10 Must-Have Fitness Accessories for Summer

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Warm weather and longer days are officially here. We’re all about celebrating the season with outdoor runs, refreshing swims, al fresco yoga sessions and classic cookouts.

This year, we’re making working out in the summer a breeze with our favorite seasonal fitness essentials. 

1. Offcourt Performance Body Spray Trio

offcourt body spray fitness accessories


OffCourt Body Spray Trio ($36)

Summer workouts may as well be synonymous with sweat. Skip the stink with this pack of aluminum-free body sprays. OffCourt’s carefully crafted, science-backed formulas fight odor at the source with three deodorizing ingredients and prebiotics. Coconut Water + Sandalwood is our favorite scent! 

2. Bike Pretty Straw Hat Bike Helmet

bike pretty straw hat helmet

Bike Pretty

Bike Pretty Straw Hat Helmet ($199)

Style meets safety with this eye-catching bike helmet. Add fashion flair to your outdoor rides with Bike Pretty’s lightweight accessory, which features a comfort-fit elastic cuff for a secure fit that helps give you a seamless cycling experience. The straw hat helmet’s elastic band is performance moisture-wicking so you can turn heads on even the hottest day. 

3. R4 Body Roller

r4 foam roller fitness accessories


R4 Body Roller ($60)

Summertime may mean you’re experimenting with new forms of movement — think pickleball, surfing, golfing, or hiking. With new movement in your routine, your muscles may be aching. Treat your body to recovery with the R4 Body Roller, a unique foam roller with a center groove that helps relax the spine and neck while rolling back muscles and helps single out the IT Band by focusing on surrounding areas. It hurts so good!  

4. POPFLEX Big Beach Carryall Bag

popflex big beach carryall bag beach bag summer fitness

POPFLEX Big Beach Carryall Bag ($89)

Beach days and poolside escapes are some of our favorite parts of summer. POPFLEX’s new oversized Carryall Bag makes sure all your sandy sweat essentials are safely stowed with various pockets and compartments, including a towel holder and a hidden cooler. Did we mention there’s an insulated lunch box so you can refuel from your adventures with a snack moment?

5. Goodr Operation Blackout Sunglasses

goodr aviator sunglasses

Goodr Operation Sunglasses ($35)

Protect your peepers while you trot around the track or trail. Goodr’s aviator-style lenses stay put during a long run or track sprints. Their special grip-coated frame eliminates any sweat-induced slips, and the lightweight frame is designed to prevent any bounce. The glare-reducing, polarized lenses also block UVA and UVB rays — perfect for outdoor summer workouts.

6. Nuun Electrolyte Tablets

nuun electrolyte drink tablets fruit punch grape strawberry lemonade tropical summer fitness essential accessories


Nuun Electrolyte Drink Tablets 4-Pack

If your workouts get pretty sweaty, these hydration tablets can help replenish electrolytes during and after. We like that these aren’t overly sweet, and they add a little fizz to my water. Grab this 4-pack on Amazon and see which flavor is your favorite!

7. POPFLEX High Waisted Supershort

POPFLEX Supershort Forestwood

POPFLEX High-Waisted Supershort ($59)

It’s time to hit the trail for an early morning hike or the road for a warm evening run. These high-waisted shorts are designed with movement in mind — featuring anti-cameltoe built-in shorts, pockets to keep your essentials close and a comfortable elastic waistband for a stay-put feel.

8. Body Glide For Her


Body Glide For Her ($11)

We love the extra sweat during summer, but we are not fans of the extra chafing. Anyone else? Packed with vitamins and healthy coconut and sweet almond oils, Body Glide For Her creates an invisible barrier and protects against the irritation that results from friction and rubbing. Goodbye, pain! Plus, the balm is water and sweat-resistant, so it keeps pores clean by letting sweat escape so your skin can breathe. 

9. Sun Bum SPF 30 Lotion


Sun Bum SPF 30 ($17)

Stay (skin) safe this summer. Sun Bum’s moisturizing broad-spectrum SPF 30 formula protects your skin from harmful UVA/UVA rays while enriching your skin with Vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals. Unlike many lotion sunscreens, this one feels lightweight — and smells like the beach! 

10. POPFLEX Corset Bra

popflex corset bra

Corset Bra ($44)

The Corset Bra is the perfect base layer for a hot and sweaty outdoor workout. Layer this bra under your favorite tee or show off the gorgeous crisscross back design while out on your daily Hot Girl Walk


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  1. Khiara says:

    I just want to remind everyone if you’re going to the beach please only use physical sunscreen (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide). All other sunscreens are bad for coral reefs and the marine animals. I think the sunscreen recommended above is a chemical sunscreen.