Shein stole my design so I’m spilling all the tea and it’s PIPING HOT.

Well. It finally happened.

They stole my design.


I wish I could say “I can’t believe it!!!” but actually, I can. I’ve seen numerous videos and articles written about Shein straight up robbing independent designer’s designs, but guess what? As much as the comments may show sympathy and anger, it’s the dollar that speaks the loudest in the end.

Shein is now worth over $100 BILLION, which to give you some perspective, is more than Zara and H&M COMBINED.

Yes, I am angry that Shein stole my design (numb actually), but I am 100 billion times angrier that a business that runs on robbery is being supported and rewarded like this. What confuses me is that Gen Z, the generation that comes off as very ethically conscious, sustainability-focused, and authenticity oriented, is also the group that is fueling this monster’s rise. Women under 25 is the target demographic of Shein…and also happens to be part of my audience’s demographic as well.

There’s so much I have to say on this topic, but let’s start with the design theft.

Last night I was relaxing on the couch with Sam after dinner, and then he says “omg”. I turn quickly and say “what? WHAT???”

He’s silent for a sec and doesn’t want to show me his phone. But then I see a hint of some black skirt on his screen. I demand him to give his phone to me.

And there it was.

The moment I knew would one day come, but the moment I hadn’t actually prepared for.

In my hand stood this DM from a fan:

Shein stole my Pirouette Skort design!!! In that moment my heart paused. I didn’t know how to feel. Because…

1) I knew this would happen one day.

2) But then it ACTUALLY happened and I wasn’t ready.

3) On the other hand, I was thinking, is this some twisted rite of fashion designer passage? Like should I be flattered??? But it’s kinda hard to be when you were just robbed in broad daylight.

So how do I feel? I feel like the things that happen in my life, happen for a reason, and as painful as it is – it is now my duty to do something about it.

Now, back to the POPFLEX Pirouette Skort. I had originally designed this back in 2021. Sketch below.

Original tech pack dated October 14, 2021:

We ran into numerous issues sourcing the perfect mesh for this skirt. It took months to find a fabric that would flow with the lightness I needed, but would still give that ballerina’s tutu feel. Finally, over 10 months later, the Pirouette Skort was released.

On August 15, 2022, I posted a video of me explaining how I came up with the Pirouette Skort. I had no idea if you guys would love it or hate it (I had never seen a workout skort like this before but selfishly needed it for myself). To my surprise, it went crazy viral (26 million views on YouTube!?) and completely sold out in a matter of days!

After that wild response, I knew I would bring the Pirouette Skort back, but I wanted to make some improvements first – like removing the front seam to prevent camel toe, lengthening the back of the skirt a tad for more booty coverage, and removing the elastic from the top waistband to prevent pinching. Even though it seems simple, any change to a design will delay its production as we are VERY thorough in our prototyping process! You guys know how serious I am about quality and fit. I don’t take shortcuts!

A lot of customers were frustrated with the wait, but it’s because fast fashion giants like Shein, Zara, H&M, Forever 21, Boohoo, ASOS etc have completely ruined a consumer’s perception of how long it actually takes quality clothing to be made.

On January 5, 2023 (over 5 months later) I was able to release the Pirouette Skort again with all the improvements my heart desired! BTW the black and white ones will be restocked in about 1.5 weeks.

And then just a few weeks later on January 28, 2023 Shein released their version. Ready for this? Here we go.



Wait hold on. Not only did they copy the pocket…they also copied THE ENTIRE STYLING OF THAT PHOTO!!!

And then because they are Shein, a company that thrives by manufacturing fashion in “real time” (aka they see what is trending on social media and they legit just send it straight to their factories to copy within days, max 1 week), they even took that extra calculated step to casted an Asian model to emulate me.


I already know some people are gonna read this and say that I am reaching. But trust me and read on, Shein is smart and calculated with their moves. They know exactly what they are doing. Every decision is one that is driven by sales, and I guarantee you that they chose an Asian model so that once one of their ads pop up, people will subliminally associate the Shein skort with me modeling the Pirouette Skort in my viral video and boom – add to cart. It’s so obvious.

Still don’t believe me?

Other times Shein has blatantly copied independent designer’s designs and ALSO copied the model and the styling:

Check out designer Mariama Diallo’s tweet below:

Not only does the dress look the same, but the model is also black. Don’t think it’s a coincidence?

How about this one? Check the full figured (hispanic, I think) model in Baiia’s photo vs the model Shein casted for their copycat swimsuit.

At it again with a copy of Loudbodies‘ checkered ruffle dress and a curvy model to match.

Shein stealing other designer’s designs is nothing new, but what REALLY surprises me is how long they have been allowed to go on like this. And not just GO ON like this, THRIVE like this. Become the NUMBER ONE fast fashion company in the world like this. How has Shein not been canceled yet?!


Shein is so aware of what they are doing that they straight up tried to pretend like they cared about independent designers in a poorly produced low budget show called “Shein x 100k Challenge”…

…that no one watched. Like literally the entire 4 episode series hosted by THE Khloe Kardashian got 1,048,000 views total.

According to a PR release: “The online series program is one of many large philanthropic initiatives from the brand in 2021, and aims to bring people together in celebration of fashion.”

I have so many problems with that statement and this entire show. First off, after episode 1, the footage just straight up cuts off to this screen. I have no idea why the text doesn’t even end up spelling out SheinX100K but ends at 1…it’s like they stopped paying their editor so they just stopped editing and uploaded whatever. I mean, totally on brand I guess??

Secondly, did they REALLY say this show was “PHILANTHROPIC”??!!!! OMGGGGGGG.

  1. There is nothing philanthropic about this show. SheinX100K is basically a job interview where candidates fight for money and then help Shein make even more money. Philanthropy is about giving for the sake of others, not for yourself.
  2. You can’t pretend you’re all about GIVING when you built your business off of TAKING – especially from those who have soooooooo much less than you!

Oh and thirdly, I don’t know how much they paid Khloe to barely be in the show but I would bet you it was more than the $100,000 those 30 designers were fighting for.

So who really benefited in the end?

The truth is Shein plays the game and they know how to win. They KNOW they can sell you a cute dress for a FRACTION of the price of the original one.

But how can the price be so low? Good question. I’ll tell you.

You see, my stolen Pirouette Skort sells for $60 on and the counterfeit version sells for only $13 on Though I don’t have their version on my hands (yet), I can tell you exactly what they are not paying for that I am paying for:


  1. They stole my design, so they didn’t have to pay me for the trend prediction, the idea, or the viral videos I made. They didn’t have to take any risk.
  2. They didn’t have to pay my technical designers who made the tech pack and who graded all the sizes. I did.
  3. They didn’t pay my patternmaker to figure out how to make the pattern. I did.
  4. They didn’t pay my samplemaker to make the the numerous samples we tested over a course of several months. I did.
  5. They didn’t pay my fit models to attend fittings 2x a week for several months to test out all of the samples coming in until we perfected the fit. I did.
  6. They didn’t pay my product development and design team to run those fittings and make adjustments to the garments. I did. (Which btw, our design team consists of 5 people including me. Shein has 800 designers/thieves.)


I can’t be certain what Shein actually pays their workers, but I did find this:

  • Workers who make clothes sold on Shein get as little as 4 cents for each item they make.
  • Workers work seven days a week, 18-hour days with one day off per month.
  • Workers are expected to sew 500 garments per day.
  • Some workers even wash their hair on their lunch breaks because they have so little time left after work. (MSN)
  • Workers are hit with a fine amounting to two-thirds of their daily wages if they make even one mistake. (Insider)


Looks like human rights violations on top of human rights violations.

But does POPFLEX do better?

In a recent audit of our factory by BSCI, the Business Social Compliance Initiative, which is an industry-driven movement that aims to monitor and assess workplace standards across the global supply chain, our working conditions are as follows:

    • The regular working times are 8 hours per day, 5 days per week.
    • During peaks, workers may work up to 10 hours a day from Monday to Saturday however, overtime is paid at 150%-200% the normal rate of other factories.
    • Workers are paid by an hourly rate not a per piece rate.
    • The hourly wages are equivalent to local minimum wage.
    • All workers are at least 18 years old or older.


Can we do better? Always. But this is where we are right now, and let me tell you – I will never sacrifice human rights and human happiness for the sake of fashion.


I don’t have the Shein copycat skort in my hands (yet) but I can already tell you how they got their price lower in addition to paying their workers next to nothing.

  • Shein is not using the quality fabric that we took months to source. I can guarantee you that my price per yard of fabric is much more expensive than theirs. Fabric is the bulk of the cost of a garment.

  • Shein is most likely not using as much fabric as we are for the skirt. I bet you their’s is not a full circle skirt. Will confirm when I get theirs.

  • Shein is not using customized trims like we are. In fact, I can tell that their drawsting is literally a shoe string.

  • Shein is not using an activewear-appropriate flatlock stitch like we’re using. The single and double needle stitches are not sturdy enough for the movement and performance of a workout skort and will break with usage.

  • Shein took out the flatlock accents on the waistband to cut costs.

  • Shein most likely did not remove the front seam from their skort as this significantly makes the price go up. I will confirm once I get their copycat skort.

Combined with the complicated craftsmanship that goes into the making of this specific design, the raw price per Pirouette skort without counting steps 1-6 and without counting freight, duties, taxes etc. is already beyond $13 a piece.

But wait, there’s more.


Once I put this on social media, and once it went viral, it was like putting a big ole target on my back. Shein isn’t just fast fashion, they call themselves “real time fashion” because when they see trends on social media, they can manufacture it and sell it faster than any company has been able to do in the history of EVER. Oh and get this, Shein releases 6,000 new styles a DAY on their website. (Fast Company)

So yeah, as you can see, Shein can sell things for super cheap because they’re not paying for the product development process and then on top of that, they skimp on quality materials and construction. What you pay for on Shein is stolen goods from other designers.


And you know what? Unfortunately for me and pretty much every other clothing brand out there, Shein’s unethical business model has only rewarded them with massive growth.

Here is Shein’s site visits since over the past 6 years. They are currently sitting at over 163 million site visits a month. (Data via Semrush)

For perspective, this is how many visits their competitors (Zara, H&M, Forever 21 and ASOS) are getting over the past 1 year. Shein is on top AND GROWING.

Oh and just for funsies I wanted to check how POPFLEX compares in site traffic to Shein.

It’s not even a comparison. Shein likes to take from smaller brands because they know we don’t have the power or the money to fight them.

In July 2021 designer Elexiay tweeted how heartbroken she was to have Shein steal her sweater design. This went super viral with over 103.9k retweets. Hmmm….

Kinda weird that their “philanthropic” YouTube design competition show came out a month later on August 22, 2021. Perfect timing to try to “rewrite” their narrative.

Anyway, there is it is. All the tea with all the receipts.

I have 3 big hopes with this blog post:

      1. That Shein removes my Pirouette Skort OFF of their website and NEVER steals any of my designs or other independent designer’s designs again.
      2. That I can help shed some light onto this completely messed up excuse of a business, and help you find better ways to spend your hard earned money. I am not saying you have to buy my stuff, but I am just saying that you shouldn’t support a business that robs from hard working people and then sells it back to you for profit.
      3. That you stop buying from Shein.

Remember, in the end, the only language Shein understands is money. And if we stop giving them our dollars, we will begin to take the power back into our own hands. #boycottshein

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  1. Aud says:

    Really? When I clicked in, I thought it was a unique design that they ripped off from you, but this is a very generic tiered skirt that’s been around for hundreds of years, if not thousands. Granted, this is a mini version of that old design, but even in mini-form, it was around when I was in school in the late 90s, early 00s, and I suspect even earlier than that. Why do you believe you invented it?

  2. Alyssa says:

    I´m a really HUGE fan of you.
    I love your piruette skirt and i have it in all colors.
    Thank you 4 always make QUALLITY stuff.
    I really aprecciate all your hard work
    I´ll stop buying on shein
    ILY <3

  3. Na7 whatsapp says:

    omg this is insane! i totally saw a similar design on shein a few weeks ago and i was thinking the same thing – did they really steal from blogilates?! 😱👀 can’t wait to hear more about this drama 💖 #teallawyer #fashionraccoutnest

  4. Primrose Harper says:

    Thats it. I bought from them recently but that is going to be my last purchase for shein. I am also going to check out your clothes 🙂
    Ive also always wanted to learn to make clothes myself
    Im going to talk about this when I next post on social media

  5. Isabel Bettencourt says:

    This is disgusting, can’t you sue them for this? It’s your work your ideia and it’s illegal. I just saw a replica of my RAT & BOA Catarina dress on Pinterest ,which I bought for being unique being sold by them for £29. It cost me £200 !! I don’t buy from them anyway never did and never will. I could tell the material is going to be cheap and everyone would be wearing the same. Now I can’t stand them even more. Publicly making money on counterfeit and getting away with it

  6. Lulu says:

    OMG what!? THE AUDACITY. This is not okay!
    I love your designs, and you and your team are
    ✨ AMAZING. ✨ They can have their fast fashion crap, but the need to leave small businesses ALONE.

  7. J says:

    They took down your product already.

  8. Emily Kahn says:

    So what is a person of very modest means supposed to do? I can’t afford your designs but I still want to look stylish. Does that mean I have to shop at the clearance rack at Walmart and look like a frumpy old lady because I’m poor? I’m sorry Shein is stealing your designs, it’s not right. I’m also sorry that I have to pay my fair share of income taxes and the ultra wealthy pay nothing. Life is full of inequities and as usual the little guy/girl suffers. Such is life.

