Our Favorite Summer Outfits From POPFLEX!

Are we READY to shop another POPFLEX sale together? The Memorial Day Weekend Sale is in full swing – slightly different from the last sale we styled but oh so exciting!! Tiered discounts for the amount you spend + options for everyone!

My favorite part – almost EVERYTHING is on sale!

SO let’s style 3 looks per sale level shall we? There’s something for every activity this summer.

The 3 Sale Tiers

Let’s start here to better understand the looks! When you shop the Memorial Day Sale, the more you spend = the more you save. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 15% off ALL orders
  • 20% off orders $100+
  • 25% off orders $200+

(code: SAVEMORE works for all 3 levels, ends Monday 5/29)

Soooo much potential, so little time – so let’s get to it!

Shop the Memorial Day Sale

Looks Under $100 (15% Off)

Summer Concert Look

POPFLEX memorial day sale summer concert look twirl dress white sneakers clear bag

POPFLEX Twirl Dress | Necklace | Earrings | Shoes | Clear Bag

Where will you be going in this adorable outfit? I picture you with BIG summer plans – like at the Taylor Swift concert or perhaps a baseball game?! One of those venues that require an adorable see-through bag.

We’re going with a dress so you’re ready for anything, and silver compliments the cool tones in this country blue dress. Tie it all together with my favorite shoe – did you notice that the gummy-colored bottom ties into your cute concert bag?!

Memorial Day 5K

5k running outfit popflex cargo booty shorts high neck tank top white tennis shoes

POPFLEX Cargo Booty Shorts | POPFLEX Tank | POPFLEX Shaker Bottle | Shoes | Earrings | Bracelets

Whether you’re part of a 5k-on-holidays type of family or you’re just looking to get your sweat on this weekend,  you can’t go wrong with this classic workout look.

I love that these Cargo Shorts come in booty and biker length, and the breezy tank allows for some airflow.

You may be thinking… accessories for a workout outfit? My answer is always YES. I love how simple little pieces can really help me feel more put together. I have several pieces of this brand from Amazon. I love how affordable they are and how well their huggie-style hoops stay on (you’re going to see a lot of huggies in this article). They are my everyday hoops – I wear them from sweaty runs to the shower, to work, to dinner, and to sleep, – Highly recommend!

Stormy Summer Night

popflex outfit summer stormy night perfect tee heart eyes socks white slides sherpa shorts

POPFLEX Sherpa Shorts | POPFLEX Perfect Tee | POPFLEX Heart Eyes Socks | Slides

She’s at it again – now accessorizing your couch looks 💅.

Summers here in Austin can be hot, humid, and at the same time, really rainy. I love these sherpa shorts for when I am trying to achieve that oh-so-cozy rainy night vibe… in the heat.

If you don’t have a Perfect Tee by now, it’s time to experience the perfect softness for yourself. Pair this with the cute little socks Cassey sent the team for Valentine’s Day, and you are set for a cozy, but put-together night in.

I know I know – you can be cozy in a ratty old tee (like I am most of the time). But sometimes a little put-together cozy feeling fit can really boost your spirits. SO pass the popcorn, what are we watching??

Looks Under $200

Bestie Brunch

popflex bestie brunch outfit mockneck shruggie black twirl skort tone bra sneakers

POPFLEX Twirl Skort | POPFLEX Mockneck Shruggie | POPFLEX Tone Bra | Sneaker | Headband | Earrings

Our inspo for your brunch look – Gossip Girl meets activewear – for a summer bestie brunch.

Have you heard headbands are making a comeback? Let’s be BOLD and try our new headband with a classic piece I hope you know and love – the Twirl Skort. Paired with the Mockneck Shruggie, because are we sitting inside or outside? We’re not sure yet but we need a little something in case the A/C kicks in.

If you’re more of a “requires a full shirt in public” type (hello talking to me) I would try this with a Perfect Tee in Light Grey in place of the Mockneck. I would style the tee tied in a cute knot at the waist, topped with a Cloud Zip Hoodie in Camel. Viola! A neutral brunch look to take you wherever the day heads!

