The Blogilates January 2020 Workout Calendar!

Hey guys!

Sitting here the eve before a brand new decade at my desk, and I’m thinking about how much has happened over the past 10 years.

In 2009, I graduated from college with a Biology degree, not knowing how my future would look because I didn’t see myself becoming a doctor – a dream my parents had made for me. I cried a lot. I had dark thoughts. I didn’t know what my future was going to look like. One of the only things bringing me peace was my Pilates practice.

At the time, I was the only instructor teaching POP Pilates at 24 Hour Fitness and had to quit because I got an opportunity to move cross country for my first real job out of college. My 40 or so students at the gym were sad because there would be no more POP Pilates. So I had an idea to film a 10 min workout and to put it on YouTube. I told them that anytime they missed me, they could work out with me on the internet. I picked the screen name “Blogilates” because I taught Pilates and I was starting to blog at the time.

Little did I know that 10 years later…Blogilates would amass over 4.7 million subscribers and that POP Pilates would be the official Pilates partner for 24 Hour Fitness – with over 4,000 classes being taught by certified POP Pilates instructors every month! INSANE. Truly insane what can happen in a decade when you follow your passion, work hard and continue to challenge yourself to do better everyday.

The photo above may look like your standard before and after, but to me, it’s a What I Knew Then versus a What I Know Now. I have learned so much about my body, my mind, my limits, my strengths, and my weaknesses over the past 10 years.

22 year old college Cassey had just started dating Sam and they thought it would be fun to drive to every fast food chain nearby and do a “best hamburger” 🍔 taste test, a “best fry” 🍟 taste test, and a “best taco” 🌮 taste test! Haha. It was super fun date idea that lasted us a couple weeks of going out to eat! Not gonna lie, IT WAS DELISH and helped us save money because we weren’t going out to fancy, romantic restaurants. Not great for our bodies but we didn’t know enough to care back then. Plus, we attributed our weight gain to being in love! It was happy weight! 😋

10 years later, I am in the fittest shape of my life – mentally and physically – on my own terms!! I never thought I’d actually be able to be like one of those people on those “as seen on tv” commercials that say they look better than they did in school, but ummm, I LOOK DANG FIONEEEEE AND I AM PROUD OF IT!!! Sam thinks so too 😉

I can’t believe we’re about to embark into a new decade. Who will I be 10 years from now?? I don’t know. But I’m excited to continue to build a better version of me everyday.

Alrighty…are you ready for your first workout calendar of 2020 and of the DECADE!??? I present to you the Blogilates January 2020 Workout Calendar!

Download JPEG | Download PDF

When you download the PDF, you’ll find that each video is linked! Just click and it will take you to the YouTube video listed!

Here’s what you week will look like. Each day of the week has a duo-focus!

SUNDAY: Obliques & Abs
MONDAY: Cardio & Abs
TUESDAY: Total Body & Abs
THURSDAY: Arms & Abs
FRIDAY: Recovery Day
SATURDAY: Back & Abs

Do each video once (unless otherwise stated) and check off as you go! Each day will be around 45 min of exercise! If  you want to ease into working out, check out my Beginner’s Calendar. It’s a free 4 week program to get you stronger, so that you can join in on the monthlies when you are ready.

In addition to your workouts, you also have a nice lil #2020challenge to do everyday from January 1st to January 20th! The challenge of the day is just 20 reps of an ab move and 20 reps of another muscle group move, so by the end of the week, you’ll have targeted every single part of your body! Here’s the #2020challenge graphic:

Download hi-res challenge graphic

I will be uploading a few YouTube videos to show you how to do each of these moves, so you’ll know proper form and technique for each exercise! Plus coach you through all 20+20 reps.

If you’re in for the challenge, I want you to comment “I’m in!” in the comments section below!

Here is the first video with Days 1-7!

Then this is what I need you to do next if you want to set yourself up for a successful 20 day challenge:

  1. Save this graphic and post it to Instagram or Facebook and announce that you’re committing to this challenge for the next 20 days. Hashtag #2020Challenge. (This will create accountability.)
  2. Tag 3 friends to do this challenge with you. They could be online friends or POPsters! (This will be your support network!)
  3. Tag me @blogilates. (This is how I will know that you’re in for real.)

ALRIGHTY!!! That’s that for now you guys.

