Cozy Vibes Only in This Faux Sherpa Set

POPFLEX is the sister brand of Blogilates. But never fear! This review is my words & my words alone! I’m here to share my honest thoughts and opinions about the POPFLEX faux sherpa set. Now let’s get into it!

popflex faux sherpa review blanket pants shorts cloud hoodie

From movie night to work-from-home, I’m all about being comfortable.

During quarantine, sweatshirts and sweatpants were my uniform. (Sound familiar? A lot of us were in the same boat!) But in the post-COVID world, I find I’m getting bored of wearing the same old things I wore every single day.

It’s time to add some new pieces to my wardrobe that are both comfy and stylish. My dream came true with the new sherpa pieces from POPFLEX: The Faux Sherpa Pullover Cloud Hoodie, the Faux Sherpa Short, and Blanket Pants in Faux Sherpa.

Unboxing the Faux Sherpa Set

The hoodie, shorts, and pants arrived in sustainable packaging and included a tape measure as a special February promo to help me find my fit for future purchases. (This will be super important, just wait and see!)

The first thing I noted was the super soft feel and thickness of the fabric. I knew that I’d have no problem staying warm with these pieces. The second thing I noted was the sizing. While the top seemed like a perfect fit, the pants looked a little bigger than I expected. It’s hard to tell at first glance, so I went to try them on right away.

popflex sherpa shorts blanket pants review

To Fit or Not to Fit?

Like I imagined, the top fit amazingly. It’s oversized but not too big. It hit right at my waistband, which I think is the ideal length for loungewear. It’s not cropped in a way that would cause you to catch a chill and it’s not long enough to look slouchy. The hood is a nice size too, fitting right around my head without excess material. 

Next, I tried the shorts. You guys… they were way. Too. Big. Oh no!

Real talk, I’m between sizes, which can make clothing shopping so difficult. Even when using the POPFLEX sizing chart, sometimes things don’t fit like you expect. Maybe my body changed, maybe it just fits differently than my other POPFLEX pieces (all of which are also a size medium). It’s probably a bit of both. And that’s OK!

Luckily, if this happens to you, POPFLEX takes free exchanges. This means you can grab your fave styles in the right size for you! The fit of the leg holes is wide, so if you’ve got wider hips, you’re in luck. But if you’ve got a less curvy build, you’ll want to size down. The waistband of the pants was a bit smaller than it was on the shorts, but still fit on the looser side. As far as length, the mediums were perfect for me! (I’m 5’6 for reference.) Both pieces featured pockets, which made me so excited. I’m all about some extra snack storage!

Overall, I absolutely recommend sizing down. These pieces tend to run larger than the other POPFLEX pieces I’ve bought in the past.

Settle Down in Style

I took a lazy day to lounge and do some self-care while wearing the set and I don’t think I’ve ever been more comfy! The fabric is fuzzy and insulating, which especially helps when you’re trying to save on your electric bill and turn on the heat as little as possible. It also cleans easily, as tested by me accidentally spilling some of my coffee on the hoodie. (Spoiler alert! There’s no stain.) It’s also the perfect set to wear over your favorite athleisure set. I know some people can wear shorts no matter the weather, but I personally need something to go over my cute POPFLEX sets when I head to the gym. 

Thumbs Up For…

  • The thick, comfortable fabric
  • The oversized but not overwhelming fit 
  • The neutral color means you can mix and match it with plenty of other items in your closet


Thumbs Down For…

  • While it’s not cropped, it’s medium-length, so if you’re looking for something longer, check out the Faux Sherpa Cocoon Coat instead
  • The shorts and pants run much bigger than the leggings & shorts from POPFLEX


Final Notes

I’m going to be living in this sherpa set. From athleisure layer pieces to lounge staples, they’re a stylish take on a casual look. I can’t wait to see more loungewear from POPFLEX to compliment their athleisure offerings.

Even though I ordered a size that wasn’t quite right for me, I’m here to give you all the inside details so you don’t make the same mistake. Keep tuning into these product reviews so you can be sure to get the POPFLEX styles and sizes that work for you! 

Want more cozy vibes? Snuggle up in your sherpa set and listen to our Cozy Vibes Playlist. And stay tuned for more product reviews!

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