Let’s Style Some End-of-Summer POPFLEX Outfits!

We’re back again with another amazing chance to style outfits from POPFLEX! If this is your first styling article – WELCOME!


When I started at POPFLEX – my eyes were opened to all the possibilities of styling activewear! After nearly 6 years of working and styling photoshoots – I can definitely say activewear IS styleable. Certain earrings go with certain tones?! Why do some things call for silver and some for gold? The best I can do to explain this to you is to help you style my picks!

We’re leaning into my faves, plus some Amazon style essentials. If you are extra (do people still say that?!) like me – a little bit of sparkle can go really go a loooong way. From the couch to the hiking trails – let’s spice up your summer looks.

The Pickleball Court

Matchpoint Dress | Mock Neck Shruggie | Pickleball Bag | White Sneakers

| Gold HoopsEmerald Cut BraceletBrown Oval Glasses

Our first POPFLEX outfit is ideal for a day spent in the sunshine! Maybe you’re playing pickleball or maybe you’re a spectator! I have been dying to try pickleball and this lux set is THE CUTEST.

The gold hardware ties into our gold accessories! These glasses are so cute, you CAN pull them off, trust me. A zipper dress is a must for a sweaty bathroom break and if you’re like me and are constantly hot then cold – the mock neck is the perfect removable layer!

Road Trip

Long Cloud Hoodie | Stella Backpack | Chunky White SneakersGold HuggiesGold Anklet |Gold Round Rimmed Sunglasses

Road trips call for the perfect front seat bag and the coziest hoodie! This Stella backpack has a spot for all of your passenger princess needs! Snack, hand sanitizer, chargers, a laptop, headphones, you name it – there is a place for it.

The Long Cloud Hoodie can be worn as a dress or a hoodie depending on your height but it is the ultimate comfort piece. Hello, cat naps! Everyday accessories help this look feel less like “I just threw this on” more “I am a put together human who needs some beef jerky at this gas station stop.”

Settle in – your trip is off to a comfy start.

The Ultimate Airport Outfit

Grey CardiganRomance Ruffle Bra | French Roast FlaresBelladonna Duffle

Silver Weighted HuggiesWhite SkechersMixed Metal Bracelets

Next on your bucket list, if you’re lucky, is the catch that flight you’ve been longing to take! Pants are a must in the airport and the flares are the ultimate chic travel pant. I admire the days when people used to dress up for flight – so our travel fit is cozy mixed with classy.

If you don’t have it yet – the cardigan is truly one of my favorites! It’s so easy to style with any look – active or not! Paired with the BEST travel bag in the world, you will be breezing through the airport in style. The finishing touch? These really cute, supportive and comfortable Skechers I get complimented on all the time. Arch support girlies unite – a chic, supportive shoe for us.

Outdoor Fitness Class

Romance Ruffle Bra | Booty ShortsNeon Garden Booty BandsNeon Garden Valentina DuffleGold HuggiesLayer Gold Initial BraceletCloud Slides

Mornings are really the only comfortable time outside in the Texas summer. One of these days, I will make it to a sunrise yoga class on the lake! Starting with our Peppercorn set complete with pockets and shoulder ruffles – this set is made to spark conversation! Who knows, maybe you will make a friend of two!

The Neon Garden booty bands and duffle bag are the cutest accessories we have on site. Paired with warm-toned accessories to really highlight the blush and pink tones in this outfit, you will be glowing from the inside out.

To the COUCH

Perfect TeeSherpa ShortsCrisscross SlippersStacked Silver BraceletsBringing Up BebeSimple Silver Huggie

Let me be real with you guys – it’s 100+ degrees out and I am 7 months pregnant. Making my personal bucket list activity for this summer – reading on the couch! WOO! You cannot go wrong with the Perfect Tee. I really had to feel it to believe it, but it is just so soft, stretchy and flexible. It’s the comfiest top I currently own.

Paired with another comfort piece, the Sherpa Short, you will not want to take this off. I am currently in a silver accessory phase and the cool tones tie right into our blue hue-d tee. Paired with cozy slippers and a blanket – you will be ready to tackle whatever is next on your must-read list.

Theme Park

Seashell Zip HoodieDeep Grey Perfect Tee Cargo Booty ShortSecret ScrunchieReebok 2 Tone SneakerThick Silver HuggiesSilver Teardrop Necklace

Heading to Disneyland with the fam? You’re going to need something layer-able and functional! Starting with a Perfect Tee for ultimate comfort, we’re pairing it with cargo shorts because you’re going to need all the pockets + a pair of shorts that will not ride up or down.

If you don’t have a Cloud Hoodie by now – this is your chance! The Cloud Zip is so easily layer-able in case you run cold. Finally, a secret scrunchie for a little extra storage and muted but classic accessories. You’ll be the chicest person in the park.

5K Training

popflex outfit inspo cloud hoodie cargo shorts pens 90 day journal

Cloud HoodieCargo Booty ShortsSuper 90 Day JournalPensHoka SneakersSilver Crystal Huggies

Everyone’s got different things in mind for the summer. Maybe your bucket list includes running that 5K you’ve always wanted to!

This is the perfect post-run shower look – Throw on your Cloud Pullover, crack open your journal, and record how you are feeling that day! No emotion is too small to keep track of when you are working towards a goal. No step too small! Paired with a supportive running shoe to give those arches a break, it’s important to take care of you!


popflex outfit inspo annual sale cloud hoodie sherpa short magic flash bag

Shimmer Cloud Hoodie | Sherpa ShortsMagic Flash Duffle Bag

Slouchy SocksPink Cloud SlidesWhite Gold Split Sparkle Huggies

The Barbie movie has me reliving my childhood and my favorite summer activity as a kid was a weeknight SLEEPOVER! What a thrill! SO let’s host a girls’ sleepover this summer?!

You’re going to need the comfiest, but cutest outfit to make your inner child proud. I just know little me would love the shimmer string on this Cloud Hoodie and the magic flash feature of the backpack. Call up the girls – it’s time to get a plan in motion.


popflex outfit inspo annual sale windbreaker perfect tee cargo biker shorts gallon bottle bag

Whimsical Breeze WindbreakerPerfect TeeCargo Biker ShortGallon Bottle Bag

New Balance Fresh Foam SneakerLightweight Gold Hoop

Summer to me says time to get outside and explore! I envision one of you exploring a national park in this outfit. Lightweight layers, functional shorts, and a bottle bag will accompany you on your journey!

The bottle bag is seriously a cool product and one that I am always highly complimented on. It is designed for a gallon-sized bottle, but I have also successfully stored my 40oz and 64oz bottles in the bag… just be aware there could be extra space around your bottle. More places to store things? That’s a pro in my book!



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