Go enjoy your New Year’s Eve because Jan 1 we are going HARD. I have a super cute Roarin’ 20’s outfit that I am changing into for NYE. Cannot wait to show you!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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  1. tanvi says:

    Really nice workout

  2. Robin Hall says:

    I love your videos. Great length of time and support from you all at the same time.

  3. Megan says:

    I’m in! Starting late, and as a beginner! So I’ll see what’s in store for February!!!

  4. Julia says:

    I found you late and looking for 2020 challenge video Jan 15-20. Have loved the challenge so far, but where is the video for Jan 15-20?

    1. Julia says:

      Whew! I found it on Youtubel

  5. Tori Hawk says:

    I’m in!

  6. Laurie says:

    My back really hurts when I do Jackie’s earthquakes etc..can someone send me a video or give me ways of eliminate the pain and still reap benefits

  7. Laurie says:

    My back really hurts when I do Jackie’s earthquakes etc..can someone send me a video or give me ways of eliminate the pain and still reap benefits

  8. Alison Duncan says:

    Where’s day 8?

  9. Kiki says:

    Does anyone who’s been following the calendars for a while find this January calendar a bit too easy? I love the free workout calendars and I’m wondering if it was made intentionally a bit easier since so many people who might not regularly work out start fresh in the New Year? I just usually feel dead after them, and this month I’m getting through the workouts relatively quickly and though they are painful haha, it takes me <5 min to complete the 2020 challenge and ~ 20 to do the rest? Any suggestions on what to do to get more out of it or what sort of workouts to add on to the calendar / 2020 challenge? Thanks!

    1. Ellie says:

      I’ve been thinking the exact same thing!! But actually I noticed that I was getting through them too quickly for a couple of months now. I’ve been adding a video or two to the end of every workout since around November I think, because I get through all of them and realize it’s only taken me about 30 minutes total. I also hate that this month has no leg day! Creature of habit I guess!

      1. jbell1978 says:

        My thoughts too – really miss leg day! That’s my trouble area.

  10. Shannon says:

    I’m 7 for 7! Yes, I’m modifying half the moves but I’m doing all of them! 🙂

  11. faithbalce says:


  12. Noorain says:

    How do i get the vidoe for day 8

  13. Shaheen says:

    I am unable to login to blogilates app using Facebook. Can you please help

  14. Leisa says:

    I’m in

  15. Marcia says:

    Just got started today.

  16. Keianna Haugen says:

    You will probably need the web address… it is

  17. Keianna Haugen says:

    I am on day 4!! This is so much fun, i feel so accomplished. are any of you interested in soccer? If so please visit my blog! am posting soccer workouts, drills, and stretches! I am going to post weekly workout plans every Monday. And an instructional video to show you how to do everything!

  18. Lauren says:

    I’m in!

  19. Christina E McEwen says:

    same i finished in 5 min and idk why, i followed the video

  20. Sue says:

    I’m in

  21. pdoneill2014 says:

    Just catching up for the first few days. So worth it!

  22. Jude says:

    Um, I havent made the excercises on January 1,2,3 because I was trying to figure out to open this site, and I finally found it! But is that okay of I did the first excercises on the first three days, and the excercises on January 4th?

  23. Evelyn Ann says:

    So u actually have two workout calendars. I was confused which one we should do…one of them has only the two exercises and the other one has the two of them plus other ones….could you please clarify that for me .

    1. Aguscello says:

      You can just follow the challenge ( about 5 mins per day) or choose to follow the challenge plus the “normal” workout calendar ( time needed: about 20-25 mins).

    2. ilaydacetin says:

      yeah they only take 20 min

  24. Monique says:

    I’m in girl

  25. Carrie says:


  26. Liga says:

    I am in! Thanks for the #2020challenge! I am starting to move again and first 3 days are done!!

  27. Sarah says:

    I’m In! 💕

  28. Erica Brodzinski says:

    I’m in! I am so ready to make a change. Been unhappy about my weight for so long. Here we go 2020!!!

  29. Aliza says:

    I’m in!

  30. Abby says:

    When ur doing PIIT 1.0 AND the calendars

  31. AMBER KOECHER says:

    I’m totally in and super excited!

  32. Melody says:

    So I’m a day behind so I’m going to do fay 1 and 2 in one day, I’m already dead from the 1st one….we got this

    1. Samantha says:

      I’m confused as well on the first two days. It’s stated each day is roughly 45min but I’ve finished at 19min. Am I crazy? I didn’t see or hear her say “repeat” at all. Help!