    1. Moni says:

      Not having the monetary means is a little bit of an excuse. Supporting this company contributes to more theft, more low quality fast fashion clothing and more exploitation. You can look stylish with clothes that are cheap and still good quality. Have you ever considered second hand? It’s good for the environment, doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s cheap and you can find true gems there that stood the test of time (I’ve been able to find some pretty expensive brands that way). And if you really can’t see yourself buying second hand, why not try sewing yourself? I’m starting to learn how to sew and it’s surprisingly easier than I thought + really fun. Besides, as someone previously stuck in a loop of buying bad quality clothing, 1 expensive shirt or a pair of jeans can easily outlast 10 cheap dupes. You waste more money in the long run on fast fashion, I promise you.

    2. R.D. Hayes says:

      Try going to stores like Ross and TJ Max. You might not get them right on season, but it will be pretty close and won’t make enough difference that anyone would likely notice. These companies don’t steal from brands, but they do offer a lot of higher-end clothes for a fraction of the price. Second hand shops also have a lot of amazing clothes. I get the appeal of companies like Shein, but they are hurting a lot of people and their products normally don’t last long. I’d rather save up and pay money for something that will last a while, than to pay for something that I’ll need to replace several times.

  9. Betty LeFevre says:

    Last night I got caught up in this scam. Facebook had Ann ad for Lulumon deigns. I found several I thought my daughter would like and ordered them. The prices were Fantastic. I thought they must be old designs you weren’t using naan longer and ordered them. This morning my visa alert noted I ordered, not from your company, but Shein. I’ve been scammed by them before. I immediately called and cancelled my visa card but now have to go through the irritation of contacting everyone who legitimately has my card on file.
    I’m writing this to alert you to the Facebook ad. So sad this is happening to you and furious it happened to me Again.

  10. don't want to say says:

    Omg I had no idea this happened soo sorryyy

    I really want something from popflex but its so expensive 😭
    Anyway im glad you own the skort now and hopefully shein will stop Stealing designs 🫶

  11. Marissa says:

    I respect you so much more as a designer reading all of this tea. It’s professional, yet unfiltered and so so real. You had me sold from the moment I commented on your flare yoga pants “can you make an actual tall girl size, 37” inseam”. And months later I saw your brand released actual tall girl lengths and I lost it. I’ve never loved a pair of pants so much in my life then I do my 37” inch flares. I struggled big time in school as a tall girl. Always being tallest in all my classes, which meant girls looked at me like I was a freak, and boys never even once looked my way. When flare yoga pants became a huge thing in the 2010s, most of my pants were already high water because designers don’t make long pants for girls either. So I was constantly made fun of already for that. But when yoga pants came out, it wasn’t any different. I loved how they looked and DESPERATELY wanted to have a pair of my own. They never were long enough every time I tried. I took it as far to sit in class with my yoga pants stretched under my toes and heels for hours of classes, hoping they’d stretch and finally be long enough for me. Obviously, it never actually worked, and i never got to be a part of that even though I wanted to wear them so badly. I’ve still been on the lookout for a designer that made long yoga pants that were ACTUALLY long, not that 33” or 34” bs they call “long” for probably the past decade. Fast forward to 2023, your brand actually released your extra long version of yoga pants and I’ve never bought something so quickly. I cannot tell you how excited teenage and adult Marissa is to finally have a pair of her favorite pants that actually fit her tall body and legs. This is something I have quite literally dreamed of. They’re by far my favorite pants I own and look so good on me!! I cannot thank you enough from the bottom of my heart for listening to mine and other tall girls comments to make an actual tall girl length, not the industry standard tall girl length. It means so much to me and I know any tall girl who has bought these finally feels seen. Thank you Casey. <3 Marissa

    1. Kingsfordboafo says:

      When you come l will want to go back you to England so you have to help me to get my visa

  12. Michele Byras says:

    Deleting SHEIN app…*f**k them

  13. Chloe says:

    I had wanted the Pirouette Skort ever since it came out, but it was sold out. Once it came back in stock, I bought it. This is my favorite piece in my closet. It is so versatile because you can dress it up and down. I was so sad for Popflex when SHEIN did this. I am so happy that you got a patent!!

  14. Victoria Oag says:

    Cassey I love your unique designs and i have never bought so much as a pair of socks from shein. I have faith in your promise to delivery excellent quality apparel and will continue to remain loyal to you

  15. Gabriela Mulkern says:

    Absolutely #boycottshein

  16. A. N. says:

    Woah, I had no idea all of this was going on. I have never bought from shein and never will. I love you what you are doing and I totally stand by you. I have bought some popflex products, and they were amazing. Having the products in my hands, I can see and feel the effort put into them. #boycottshein

  17. Jeff says:

    Love you and your brand Cassey! So proud of you and all your hard work!

  18. Wade says:

    Yes I ve had similar expierences as well as an Physical Intersex person who is Asexual and gender neutral my whole life. Most recently was a product put out by nature based( and local scourced as opposed to sandalwood) Victoria’s Secret, created online and design finalized offline and in the spirit of collaboration and done at a “health” facility. Not to mention getting donations based upon some tech companies and banks direct involvement in privacy breeches.

  19. Stacy says:

    Recently found that Shein has stolen not only the designs from a Canadian Jewellery company, but straight up has taken the photos from the website and edited out the logo. They even took the photos of the models. The company is known for actual philanthropic work and for being hypoallergenic. It’s not even one or two designs, but basically every collection of the Sparkle Balls from the last couple of years. It just really bothers me that they continue with these practices and people are still buying from them.

  20. Curtis Gaobakwe says:

    they should cancel shein nowwww

  21. Yuncii YT says:


  22. Stephanie says:

    This is so sad. I saved a pic of a sweater that my cousin purchased on Nantucket cause I really liked it. It was a white sweater with an American flag. Sold during the summer only through a small boutique on the island. It randomly popped up in my adds today. The design is only a tiny bit different, buy its very clearly a knock off.

  23. Strayer says:

    Shame on them for stealing from so many women.

  24. Stuff D'muff says:

    I don’t know about yall but i like to wear my pants so tight my lips sit on either side of an overworked seam

  25. Parichart Maneeapond says:

    Shein also is copying my design and using one of my photos too, What can I do?

  26. Sabine says:

    Same is happening to me right now…… and it is not only Shein. It is resellers on Temu, Amazon and others. One actually tried to sell my flower ring on Etsy as well and thankfully Etsy removed the listing.
    Some facility in China made an adjustable, cheap version of my ring and is wholeselling it to resellers in the US and elswhere. Using my original photos and reviews too, screenshot off my Etsy shop. Absolutely shameles.

  27. Stephanie says:

    Omg I came across this by accident looking up something on google and me, being a big reader, just had to read the article not to mention, I recently ordered four jumpsuits because I’ve been recently obsessed with jumpsuits from sheen. I tried one on, could not stop scratching and send them all back. I will never order from them again besides all the BS that they’re doing the clothes are complete and utter crap and the material is horrible. I don’t know if all the five star reviews on everything are fake or just to earn more points to get more free junk or if people are that used to cheap material that they don’t notice how bad it really is honestly my young adult daughters love sheen and that’s who I’ve mostly seen big into it but the truth is and I’ve told them this multiple times every time they put some thing on from Sheen. It looks cheap. It doesn’t fit correctly I can just tell where they got it from just by looking not to mention, there’s no way that those clothes are comfortable with how bad the fabric feels. I think it’s just about getting a lot of clothes cheap and when you’re younger and female, that’s a big deal especially if you don’t have a lot of money we definitely are not wealthy by any means my family we pretty much will do live check to check and have to watch every cent we spend , but I’ve tried telling my daughters you’d be better off going to the thrift stores, finding better quality clothes, or having less things that are nicer quality, and last longer!! I’m not gonna lie. I’ve never heard of your brand and I see on your listing that you do go up to my big girl size so I’m definitely going to check it out and I am probably going to order the skirt because it is amazing and there are a lot of us who can definitely see the difference!! I don’t work out hence me being a big girl lol but this skirt is so cute I just want it even just to wear around the house just to feel pretty lol!! or to even just go shopping anything it’s just so freaking cute!! And honestly 60 bucks is not that bad from the quality that I am seeing and hearing could’ve easily sold these for 100 bucks so 60 to me is a steal!! especially for some thing that is that Unique and the good quality. I hate sheen after getting my order and sending it back like I do a lot of things. I have to read up on the company what they’re doing is horrible with the way they treat people and the planet and I would think with younger people these days, being all about sustainability and things like that though it does seem to be more with people that do have money. I’ve lived around poor people, my whole adult life and they don’t recycle. They don’t care if somethings made out of polyester or cotton. I don’t know if it’s the lack of education or the money or a combination but poor people waste more money than anybody else I’ve seen they just buy it because it’s cool they don’t care if they can’t pay their utility bill. They’re still going to spend three grand on a Louis Vuitton purse. Just to feel good and look like they have money I guess I don’t exactly know, but then they’re gonna pair it with some clothes from SHEIN makes no sense!! Like I said, I’m poor also and I do by the occasional clothing item from Walmart. Actually their quality is not near as bad as SHEIN!! But the majority of my clothes are good quality a lot of cotton and I do buy a lot of stuff used. There are still ways to buy better quality clothes when you don’t have money!! You don’t have to resort to SHEIN the company is destroying our economy, taking from the little guy so that he can grow into this monster, and destroying our planet, making all their polyester!! Not to mention how horribly their workers are treated children included!! And everybody. I’ve tried to point these things out too. I don’t care it’s cheap not my problem. Maybe that is the problem. Nothing is anybody’s problem. Sorry about any misspellings in this long response I used voice to text lol and also sorry for the rant. This just makes me so mad that people just don’t seem to get it. Stop buying from them. If you care even a little bit about anything just don’t do it. I guarantee you can head to your local thrift store and find just as cute of an outfit for similar pricing that is made 10 times better or don’t buy three outfits buy one good quality outfit in the end it’s more worth it. Your skirt cost $60 it probably would last years of washing machine. SHEIN You may only pay $10 but you can only wash it two or three times and it either falls apart or looks like trash so then you have to buy more in the cycle keeps going in the long run you’re spending way more money for what clothes that look cheap and are not comfortable!! OK I’m done lol!! I love this skort again and I’m headed right over there to see if I can get one or I’ll wait if they’re sold out!! Spread the word NO MORE SHEIN!!

  28. Alexa says:

    Oh my goodness! I knew Shein was bad, but copying MODELS and the styling, this is outrageous!

  29. Muireann Nolan says:

    Omg girl I’ve been watching your channel for so long and this just makes me straight up mad I’m never buying from them again

  30. Mango says:

    Feeling affirmed that I have never even browsed Shein’s website. And I’m sorry this is happening to you and many others. I absolutely agree they are copying the models, too. Anyway, not everyone supports thieves and human rights violators, so stay positive!

  31. K9luver says:

    Shein clothing is GARBAGE! The quality is horrible! Everything I have bought from them (only 2 items) have both fallen apart after one wash ON DELICATE!

  32. Cucumber says:

    Stop buying from SHEIN the worker s are usually desperate for money its workers are mostly Chinese poor since the main headquarters are in china I come from HK and MANY Chinese in mainland china are really poor. go buy from anywhere else I recommend Uniqlo it’s great yet pretty cheap it is sometimes pricey but that’s because it’s good quality and I have a pair of Uniqlo pants I’ve been wearing for 3 years and it’s still in great condition so go and buy from a thrift store or something or Uniqlo and if that’s expensive for you Go save up for good quality clothes instead of immediately spending it on trash quality clothes

    1. a says:

      not as bad as shein, but uniqlo is fast fashion too.

  33. POPFLEX RULES! says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous that a company this big would do such a thing. Like BE ORIGINAL! I can’t believe that we haven’t cancelled Shein!

  34. B says:

    I have bought from Shein only twice, but after reading this, I will no longer be shopping there.

  35. -popflex fan- says:

    I personally hate shein now by looking at the pain your going through! $13 for that ugly skirt (from shein) NEVER

  36. Meizy says:

    Cassey, know that Chinese brands are like this only. Cuz SHEIN is a big brand doesn’t mean you can’t protest against them. Hoping that SHEIN doesn’t copy small companies anymore.

  37. Swara salunke says:

    I’m so sorry for you that Shein stole your designs .
    First I was buying clothes from shein and I used to think that wow the idea of the clothes and the detailing is so nice but then I saw this what shein you disappointed me and the people who were buying clothes from Shein .

  38. Isabella says:

    I’m heartbroken and so sorry this has happened to you, you work so hard and your designs are too beautiful to be stolen! Shein needs to stop! It’s ridiculous that they feel like they can do things like this but even worse that the designers can’t do anything but tell other people and hope that they agree. I’m all the way with you in this and hope you get through to Shein to explain personally to them. #boycottshein 😔🫶🏻❤️

  39. Sofi says:

    I feel so bad i love ur designs and it is rude for shein who is stealing all these designs and getting paid so much for Literally stealing

  40. Cady {pronounced like Katie] says:

    I’m so sorry for you and the other designers. I cant believe the shit Shein pulls to make money. The sweater copy was so sad. I used to make lipglosses and sell them at school for 6.75, they were handmade with a bowl and kitchen spoon. One day this rich girl got a lipgloss machine to copy me. She sold them for 2.80. So the sweater one was so relatable because i spent an hour on each gloss, and she spent 5 minutes on a batch of 50.

