my life. I would have loved to have had something like this when I was younger!

  11. Donna Scimone says:

    Ha ha !! This is hysterical!! I think you summed it up very well Casey. ” I already have nipples why do I need extra.” Skims has to stop.. wait I think SNL is calling them!

  12. Aga says:

    Ok, I think they may like to use it in cinematography, so that nobody will be running around with ice to rub it in the actress nipples. Other than that – very weird 😅

  13. Kathleen says:

    I’m 69 years old (just wanted that to be on board to start 🙂 ) I’m large breasted (36FF and have been since puberty), not overweight. The idea of putting fake nipples into a bra really made me laugh. We always wore bras with the intention of hiding our nipples while lifting our girls. Fake, hard looking nipples will attract a lot attention so if that’s what floats your boat then do it. But if that’s not what you want (I like a man to look me in the eye when I’m speaking with him) then I wouldn’t go for this gimmicky bra.

  14. Andjela says:

    Hi Cassey!
    I personally don’t like this trend because same effect can be acchieved by simply not wearing a bra! And it’s much more comfortable! 🤭

  15. Claire says:

    I hate this. It’s hypersexualizing. I don’t need or want myself, my husband and my sons seeing fake nipples on women. For everyone’s sake.

  16. Natalie Stueber says:

    Honestly as soon as I saw this, I thought the title was click bate, but then I clicked on and realized it wasn’t. My opinion on this is that I wouldn’t buy it because the whole reason of wearing a bra was originally to hide away the nips, and to not wear a bra was for freedom and comfort, but now it’s being turned into the “it” look, and wanting to show off nips while not being comfortable and wearing a bra, it just kinda seems like it’s contrasting itself. Like how you said, others might love and rock this look, it just personally isn’t for me.