      1. ilaydacetin says:

        yeah i was about yo ask the same thing. they all last 20 min. not 45 or 50

        1. Samantha says:

          I think I’ll do two rounds of each if they all end at 20min. So weird though.

      2. Shaheen says:

        You have to do all the workouts listed for the day once. Or if it’s a piit workout then do it twice.

  33. Christina E McEwen says:

    How many times are we supposed to do each days set?

  34. isabelle.rossier55 says:

    I’m in ! Happy new year !

  35. Indiana says:

    I️ am in. 🤗

  36. Tami says:

    Where do I find the the 3rd – 5th boxes on the calendar?

  37. dalmansy says:

    I’m in!

  38. Anthania Stewart says:

    I’m so excited about this challenge. I will be 30 in 6 short months and I have let myself go since having my baby (who will be 3 in March). Can’t wait to get started!

  39. Crystal SN says:

    I am in Myanmar, it’s 2 full day late but I am in! Thanks Cassey! U r my every year fresh start, way to stay fit angel <3

  40. Josie says:

    OMG I so ready

  41. maggiewsu311 says:

    I’m in!!!!

  42. Cheryl says:

    I’m in!!🤩

  43. Joy says:

    Can’t wait for this!!!

  44. Julia says:

    I’m a little confused. There’s a playlist on YouTube for tomorrow including the 2020 Challenge and three other videos. According to the calendar tomorrow is supposed to be rest day with only the 2020 Challenge. Can someone explain?

  45. Lucia says:

    I’m in!

    1. Suzet says:

      I’m in the #2020 challenge

  46. Rita says:

    Thank you so much! This seems easy enough for me to try to get into shape again. I’m really committing to my wellness and fitness this year.

  47. Ann-Mari says:

    ✨Happy new year 🥳💥 I’m in 👏

  48. Jessica says:

    Estoy dentro, me apunto al reto

  49. Ally says:

    I’m super excited about this challenge!! Thanks for sharing it whit us xx

  50. Tanara Wade says:

    Done 19 more to go!

  51. Chandlar Carneal says:

    Just finished day 1! ✔️ Ready for the next 19 days of the challenge

  52. Nivedita says:

    1st day complete..
    Even though did it in evening..bcz whole day I was lost and was not able to fix my mind on the thought of new year decade.
    It was difficult but thanx to you Cassey I finally have cleared my mind and decided to dedicate 2020 to my HEALTH .
    I will try to be fit .. automatically I will be able to get rid of this fat tummyyy.
    Love you😻

  53. Sharon Gore says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this!! We are very excited about doing this. Thanks again!

  54. julia says:

    I’m in!

  55. Sharlin says:

    First day complete!

  56. Anita says:

    I’m in!!

  57. Juane Jacobs says:

    I’m in!

  58. jennifier says:

    I am so in and ready for this!!!

  59. XioHoll20 says:

    Im in

  60. Peggy Ann says:

    I’m in – day 1 complete.

  61. Priyesha goenka says:

    I am innnnnn

  62. Virginia says:

    I’m in! It going. Be a great year. Yay!! 2020.

    Is there going be a high res of the monthly Calander ? Love ya. Xoxox

  63. Jasmine says:

    I am in

  64. Jennifer says:

    I’m in!

  65. Dani Slaughter says:

    Wow, that was incredible! My abs were really tensing because I haven’t exercised in ages, but I’m definitely feeling the burn. Thank you so much, Cassey!

  66. Wanda says:

    I’m in!

  67. Kris says:

    I want to print these graphics…how do I do that?

  68. Angenette says:

    I am not on Fb but I am here till the end I will have 2 friends added. #2020 challenge

  69. Dayanna Guerrero says:

    I’m in Cassey! & Happy 2020 to you and your entire family!

  70. Sofia says:

    I’m in!

  71. Emily says:

    I’m so in.

  72. Erika says:

    Day 1 Complete those rope climbers killed but I did it.

  73. Mariana says:

    I’m in!

  74. nicole ditzler says:

    I’m in 👍

  75. Stephanie says:

    I’m in!! Happy New Year!!

  76. Gabrielle says:

    I’m in! Just did today’s 2020 challenge and I’m still feeling the burn😂 It was short but the burn is real!

  77. Celia says:

    I’m in! Happy new year Cassey!

  78. Looks like we are going ab heavy. Thank god. I need to lose this pouch. Lmaoooooo and I am up to looking like the frontwoman of my metal band. 😉

  79. Frozen says:

    Done 1st day thnks honey

  80. RachelG says:

    all done with day one! thank you for your amazing inspiration!