  41. ~grannym says:

    All of you ripped-off designers should get together and sue them jointly. But if they have no assets in the US then you wouldn’t get anything.
    Print the above page out and enclose it with each of your sales as a reminder.
    Try to rally “Boycott Shein” marches at colleges and universities.
    I really hope you can get this stopped. Shein and now Temu are just evil and are basically using slave labour.
    There was a book out a few years ago about the blue jeans factories there and the number of worker suicides. If you can locate it, would be good reading for you and your customers.
    And you can tell, even from the photographs that yours is a far superior product.
    Best of luck!

  42. Noone says:

    Like year ago I wanted to buy something from shein. But i read about that and i don’t nedeed clothes from shein no more. Its really sad that shein is stealing clothes. Sorry for bad english, I don’t speak English. <3

    1. ~grannym says:

      You speak English well enough to make people know that you understand the situation and that you are willing to do something about it.

  43. Anonymous says:

    SHEIN also prevents you from using portions of their app/website if you require accessibility tools.

    Basically, they hate people with disabilities.

    I’m fairly certain that’s some sort of crime in my jurisdiction.

  44. anonymous says:

    But do you know some people dont have the money to buy clothes from any other place than shein? I personally can but i dont want to waste my money on 45 dollar water bottles from popflex. I know how much time and money it takes but its not our fault! I would if i wanted to but i want to save my money so one day, i would be able to buy ALOT from popflex and other small
    businesses, but for now i will be buying from shein until i have enough money. Love your designs though and you dont really deserve it b it it is really cheap so i would really rather buy from there. Love youu xx

    1. Kelsey says:

      There are affordable, yet ETHICAL brands to buy from that are not fast fashion. ThredUp, Yes Friends, Pact, and The Road are just a few. I also urge you to consider the amount of wears you might get from each piece you buy and shoot for 30+. Your point that you would rather buy Shein because it’s cheap is insensitive if you read what Cassie states in this post.

    2. a says:

      as a college student with very little money, there are so many cheaper and more ethical ways to get clothes. personally, i love thrifting to find clothes that will last me a lot longer. shein clothes will fall apart within a few washes so its better to save and invest in a few sustainable staple pieces. plus, if you think about it shein isn’t as cheap as it seems because you’ll have to replace the clothes within a year or less, costing way more in the long run than a staple piece. buying secondhand from local thrift stores, goodwill, depop, thread up, & poshmark are great ways to find quality clothing. also on websites like poshmark and depop you can find new items with tags for cheaper. if it’s really about the money and not having a lot of clothes for cheap, then thrifting is the best, most affordable, and sustainable option available!

  45. April says:

    You said you’re confused on how Gen Z still buys f on SHEIN and I have the answer for you here. We can barely afford to live, we make close to nothing and things such as finding a home or having a family are way out of our foreseeable price range. The world is falling apart around us and our rights are being taken away every second. When we want to buy something that bring us the smallest bit of joy, we go to places that we can afford since the world is falling to shit anyways. It sucks that you’re designs were stolen and I’m not saying what they’re doing is right, but we’re all just trying to get by. #theresnoethicalconsumptionundercapitalsm

  46. Joe says:

    Cassey I am so sorry this happened to you. I sent a sketch to a toy factory in China for a toy I wanted to be made…. a year later I saw they came out with Tiny Tukkins Mouse. It’s literally the same mouse only thing they did was took out the flower and put a bow. Then they had the nerve to contact me do I have any more sketches? The Living GOD Yahshua Jesus sees all things so I am not worried, but it’s truly disgusting. If you can sue please do so, if I had the money I would come after Tiny Tukkins. Take care.

  47. Sonia Edwards says:

    They have offered me settlements but it just doesn’t cover the amount they should pay and now they are as much as threatening me about what I post on social media.. they have continued to use more and more of my designs after the initial cease and desist and I cannot agree to take the crumbs that they offer, this has been going on since 2019

  48. Ada says:

    I WILL NEVER BUY FROM SHEIN AGAIN. U don’t deserve this! I know it’s off topic, but perhaps could u lower the price of ur mockneck shruggie?

  49. Payton says:

    Omg! Girl I’m so sorry that happened to you! I just filled up my Shein cart and then read this! Won’t be buying from Shein again! Time to go binge watch your videos!!

  50. Michaela says:

    Wow, that’s all I can say. Just “Wow.” Because Shein really had the AUDACITY to steal hardworking businesses designs! Especially POPFLEX.. you put SO much work into your designs, and I know that! You like getting peoples opinions, take your time making them, and correcting things if needed! Also you spend money on these things, lots of money. Shein didn’t have to do all that, they just copied your design boom. They don’t even give a fuck, and the minimum wage workers? Horrible, absolutely horrible. Who would want to work for Shein? I’d rather die, a HORRIBLE death. I’m most definitely not buying there clothes, even though some of them are cute and cheap. I’m not supporting an evil business like Shein. They should be sued millions of dollars for the harm they do to those companies including yours. Stealing designs, and most likely getting more profit. It’s evil, period. And especially models ethnicities? That’s too far, TOO FAR. #boycottshein

  51. Haley Hoffman says:

    Wait… So you only pay your factory workers minimum wage? I was with you until that point… Unless I misread that and you meant that you pay above minimum wage. Paying minimum wage is definitely not the flex you’re making it out to be.

  52. Idk says:

    I know that life can be hard but try to sue shein if you try to get other peplope who shein stole from maybe ypu can win and try to find a master lawer for you guys all luck to you! 🙂

  53. Akanksha says:

    I prosmise to never buy from shein ever again we like ve you and all other designers out there its sad to read all of this

    1. Akanksha says:

      Im sorry this message was written in a hurry

  54. Tracy says:

    I’ve been watching your work in the yt shorts and it’s so good but to be copied by shein with 0% credits that straight up disrespect. People needs to be aware of this . Like every one. Shein needs to be boycotted. Shameless ceo .

  55. mayo says:

    I’m so sorry for you shein is rich so why would they do this I felt so sorry for you and I agree with you, stealing someone else’s hard work is disrespectful. You worked hard and you don’t deserve to get your designs stolen.

    1. Xinlei says:

      Your comment is so similar to mines :0
      YOU MUST BE MY LONG LOST TWIN (this is a joke please don’t take it too seriously)

  56. Xinlei says:

    I agree with you, stealing someone else’s hard work is disrespectful. You worked hard and you don’t deserve to get you designs stolen.

  57. Michelle says:

    Hey Casey I’m so sorry and I love you but let’s help SHEIN stop stealing and start creating their own fashion and help them not destroy because the workers work hard and they need jobs

  58. Olive says:

    Hello !!
    I was scrolling through shein because I was bored and came across what I think is another stolen design of yours !!
    Your crisscross hourglass twirl skort design I also think was stolen because shein cane out with a crisscross twirl skirt very similar to yours that also looks kinda cheap and it’s kind of the same name.
    Just a heads up!!

  59. Customer says:

    Thank goodness I have absolutely NOTHING which I bought from Shein.
    Thanks for informing me before it’s too late!

  60. Jesse says:

    i like shein, it’s cheap and good

    1. Sarah says:

      Agreed, not everyone can afford privileged peoples expensive stuff

      1. Lily says:

        Exactly! Like I’m sorry girl I love your videos and everything but I have been searching and searching to find the SHEIN version cause I wanna buy it it just seems great but I guess they removed it 🙁

        1. Fe says:

          You’re better off saving up and paying for the real thing if you want to use it for it’s intended purpose. SheIn is cheap because of everything that was stated here. I know it seems smart to buy because $13. The thing is if you bank that $13 each week you can afford the $60 well made one that will actually last beyond 2 washings

          1. Yeram says:

            my point exactly

      2. Annabelle says:

        girllll sorry but even if they’re cheap people are struggling and there are other cheap websites that have better morals than Shein. I also read up on a study that you can get lead poisoning from sheins cheap materials. Amazon has great alternatives. I’m on a budget too but personally, I’d rather shop for something like just a little more expensive than pick convenient and not the right thing to do. They literally abuse their workers, they don’t even get paid livable wage while some people just buy from Shein for convenience. sorry this was a rushed message and I meant no offense to anybody

    2. Cort says:

      This article is a hell of a reach also. The skirt looks like any other long maxi skirt, shortened. And then pockets put in the bike short part…which more than Popflex is doing. Tons of brands are doing this. Anyone could have thought of this design. Like come on…I thought I was gonna read an article about how they stole a graphic on a shirt, a drawing or painting from an artist or designer….but this is a big reach sorry to the author of the article but they really didn’t steal this design smh…and even if they did, me and many others couldn’t afford it from Popflex anyway, so they did people a favor by making it affordable.

      And people saying shein falls apart after one wash are nuts lol I have tons of clothes from them that have been lasting me years and still look great.

  61. Esmee says:

    I Am so upset with seeing i can’t believe they would stole other designers designs. I don’t support them. I wish they banned them for copying designs from others.

  62. Giordana says:



  63. Sreejita dey says:

    I am extremely upset with shein and how they steal designs from small businesses and yet their company is huge..i didn’t support shein and i will never ever support shein.i love you products cassey #BOYCOTTSHEIN
    Cassey should be heard by the media

  64. Chinwe says:


    Those people are so rude and are undisciplined. they are just thieves running a business. I hope all business get them back.

  65. Riya Sharma says:

    I have seen a lot of creaters positing about how shein is copying and reselling their and not even making a change in that particular design AND THATS ATROCIOUS. i felt every creaters heart broken reading this whole article about how Shein is mercilessly taking off small businesses and that to shein being a really large platform , i do not support Shein for this deplorable act. CASSIE’S VOICE SHOULD BE HEARD BY THE MEDIA , this has to come to an end.

  66. Artsparie says:

    No one can copy the TLC that you put in your designs. I hate to see people’s designs being stolen by Shien. Ripoffs are the worst especially because that’s the lifeblood of Shien. I support you completely and I looooovveeee your designs!!! You slay Cassey! #boycottshien

  67. I was really upset with myself and how I actually trusted SHEIN. I didn’t even knew they did these stuff. But I will support you through this and soon enough, SHEIN will be boycotted like a spec of dust in no time. I hope everyone stands up for this and gurl, you ate this blog! SLAY Cassie. Will hope that SHEIN comes to their senses and STOP copying other innocent designers design. Love you Cassie , Huge Fan <3

  68. Hafsa says:

    I love that you put your voice out there and never let this slide. Truly it is heartbreaking that shien did that, I am changing my mind from ordering from shien from now on. I never knew before the unfairness workers had to face of only getting little to four cents per piece. Make it make sense Shien.. also I wanted to tell you that you are so inspiring for speaking up for yourself and standing up for you!

  69. Lenka says:

    Could you guys team up and go to court against Shain?

    1. hai says:

      unfortunately, no because the design was not patented. styletheory did a video on this that went into more explanation. Shein also has millions of dollars in assets to go against lawsuits.

  70. Rach says:

    Thank you for your voice on this matter!
    Ignorance is not bliss and I’m glad you wrote this so much I knew something was fishy. The unfairness, and they take full advantage of the fact that money is tight and people want to buy trendy items!! Psychology + money used in a malicious way, I’m headed my way back to supporting small businesses! I’m glad I rediscovered you and your work Cassey!

  71. M.S.M. says:

    I’m a huge fan an was so heartbroken to see her AMAZING work be stolen by Shei n. I for one will definitely be joining the boycott.

  72. Aanya says:

    boycott shein this is awful all the hard work is wasted for a stupid knockoff

  73. Tessa says:

    i’m soo sorry about this it’s soo unfair i’m 13 and I love your designs and have always wanted to buy from you, I also think one of the reasons that young people turn to shein is because it’s cheap, and it’s cheap for one reason and one reason only, their workers don’t get paid enough and the clothes are just overall bad quality, I’m experienced in debating and have competed in a debate about fast fashion and according to the stats that we researched for this debate proposes that shein is one of the most biggest fast fashion industries in the entire world, why is it soo big ? just like u said we’re feeding the monster, I want to take action against shein and buy better quality clothes that do not promote fast fashion, I suggest and ONLY suggest perhaps you could make a teen section on your website with lower prices, to attract the younger crowd who can by your clothes with their pocket money and not waste it on fast fashion industries like shein and promote buying better quality clothes like blogilates , I understand you have bills to pay like every other person in this world so it’s really only and idea but just know you’ve already got your first costumer who will definitely spread the word 😘

  74. Alex says:

    For me, I only buy clothing from shein because I do not need high quality clothes because I am still a teenager, without a steady income. It is also super affordable for me. Personally, I have mixed feelings about it. Their clothes are SUPER cute, and definitely fit my style, where in other stores, this is definitely a struggle for me. Another thing is their sizing of clothing. I am petite and extra small in most clothing brands, and when I buy clothes from other stores, I can never seem to find clothes that fit me. I also would like to take into consideration how they do underpay their workers, and like stated in this article, steal clothing from other self established businesses. Does anyone have any advice?

    1. Tessa says:

      #boycott sheim

      1. Tessa says:

        oops i mean shein 😂

    2. Lol says:

      Normal clothes are needs, but what you want from shein are wants. Don’t encourage them for your wants

    3. hai says:

      you could try going to thrift stores/buying second hand clothes online. it may sound disgusting/unsanitary at first, but if you go to thrift stores in rich neighborhoods there will be some newer and more high quality clothes.

