Wendy’s Lookbook x POPFLEX: Our first ever design collab!

Hey guys!

I haven’t written about a new POPFLEX collection in a while! Instead of dropping entire collections with some downtime in between, we’ve been launching new designs more regularly (basically every week).

Buuuut something very exciting has been happening behind the scenes! Something we have never done before…👀

The very first POPFLEX design collab!!

After months of work, I can finally show you! You ready?!

wendy's lookbook x popflex kinsley bomber faux leather crisscross leggings cassey ho wendy nguyen

Wendy’s Lookbook x POPFLEX

My friend Wendy (@wendyslookbook !!!) is an ICONIC fashion blogger – she was one of the first ones I ever followed! We met over 10 years ago, back when blogging was just becoming a thing, and umm I totally fangirled when I met her IRL! But it didn’t take long for us to form a genuine friendship.

Fast forward to around a year ago, when I had this idea to dive into transitional fashion. Basically, I wanted to dress you for MORE than just the gym.

Wendy had the perfect eye and style for my vision, and our chats grew naturally into a collaboration! Looking back, the way this collection evolved from fun brainstorm convos to “UM WE’RE DOING THIS” is an experience I’ll never forget.


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Fashion-forward activewear to streetwear

Without a doubt, I could not have pulled this off without Wendy’s creativity and eye for intentional design. Every single piece functions as high performance activewear, but doesn’t LOOK like it’s just activewear.

The mission was to embody the hustle and bustle of New York City’s fashion with the comfort and durability of supporting your every movement.

It’s our most fashion-forward collection yet. Are you ready to see?!!?

wendy nguyen wendy's lookbook x popflex collection kinsley bomber

We must talk about the Kinsley Bomber Jacket

Isn’t it so stunning?!

I love a dramatic statement piece, but make it COZY too?! I love. The Kinsley Bomber is made with super soft faux sherpa with vegan leather trim. The collar is actually removable! It adds an extra layer of warmth, but I’m obsessed with the layered look.

Wendy calls this jacket “the epitome of New York.” She nailed it.

The Kinsley is extra special because it was named after Wendy’s daughter!  It also has Wendy’s “Warrior” tattoo inscribed on the inside lining, as a nod to the journey that made her the mother she is today. Design is so feeling-based. I’m so happy we could bring that to the surface here!

kinsley bomber jacket zipped wendy's lookbook x popflex

kinsley bomber jacket back wendy's lookbook x popflex

kinsley bomber jacket inside detail wendy's lookbook x popflex


This top is giving main character in a fairytale

The SoHo Sweetheart Crop Top might be my favorite piece in the collection. Ahh actually wait I take it back – I could say that about everything. Too many favorites!

I feel so drawn to this top because of the way it makes me feel like I’m literally living in a fairytale. The wide sweetheart neckline and princess seams are just so romantic! But it also wears like a basic. It’s perfection.

soho sweetheart crop wendy's lookbook popflex

soho sweetheart crop black side view popflex

soho sweetheart crop back wendy's lookbook popflex

Shop Soho Sweetheart Crop Top


The top that takes you from Pilates to brunch

Meet the On the Go Corset Crop Bra AKA my new weekend go-to. She has the support necessary for a low impact workout without looking like a sports bra at all. I mean…that neckline?! Omg. And I love the adjustable straps because finding a top like this that fits WELL can be such a struggle.

Literally the epitome of fashion and function.

popflex corset crop bra popflex wendy's lookbook

wendy's lookbook popflex corset crop bra back adjustable straps

Shop On The Go Corset Crop Top


Our fave legging just got a vegan leather makeover

Omg the Crisscross Hourglass Legging™ is looking SO CHIC. Of course our favorite legging needed an edgy, fashion-forward makeover. The high-rise, V-cut waistband was already insanely flattering, but now with the vegan leather?! 🔥🔥

And guess what?! We made these in 3 lengths so you can find the perfect fit. Yay!

faux leather crisscross hourglass leggings popflex

faux leather black crisscross hourglass leggings with soho sweetheart top back popflex

vegan leather crisscross hourglass leggings popflex wendy's lookbook

Shop Crisscross Hourglass™ Legging in Vegan Leather


Uptown Mockneck Sweatshirt

Omg can you ever have enough layering pieces?! They’re just so necessary for going from gym to out and about…especially if you’re in NYC.

The Uptown Mockneck Sweatshirt is marshmallowy soft and cozy (Cloud Fabric!!!), with fashion-forward details like a sleek mockneck and boxy fit. You know I can’t resist a pleated bishop sleeve (ugh, swoon), but it’s the side slit detail on the collar that is making me fall madly in love with this top.

This comes in two colors! Sand and Black.

uptown mockneck sand popflex

uptown mockneck sand back wendy's lookbook x popflex

detail view uptown mockneck black popflex wendy's lookbook

Shop Uptown Mockneck Sweatshirt


That’s the Wendy’s Lookbook x POPFLEX Collection!

group shot wendy's lookbook x popflex kinsley bomber jacket soho sweetheart crop faux leather leggingswendy's lookbook popflex group

Shop Wendy's Lookbook x POPFLEX

I can’t wait to see you in these! It was truly such an honor to work with not only a fashion icon, but one of my closest friends.

Now I must know – are you loving the marriage of activewear and streetwear?! Tell me your thoughts in the comments!
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  1. presila says:

    Dang!is mindblowing

  2. Nicolette says:

    Wow… So much logistics went into wearable clothing… I like that clothes were design for people in real life not people for clothes on a fantasy that is impracticle

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    Ur hair extensions looks so good Cassey! 😍 such a boss 💖

  4. Gemma says:

    Omggggg this collection is my FAVORITE !! I’ve always been looking for something like this 😍

    P.S. love the corset top, will def be wearing to the gym & coffee shops ☕️