Overeat? These Remedies Might Help.

Hey guys!

Sooo I think we all have that food (or foods) that are just really hard to stop eating. For me – ICE CREAM. I know I’ll feel better if I limit myself, but sometimes I just can’t 😂 It’s just too good. Aaaaand with the holidays here, there’s just sooooo many fun little treats to taste test!

Every time I overindulge, I start to feel maaaaajor discomfort because let’s be honest, it is kinda painful! Obviously, I can’t “uneat” ice cream or a big meal, but there are some ways to ease the discomfort a bit.

Maybe you’ll find what I learned useful too 🙂


Obviously it’s not the best idea to go and do a hard workout, or run or anything crazy after a big meal. It’s best to relax for a little bit while the digestion process gets going.

BUT while your instinct might be to lay down and take a nap (being full makes me sooooo sleepy), it’s actually better to stay upright! If you eat so much that you’re feeling nauseated or deal with acid reflux, laying on your left side might help a bit too. Keeping your head elevated a little just helps to move food in the right direction.. out of your stomach and into the intestines.

Drink up! 

Putting a drop of anything else in your stomach might sound like the last thing you want to do, but staying hydrated will help you in the end!

Don’t chug, but instead drink small sips to encourage digestion and to keep yourself hydrated. Water is especially helpful if you ate a big meal that was also high in salt. Sipping on water will help a little with bloating and water retention.

Sometimes a warm beverage helps after a big meal! The warmth of something like tea can stimulate digestion, and a little caffeine can help get things moving too. Peppermint or ginger tea can settle your stomach if you’re feeling a little nauseated from overeating too.

Go for a walk

I know I said to relax, but sometimes a little movement can make you feel a lot better after you overeat – just don’t overdo it!

If I eat a big meal out, I always like to go walk for a bit afterwards. Walking actually stimulates digestion and helps regulate any spike in blood sugar your body is experiencing after a heavy meal. Plus, it will help prevent bloating and keep you from that sleepy, full feeling!

Practice mindfulness in the future

Maybe it’s too late this time, but this is where mindfulness can come in handy in the future.

If you start to feel full while you’re eating, it’s probably already past time to stop. So if you hate the feeling of being way too full, try to be mindful about things like:

  • Pacing yourself when you eat
  • Chewing thoroughly
  • Embracing leftovers!

All of these things will give your brain time to realize that you’re full before your stomach is way too full. You’ll also feel a lot more satisfied when you practice a little mindfulness when you eat 😉

Above all else, let it go when you overeat! 

Listen up.

Do not beat yourself up over one meal. Or even a whole day of meals. 

Doing a complete 180 and restricting your food the next day isn’t the route to go either. Just acknowledge that you ate too much, appreciate how delicious the food probably was, and move on! Get back to your normal, good habits tomorrow and know that one heavy meal (or even one day of “bad” choices) won’t make much of a difference in the long run.

Indulging is part of a healthy diet. Learning to do so without guilt will actually help you avoid overeating in the future. If you fear certain foods and stress every time you eat them, you’re more likely to have that “overeat and then restrict” cycle. That’s what you don’t want! Most people overeat BECAUSE they’re restricting. So relax, and don’t guilt yourself!

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  1. MR says:

    Thank you. The positive atmosphere you create is so helpful, so that I don’t hate myself for eating to much but still know how to do it better.

  2. That last tip is gold Let It Go embracing yourself even when you do overeat is the way forward to weight loss 🙂

  3. Amy Bakker says:

    I have done a few days of chocolate over indulging. I put on 4 pounds in about a week from that a few meals of overeating. Thx so much for this.. I was getting more and more discouraged each day passing since Christmas.. But I feel that tomorrow is a new day. I’m not going to go super strict but definitely limit my sugar consumption and practice mindfully eat with my portions. Really needed this. Love your channel… Social.. Blogs.. Etc 🦋❤️

  4. Stardust***Dragon says:

    Love this Cassey! These tips definitely help!

  5. Sharon says:

    Great article Cassey! I’m a huge fan of embracing leftovers 😁

  6. Lili says:

    I am having problem with controlling my cravings and I don’t know when I am full enough to stop eating. I always finish up my plate, because I was raised like that, so I get full very fast. I think I am always overeating and I do not know how to control that… Like I can control my own portions, but when someone else serves me a plate that is full I don’t know how to stop eating. At least now I know how to deal with it afterwards xD

  7. Narressa says:

    I like chamomile tea after a big meal. It helps tremendously.

  8. Laura says:

    I take a digestive pill right after a heavy meal and I’m ok. ☺

  9. Daniella says:

    Omg. I used to restrict myself way TOO much. Your posts have helped me a lot to realize we all have the ability to break that unhealthy habits and cycles. We all can enjoy life without obsessing over food. That’s definitely not a healthy relationship. Food should give us joy, not stress. Thank you for the lovely reminder.