    4. Annabelle says:

      I’m also still a teenager and I can’t afford many expensive outfits but I think a struggle to find clothes for you is better than feeding a horrible cause. If everyone would put aside convenience and do the right thing Shein would not exist by now. You’ll find a good place to shop! I suggest Amazon. This whole struggle is proof of the human flaws😔

  75. Sophie says:

    Bro, shein sucks. I was about to buy some stuff from there, but I won’t anymore. #stopsheinfromcopy

  76. Gaby says:

    I am currently looking on Shein’s website in April, I don’t see the skirt unless they took it off or I am looking somewhere wrong. Shein is ruining other people’s creativity and ideas, but they don’t get punished for it. If they took it off it is because they got exposed for stealing other people’s idea.


    1. Aubrey says:

      Yah I just looked and I can’t find it. They definitely took it off

  77. Emery says:

    I was inspired to read this article today when I found a copycat of pickle. Pickle is Moriah Elizabeth’s most prized design. Moriah is an artist that is also on YouTube. Shein has to stop doing this. I am so sorry that your skirt’s design was stolen. I am sure that yours was way better.

  78. Hadley says:

    I got an outfit from Shein as a gift. The skirt was paper thin, (not Casey’s copycat skirt, a different one) and the sweater yarn quickly started pilling and looked 10 years old after one wear Save your money for something with better quality and support someone who actually cares about their costumers.


  79. Syra says:

    This is just messed up seeing steals from independent designers and look at seeing work rate it’s not even supposed to be called violation of human rights it’s just straight up torture but this is just the world now,messed up.I don’t know how people don’t quit being a worker for shein and just look at the visits it’s not fair and we need to boycott shein

  80. Sofia says:

    This shows what the world has become, SHEIN will do absolutely anything to make even more money then what they already have, even if they realize they r taking hours of hard work from designers and robbing them in broad daylight with no work whatsoever. I hope they get canceled, and if they don’t (yet) everyone should stop buying from it,. And some ppl may not want to, so just saying before buying smn from SHEIN., remember what the designer did to make the design vs what SHEIN did to publish it (aka nothing)

  81. Adrielle says:

    I’m so sorry for it took months of creating,brainstorming and hard work to make this skirt and they just took the skirt as their own design like who do they think they are!?

  82. Sky says:

    I’m so sorry that happened to you and other independent designers 😢
    (I never buy from fast fashion)

  83. Ishita says:

    I just REMOVED SHEIN off of my phone because of this. I HATE how SHEIN just steals peoples ideas and don’t give credit at all. They use child labour which is wrong and the barely pay workers. #boycottshein

  84. Swadha Shree says:

    This it how can a business be spotted if it’s a business of theft I wonder how other creators and she felt when they saw there own hard work being used and sold by someone else taking the credit of their work that’s it sue them girl we are with you #boycottshein

  85. P. Williams says:

    I am so sorry this happened to you, and the others cheated before you. I researched SheIn long ago and had an inkling that they were unethical and shared my concerns within my circle. I will share your experience and will gladly stand with you. At the end of the day only a loss of revenue will make a difference.

    Additionally, not sure the best route to take in entering litigation with a foreign entity; am sure it would be long, arduous and costly BUT it would be worth it.

    Again, I stand with you and hope we can truly stop SheIn from hurting so many!

  86. PEPPER-CHAN says:

    #BOYCOTTSHEIN !!!!!!!!

  87. Takahashi says:

    I saw your hoodie on there too. Im beyond disgusted by shein.
    And I almost bought clothes from them years ago. So glad I didn’t support the enemy.

  88. Kim says:

    I don’t know why people don’t ban together and sue them – a class action lawsuit. That’s disgusting and they’re a multi million dollar company because they aren’t having to pay designers and developers, they just steal everything, it’s their business model. It’s against the law. But if no one does anything, they keep doing it. I would contact the feds, there are federal laws against this sort of thing, especially when it’s happened to so many people.

    Also, your skirt is adorable. Talk to an attorney, and in the future, trademark all your designs.

    1. Willard J Hurley says:

      The problem is the laws in place that do not protect clothing. Clothing copy rights and patents are extremely hard to get as you have to prove they are the first of their kinda and just a minor adjustment does not count- for example this skort doesnt because its just combining two things (american copy right laws are stupid)- what she can do is sue them for stealing her images and the styling

  89. Sunmi says:

    I am literally disgusted by shein. I can’t believe all these years I’ve been buying from shein and loving their “hard work” and “products”. Most of them are copied from instagram which isn’t a right thing to do since many of the people’s products take almost EIGHT HOURS to make so it is perfectly made for people. Not cool shein.. not cool.

  90. Maya says:

    SHIEN is banned in India.

  91. Joyce jennetha lee says:

    Hi,i’m from Indonesia so i cant speak English fluently, but, i just want to say that shein was made for copy cat a designer cloth, they made a cloth that the design look exactly like the designer clothes but they sell it low prize and a low quality im sad for this because I love fashion so much and I am very very hate if shein launch a new product that copycat the other product from a designer and make it low price and even with a low quality and make the real designer sad I hope this is not happened to you again and I hope you make other amazing product are really excited for waiting for it and I hope you’re not sad anymore and I hope Shein not copying Your Design anymore because that make you sad and actually I hope you’re not really thinking about that anymore and just thinking about the new product and keep safe your product for not being copying by shein anymore thank you and I hope you reply my comments because I watch your YouTube a lot your tiktok I really love your content and I really love your product actually I just want to say that I hope that you’re not sad anymore and thank you for reading my comments even you’re not reply it I still really really really happy that you read my comments and see you soon and I’m sorry if my English it’s not fluent enough I just try my best to talk to you from this comment and I hope it works…bye❤❤

  92. ally says:

    A designer called cybr.grl also had her design stolen by SHEIN and ROMWE. However they did remove her piece from the store so maybe that will happen to you and other small designers.

    1. Sunmi says:

      Sometimes i just feel like Shein doesn’t have empathy for those who put a lot of effort on their products..

  93. Sammi says:

    I actually am embarrassed that in the past, I considered buying clothes from them.

  94. This is absolutely revolting. I can’t believe SHEIN, a multi-million dollar company, have the AUDACITY to take hard work from small business and underrated designers and call it theirs. And they earn money and recognition that they didn’t even deserve. And the fact that they said it was completely philanthropic is a bunch of BULL. This should be a crime.
    I hope everything works out fine, and I STRONGLY suggest you either file a copyright claim or sue SHEIN.

  95. kristy says:

    Your prices are high and lower income groups will
    Never be able to afford the prices you charge for your products. Shein makes it cheaper and allows people who are too poor to afford the original goods to have something stylish. You never intended to have poor people afford your designs. Shein allows us to have it. At the end of the day your customer base and Shrub’s is different. Your skirts get sold out very fast. Clearly the group you cater for affords it. 25 and under can’t afford such high priced items if they are poor. Shein knows this and produces affordable fashion. Plus human rights abuses exist because people are desperate for money. If I did not need the money or if I had options I would not work 18 hour days for 4 cents an hour. The reality is that for these people they are desperate for a source of income. Well the west loves to bleat about human rights try living in the shoes of the poor for a moment.

    1. ܡܕܝ says:

      Stop making excuses for the company. Most people buying from shein are not doing it out of necessity. People are buying hundreds of pieces off of there and spending just as much if not more money than they would only buying 3-5 quality ethical pieces. You don’t need to have much clothing to have a good life. This also hurts the environment and all of us in the end

      1. Sonic exe says:

        The price may be quite high compared to the income of each individual, but objectively, I find the product to be very good in terms of product quality, soft color, and very convenient bag..

        1. Hol says:

          Well, you sound like you’re fine with child labor. Scary how people like you can sleep at night.

      2. Bruno says:

        Shein can terrible and Blogilates can be a multi-million dollar company

  96. Grace says:

    I saw your workout leggings there aswell. Totally copied you, go into the kids section and it should be one of the first things you see.

  97. cherriesdaily says:

    It seriously sucks that SHEIN steals design. I personally think you should copyright Shein; they had no right whatsoever! I was told that Shein had the cheapest quality, and they seriously do! If someone in the world had over 100 billion dollars, then I’d literally beg that person to buy Shein to stop this labor abuse. #Boycottshein !!

  98. Roookiepookie says:

    Wow! This is one amazing piece of writing, I’m glad you’re spreading awareness 🙂
    I hope you’re able to do something abt it! I’m a creator and I can understand how it feels when someone steals your design that came from your blood, sweat and tears. All the best 🙂

  99. a fan :D says:

    if only one of us knew someone powerful enough to cancel shein

  100. CAM says:

    Girl sue them! You will win!!! Shein is so horrible!! Either way when you buy their things, they come with poor fabric, and sometimes RIPPED.

    1. cherriesdaily says:

      Exactly! Or she could file in a copyright claim

  101. Penny says:

    Whoever allows SHEIN to do this is so dumb like all of these designers work so hard for SHEIN to just steal designs and make trash versions of them it’s just not fair I feel SO bad for the designers

  102. Dikkha says:

    Sue them cassey , You have to sue themm

    1. Penny says:

      I feel so bad for you, your designs are beautiful go on and if they do it again you have the right to sue and they say you don’t screw them

  103. It’s egregious what Shein does to small creators and its workers. Every one of the original designs are so much better than their counterfeits. No clothing should be this cheap. It takes so much more work to create a quality item that lasts for years.

  104. Elizabeth says:

    I hate Shein. They literally just took this item off their website (they probably saw this article)

  105. Kayala says:

    That’s just pathetic of them. They have no business copying other peoples work. Someone really needs to sue them before It gets worse. I love the original design from the original designer 🫶🏼 It is definitely NOT fair for the original designer’s designs to be copied like this. I appreciate Designers for the work and time they take in just to make these designs, it’s such a shame Shein just copies it like that.

  106. lili says:

    i can tell how much higher quality your product is compared to them.. your design was so well thought-out and everyone participating in the manufacturing did an amazing job. it’s heartbreaking to see people’s hard work being reduced to THIS.

  107. Amrit Kaur says:

    Your design slays! I think all of these designers (including you) should come together and sue shein. KEEP SLAYING!!!!✨💅✨

  108. Kittycatt says:

    Can you sue them? If all the designers band together who Shein stole from them Shein would not stand a chance. Time to take back what they have stolen, get paid the money they made off your designs, and time to sink them as a company.

  109. Sanskriti says:

    Shein is literally a theif they should stop doing this

  110. Ella says:

    Your designs are so awesome shown is stupid!

    1. Kaiya says:

      So I kinda knew that there are companies that steal design BUT THIS IS NEXT LEVEL. I searched it up and there are SO MANY designers that had their design stolen by shein. Popflex is one of those hard working companies where the customers are trully satisfied with the work. Dammit shein, I am rlly disappointed in you but I expected this from companies like u😮‍💨

      1. Penny says:

        Oh wow. I can’t believe that SHEIN had the AUDACITY to do that. I know I’ve never seen your design but I bet you worked very hard on it and if they steal another design of anyone’s I’m calling the cops

  111. Lindsay says:

    girl, you do not deserve this!!! yours is soooooo much bettter than shein

  112. Runying says:

    100%. Shein needs to be stopped. But there are people who can’t afford better brands. My friend says that even Ross or Target, or thrifting, is too expensive. So if we stop cheap fashion brands, we also need to think of ways to make clothing more affordable.

  113. Dariella Resendez says:

    This is just absolutely disgusting. They had no right to take every single designers design. Many people don’t realize how much work and money goes into making one simple design, yet Shein gets so many orders and so many people that buy from them. I’m serious, how do they expect for one person to make over 500 garments a day!? That is so crazy! Not only is that invading our rights, but those workers are trying to survive day and night and still have to work 7 days a week. It takes almost a year to desire and create one piece of clothing, and yet it takes Shein one week to create an absolutely disgusting and nowhere near is good quality of a product. And the thing is, it’s not just Shein their are other people and company’s that do this! #boycottshein

  114. Sudeshna Chowdhury says:

    I literally took a moment to read this and was shook by reading the entire article. Im from India and SHIEN is banned over here. But trust I’m just being honest I bought a lot of things from SHIEN earlier and still wished that someday if SHIEN comes back I would buy many, but unfortunately I’m not gonna do that as literally appreciate the amount of hard and effort you put into designing your material and how they just stole ur entire design without even giving you credits. And their behaviour towards the man power!!! OMG!! A strict NO NO from my side today’s onwards

  115. Katherine says:

    I am not into the fashion world whatsoever but this is just disgusting.
    Stealing designs is morally wrong, not the mention the horrible working conditions.
    Like 500 garments a day?!? Those poor peoples fingers.
    Not to mention they are not getting anytime off and it’s mentally taxing which decreases the work efficiency even more!
    My mother worked for a shop but the owner just kept on stealing her designs, so she left. Fast forward a couple of months, new girl working there, designs also being stolen.
    I may not be into the fashion industry in the slightest but I love watching the designs you guys come up with and seeing Shien stealing not only your designs but others is a problem that needs to be stopped.

  116. Allie says:

    That’s ridiculous! Who in their right mind would copycat other people’s designs that they put SO MUCH hard work into? Not only should this be illegal but it takes them a fraction of the time to make and sell it and get billions! Can’t believe they’d do that.

  117. Alana says:

    go cry me a river

  118. Kennedy says:

    It’s so ridiculous that they steal designers designs and they can get away with it it so stupid😡

  119. Lisa says:

    Can you sue, or have they managed to Weedle their way out of any lawsuits? Awful 😖 😠 😡 I’d be absolutely apoplectic if I had this happen, I’m so sorry xx

    1. Yanis says:

      SHEIN is way bigger. That’s why it’s way more important for her & her team to take down the garment.