  81. Amyr Redden says:

    About to start this 2020 challenge with my mom! New year, new goals! Let’s get it!!!!

  82. Isabella says:

    I’m in! Day 1 done 🙂

  83. ade says:

    day 1 is all done!

  84. Kendrick Lau says:

    I’m in!!

  85. Kelsey says:

    What is a meal plan

  86. Dorean Almeida says:

    day 1 done! Yeah!!

  87. Maurine S. says:

    Day 1 done. The first 2 exercises, but I can’t find the others on the printable sheet. Could you please help me out! Thank you!

  88. Chelsea says:

    Day 1 ✅ 🙌🏻

  89. Shannon LaBoy says:

    I’m in!

  90. Deborah Yancey says:

    Day 1 done!! It killed me but was sooo gooood!!! Excited for day 2!

  91. Dancermom says:

    I’m in!

  92. Alicia says:

    Day one done! Making my kids do it with me!

  93. Ashia says:

    I’m in! #2020challenge

  94. Mani says:

    I’m in and day 1 done

  95. Thaydra says:

    I’m so in!

  96. Candi says:

    Just finished day one of the challenge!

  97. Bri says:

    Happy New Year!

    I’m so excited to tell you that in December I tried completing one of your monthly calendars for the very first time. I’ve been following you (relatively passively) for about 8 years now, so I skipped trying the beginners calendar and went right in! Not going to lie, it was harder than expected and I wasn’t quite able to do 6 days a week (usually got 4-5), and I had to occasionally stop a video and rest. But I DID IT, and I even see some results a month later (mostly in my arms and legs).

    So, thank you so much for the monthly calendars – I’m going to go into 2020 trying to do them all! Can’t wait to see more results.

  98. Carmel says:

    I’m in!

  99. Shekinah H says:

    I’m excited soon as I get home I’m starting!!

  100. Jaclyn says:

    I’m in!!

  101. Alana Sayler says:

    I’m in!

  102. Deborah says:

    Day one complete.. woohoo!!

  103. Syd says:

    I’m in!

  104. Jessica Skollingsberg says:

    I’m so bad at challenges…. but I’ll try.

  105. dracomalfoy says:

    ben de varım Cassey. Türk’üm ve seni severek takip ediyorum :))

    1. ilaydacetin says:

      aaa türk

  106. Lauren says:

    I’m scared, but in.

  107. Su Su says:

    I’m in

  108. igodbois says:

    I’m in!

  109. Ju says:

    Day 1: done.

  110. Miriam says:

    I’m in

  111. Veronica says:

    I’m in!!!

  112. Juli says:

    I’m in! Let’s do this!!!

  113. JennC06 says:

    I’m in! Starting Day 1 now!!!

  114. LizzyV says:

    I’m in!

  115. Jackie says:

    I don’t do Facebook so I can’t tag you, but I’m in!

  116. Stephanie says:

    I’m in! Yikes!

  117. Telissha says:

    I’m in! Thank you so much Cassey!

  118. Selena Juarez says:

    This is just what I needed. I am definitely in!

  119. Ally518 says:

    Hey Cassey! Firstly thank you so much for this calendar! I’m definitely in! But I’m a little confused, what is WO in the calendar? This is the second month I’m doing so I really don’t what WO means? It’ll be great if someone could clarify that.
    I hope you have a wonderful year!

    1. ilaydacetin says:


  120. Ruthie Hartlen says:

    I’m in!

  121. Federica Porceddu says:

    I’M IN!!!

  122. Amirahind says:

    I’m in😍

  123. CB says:

    Day 1 done ✔️ #dying 💪🏽

  124. Ema says:

    I’m in

  125. Natalina Laner says:

    Woah! Day one done <3

  126. Gina Galvan says:

    I love you Cassie! I love how you link the videos in the calendar, which makes it easy to find and no excuses to make to get it done! You’re the best & awesome too! Congratulations on your journey to make your dreams come true, imagine all the people (including myself) that would have been lost without you. I’ve been doing your blogilates for 5 years and I’m so grateful for your knowledge. Thank you❤

    1. Gina Galvan says:

      **Cassey (sorry spelled it wrong). Love you!!!!!

  127. mahnoor says:

    i”m in.

  128. Charo says:

    Estoy dentro!!

