This is My “Pinch Me” Moment

And just like that, the 2023 BlogiFam Retreat is over. From permanent bracelets (apparently next year everyone wants tattoos now) to posing like Zara models in our denim on denim to a group GRWM to squealing with joy at seeing Saturn. I’m exhausted but filled.


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During our fireside chat portion, I was asked what my “pinch me” moment has been and my answer was this: I never knew that the people and the energy in this room could ever be real. To be surrounded by passionate humans, battling through the challenges of growing a business together, but also soaking in the joys of seeing you guys wear POPFLEX proudly, it’s really a journey like no other.

Growth drives me. I love it. I live for it. I like going fast and I want to go FASTER. But like with fitness, you can’t see progress without rest.

It’s tough when you guys are excited, I’m excited, the team is excited and we want to do more more MORE for you! But the truth is, we need to learn to slow down before we break down.

blogilates team retreat 2023 palm springs popflex pickleball

blogilates team retreat 2023 palm springs

I care about all the people you see in these pics so much (plus 2 new mamas/soon-to-be mamas who were there in spirit) and it is my responsibility to keep everyone here strong and happy. The energy that we have right now must be protected and I’ll do everything in my power to keep it that way.

Daily, things are changing, and keeping up with the demands of the business while taking care of fam is proving to be extremely difficult.

It’s all new… every day is new…and every day feels like a test that keeps getting harder. A test you can’t study for. A test you have to ace.

I don’t know all the answers but what I do know is that it begins with nurturing the hearts and souls of the people on the team first, and the rest, we’ll figure out together.

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  1. AnaRae says:

    Hey I recently made my first popflex order after my sister introduced me to your channel on YouTube. I’m so excited for my order to arrive. I am now taking my adhd on a dive to see what you all have going on in your site. I
    came across this article and I have to say as a massage therapist rest is more important then ever right now. Society just wants to keep racing through life when nature is begging us to slow down and rest. I’m taking my own journey to slow down as well and to really have my practice be about giving out bodies the rest we need to be our best selves. Anyways just wanted to share and let you know that your designs are absolutely stunning and take the rest you need so you can be your best.

  2. Jacqulyn sequeira says:

    Hi Cassey, I ❤️ this post! I am a mama of three gals so fitness , health and feeling good are always my priorities 🧘‍♀️ I wish you lived in Canada where I live lol I could really see myself being a part of this fine crew 🥳🌸🥰

  3. Debbra says:

    Beautifully said….