  120. Thea says:

    Yas!!! Boycotting that horrible company!

    Congrats on making beautiful things people want to steal.

  121. Hey Cassey, is there any way you could gather people you know who have been affected by Shien stealing their idea? I feel like gathering them and speaking as a whole will REALLY put things into perspective, ya know? POPFLEX deserves all the best, and here’s to wishing you guys good luck on boycotting this “philanthropic” company:/
    Love you guys!!>10000

  122. LesGis says:

    That’s terrible BUT I got curious in actually looking at the Shien skirt. It says that the item was removed so maybe that’s a really good thing. I hate shien and can’t believe people support that business after knowing they don’t pay their workers well at all (viral posts/memes on the internet)

    1. bananagurl says:

      wait, really?

  123. Dev says:

    I say …sue them immediately

  124. Drea says:

    Casted isn’t a word.

  125. amande says:

    this is so ridiculious!! they literally made a whole collection of skorts that LOOK THE SAME AS YOURS!!
    shein needs to be stopped. i’m so sorry this happened to you 🙁
    shein needs to be banned EVERYWHERE.

  126. Hajira kiusar says:

    I am from India first of all #boycuttshine🤨 and Iam a small designer too i love your work of perfection I just want to become like you or work with u…. u r my inspiration also keep going one day u will top of all the brands .. wishing heart fully

  127. Mallory du Plessis says:

    I agree with you but didn’t you patent this design? In which case you could sue and if not still sue as you have all the evidence in videos and patterns sketching that you came up with this design. Not only that, you now have copies of their ads on your blog and YouTube channel showing they copied everything down to the last detail of your ads. Also patent all your designs from now to keep yourself and you workers safe.

  128. Aditi Suryawasnhi says:

    Girl! I am writing as a fan from India and I have heard about shein a lot! I thought it must be a good company or good designers must be working there…But today this all was like an eye-opener to me…Thankkkk youuuu for fiercely coming out and telling everyone of their cheap business. And I am not going to buy anything from this brand! More power to you! And I want you to keep going and one day takes your brand to a higher place than shein or any other company for that matter! And the day you did that I will be so PROUD OF YOU AS A FAN!✨😌💯 -Aditi 🙂

  129. Anonymous says:

    This is horrible! I am SO sorry that this happened to you and the other independent designers 💔 I hope they lose all their customers! This is not cool. I will spread this blog to my friends!

  130. THEVADARSHINI says:

    It’s not ok for companies to gain profit when the creators and designers makes a fraction compare to it. Hope someone will stop their atrocities.

  131. okayyes says:

    This is horrible and I think all creators need to ban together and speak louder. However I will say this. Asian people so very often stay quiet when other POCs have their creations stolen. You never spoke up when it was happening to others. Only after it happened to you did you use other women as examples. I hope you guys get your pay from SHEIN.

  132. Smanthi says:

    This shien should be boycotted as soon as possible. I couldn’t believe that they were doing this since so many times.

  133. Charitha says:


  134. Oryall says:

    This is ridiculous!! They copied your design again. This should be stopped by SHEIN because this is wrong and they tried to copy your design but they failed to copy your fabric quality and comfortness of that skirt. That shooked me and will report SHEIN from all the platforms of social media. #boycottSHEIN.

  135. Taly says:

    I’ve seen this happen over and over again not just by Shein. I can attest that they absolutely do underpay workers (my parents would work with companies like this and they would get paid cents for a fully finished product. When asked for a raise they would more than not be denied) not just with Shein but other companies like this that sell clothes for half of the price from original creators. I am disheartened that your hard work and designs have been stolen and it is why I don’t order from companies like this, it’s just a growing problem with little to no coverage on it, thank you for using your platform to speak up on this! Much love <3

  136. Nanosh says:

    That’s absolutely horrible I’m not a business owner but surprisingly I know how it feels I would be heartbroken if it happened to my business they should be stopped.#boycottshein

  137. Crystal! says:

    I think this is bull, u worked so hard and so did all those other designers, not fair I think you should contact all the designers who went th the same and build a case with lots more people behind you I would sue their ass!

  138. Bianca says:

    So this is how my morning went, I was browsing through SHEIN and checking my email when I saw the ballerina skort was back in stock with POPFLX. I rushed over to buy one for my bestie and I and once I ordered I decided to look at the blog and saw this! I genuinely had no idea that there was so much shady business going on with them, and that they had specifically stolen the skort design. In all this was a very informative blog, I learned so much as it was in very simple terms to understand how much goes into getting a ethically sourced, well made item. It makes me that much more excited for my purchase and I will definitely not browse through their website again!

  139. Luna says:

    I would never buy from them i hate them for being shamless

  140. Darcy says:

    Hi Cassey, the whole time I was watching your video and reading your blog, it made me start thinking of solutions. I hope that you are going to be proactive and do the same because there are ways to protect your designs! The sinking feeling and other emotions I’m sure you are feeling are all completely valid. We can do our part to boycott Shein, and the designers have to also do their part to protect themselves, rather than rely on going viral for a boost in support. Is there a downside to getting a copyright besides perhaps the amount of time and maybe money it might take to do this for each design?

    1. Darcy says:

      I hope you didn’t take my comment as being insensitive. I understand it is just plain ethically wrong what Shein did. But after some point of seeing this numerous times I hope designers can take the steps to protect themselves, because I know that feeling of betrayal. Take care

  141. Dusan says:

    I didn’t see it on shein . I will always buy from shein when I want or need something cause there clothes are cheap and they last unless I want some name brand clothes shein is in China that is why clothes are cheap

    1. Moody_ETG says:

      Please don’t.. it’s not even only about the money. Imagine this: you spend months working on an art piece to enter at a worldwide competition and there is a cheater. This cheater has copied before; over and over again. They’ve copied off of multiple of your supporters and inspirations but today, they copy off of you. They win. Not only do they win but if you won with your ORIGINAL HARD WORK you would’ve got 50k in cash!! However you didn’t win. They won. They got 150k in cash. You lost and there’s not much you can do about it. But there are plenty of people that know and witnessed your tragic event. They do absolutely nothing to help you. In fact, they even support your copycat. How angering is that? Yes, I agree; Cassey does not have the most affordable options for everyone but that’s okay for you and others. Why? Because! There are many many other stores that have cheaper items. Sure they aren’t going to be as good as the products from Blogilates©️ but of course not. It doesn’t work that way.. would you want your makeup from Dollar Tree©️ or Sephora©️ (this isn’t to offend you; it’s just an example for better understanding) The more expensive, the better (in most cases) How can you not make things worse? Do not support Shein. After gaining this information it is clear to see that Shein deserves nothing. Not only with the copying but the way they treat their workers?! That’s terrible and it disgusts me that they have a huge league. So, I’m saying all this to say: Please, please don’t ever buy from Shein again. There are other, better places! And if you feel like being effortlessly kind, tell others you know about this. 🙂 Goodbye fellow reader. I hope you’ve at least changed perspectives from this.

  142. Kritika says:

    Shein is banned in India and I think it’s for the best. #boycottshein
    Shein is doing worst and there should be legal actions taken against it.

  143. Jaslim says:

    Shein is a very bad brand to buy but they make me feel angry for copying you.

  144. Varsha says:

    It’s really Very unpleasant what shein doing ,the people who are worked butt off to make the design they dedicated their time to make the design and clothing but this copy cat shein ,I think they don’t have both desinger and sense of fashion so they stealing from others hard work

  145. Marina says:

    That’s absolutely horrible. You actually spend your time working on designs, every little part of a piece of clothing, and while I don’t do that, I understand how frustrating that probably is to you. I’ve never bought from Shein myself but I’ll definitely keep that in mind.

  146. Jf says:

    You are completely correct and I will find out who ever I know that shops at shein will stop and I’ll make sure of that

  147. Rachel says:

    Yours is cuter! But they’re all sold out! When will they be back in stock?

  148. Hale says:

    It’s a really bad situation. You worked so hard. This is unfair. I wonder if Shein can’t design his own products? People who need to design copy what they see on social media. very annoying

  149. AJ says:

    Shein has previously also stolen your high ponytail cap. I remember when you launched it and I desperately tried to find a similar design in Europe to avoid the shipping fees. Back then the only “equivalent” design was from Shein. I know now its copied all across different websites, but this is not the first time your idea gets stolen unfortunately.

  150. Jesse Paea says:

    This is so sad. This is shows the ethics of Shien and I so appreciate that you’re raising awareness. I hope and pray that your blog and your voice will be a catalyst for the fashion industry and all its famous spokespersons to simply speak the facts.

    Imo: buying cheap is almost as bad as refusing to tip.

  151. Tanisa says:

    Ngl the crochet sweater probably isn’t machine made because unlike knitting, crochet can only be done by hand. So they pay that measly amount to someone who is crocheting a full sweater with their hands. It’s so heartbreaking because crocheting takes time (I love crocheting) and if u do it for an extended Amt of time, your wrists start hurting. So they financially, mentally, and physically abuse their workers.

    1. Unnie says:

      It looks like machine knitted, but probably has seams too, as seamless 3D machine knitting is more expensive. I don’t mean to defend Shein, but I can see the appeal of a knit version of the sweater design: Crocheting will produce a more stiff and heavy piece, which is cool to really showcase the silhouette as a fashion statement, but for everyday wear I would prefer a knit bc it’s lighter, stretchier and easy to layer.

      The fair and honest way to bring a cool design into mass production is to contact the designer and ask for their price, either buy rights to the design or license to reproduce X amount for agreed compensation. If designer refuses to sell, then end of story, going ahead with production without their consent and compensation is theft.

  152. Vale says:

    Shein needs to be ban in all country’s. It is unacceptable for a huge company to be stealing form small designers and not pay them. I am telling everyone I know to not but from shein.

  153. Sonia says:

    Omg….Im so glad u chose to speak about this!! I will share this article to all of my friends and families, we’re Asian so we might not know such big brands, but for the people who doesn’t know ur brand, wont know about this situation. I will try my best to spread this news around people i know, and tell them to spread it, SHEIN doesn’t deserve such fame and money. Keep doing what ur doing, us fans will try our best and protect all fashion designers!!

  154. Dorine says:

    I was literally crying at some point reading this. I’m not going to lie and say that I have never ordered something from them, cause I did. Put I started to feel so ashamed since I came across a post of someone in your same situation months ago. I’m so sorry for you and all the independent brands going through this. It’s totally messed up and unfair. Hope this post can bring more awareness to people, thank you so much for sharing. Sending you all my support.
    Ps. I wish I could express how I’m feeling properly but my English is not perfect.

  155. JJ says:

    This is absolutely disgusting.. #BoyCottShein

  156. AppleTart282 says:

    SHEIN definitely deserves to be banned!! I’m VERY angry of what they did to you!! #boycottshein
    This is why I shop at H&M ,ZARA and POPFLEX! They have such good quality and are very good!
    Also,I have a phone case from SHEIN and it is HORRIBLE. Just 2 days later,it started breaking APART and my dad wasted 13 pounds for NOTHING!! #boycottshein

  157. Lee says:

    That’s totally unfair.

  158. w says:

    HI Cassey, I wanted to bring to your notice that the bra worn by the shein model, is the same as your zip bra. They are legit copiers and cheaters. We are with you.

  159. pegasusgirl says:

    wtf shein thats so bad #boycottshein

  160. w says:

    HI I just wanted to bring to your notice that in shein’s pic of the skort, I think the model has worn your zip up bra. Hope you check.

  161. Sól says:

    I never used Shein. I always felt something was wrong with the company because they had way too many designs. I have seen it before with other pirate brands we’ll call it. They have a lot of designs that are poor quality and you may or may not receive the actual product. Ultimately, this needs to go viral. The #boycotshein needs to get everywhere. This has educated me very well on other brands as to how they can make cheap products the way they do. I am going to research my businesses more carefully from now on. I don’t want to give money to these people if I can help it. My own wish would be that I could find more fashion brands I actually enjoy. It’s very hard. Also the Shein views are so high because their advertised everywhere! Amazon, Google, ect. I always see them when searching for fashion items. It’s infuriating to not see small business brands. That’s why I go to Etsy and even then, Etsy is still not good.

  162. Sehrish Bhuiyan says:

    Hello! We are completely with you and we are not gonna buy from Shien. But one thing. It’s cheaper and people don’t wanna buy expensive sometimes. So she in still might be getting money every day but.. if all fashion designers who got copied report about this, shein will be gone. I hope shiens company completely dies. #boyscottshein

  163. gabrielle says:

    They need to stop doing this, I’m gonna have to tell my sister to stop buying from these fake people.!!!!

    1. gabrielle says:


  164. Sarah-Jayne Carpenter says:

    They have copied ur leggings too!

  165. Mona says:

    A complete rip off, not mention basically slave labor

  166. Navya says:


    1. Shirley says:

      You are correct they should be banned for copying other people work that they spent so much time on like her design with the skirt it took her so long and they literally just copied and pasted

  167. R says:

    I really hate this. Like stealing someone else’s efforts and calling them yours is worst never shopped from shein and never will

  168. PRIYA SHAH says:

    I support you and would spread this to those who are being cheated by shein and hope that their business go down, they don’t deserve that platform and hope soon people realize how big of a cheater they are and made justice to you and those independent designers from which shein literally-cheated the design God punish them and made justice to righteous people.