  129. Iwona says:

    I’m in 🙂

  130. Tijuana Parker says:

    I’m in 💪🏽

  131. Jo says:

    Woo! Day 1 done!

    1. Lena Wü says:

      Thank you very much Cassy! You’re great! I’m in! 😍

    2. Jean says:

      I’m in. Will do my workout when I get home.

  132. Stephanie2210 says:

    Love you Cassey I’m in

    1. Biannca Myles says:

      I’m in ! I’m in ! I’m in!! 😆😆

  133. Nasiah says:

    I’m in! You guys we can do it! We have to stay motivated 2020 is our year!!!

  134. Aiysha Panchbhaya says:

    I’m in!

    1. Sarai says:

      I’m in!

  135. Melis 54 says:

    I’m in!

  136. Kennedy says:

    I’m in!

  137. Tina says:

    I’m in!!

  138. Shené says:

    I’m in!!!

  139. Katie Zehr says:

    I’m in!

  140. enamourkz says:

    Which of these moves are safe during pregnancy? I am third trimester and still want to participate if I can!

  141. debmace says:

    Im in

  142. Na'ima says:

    I’m in, I am ready! I’m going hard in 2020!!!💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  143. Sara Boavida says:

    I’m in!

  144. Lady-J says:

    I’m so in! Can’t wait to start 2020. I started doing your monthly calendars in October. The beginners calendar that month, then the November and December calendars. I’m so in love with your workouts. I hate reputation. Cassey you have not only taken out the repetitiveness of working out to the same video over and over again, you make it so fun. Thank you for everything Hope you have a happy and safe new year, and well wishes for the rest of your days.

  145. Sara says:

    I’m in.

  146. Anna says:

    I’m in! Thank you so much again for bringing the clickable calendar back, did every workout I set out to do last month:-)

  147. Sagarika Singh says:

    Hey Cassey love from India I’ve been following you since 2016 and you have been an inspiration always not just physically but mentally too .

  148. Amrita says:

    I’m in

  149. Hiba says:

    I’m in!

  150. Emma says:

    I’m in!!! So excited!

  151. GoldenSugaKookie97 says:

    I’m in!!

  152. Jordan says:

    Your birthday is 1 day before mine!

  153. Sophie says:

    I’m on!

  154. Emma says:

    Im in!!! Can’t wait to start a new year!!!!

  155. Lirio Ramirez says:

    Let’s do this!

  156. Kelly N says:

    I’m in!! 😀

  157. Stephanie2210 says:

    Can’t wait to start!!!

    1. Gracie says:

      I’m in!

  158. Stephanie2210 says:

    I’m in

  159. Aina says:

    Im totally in

  160. YQ says:

    I’m in!

  161. Ahh see all you popsters in the new year!!

  162. Allison Loayza says:

    IM IN. I LOVE how you talk about your 2009 body! Happy weight 🙂 It’s awesome to see the transformation to now! I love that you love your body then AND now. It’s different and you’ve learned more. I’m striving to feel that way about myself too, and I think I’ve come along way! I used to be heavier and I used to look back on pictures and feel bad. But now I just feel GRATEFUL and HAPPY bc that girl in my ten year ago picture was me! And she was awesome. She overcame a lot and was going through some tough shit. She really did her best and she just got better! I LOVE ME NOW BUT I LOVE ME THEN TOO! I know I’m saying love a lot. BUT IT IS TRUE HAHA THANK YOU CASSEY!!!

  163. Asheeka Arif says:

    I m in! Thank for all the workout graphics. Also, thank you for motivation through your fitness journey.

  164. Ginny Harrison says:

    I’m in!!!

  165. Chris says:

    I’m in!

  166. Elizabeth says:

    I am in Casey!

  167. Alessandra says:

    I’m in!

  168. Frances V Micayas says:

    I’m in on the #2020challenge and will attempt to do the January workouts

  169. Sarah Jufer says:

    I’m in . But i put on face book but had problems tagging you

  170. Kiara says:

    I’m in! 💪🏻 and Happy New Year!!! 🎇🥳🎆

  171. Pipi says:

    Oh my god, you looked so soft and healthy in 2009! <3 I really hope you someday come back to eating normally and exercising less. You look healthy and natural and relaxed in the before pic! I'll never understand why so many girls want to be extra, extra lean and muscly T=T

    1. Silje says:

      I’m in!