Sunset Hike

popflex sunset hike outfit matchpoint dress zip cloud hoodie black cap

POPFLEX Tiebreaker Dress | POPFLEX Cloud Hoodie | POPFLEX Ponytail Cap | Sneakers | Earrings | Necklace

Look at those TONES – this Tiebreaker Dress has been calling to me. I have it in two other colors but gosh isn’t she beautiful?

I picture watching the sunset from wherever you are, on a warm summer evening – with a jacket in case it’s not hot and humid where you are. Maybe you’ll go out for drinks after? Maybe you’ll hike down from your lookout point and head to the movies? Wherever you’re going, a dress with built-in shorts is just the right outfit for your summer adventures!

Pair this with gold jewelry to top off the warm sunset-y vibes and this outfit will have you glowing.

Yoga in the Park

POPFLEX Ruffle Bra | POPFLEX Crisscross Biker Short | POPFLEX Perfect Tee | POPFLEX Yoga Mat | Slides | Bracelet | Earrings

A mat adorned with the name “Mermaid Dreams” screams summer! Maybe you’re heading to a seaside yoga class? Or hitting up your regular studio to kick off another fabulous day?

Pair your mat with this cute peppercorn set for the perfect complimentary outfit. I added a tee in case you’re errand stacking like I am – throw this lightweight staple over and you’re ready to stop by the grocery store!

Over $200

Auntie Play Date

POPFLEX Matchpoint Dress | POPFLEX Cora Backpack | Shoes | Bracelets | Earrings

We’re looking at the summer of dresses! They’re so versatile you’re not limited to any one activity.

Where are we wearing this dress? To hang out with my 1-year-old niece and her mom (aka my sister)!! Are we heading to Target? The park? Are we making a fort? Are we going to happy hour? This outfit is made to tackle any activity the day has in store.

The Magic Flash Cora Backpack is truly up for anything – it has so much storage, it’s reflective, and it’s waterproof. Is there anything it can’t do?

Yoga at Home

POPFLEX Peekaboo Tank | POPFLEX Crisscross Biker Shorts | POPFLEX Fit Kit | Bracelet | Earrings

Many of us being workout-at-home girls know the importance of a good mat – this mat is the best of the best. I love the pops of warmth we see in the galaxy print and tied that into our outfit with the Peekaboo Crew Tank. I love how soft and flexible this tank is, and the amount of coverage it provides.

Pair with simple everyday silver pieces to play into that celestial feeling.

Ultimate Airport Outfit

POPFLEX Audrey Tank | POPFLEX Flares | POPFLEX Cloud Hoodie | POPFLEX Cora Backpack | Sneakers | Earrings

This is my MVP, end all be all of POPFLEX outfits.

The ultimate travel outfit – and the most expensive one on our list (hello biggest savings). We’re going to the airport!

The Audrey Tank is soft and flexible and has a built-in bra that is extremely breathable. The FLARES – if you don’t have a pair by now let me tell you how freeing and comfy it is to have some air on your calves. After years of leggings, these feel like such an easy-to-wear treat. PLUS, deep pockets so you have somewhere to put your cell phone or water bottle – I always end up utilizing these at the airport. They’re pinch-free, flexible, easy, and stylish.

Cloud Hoodies are a must on a plane because it can get so COLD you need that cloud-level comfort.

Is it too hot to wear the hoodie to the airport? NO WORRIES – roll it up and store it in the bottom yoga mat holder found on your Cora Backpack. This backpack is a saving grace – so many compartments that allow for the most organized carry-on ever. There is no elbow room on a plane to be digging for your lost headphones – this bag has a place for everything.

Top off this look with a mixed metal hoop that can match any outfit you’ve packed and a comfy classic sneaker – you’re looking at an outfit that might actually have you excited to spend time at the airport.

Shop the Memorial Day Sale


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