  169. Anonymous says:

    I guess a lot of SHEIN’s customers can’t afford trendy clothes so they get cheaper versions of them. I bought off their website a few times and I’m ashamed I’ve done that (I don’t earn enough to only buy from designers and big brands all the time. Thrifting isn’t really greay here so I have to rely on fast fashion :/), but a lot of items are still holding up well and a lot of products from other brands were made in China as well, they just sell them for a lot more money.

    It’s terrible they steal designs, i’m a graphic designer and I would be furious if that happened to myself. They seem to have removed the copied skirt, but I’m kind of wondering what they will do with all the stock now that they don’t sell them anymore…

    1. Susan says:

      With no knowledge in business and marketing but a common sense would be to sell it to other company they might own under a different name? I am too that bought stuff there. Embarrassed. Some of their material are cheaply made and held on or not.

      I’m sorry Cassey

    2. w says:

      Hi just for information, wanted to tell you that they haven’t taken skirt of their website.

  170. Miloh says:

    I have this question about this for a long time. Why dont all designers gang up and sue this company?
    There are so many times I’ve told my friends NOT TO BUY FROM THE BITCH COMPANY but their response is always. Cuz all their clothes r nice and I dont hv to find somewr else. Also why dont they ever get sued?
    Even I have that question? Srsly to wt extent does it take for us to close that sick company.

  171. :(((( says:

    It is truly disgusting how shein can sell designs not even pay their workers fair wages and sell stolen designs for a fraction of the price the creators of this supposed fast fashion company should be sued and the brand boycotted

  172. Sid says:

    What’s crazy is that customs will confiscate fake LV and Gucci so why is it not ilegal for shein to do this. Absolutely maddening.

  173. Mrinalini Purohit says:

    I completely agree with you . I hope this video gets popular. I will share it with my friends as well don’t worry . I am there with u Cassie

  174. Jo says:

    Have NEVER bought from Shein and never will! Sad there are youtubers doing Shein haul videos and they even say “bought a copy of blah blah’s designer dress”,etc. So they know they’re stollen designs.

  175. Anonymous says:

    Shame on you, I checked Shein and your skirt isn’t there. Yes I used the exact search term and the product isn’t there. Look how far you’ve fallen. First saying they stole your “60$” skort, I checked that as well, it’s actually 91$, when applied to my exchange rate is 200$, yeah I’d take shein over you any day. Second, where are your sources, your reports and research to back up what you’ve said. Also, an hour rate of 7-21 isn’t liveable.

  176. Seth says:

    #boycottshein Hello Cassey I feel heartbroken for you you work so hard designing these and you actually PAY your workers at minimum wage unlike Shein a cheap fake brand who pays there workers 4 CENTS?!Which barely allows them to eat!Hopefully Shein will go down in sales because of every sharing how rude they are, all Shein wants is your money.Don’t buy from Shein!Buy from Cassey she uses expensive quality materials unlike Shein!

  177. E says:

    Hi Cassey!

    Long time follower! I’m sure you have representation already, but please let me know if you are looking for a lawyer on this. I’ve done similar work against Shein for other clients. Sadly they are rampant infringers. I’m really sorry they are doing this to you.

  178. Cedar says:

    #boycottshein all the way like it is soooo disrespectful and disgusting how they do this and GET AWAY WITH IT TO. I’m sending love and I hope that shein loses all their money.

  179. eerie says:

    I am so sorry this had happened to you. I hope in the end everything is settled and they get rid of selling their cheap version of your skirt. I will make sure never to buy from shein again . This is absolutely horrendous.

  180. Mandy says:

    I haven’t ordered from Shein in years, and this is exactly why! I got the pirouette skort in the light pink color when it came last month, and news that the black one is about to be restocked has me screaming – can’t wait to get my hands on it! I waited too long in August and have regretted not getting it ever since! 🤣 I love your products, Cassey, and I also love supporting a woman who is equal parts fierce and thoughtful. Everything I’ve ordered from you is exceptionally well-made and makes me feel great when I wear it. Your fans out here have got you. 😘

  181. Tanni says:

    Damn man that’s just so shameful… #boycottshein

  182. Penn Central says:

    Excellent article! I sympathize with rhe limired resorces indeoendent creatorsxhave. If anything, if you can, patent your designs and intellectual property. It will officially record your designs, unique details, production methods and specifications. ( your detailed photographs can be the basis of that). It will at least officially and proactively document your designs in the event you do get some recourse. Your designs are beautiful and I wish you great success.
    (PS such a shame awareness and ethics go out the window when $$ is involved… (

  183. CB says:

    This is so horrible!! I will stay away from buying from them at all cost!! I’ve heard of their human rights violations and everything. As I write this though it looks like they removed it!! Which is good! Hopefully they STOP stealing from small creators and put in their own work.

  184. Gemma says:

    Argh! All of that hard work down the drain 😪 SUE THEM!! 😡

    1. Vlera says:

      Soo true after all the work its just unbelievable.

  185. Anonymous says:

    This is Sicking. How I somehow didn’t know this and the fact I came here after ordering from them 🤢. 1000% Will cancel and get rid of ALL of that brands clothes. I’m so sorry they did this to you! I say sue! #boycottshein ❤

    1. anneliese says:

      getting rid of the clothes only contributes to the problem! don’t get rid of clothes just because of some brand or lack of, use them to their fullest extent. throwing out clothes is exactly what fast fashion is. we appreciate the sentiment but don’t waste MORE clothes to stop clothes waste

  186. Esther says:

    I’m so sorry this happened to you, I had no idea shein did this sort of thing, although I always thought it was a bit sketchy how cheap the products they sell are! After reading your blog post I definitely will not be buying from them again and will encourage others to do the same.

  187. Arlene says:

    I am SO SORRY this would be so heartbreaking and so insulting but so brazen!!! They keep doing this because NO ONE is suing them NO ONE is making them pay for stealing. I’ve never bought from them cos seriously an article of clothing so cheap means it’s CHEAP! You get what you pay for but they have a lot of customers despite how cheap and crappy their clothes are. Hopefully you designers can ban together and make companies like this STOP!

  188. Vanessa says:

    OMG I’m in love with this. Thanks so much Cassey for create many beautiful things 🙂

  189. Marley says:

    This blog was so good, I’m so glad I never bought anything from Shein and knew about their mistreatment of workers, stealing of designs, and more sooner! I hope this reaches more people, more people stop buying from that site and they take down the stolen skirt! Love ur clothing brand and I hope I can get something for my bday!

  190. Mae says:

    Today I saw a lovely casual maxi dress which the wearer said was purchased from SheIn. But when she told me how inexpensive it was, I thought I’d better check into this company before I purchased any of their items. Sure enough, my instincts were right. I support your work and the work of other designers. I don’t and won’t have anything from SheIn in my closet. I don’t traffic in stolen goods!

  191. Dawn says:

    It looks like they’ve taken the ruffle skirt down. But I bet it’s definitely not the only design they’ve stolen from you.
    These are looking pretty suss:

  192. Annie says:

    I’m buying yours Cassey! I’m waiting for that black one and hitting that buy button. I’ve followed you for so long and appreciate all the hard work you have been doing and have done. <3

  193. Aurélie says:

    I have known about what this disgusting business does for a really long time and it has always made me sick when people show me their new clothes bought from these thieves. I have never bought from them and have always tried to show people why they should not buy from them but my impact is so small. I am really glad someone like you Cassey with a bigger platform is putting a light to this. #boycottshein

  194. Jennie says:

    Can’t you sue them?? This is freaking unbelievable.. I hope shein goes down the drain where their shitty asses belong..

  195. syd says:

    are you suing? all the people that had their designs stolen should come together and make a video about this happening to them!

  196. capy says:


  197. Nishtha says:

    True!! Shein is just robbing people at the moment by selling clothes and luring them to buy at a low price!! They should never steal any designs from independent designers and small brands!! I totally stand by your opinion, Cassey!! #BoycottShein

  198. Shreya R says:


  199. Tanvi🐸 says:

    I am so mad at them🔥🔥🔥🔥
    I hope that they remove all the stolen designs of you and other designers 🐸, you are my favourite designer💗🐸

  200. Fio says:

    Anyone who says you’re overreacting clearly have never experienced others stealing their work. As someone in the creative industry I’m familiar with this feeling and it makes me so angry that they do this. I’ve never bought from Shein, but have had a look before, and I thought they look like low quality products. I’m so sorry this happens to you.

  201. Angel says:

    🙁 I wish there was a way, Ive seen only a few of designs being stolen. I wish for justice for you and all the others that have been robbed by SHEIN.

  202. Ac says:

    Fortunately I haven’t given a cent to companies like these. But I know some people who have. If we spread enough awareness on the behind the scenes of these companies I think we can put a dent in the fast fashion industry. #boycottshein

  203. Maria K. says:

    Ohhh snap, Cassey has her claws out! 💅👏👏👏🙌😠🖤 I ain’t never bought from them, and I never will! this stuff will never cease to disgust me. I remember thinking Lularoe was bad, but this… Maybe it’s just because I’m a follower of yours, but you can take one look and tell that that fabric is CRAP! TOTALLY a shoestring, that was one of the first things I’d noticed! And the waistband looks like it’d be SO sweaty and uncomfortable and too tight! The skirt isn’t anywhere near as gauzy or sheer, and it definitely looks as if it wouldn’t circle out or flow/drape the same at all! I seriously do not understand how fast fashion brands or AI programs are legally allowed to literally steal directly from artists like this. It makes me so darn angry, because this stuff has genuinely put small fashion designers, painters, sketchbook artists, even jewelry designers, out of work and they had to close shop.

    You’re 100% correct about how they know the game and are playing to win. It’s unsurprising and a little frightening how many people don’t know or fully realize how much psychological studies go into the sales and marketing decisions of big companies like this, especially when it comes to taking advantage of shady business practices or government/tax loopholes! There are even specialized accountants just for this, to help the company skirt what’s barely legal or what’s still trapped in a legal grey area to avoid trouble!

    I guess I’m not entirely shocked at the demographic… Gen Z is also the generation that seemed to have coined the term ‘virtue signaling,’ so maybe that has a bit to do with the blatant hypocrisy of generally saying one thing online but then doing another when they think no one is looking. Not like the current state of the economy helps, and Shein knows this, and they’re taking advantage of it to the max.

    Uggggh, I so wish I could talk to you in person about this, because i feel like you and I could have a venting sesh for hours over a mock tail!!! I’m so sorry this happened to Popflex, and I’m hoping it doesn’t affect your sales 💗 I cannot wait for you to post about it when you get your hands on the copycat skort, I’ll be keeping the teatowls out and the kettle warm for ya!

    1. RLA says:

      Oh my God I can’t believe this, I used to by stuffs from shein, but now that I heard this news, I’m never gonna buy from them! I’m a fan of Cassey and I really admire the work she does for us. I feel bad that this happened to her!

  204. sasha says:

    I hate that they stole your design but on the brightside you know you designed something good when people try to copy it! I still have stuff from the mermaid collection that has held up great. Sadly I did place a some what large order from Shein years ago out of curiosity. Needless to say i haven’t ordered from them since. I cant tell you how bad the quality was! Of Everything! Most of the clothes I ended you using as scrap fabric for sewing projects and donating the less crappy clothes. Don’t even get me started on the poor quality of the shoes plus the hand bag I got was like something you would buy in the dollar tree (maybe worse). First and Last time I will ever buy fast fashion!

  205. Crystal says:

    Whoa I had no idea. I’ve never purchased from shein and never will.
    Gen z 😯 😦

  206. Valerie says:

    Thanks to this happening though I’m now going on all my social media platforms and denouncing shein for such horrible conduct. Fuck you shein.

  207. Meg says:

    I’m so sorry this happened, Cassey! I’m from Canada and was horrified to recently discover that Shein also uses toxic materials in their clothing. I wish others could see how harmful this company is for everyone and our environment. Here is the news story from CBC News:

  208. Beatriz says:

    I hate fast fashion because of all the things you’ve described Cassey and more. Not only the human rights are violated in the factories, but fast fashion is made with fabrics that are so low quality, that contributes to water and land pollution when those garments are discarded, which happens constantly due to the poor manufacturing quality.
    I prefer to buy a piece of clothing made fairly and of good quality that will last me years and years to come. That way, I will enjoy it and I will help minimise what goes into the landfills.

  209. Sabrina Schmidt says:

    What’s the name of this product on the shein website??? I NEED TO FIND THIS PRODUCT TO GIVE THEM A PIECE OF MY MIND. I can’t believe they’re getting away with stealing hardworking designers’ ideas. This is why I don’t buy from them. Furthermore, everyone knows they use child labor, but we choose to ignore it because shein’s target audience is a bunch of dumb teens who will buy anything that’s cheap without a second thought about who they are hurting by supporting and buying from shein. I’m 13, but I swear I’m about to hunt down these thieves.

  210. Sadie says:

    I can’t believe she had the audacity to do that as soon as I saw your video that made me so mad

  211. Ashly says:

    Never bought from Shein; now I never will. I wish all of you could get together and file a class action lawsuit, because this sucks! I agree with the comments that in your 20’s it’s difficult to afford to buy quality, but I still have a sky blue lattice back bra from one of Popflex’s very first collections and use it for low impact workouts to this day. In the long run, quality is totally worth it, ESPECIALLY with activewear. Wait for the sales! Occasionally if you are window shopping they’ll email you a coupon, too.

