This Retro Pickleball Set Made Me Feel Like Queen of the Court

This story features my personal opinion on the Pickleball Gift Set from POPFLEX, Blogilates’ sister brand. All thoughts are based on my honest individual experience with the product, including what I love and didn’t love. 

popflex pickleball set review

The Association of Pickleball Professionals recently reported that more than 36.5 million people played pickleball between August 2021 and August 2022. While I may have fought the fad for a while, I proudly count myself among that 36.5 million stat. And despite my initial resistance, I’m here to say it: pickleball is fun. 

I tested out the trendy sport during an outing with coworkers a few months back, and after some trial and error (hand-eye coordination isn’t my strongest suit!), I was hooked. It was fun, lightly competitive and made me sweat. What else could I want in a new hobby? 

As I started to explore ways to make this playful hobby appear more in my planner, I knew I needed the gear that would motivate me to get out on the court and practice. 

When I saw POPFLEX release a new all-in-one Pickleball Gift Set, I was stoked. 

popflex pickleball set

The First Swing

First things first: the pickleball set arrived in an eco-friendly, plant-based bag that decomposes in just 180 days. I was excited to see that the brand aligned with my personal journey to avoid fast fashion and unnecessary plastics. 

Just when I thought I couldn’t get more excited, I actually opened up the bag. The gift set was enclosed in the cutest retro canvas carrying bag, with stylish kelly green accents. The logo on the exterior of the bag made me feel like I was part of an original tennis club, which I have no complaints about. When I opened up the bag, I was pleasantly surprised to see a gorgeous silky green and pink printed lining versus a standard plain canvas lining. It’s all about the small details that spark joy, right? 

The paddles were zippered up in the bag’s front pocket and feature the same logo and green and pink patterned design as the bag. We love a matching aesthetic. 

And, I can’t forget about the actual pickleball balls. I thought I would have to head to Amazon or Target to actually snag a set of balls for gameplay, but the POPFLEX Pickleball Set left no detail untouched. The bag included a trio of balls in a special mesh pouch. 

popflex pickleball with bag paddles pink and green with matchpoint zipper dress

The Real Dill

I knew I loved the look of the set, but I wanted to see how it performed during a test run, so I took it along during my next practice session. 

Before I left the house, I stuffed the canvas bag with my essentials. The bag features four interior pockets (one of which is zippered for security), which was perfect for staying organized on the move. I was impressed with the amount of storage in the small bag as I was able to fit a handful of snacks (always!), a headband and hat, a light jacket, my wallet and keys and a few other odds and ends. The bag offers handles, but I opted to attach the extra strap for an easy crossbody carry. Despite how much I stuffed into the bag, it still felt light! 

After I arrived at the local court, it was game time — and the set’s essentials were the stars of the show. The mesh net enclosing the balls was not only useful for transportation, but it was incredibly handy to keep the balls from running loose around the court. Meanwhile, the paddles were premium. Often, cute sports equipment doesn’t always do the job, but these racquets are the exception. The vegan leather wrapping on the handles felt extremely comfortable on my hands and helped me easily turn my wrist without any pain or friction, and the paddles didn’t scuff at all during playtime. 

When I was ready to head home, it was easy to pack up all my belongings into their proper place rather than trying to balance and carry different items back to my car. Again, the product was super cute — and functional. Win-win. 

popflex pickleball paddle with matchpoint zipper dress

Things to Love…

  • Super cute retro look that will stand the test of time 
  • Comfy and easy-to-use paddles that feature the perfect vegan leather padding for your hands and wrists 
  • Comes with everything you need in one set 
  • Includes a mesh net so your pickleball balls don’t get in the way of other items 
  • The interior features a variety of pockets for all odds and ends 
  • Paddle shaped front pocket fits paddles perfectly 
  • Includes a carrying strap for versatility and easy transportation 
  • Water-resistant material for accidental spills and splashes 


Things to Improve On…

  • The light color can get scuffed and dirty quickly (but can easily be wiped down for a fresh look!)
  • It’s missing a handy water bottle side pocket for post-game refreshments 


popflex pickleball gift set with matchpoint zipper dress

As a pickleball newbie, I have quite a ways to go in terms of skill, but at least I know I’m arriving to the court in style. This Pickleball Set has motivated me (whatever it takes!) to practice and play, and I’m excited to continue showing it off to my opponents. 

Have you tried the POPFLEX Pickleball Set yet?

What about pickleball? Do you love it? Tell us your thoughts!

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