    2. Pipi says:

      by the way, I’m honestly not trying to be bitchy, I just really get sad about this stuff :c

    3. GoldenSugaKookie97 says:

      It’s her personal preference. There is no such thing as “eating normally” when there is a long list of different types of diets out there, every person has their own “normal” diet and that diet could change at any time. It’s not bad to exercise and for Cassey exercising is a way to destress and be happy. She understands what overdoing it is for her and she wants to push herself to become her better self. There is nothing wrong with that. Nothing about her situation should make you sad. She is clearly stating how happy she is now and how unhappy she was before. We should be happy for her, not sad. Although you meant no harm with your opinion, it could still hurt her to read something like this.

      1. Pipi says:

        Eating normally is eating intuitively (unless someone’s eating is so out of whack that they’re either anorexic or way overweight or something). Checking to see if you have a sensitivity to a million different foods and eating almost exclusively “healthy” versions of normal foods isn’t intuitive :< It's wonderful to exercise! I just think that she's overdoing it without realizing. I don't understand how it could hurt her to compliment her before pic…she looks fantastic there and didn't need much effort to maintain it <3

  172. cindyyuong says:

    I’m in!

  173. Carlye Spaulding says:

    I’m in!!!

  174. Cynthia says:

    First time participating so excited!!

  175. Angelia Thao says:

    I’m in on the calendar too!

  176. Emily says:

    I AM IN!

    1. Sharlin says:

      I am in! Thank you for creating this workout plan that will help others kick off the New Year with a great start!

  177. Alyssa says:

    I’m in !!

  178. Katrin Vorbeck says:

    I’ve never commented, but I guess new year’s eve is a good opportunity to do so.
    During the last 2 years or so I had to struggle with immense pain and health issues, but at the beginning of 2019 I stumbled across one of your videos (a piit which almost killed me…). Since then I try to work out with you three to four times a week for about an hour and I love it. I love that it made me stronger, though some moves are still killing me and I can’t breathe or can’t keep up speedwise. I love your attitude of “just do what you can, tomorrow might be able to do more” and your positivity that training not just transforms your body but your mind in first place. I know you went through a hard time when peaple were telling you you’re wrong or false, but to me, you always were true to yourself and very open about that, so another reason to admire you.
    Thank you for this last year. Looking forward to the next year, new workouts, getting better and maybe an online subscription to pop-pilates 😉 (no class nearby, sadly).
    All the best for you – keep your ways and keep your positivity, you’re inspiring for so many of us, even for those who usually don’t comment.

  179. Paula Garcia says:

    I’m in.

  180. Heidi Berg says:

    I’m in… And bringing a friend!

  181. Shaylee says:

    I’m in

  182. samlegg says:

    I’m in!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  183. SophieActingOut says:

    Oh yes I’m in! 🤸‍♀️ So excited to start another new year with one of your fun fitness challenges 🥰

  184. Kayleigh Rogers says:

    Shoot. Now I have a real question. In the post you said it’s about 45 min if exercise but I watched the video and it’s 20 reps of 2 exercises which wouldn’t take long at all. Am I missing something or do you just tack this on to you normal routine?

    1. Nikki Helton says:

      There’s a calendar post that shows a workout in addition to the 2 exercises

    2. Neelasha says:

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    3. Allison Loayza says:

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    6. GoldenSugaKookie97 says:

      The workouts on the January calendar take 45 min every day. The 20 reps of 2 exercises is the 2020 challenge, which is separate from the January calendar. It’s not included in the 45 min. Hope that helps 🙂

    7. GoldenSugaKookie97 says:

      Wait I’m wrong! I looked at it again. The 2020 challenge is included. It’s the first two moves of each day in the January Calendar. So it is part of the 45 minutes. Sorryyy

    8. Cierra says:

      The other graphic makes it equate to about 45 minutes of exercise! One graphic is the workout calendar and the other is the challenge! 🙂

    9. Kayleigh Rogers says:

      To everyone who replied to me, thank you so much! I used to workout to Casey’s calendar everyday for years. Regrettably I took a couple years off working out 🙁 so I went to download blogilates again and I can’t find it but I did find a pit28 app. It’s very different though. There’s a pit 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 are those the calendars? And it’s based on experience level? I know before it was just beginner and advanced.

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    I’ve been practicing Pilates with you since the beginning 10 years ago and have loved every minute. My dream is to be able to share Pilates with others (I even went to school for it and got my certification!), and to help others become happy and healthy in my little hometown 🙂 Thank you for being my inspiration, and happy new year!

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