  212. Aisha says:

    I only bought 1 thing from shein
    It was this adorable back pack I got for school, and it was really cheap! Of course I should’ve known better because my 2 sisters told me that shein is kinda shitty and not a good company to shop from. Luckily, I got my karma when one of the supporting straps on that backpack broke. It snapped in half, because those backpacks are weak as hell and cant carry anything
    I stumbled upon your channel, and I absolutely loved your designs and I saw one of your bag designs. Unfortunately I’m kinda broke so I can’t afford it, but I’m dreaming of getting it for school one day when I have more money
    We shouldn’t let companies like these lower our standards for amazing designers, sure we love cheap stuff but we can’t lower our standards and we have to think “bang for your buck.” Most likely amazing clothes that last a long time will be expensive but it would be cheaper than constantly buying a useless piece of clothing that breaks and you have to get a new one.

  213. Alexis says:

    I have never bought anything from Shein. A friend gave me a dress from them though. I definitely agree that Shein knew what they are doing when they used an Asian model for your skort. Making their clothes look similar to the designer is all thats needed. A consumer would say “oh hey that looks like Casey’s skirt! But this one is so much cheaper” and then add to cart. Its why store brand groceries use the same font and color as the main brand, so we, the consumer, would say “oh hey this looks familiar but cheaper”.
    Its up to us the consumer to be smarter about our purchases but also its a shame it has to be our work, and not the corporations.

  214. Sarah says:

    I have never (and dont plan to ever) purchase from Shein – like many fast fashion online retailers, I have never trusted the quality to be worth it. I understand the appeal of being able to spend so little to be fashionable, especially considering rising prices in food, housing, and other necessities…. but you get what you pay for so I never trusted I would have a arment that would last through one let alone many wears. Knowing THIS now solidifies my resolve against them. I hope more people learn of this and will start supporting the sustainable/quality brands like yours. You might get fewer pieces for you $$, but they will last longer!

  215. Britni says:

    I have ordered from the company that stole your design and many others once. The quality of the clothes I bought were terrible one dress felt like I was wearing a literal bed sheet. Never ordered off of there again. Not will I ever. This is just disgusting in every way and breaks my heart. I’m so sorry that this happened to you and others.

  216. El says:

    WOW. Thank you so much for sharing!! Spread the word!!

  217. Ellie says:

    Ugh, Cassey, I am so sorry this happened to you!! I can proudly tell you that I stopped buying from Shein years ago due to their shady business practices. I know you put so much work into your products and this should never have happened to you or anyone who has had their designs stolen. It’s so messed up and just wrong.

  218. Madi says:

    That’s so terrible, they are liars, cheaters and stealers.

  219. Chantal says:

    This sucks Casey! Can you not have a consultation with a trademark lawyer to protect your designs? Shein has never gotten my money because I prefer quality over quantity! Thanks for all your great products! I’ll forever support you!

    1. KM says:

      I agree with this comment. Make sure each of your individual designs are copy-righted, even the ehnahcements!!!

  220. Khiara says:

    I bought from them a while back, but I had no idea about any of this bad stuff. I can say though the dresses I got were horrible quality they were see through and one fell apart after one wash. Thank you posting this. I will never shop there again. Also it was nice to know more of your process too!
    I hope you can find someone to take legal action against them, but if not I hope they stop doing this.

  221. Gabriela says:

    I recently got tempted to buy from Shein. But I have always hated bad quality clothes. I have always been the kind of person who prefers to have 2 high quality workout sets, than a 100 cheap. After reading this, I will never buy from them. I love you Cassey. Still supporting you and your business.

  222. Hadassah says:

    I have never bought anything from Shein – I’d heard they were sketchy, and I had heard that they weren’t good to buy from either, so I just never did – now, I absolutely know that I could never support them, you don’t deserve this!!!
    In regards to Elexiay’s post, I can actually understand her frustration to a point. I like to crochet and I know how long it takes to make these pieces by hand! It’s so frustrating. Stay strong girl, you got this!!

  223. Myra says:

    I will never buy from SHEIN again!! It’s been years since I last bought something from them, but now I’m so ashamed that I ever gave them my dollars! Thank you for exposing them and raising awareness. I never knew how unethical they were. Will forever boycott now.

  224. Michelle from New Zealand says:

    I’ve NEVER purchased from Shein. Never will.
    I’m always so careful and conscious of my online or retail purchasing as I do my homework. But then I’m not Shein’s demographic (at 55yrs). So very sorry this has happened to you Cassie. I’ve been following you for years. Stay strong. Here’s hoping your exposè helps.

  225. Summer says:

    I’m so sorry for you. Your brand is so super unique and it’s clear how much care/ thought you put in. I’ll be continuing to purchase things I live from you!!!

  226. Lindze Braff says:

    Shein is absolutely terrible and I’ll never purchase from them! You get what you pay for… I own your most recent pirouette skirt and the quality is unbelievable!! Theirs is just crap Im sure of it.
    Great way to shed light on the truth Cassie! Supporting you always.

  227. Carina says:

    I have done my best to avoid fast fashion for years and can say I’ve never purchased from Shein, this just reaffirms my decision to spend my money elsewhere.

  228. Elhana says:

    This news is so upsetting! Thanks for detailing the extent to which Shein abuses independent designers, workers, and the earth. I was aware of the latter two, but not about their unethical practice with independent designers. #boycottshein

  229. Lori says:

    It must be super frustrating to have your designs stolen! I can tell you that college students use Shein because of their prices. Not many college kids can afford a $60 workout skirt. I also doubt that they are researching how the company treats their workers. They are kids looking for cheap deals. Once they are older and have more spending money, they will think about the ethics of the companies they buy from. The under 25 age group is only looking for fast, cheap goods with little to zero shipping costs.

    Also, just curious – don’t you think your circle logo on your clothing is a bit reminiscent of the lululemon logo? I would think you could have designed something that doesn’t resemble another companies logo. From a short distance, people could easily mistake your logo for theirs. I’m surprised if they have not contacted you about the resemblance.

    Lastly, now that you (Cassey) are approaching 40 years old, will you be designing any outfits for the over 35 age group that doesn’t want to look like they are trying to recapture their 20’s? Many something more suitable for busy moms on the go? We get tired of leggings and t-shirts but would still like something cute that does not involve bare midriffs and mini skirts. Thanks for listening!

  230. Angelica says:

    CALL THEM OUT! People need to understand fabric and all the process that goes into making a garment, even something as common as a cotton T takes a lot of work not to mention synthetic fabrics and detailed patterns

  231. Jean says:

    I hope you got Shein on second hand use market and didn’t support them! Ugh. I admit I brought from them before but stopped when I learned how bad they weee.

  232. Coryn says:

    Thank you for collecting the facts and spilling the tea. Maybe it’s just because I’m about to turn 25 (lol) and have some disposable income now, but shein will never get my money again. Byeee

  233. Maria says:

    This is horrible. Shein needs to be stopped I do not understans why there aren’t laws about fast fashion. Not only is this wrong for the workers of shein, they are also stealing designs.

  234. Angie says:

    This is the reason that I don’t shop on Amazon. Too hard to tell which items are authentic and which are counterfeit.

  235. Amanda Clarke says:

    It’s a shame the government can’t step in and make policy for fraudulent copies like they do for GUCCI, Nike Etc… I’ve only bought once from SHEIN… had I known their underhanded tactics, I wouldn’t have given them a second thought.
    So fewer companies own so much enterprise… Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Tesla, Shein. Talk about cheapening humanity.

  236. Cat says:

    When I was plus size I bought from Shein since it was one of the few outlets to get somewhat fashionable pieces that actually fit me. But as they started to grow in popularity their quality dramatically declined, which turned me away from them. I honestly did not realize that had such rapid turn arounds on styles and ALL because of theft. Thank you for an eye-opening post. I do not know if you can take legal action against them, but if you are able to know that we are all rooting for you!

  237. Arielle Raymond says:

    I can’t believe it. You worked so hard for all of your designs and now a lot of people are just going to shop on Shein and find your skort and just buy it for 13$. This is actually bad. This company needs to get canceled like right now!

  238. Me says:

    Unbelievable. Please sue them.

  239. Kimberly Jaral says:

    We got this!!

  240. Carolyn says:

    Honestly girl, I know this is a weird way to look at it, but I’d be flattered. They steal all of the best designs because they don’t want to use time/money to be creative. You’ve made it! You’re one of the greats. When you are great, there will always be copy cats and imitators. It’s a sign of flattery. I feel like the whole fashion industry is following what others put out as art, and when they seriously like it, they imitate it and it trickles down. The worst part about this is them profiting off of your hard work. But I think that comes with being a designer. Just focus on something new, they’ll never be able to keep up! Their quality is absolute garbage and their skirt compared to yours is no contest. You just may have to make customers aware of WHY it’s better (thicker fabric etc). Love your brand and products. You’re doing great! Keep going! Xo. <— I wrote. this before reading your full blog post. Love your blog. Now following.

  241. DMP says:

    Wow!!! I recently asked some friends about their experiences with SHEIN before I made the choice of giving it a try. I understand that a lot of people want to have certain pieces of clothing but can’t afford them, so they go to these other companies and purchase it for less. But stealing a design and creating an “almost” identical piece, is unacceptable. After reading all of this, I’m changing my thought. I will NOT support SHEIN.

  242. Katie says:

    Never bought from Shein. I always thought they were sketchy.

  243. Amanda says:

    Ok… hear me out.

    No, it’s not okay for SHEIN to steal your design. It’s unethical and crappy. But, I feel you are also not understanding another problem, which is affordability. In a post pandemic world, people don’t have a ton of money to shell out on clothing. And I am a huge fan of your clothing, I’ve been supporting you since ogorgeous- but your clothes are NOT Affordable. I am not making this as an excuse to rip off your designs, but my point is don’t come for Gen Z when you’re in a completely different social class money wise.

    You have also made a post before about where your clothes are manufactured, but you shy away from this topic whenever asked about it and tell people to “go read the post.” Address these things. Because for a lot of people, considering you’re also outsourcing overseas and let’s face it, Popflex HAS had quality issues- people have a right to be upset with your clothing cost vs quality.

  244. Sarah says:

    When I first heard of Shein and looked at their website something seemed “off” to me. I got all the way to the inputing of shipping information and then I paused. I don’t know why but I did. I immediately went to another window on my computer and looked up the company information. I found it incredibly odd that a business as large as Shein did not have any public information on the owner of the company. I could not find any sort of information on who was at the top of the business. That sent chills up my spine. I deleted all my information from the site and vowed (and told all my friends) not to use them. I feel like so many overseas companies have it out to crush small business- in our case, American small business. When people support businesses like Shein, the small businesses (Iike yours) and even big chain companies can’t compete and will eventually go out of business. Leaving everyone to use the “evil” company only. And then…..well, let me put on my tin-foil hat….what happens when that company then decides not to service us? In the grand scheme of things, we have to look bigger & broader….some people/organizations are in the slow, long haul process of crushing businesses/economies. I have never and will never support Shein. I hope you continue to fight. There is nothing flattering about what they did or do. Scream it from the hill tops! Everyone needs to hear the tea you spilled!

  245. Julie says:

    I am so upset for you, this isn’t fair at all!! Even though they can do this, they SHOULDN’T do it. I started a (very very) small business a few years ago, and even though it’s completely different, I can’t imagine the absolute frustration and anger you must be feeling (and justly so!). I mean come on, $13?? That just screams cheap quality. And after reading all of the hard work you and your company put into this, I appreciate your brand so much more. I have always admired your clothing but haven’t pulled the trigger to purchase something yet. But after reading this today, I’m going to buy YOUR Pirouette skirt (and probably more things that I shouldn’t buy….how could I resist!?). Thank you for sharing this and for being so vulnerable about how this makes you feel ❤️ xoxo, Jules

  246. Hannah says:

    Unfortunately companies like this will always exist. High quality just isn’t accessible for everyone. But those that know better and can do better should. I’ll never buy from shein.

  247. Ana says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I hear you!
    I work on the textile industry in Portugal, and have the inside knowledge that for each collection that we help our clients develop, we start more than a year in advance (sometimes 2!), and the companies we work with spend thousands of dollars on developments, materials, courier shipping costs and samples. This is so unfair to you – to all your hard work, that they can easily do this.

    Whenever a friend of mine says, “oh I bought this from Shein”, I just tell them they should be ashamed of themselves – “you wouldn’t like to be worked to the bone and not be paid adequately, wouldn’t you?” I say. So why, why???? do people help these brands perpetuate this behavior?
    Their quality isn’t worth sh**, they just help increase the number of textile landfills that already exist, and NOTHING of what they do is helpful or benefits anyone except their management.
    I see so many companies/personalities being canceled for far less than what they do, but unfortunately we live in a very consumerist age, and as long as it doesn’t impact you directly, most of us really don’t care what happens as long as X or Y are available to your use/buying…
    I hope you are able to get them to be ashamed of their practices, though, to be honest, I don’t really think they’ll care. 🙁

  248. mary says:

    Well people pay for what they get and if they think that they are worth a $13 skirt than they get what they deserve a cheap skirt that makes you feel cheap however clothes are expensive and if you get only what you need to wear that will last a long time then there will be less land fills and this cheap clothes industry will close because no one will be buying there cheap thing that don’t last long and throwing theme away to get new clothes. But popflex is to expensive for sum to afford no hard feelings i know you put a lot of work into your produces and thank you for that

  249. Court says:

    Literally never buying another thing from SHEIN ever again.

  250. Jessica says:

    After reading this, I know I’m never gonna buy from Shein. Sorry for this situation. You deserve so much better!

  251. Landry says:

    Also. I would like to add. H&M and forever 21 isn’t that much better and shouldn’t be compared to a threshold. Their products are also manufactured in Asian countries where workers are probably subjected to the same conditions and wages. There’s probably factories here that have their workers perform some work on a product and then send oversees for other edits. LV, Gucci, Burberry also use a 2 step manufacturing process to make it seem as if you’re paying for quality and craftsmanship in Europe but it’s not. The final edits maybe be in Europe but everything else prior, was cheaply sourced and didn’t originate in Europe. It’s how they can logic their huge margins. Don’t believe me?Check your tags next time and feel your quality. All those high end brands use man made leather and canvas material which people pay thousands of dollars for.

  252. Landry says:

    Wideband Waist Sports Skort With Phone Pocket
    I discovered amazing products on, come check them out!

    Isn’t this your design also?

    1. Landry says:

      Oops I meant only to include their link. Anyway in case your comment doesn’t allow links, I think your other skort is on there too

  253. Amy says:

    Hello Cassey,
    I am sorry you have to go through this experience of having your hard work, time, and investment stolen by Shien.
    Thank you for explaining all of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating one of your designs. I was wondering the other day what kind of working conditions the seamstresses who sew your clothing line experience, so I am really happy you included some of the results of the audit.
    The human cost of modern day slavery that we support in order to buy cheap clothes/items is horrible and I am so happy you brought this to our attention. We need to do better and it means doing our own research, paying more, owning less, and taking care of what we own.
    Have a wonderful day and thank you for all that you do.

  254. Sarah says:

    First of all, this is very upsetting and righteous anger is appropriate. Second, thank you for productively channeling your anger to write this post and explain how Shein hurts independent designers. As others commented, I learned a lot, and though I have never bought from Shein, I hope this learning will help me make better consumer all around.

  255. Jess says:

    I saw this with your full length onesie!! Fabletics posted one too similar for it to be a coincidence. I was fuming for you!

  256. Felicity says:

    I follow this activist who highlights the issues with several fast fashion brands and campaigns against them. It’s a good place for education and to start getting involved

  257. Jessah says:

    Unfortunately, we are currently living in a world full of immoral human beings and there’s nothing we can do about it. What we can do; is do our research and stop being so quick to make decisions based on emotions (like paying a quick buck just to be on trend). I have never and will never support SHIEN because nothing of even decent quality is produced within DAYS!! Let’s really think about what kind of labor is happening for that to be possible. We’ve got to be better for true authentic designer who care and love the people: like Casey! You may not have all the money in the world, but you do have a loyalty and respect!


  258. Pri says:

    I have never purchase from Shein, and I never would because I understand all the effort that comes into every single one design. It’s sad thaht not just Shein, but other brands copy designs and take credit for that, and they don’t even make it as good as the original. And it’s even sadder that people think it’s their design. In my country there is another work-out brand that I used to follow because I used to like their ‘original’ designs, until they posted clothes that are copycats of two of your designs. I unfollowed them the moment I realised that.
    You can inspire others, but to copy ‘exactly’ your design and don’t even putting the effort to just take some inspiration in your dedication and creativity, just make me sad.

  259. Jess says:

    I’m so sorry this happened to you! I checked their website and it looks like they took it down!

  260. Julia Méndez Gómez says:

    I didn’t know all this about Shein and those other companies, I can assure you that I will not buy anything from them.
    I love your brand and will always try to support you, even if it’s hard to buy from where I live (Bolivia)

  261. Nnenna says:

    We have seen your hard work over the years, Cassey. I hope this write-up goes viral and does some great impact that will help hardworking fashion designers like you win this battle.

  262. Kristin says:

    I had never heard of Shein before this. It’s terrible to hear that this is what they are doing. Thank you for taking a stand and being the voice for others.

  263. Rebekah says:

    I have always preferred to have fewer, high quality pieces in my closet, then a giant wardrobe full of fast fashion, and unethically sources clothing. Thank you for being a creator that that makes beautifully designed ethical clothing. I have not and will never support brands like shein. You’re amazing, thank you for all that you do.

  264. Gigi says:

    I’ve never purchased anything from SHEIN and never will in the future. Fully support your fight and good luck!

  265. Qis says:

    as a fellow Gen Z and regular customer of Shein, i sincerely apologise for contributing to the profits of such an unethical company. i was completely unaware of the stolen ideas.

    i am not justifying my purchases. however, please understand that apparels from brands such as Zara, H&M and even PopFlex is too big of an amount for most of us. as you have mentioned, their targeted demographic is 25 and under, majority are people who are JUST getting into adulthood, barely making a living for themselves.

    fabrics and high quality items do not cross our minds when we make purchases online. we are aware that Shein’s items aren’t of a high quality. it isn’t something we will ever expect or ask for from Shein. with a low budget in mind, Shein is the first company that pops into mind when we’re looking for affordable clothing.

    we appreciate your dedication, and all of the small businesses out there. i have been a huge fan of your work for months and i would never buy your stolen ideas from Shein. unfortunately, Shein is the only market out there with affordable and decent quality apparels.

    1. Aimee says:

      Um idk where you live but where I live there are curated thrift shops, regular thrift shops, lower end consignment stores. These places offer good clothing for less than market. Also why do you need so many clothes??

      1. Raine says:

        Lord Jesus. Not everyone’s style of fashion is carried in thrift stores…

    2. Brittany says:

      Read what you just wrote and think about it….

      If you can’t afford the item, you shouldn’t be buying it. You are supporting criminals.

    3. Dev says:

      Old Navy, Target, and Gap all have affordable styles online that are 1. much higher quality than shein and 2. just as affordable. There are 100% more ethical alternatives if you’re willing to spend 2 extra minutes looking online. A lack of money isn’t an excuse — learning how to shop ethically AND save money is possible!!

      1. Bl says:

        Did you type this on a smartphone? Perhaps an iPhone or Apple product made I. The same conditions that you condemn? Or maybe another type of gadget made in the same conditions. yeah, super ethical.

    4. Lane says:

      I understand you think that to be true, but it isn’t. Shein is not the only option. For starters, due to ever-changing trends, overconsumption, and fast fashion, thrift stores and reseller sites are bursting with active wear. Usually active wear that’s been worn once, maybe a few times. Still in amazing condition with years of life left. If you don’t want to buy second hand, Popflex and many other brands offer after pay options, where you can pay a smaller amount over time to purchase a piece. I understand it’s more exciting to get a “haul” from Shein, but there’s no excuse that’s justification enough to make up for their environmental and ethical impacts. Not to mention that although you pay more for Popflex, the piece will last you YEARS longer than Shein’s knockoff. YEARS. I don’t understand why people can’t see the difference between spending tons of money month after month at sites like Shein and INVESTING in high-quality, durable items that will last for a very long time. Also, Target, Old Navy, Kohl’s, JC Penny’s, Walmart… those are just a few brands that offer activewear for around the same price as Shein, with frequent sales and discounts and rewards programs. Just went to Kohl’s and saw Nike and Champion brand sweatsuits for $20 and under. I’m sorry but there is just no excuse to support Shein.

    5. Natural Fibres says:

      I’m sorry but we were all 15,18 or 21 years old once upon a time with little disposable income. We survived without $13 skirts. With inflation this means a $6 skirt 10 years ago? Previous generations relied on fewer but better quality clothes. We don’t need to do Shein hauls of 10 different shirts just to find 1 that sort of fits us ok but will fall apart in 2 laundry loads. Everyone likes a bargain, but at this rate, the blood sweat and tears of modern slavery, landfills piling up and stolen designs are subsidising Gen Z’s addiction to hauls

  266. Lucia says:

    Oh Cassey, I´m heartbroken this happened to you. I have been following for over 10 years, maybe more, working out with you. Gosh I bought a tank from you before Popflex existed! And I´ve been following your design path for so long. Currently most of my wardrobe is currently from Popflex, and it is the stuff I use the most, by far. Yes, because I am an active person, but also because I look pretty in it and like your designs for my everyday life. Comfort, functional pockets and that ballerina vibe I love.
    Your designs were always above everything else in the market yet you continue to improve. You have come soooo far. I have bras from the mermaid collection and while I loved them, they are nothing compared to the bras from your latest collections. You always try to make stuff more functional, more comfortable, more pleasing to the eye. And please know that it does not go unnoticed. The fabrics, oh my goodness. The quality keeps getting better. I still wear pieces from your first collections because yes, they lasted this long after a ton of use. But every time you restock or redisign, you improve things. And it shows. Your hard work is appreciated. I get tons of compliments every time I go to the gym and I get asked where I get my outfits. ALL THE TIME.
    I have never bought from Shein and never will. I don´t buy from fast fashion companies anyway. I solely buy from independent designers currently (primarily you but also some local designers). If there is anything else we can do to support you please let us know. Gosh, I wish I could hug you and really show you my Popflex collection and how happy I am moving in it and enjoying life being comfortable and feeling cute. Love from Argentina

  267. Nontalie says:

    The wild thing is, I feel like people have been stealing your designs from the jump. All of your slogans and designs back when you were just doing water bottles and yoga mats. But this feels like a whole new level and I’m so sorry. But as we all know, your work and designs are of the highest quality and your shine will always stand above their grime.

  268. Kira Humann says:

    Boycotting shein. Period.

  269. Nikhita says:

    Is there a way independent designers can sue Shein? This is straight up stealing right? I’ve been following Cassey Ho for a long time and I fully support her! Sue Shein!!!

    1. Ivana says:

      Yes!! Please just sue them! Best way to get more attention for it and make sure they will think twice before ever doing this again. Must be possible, right?!

  270. Moye says:

    girl i’m with you 200%

  271. Emma says:

    Disgusting behaviour! #boycottshein

  272. Zalia says:

    I’m so sorry that this happened to you and many other designers. 100% in support with you Cassey. #boycottshein

  273. Gaby says:

    I’ve never bought from shein because I thought their items were too low quality (you can find cheap things with better quality on your local store) and now I have an even BIGGER reason to not even open their site.

    I’m sorry they straight up stole from you and sadly many people will buy the fake skort without knowing the real story 😔

    As consumer we should stop supporting this highly unethical brands and share stories like yours.

    Thanks for everything 💖

  274. Ellan says:

    Shein is so disgusting, it’s stolen from everywhere just because it is too big to be successfully sued or boycotted

  275. Sarah says:

    Cassey, this was seriously such an interesting read. I’ve never been a fan of Shein. Their quality looks absolutely awful, their business practices seem so dodgy and inhumane and I hate that they steal from smaller independent designers. Thank you for sharing your perspective on this! I admire you so much for standing up for yourself and believing in your beautiful designs and business xx

  276. Billy says:

    Seems like shien took it off their app.

    1. Sarah says:

      They have an app???!!! That’s even more frightening. Did you read my comment above? I question what their app has access to on phones.

      1. Billy says:

        Oh I don’t doubt that, the things china pushes through tik tok and the access they have is probably the same across the board.

  277. Aime Anchovas says:

    Every word is fire I can’t stop reading. I’ve heard this before (Shein being a copycat) but copying from you really sucks. I hope you get justice for this and they get the sanctions they deserved.

  278. demi says:

    Cassey I’m so sorry this happened 😔❤️❤️❤️ Every time I’ve bought Popflex items it makes me so happy that I’m getting something so beautiful that I’m going to love all while supporting your woman-owned company that cares about its employees and pays fair wages. And on top of that I know anything that you put out is always designed with love and made with beautiful, quality fabrics and made well. Again, I’m really sorry they stole your design, I can’t imagine how violating that must feel. 💔

  279. Selena says:

    Will never ever purchase from them again. I used to when I was younger since you can get so much while not going broke, but it’s not worth it seeing what these Original designers have to go through. You’re a Rockstar Cassey!! #boycottshein

  280. Anusree says:

    Alarmed by what they did. I hope you get justice 💖

  281. Gabriela Alb says:

    100% in support with this Cassey.

  282. g says:

    Love you Cassey, I will always support your clothes as I know how hard you work to make them amazing for us!!! #boycottshein

  283. Amanda says:

    Giiiiiiirl this is horrible. I watched a British (channel 5?) documentary from last year about Shein and their working conditions and it is harrowing. I bought one terrible cardigan from them two years ago but began to educate myself after and I’m never shopping there again. I hope you can take some sort of legal action. I’m no lawyer but I can’t help but wonder if a conglomerate of independent designers pushed back against them in a suit, how the results would be? But then that’s probably pretty pricey too. Aghhhh.

  284. Hydee Lisa says:

    Never bought anything from them or fashion nova for that matter. They’ve been cancelled in my book since day one. #boycottshein can we sign a petition?!

  285. Valeria Albarran says:

    Cassey! Hi there, I’ve been a fan for a while now and I am so sorry this has happened to you. My heart is with you and I hope justice can be done! I have witnessed you pour your heart and soul into your designs, so I see how much you care to put a high quality product on the market…unlike Shein. I know you can get through this, please don’t give up!
    Much love!

  286. Hannah says:

    This makes me so sad that they’re stealing designs from others who work so hard!! But, I wanted to say thank you for standing up & sharing. Because in all honesty I had no idea that this is what Shein actually does, but now that I know you can bet I’ll never shop there again!! (Their stuff is cheap & crappy anyways). I’m sorry that they stole your design, but I appreciate you sharing for those of us who might not know this to bring some awareness. So thank you!!